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Hey what’s up, It’s your favorite baddie GGBanks . The one & only GG that will snatch your soul and have you addicted baby! I’m a freelance published traveling model always looking to add more to my modeling career. I travel anywhere upon sponsorship. I’m based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Email me about what I’m currently offering and / or about any questions about booking inquiries [email protected] Please keep in mind my number one priority is safety, so if I feel like I need to cancel a session because I feel unsafe even after deposit I will do so. All bookings require a non refundable deposit. All traveling sessions require a two weeks notice... ... Continue Reading

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  • soles_scream
  • 51 days ago

I shot with Goddess Tickles and attended some foot parties that she was a model at over the years. She's always been approachable, professional, and pleasant in all of those moments. She works well with other models whether she previously knew them or not. In addition, she's punctual and efficient on set. She possessions strong communications skills and is open minded. I highly recommend her for shoots and sessions.

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  • msmythe802
  • 51 days ago

Autumn is amazing! She is my therapist for body, mind, soul and sex life. Our weekly sessions not only work on nutrition and diet, but also building confidence in myself at work and home. I have know her for almost 30 years, and she is phenomenal. I highly recommend her services for both beginners and those who simply need direction. As her Alpha Sub, she boosts my abilities and I have become obedient to her needs.

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  • jason123
  • 51 days ago

Had a session with this ferocious beauty in Manchester a few days ago. I’ve had quite a few sessions with Nixie over the past few years and one thing noticeable is how she’s grown over that time. She’s now packing some serious muscle on her upper body to match the power of her legs. We had a 2 hour competitive session. I don’t know what the final score was but it was somewhere close to 30-0. I’d say her triangles and armbars or her speciality. I couldn’t escape her guard at all and ended up getting triangle choked every time and whenever she had me mounted I couldn’t budge her at all, her legs were just too damn strong. It seems she has turned herself into a powerful, sexy little unit. Can’t wait to do it again. She puts a massive smile on my face every time we’ve met for a session. She always comes across as a very happy go lucky person who always brings a positive mood but is a real beast on the mats with an array of skills and shocking power for a woman of her size.

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Hello guys! I am a martial artist and professional athlete. I have 11 years of brazilian jiu jitsu pratice and I am a black belt. If you think I am skinny and wont have trouble with me, think again. I am the real Brazilian Anaconda and I will torn you and eat you and your heart. I maybe look like next girl door, but I am a deadly fighter. I am sadistic and a bit crazy 🙂 I love to see you struggle in a triangle that I dare you come out. Come to visit me, I guarantee a lifetime experience. I’m going to LV for the big event. You are welcome if you want sponsored me! I’m very excited for this, opened to sponsorships! If you are not coming to Brazil,you can check my... ... Continue Reading

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  • ozymandias
  • 52 days ago

I have just made my second session with the "Bad girl" the first time I saw her I thinked: Not so tall....may be she is strong. I was wrong. She is strong, very strong, and skilled...a lot. An absolute athlete, tha destroyed me. In this second session I was ready to put all my efforts to win. Of course, I am 60 pounds heavier, and a male! So, we did it competitive....and again I was no match. But this time I saw another face of her.....she is cruel. Likes to dominate, and her eyes were shining while she squeeze your neck. You can see when she demonstrates that she really like that. And more strenght you put, more comes back over you. I was thinking in try any kind of serious fight in other session, but need to think about it. She is stronger, skilled and crazy. Waiting to achieve more courage, and go again!!! She loves to kick asses and overpower men!

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  • ozymandias
  • 52 days ago

I made a session with Lilith...despite I knew she was skilled, I began slowly, because I am 60 pounds heavier...but I was really wrong. She is strong, quick and very skilled, and made me submit in less than 2 minutes. And over and over again. And, looking at her eyes, you see another thing...she is cruel! Yes, she likes the domination, and smiles when you tap. Who knows what else passes in her mind, while chokes you??? Definitelly you need to try....but prepare yourself.

Updated profile: 07/04/2024 01:46:45 AM

Asian Dominatrix with a strong background in Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and various combat sports. Military-trained in hand-to-hand combat. Ready to dominate and subdue. Are you ready to... ... Continue Reading

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  • queengialove
  • 53 days ago

Hanz is such a dear. His smile and laugh brings a smile to my face and every scene created together is a time to remember. He's rented out my wrestling mats and ring in my Tampa Florida Studio and we've created scenes in New York and Florida. I'll gladly create and wrestle Hanz a dozent times more <3

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  • queengialove
  • 53 days ago

I've wrestled Krusher several times heck we even have a match on YouTube together. Would session with him again

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  • victim_of_warrioramazon
  • 53 days ago

très bonne expérience aujourd'hui. Ladyqueen est très sympathique et permet à ses clients de faire des sessions merveilleuses. Elle est rapide, forte et très douée techniquement. sourire très doux et elle fait tout pour que les sessions vous plaisent.

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💪🏼2 LONDON SPOTS LEFT💪🏼 Hi! I’m Vera, a german mom living in Spain. I’m a bodybuilder with a national bench press record of 145kg and a trained psychologist. At 1.72 cm tall, I have the strength and presence to impress! If you’re interested in muscle worship session, you’re in the right place. I offer a unique experience where you can appreciate my strength and physique up close. Wether you’re in awe of muscle power or simply curious, I’m here to provide an unforgettable session. Sessions and Inquieries: For sessions or inquiries, contact me. Be clear and precise in your messages. Serious inquiries only – time wasters will be... ... Continue Reading

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  • ginger_kateryna
  • 55 days ago

Oooh before the session started I wondered how it would go and was a bit worried, and for nothing! Benny is a lovely person, a strong and accurate fighter, he is a pleasure to spend time with and knows how to joke and keep the conversation going. I'm happy with it! And smells nice too 😍 🐈‍⬛

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  • jerzey86
  • 55 days ago

Exhilarating and empowering! The service I experienced from Mistress Jasmin was nothing short of transformative. The atmosphere was welcoming, and she was skilled, professional, and attentive to my boundaries. It was a thrilling exploration of power dynamics and consent, leaving me feeling liberated and satisfied. Highly recommended for those seeking a safe and exhilarating journey into the realm of BDSM."

Updated profile: 06/13/2024 05:41:27 AM

Hello,  My journey as a Dominatrix has spanned over 10+ years. I love being served, pleased, and obeyed. I may be a strict and demanding. I care about the well-being of my subs. I gain great pleasure by observing the reactions of my subs as they suffer for me. I love masochists…😉 I’m an of the exotic type, I am half Vietnamese half Mexican I have a bachelor in Public Administration/ Business Administration Minors in Math, physics, engineering >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Currently, I have sessions on Wednesdays/Thursdays after 4 PM I... ... Continue Reading Announcements

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