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Ich bin ein brasilianisches, temperamentvolles Kraftbündel. Ich liebe es gegen Männer zu kämpfen – du hast keine Chance gegen mich. Locker kann ich dich in meinen Armen halten und das Letzte aus dir pressen. 157 cm mit 65 kg Muskelmasse sagt doch einiges aus. Vor kurzem habe ich gegen einen Kasten von einem Mann (Bodybuilder) gekämpft 180 cm und 101 kg eine Stunde nonstop gekämpft – bis er aufgab. Also unterschätze meine Grösse nicht. Ich bin voll durchtrainiert und parat für dich, meine immense Kraft mit dir zu teilen. TRANSLATE I am a Brazilian spirited Powerhouse.I love fighting men, you don’t stand a chance against me. I can easily hold you in my arms and... ... Continue Reading

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  • sven94
  • 66 days ago

I just had a pretty incredible semi-comp to competitive wrestling session with Ivy - boy is she a lot stronger than she looks. She is beautiful and fit and sweet to converse with, and is able to quickly submit you before you even know it. She even beat me in armwrestling which no girl has done so far that I’ve seen.. you should definitely give her a try!

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  • hamood123
  • 67 days ago

I met her in Dubai in 2021. She's a very strong woman. Even though she was tired from a previous session, I'm a 90kg male she lifted me for an entire hour without breaking a sweat. Incredible sweet woman but still stronger than most men. She beat me twice in arm wrestling. Not a lady to mess with. She can easily hurt a man if someone would dare touch her. Would love to meet you again goddess. Wish she could be my wife and I could be lifted everyday. And she would be the stronger sex. ❤️ Love

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Hello! I’m an independent pro wrestler based out of Las Vegas. I have experience doing customs and regular wrestling, both inter-gender and womens! I am open to doing personal customs, just contact me for more information and what i am not willing to do! NON... ... Continue Reading

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Hi, my name is Nikita, I live in Basel currently, I am available for skype sessions and custom videos. I am also on OF 👉🏻... ... Continue Reading

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  • phillyfemdom
  • 68 days ago

10/10! I had my second session with Goddess Macy while she was in Annapolis and the 2 hours just flew by for both of us because we had so much fun. She was super communicative during booking and during the session, she was eager, excited and energetic during our session, and she’s also attentive and caring while squeezing. She’s someone who doesn’t waste any time and is eager to unleash limitless squeezing, but she’s also someone who’s happy to relax and chat with you while you recover between squeezes. Her physique is perfect (abs popping out!) as she clearly takes her fitness very seriously and her wardrobe ranges from super sexy brat in pink to sultry seductive domme in black; she’s the girl next door turned dominatrix due to her sadistic nature. I will absolutely book with her again and recommend her to anyone/everyone. - Philly Femdom

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You’ve seen my videos online, now here is your opportunity to book a session with me. Along with wrestling I offer a variety of other fetish sessions, but nothing pleases me more than imposing my will on the weaker sex! My athletic body and STRONG legs are a challenge for anyone brave enough. When contacting me please write a detailed email, short – back and forth messages will be ignored. Please be ready to SCREEN, it is required not optional. Deposits are required as well. My schedule allows for both weekday and weekend sessions, and I do travel... ... Continue Reading

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  • upswing28
  • 69 days ago

She works very hard to make sure that you're satisfied with the content. Very personable and responsive.

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  • shrek00
  • 70 days ago

Guess what, I'm officially in LOVE. I've recently had a session with Goddess Nikki Next and I have to say WOW. I was actually a bit surprised cause she's actually much stronger than she looks in the pictures. To be honest, she has the body of a goddess and strong, beautiful legs that just make you want to get on your knees and worship them. She was everything I wanted. Powerful enough, to make me her bitch, clever enough to put me in many vicious holds, bad enough to trash talk and laugh while she had me being squeezed and muscular enough to make me beg for mercy. After turning my face purple, she was kind enough to make me lick and suck her foot. It was a session I'll lever forget. It was an honor to be your bitch Goddess Nikki. Thank you sooo much

