Ruby Riots


Location: United States , California, Oakland, Northern California

Last Activity: 04/08/2023


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg

Physique: Curvy


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I am all about having fun when I take you down and I adore getting rough and physical. An elegant mix of hedonism and affection, you will know your place when you kneel before me. Beating you into submission, whether it be through scissorholds, trampling, smothering, ball-busting, or tickling, makes me grin with mischevious delight. As a professional switch and dominatrix, I am no stranger to power exchange and love fulfilling fantasies. Other activities I enjoy include foot and body worship, roleplay, and corporal punishment. I enjoy sessioning with submissives, fetishists, and bottoms, but am open to playing with all genders, ethnicities, and people of all body types and abilities. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to see if our interests are compatible.

I workout weekly, have thick, toned legs, and am curvy yet strong and sturdy. I am not a trained wrestler and the type of wrestling I enjoy is more like rough-housing than competitive wrestling. I expect you to respect my boundaries, arrive clean, and know yourself well enough to play within your physical limits. Please share any health concerns with me.

I require deposits for all new clients. I am fully vaccinated and require masks unless you can show proof of vaccination.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Armwrestling
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Others: Please email request


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