Lottie LaLay


Location: United Kingdom , OTHER, Norwich

Last Activity: 02/01/2023


Height: 5'2” - 157 cm

Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg

Physique: Slim


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The epitome of naughty but nice. My sweet smile will lure you in but don’t be fooled I am small but mighty. Strong thighs and strength from my pilates, hoop and pole training, I love wrestling and bringing your fantasies to life.

You may have seen me in various wrestling customs and films for Strong Girls Rule, Sisterhood of Sin and UK wrestling.

I am highly organised, and tailor my sessions to make sure you get the most of your time and we always have fun. Correspondence is generally very prompt.

My favourite moves are grapevine, scissors, and I love a hug. Sessions can include all your favourites like facesitting, school girl pins, breath work, smothering, foot worship, body worship, roleplay and more. With a large wardrobe of beautiful lingerie, hosiery, leotards, leather and latex, you can take your pick.

Covid vaccinated. References requested and deposit taken to secure bookings.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
03/27/2023 03/29/2023 Marseille OTHER France
04/03/2023 04/03/2023 London OTHER United Kingdom
04/12/2023 04/12/2023 London OTHER United Kingdom

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4 months ago

A bit late writing a review but to not do so would be a huge injustice to Lottie!

This would be the second time I’d sessioned with Lottie, but this time added with the wonderful benefit of a double with her friend Storm.

After the first time meeting Lottie earlier in the year I knew I wanted to arrange another session soon, as it was so much fun. However what was to happen between May and our eventual session in September goes a long way to show how accommodating Lottie is too, as we had 2 postponements both due to Covid, and this being booked for two different locations as well!

We eventually managed to meet in Milton Keynes at the end of September and it was definitely worth the wait. They turned up as two femme fatales dressed to impress, both looking so sexy in lingerie once the session started.

And then came the scissoring, and boy was it good! (And painful 😂) They took it in turns to wrap their legs around my head or body and squeeze the hell out of me. And when I was stupid enough to be cocky, they showed me there was always that bit of extra crushing power when they wanted it…

It’s brilliant not only how deceptively strong they both are, but also so sexy that they know how much damage their legs can do. It was awesome watching storm smile at me while crushing my ribs, or having Lottie turn her head and see her so pleased to notice me suffering in her reverse headscissor.

We took some breaks from pummelling me, so Lottie and Storm could take it in turns destroying a load of things between their legs, you could see how much they both loved showing off, nothing lasted too long once they got a hold of it!

2 hours was gone just like that, it was so much fun! If either of these two are nearby your area, then I can only recommend booking in, and if Lottie offers you a friend to come along, then you’d be foolish not to take up the challenge!

Thanks both 😊
Keeno X

5 months ago

After meeting Lottie during her recent trip to Paris, I must agree with everything that’s been written here. She has an irresistible girl-next-door vibe and is incredibly friendly, at least until the wrestling begins.

Then she transforms into an absolutely devious little minx, in the most affectionate sense. Never has an opponent so quickly and unbashedly got into my head. We were roughly equal in strength and skill and neither of us could take the advantage, so she gladly resorted to psychological warfare. With great success, I must confess. Once she got me into the right state of mind, I found myself in quite disadvantageous positions and she had no trouble squeezing me to submission. Her scissors are powerful and well controlled; she told me that she didn’t want to knock people out but loved to know that she could.

My only complaint is about her dirty commercial tricks: since she only took one picture during the session, I’ll have to see her again!

5 months ago

Had a session with Lottie in Leeds on Friday evening just gone. After a cancelled train and dumb road closure in Leeds city centre, I arrived about 20 minutes late to the session. Lottie was waiting to greet me in the front of the hotel. She looked even more stunning than I expected. We chatted for a little while, mostly complaining about the horrendous travel experiences we’d had that day. I was nervous at first, as I always am, and rather intimidated by Lottie’s good looks. She is lovely to talk to, so I’m not sure what my reservations were.

After this, we got started. I asked for a semi-competitive wrestling session focusing on facesitting/smothering pins with some long schoolgirl pins to boot. The session started in a semi-competitive style, and gradually changed to sensual domination as I was grinded down. I was made aware of her strength very quickly. She made a misery of my attempts to escape and was very quick to get her butt on my face despite my best attempts against that. At a particularly intense point in the session when we were both having a ton of fun, I asked if we could record a quick video of her going total beast mode on me and overpowering me into some hard facesitting. I can say with confidence that what followed was the hottest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I will leave your minds to do the work, but let’s just say it was sweaty, intense, sexy and overwhelming all at once. I still remember the look in her eyes as she leaped onto me into a schoolgirl pin, making it clear she was gonna fuck me up.