Updated profile: 09/18/2022 10:35:19 PM

Ok, you might have thought you’ve seen the toughest and most skilled session wrestlers on the scene, but not until you meet the one and only Kaos – a professional MMA fighter. Kaos lives for fighting. She has been training in Muay Thai since 2011 and has been training full time in wrestling, mma, kickboxing and jiu jitsu since 2016. In 2019 she was the European Submission Wrestling Champion! And she trains several times a day, six days per week. Prior to her dedication to martial arts, Kaos was a model and an actress. A fierce opponent with stunning model looks, the combination doesn’t get better than that. So book Kaos for her fantasy role play skills or for a head to head... ... Continue Reading

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  • duckyboy
  • 71 days ago

When I first saw her profile on here I was shocked that such a beautiful, sexy woman was offering competitive sessions, and so I jumped at the opportunity to wrestler her. I found it a breeze to set up the session, and she was very accommodating with my request to do competitive and then transition into role-play and fantasy. When I arrived I was absolutely blown away by her physique: big hips and a perfectly round booty, but taught, strong arms and a trim tummy. That combined with her gorgeous face and sultry, sensual voice made her the absolute definition of most men's fantasies. My only reluctance at this point was whether she really could wrestle competitively or if that was just something this beauty used to attract more clients. Boy was I a fool to doubt her! Within seconds she had me down and was flipping me around into whatever position she wanted me in. I was tapping over and over and over again, and each time we got ready for the next fall I was losing confidence while her trash talking became more and more aggressive. Eventually she had completely drained me of my energy, and at this point I was just trying to escape from her. She just dragged me back into her clutches and made me tap every 15 seconds. One moment she was ball-busting me, the next she was scissoring me, and finally she face-sat me as I lay on the bed and she stood up on the edge. Her booty is so amazing that her butt cheeks were draped over my face. I was her victim, and her victim was in heaven. Thank you so much Savannah, you are god's gift to every man with a wrestling kink. I can't wait to see you again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/18/2022 08:04:58 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 71 days ago

I had a session with Juicy last year and it was a blast! She was very sweet and accommodating to my requests and fantasies, and she looked incredible in the leggings that I brought for her. Once we started wrestling I knew I was doomed to spend the entire hour underneath her, wiggling helplessly as she taunted me. There was no escape from under that booty and those thighs. Not only did she pin me and flatten me like a pancake, but she also crushed me with her leg-scissors, which made me feel absolutely helpless. She was such a good trash talker, but was also very nurturing at times. She was aggressive, but sensual. I hope she comes to my neck of the woods some time so I can be her little bitch once again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/18/2022 08:00:43 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 71 days ago

I had been dying to session with this goddess for so long, and boy oh boy was it worth the wait! Finally she was coming to town and I would get the opportunity to get squashed by absolute perfect example of an Amazon goddess. When she opened the door my knees immediately began to wobble out of fear and shyness. She motioned me in and I almost fell to my knees in awe of our height, her curves, and her beautiful face. It was then that I realized that she had a personality to match. No other session wrestler talks in such an expressive, playful, sensual way. I was so frightened and so turned on the entire time she was smothering and squeezing me. I felt like I was a little puppy being crushed by an anaconda. I had never felt so helpless in my life. And having that amazing big booty draped over my face made me feel completely helpless knowing that if she wanted to she could just end me! Amanda you are so special! I can't wait to get crushed by you again!

Recieved/Replied a review : 09/18/2022 07:49:30 PM

  • duckyboy
  • 71 days ago

I've sessioned with Kristie three times now, and each time it's gotten even better. I've been a fan of hers since I first saw her videos 20 years ago, so she's almost like my wrestling hero, and her experience is obvious once she starts kicking your butt. She has the absolute best breast-smother in the world, and she's also the most truly competitive session wrestler I've ever faced; she absolutely toyed with me even though I'm a young man in pretty good shape. I was absolutely humiliated by her superiority and her trash talk. She's so mean but so sweet at the same time, and it's absolutely intoxicating. She's friendly, kind, professional, and fun as hell. Make sure you session with her guys; you won't regret it!

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  • sammy12
  • 71 days ago

I had a session with Carmyna on saturday and i booked her for a full day experience. We had the first session earlier in the day then went to lunch. She’s super fun to be around, the first session was perfect! She pushed my limits but left enough for another session later in the evening. A total high class lady. It’s always a shock how she can turn from girl next door to a complete dominatrix. This was my first time booking a full day experience with her. Thank you Carmyna for the unforgettable day. See you next time! Xoxo Announcements

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