We had a quick rest and chat, and at this point, the sensual side started. She quickly overpowered me with her strength and shoved me under her arse. She whispered sweet nothings into my ear when dominating me, sexually taunted me and reminded me of how utterly pathetic I am at wrestling, and how she had me right where she wanted me. It was stunning.

In summary, Lottie is so so great. She is strong, sexy and knows exactly what you want. I was blown away when I found out she hadn’t been doing this long. What I particularly liked about wrestling with her was just how goddamn fun it all was. We both were having a blast. If you’re even thinking about a session with her, do it. Don’t leave her for a rainy day.

5 months ago

The last time I sessioned was 12 years ago. I knew it would take someone exceptional to get me out of retirement. Lottie Lalay is that someone exceptional.

She’s strong. Solid core. Really solid. You can feel the muscle in her arms and shoulders and her thighs. Bloody hell.

I had a fantasy session and she perfectly met the brief. But more than that, she has a sixth sense for knowing what else I’d like. I didn’t want it to end. She’s gorgeous, she’s athletic, she knows the moves, she doesn’t watch the clock, she knows how to play and she loves wrestling.

Honestly, if she comes remotely close to your home, do yourself a favour and visit her.

5 months ago

I was able to book a session with Lottie on the very last minutes, for the very last session of her trip to Paris. There isn’t much to say about the session itself, Lottie surprised me with her strength, her domination skills, and her delightful personality, which were way too much to prevent me from surrendering to her (for good).
Despite her size, she could easily overpower me; even though it was not really competitive it was clear who was the alpha in the room today. Her thighs are clearly not to be messed with, and she barely scissored me… Her body is beautiful, she has the sexiest accent ever, etc. Why would I try to wrestle her when I can do anything to protect her? Oh that’s right, I can’t protect her if she’s miles stronger than me right? T-T
Anyway, this meeting with Lottie was among my best sessions for sure, but I have a feeling the next ones (notice the plural here) can only get better.
Don’t miss her if she comes to your city!

7 months ago

Had the delight to meet lottie at the submission room today as part of a day of sessions!

She was WONDERFUL. An absolutely joyful human being with a big gorgeous smile and a bubbly personality.

She looked amazing in a thong bikini!

We agreed on a sensual/fantasy dom wrestling session and she immediately got the kind of holds/session I wanted.

It was, to be blunt, the perfect session. The hour flew by and I will absolutely book for longer next time!

She kindly agreed to do some photos at the end, and they are brill.

I have been sessioning for twenty years and this was the best session I’ve had. Ever

9 months ago

I met Lottie last week in London and had a great time with her, she’s really fun to roll with and she really enjoys squeezing and dominating you with a great smile.
Also, she is very prompt to reply to mails and organisation was really easy.

9 months ago

The moment I saw that Lottie was travelling to my country I did not hesistate to make a booking.
And yesterday I finally met this beautiful young woman.
I requested a light wrestling session with some nice outfits and Lottie tailored the session exactly to my liking.
I am not a very good wrestler myself so she was easily able to overpower me with her technique and quick reflexes.
Usually she had me pinned within seconds and there was not much I could do to escape.
Lottie is great fun being around and always smiling.
She is already one of my favourite session girls and I hope to meet her again soon.


9 months ago

I sessioned with Lottie in London a couple of days ago and had a blast!

It was really easy to set up the session, Lottie gave me a brief list of her availability and we soon came to an arrangement which benefited us both.

I mentioned prior my experience and what kind of thing I like to incorporate into the session which Lottie catered for perfectly.

As below, it’d be easy to misconceive Lottie’s strength and power, especially for a petite build and of course I was wrong, she had me tapping in seconds with her exceptionally strong grapevines and body scissors!

I particularly enjoyed just how much Lottie seemed to take great enjoyment in tackling me to the ground and smothering me which comes naturally it seems, no amount of wiggling would set me free!

I even have some pics/clip from the session which I have as keepsake which I thought was a nice touch.

All in all, I had a great time and really hope to see Lottie again in the future to do it all again, I’d highly recommend anyone sceptical or nervous to go for it and book, you won’t be disappointed!

George x

10 months ago

I recently had a session with Lottie in Norwich and it was so much fun!
Setting up the session was dead easy and sorted within a couple of emails. Lottie tailored the session exactly to my liking, which consisted of a little bit of wrestling, some scissors and plus a few items for her to crush, they didn’t stand up to her thighs well… 😂

Don’t let looks deceive you too, that’s 5’2” of pure squeezing power! I was amazed how Lottie could really crank it. Talking of looks, she looked stunning in her choice of lingerie.

You can tell Lottie enjoys what she does which is great to see, it was brilliant to see some of her facial expressions when squeezing either myself or some of the things that got trashed!

For anyone thinking of booking a session, you will not be disappointed!
Already sorting out another session – I look forward to seeing Lottie again soon!

Thank you!