Jessica Ann


Location: United States , South Carolina, Myrtle Beach

Last Activity: 09/13/2023


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 275 lbs - 124.7 kg

Physique: BBW

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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I don’t care how many references, and Sessions  you’ve had! I’m not going to waste mine or other ladies time trying to prove you’re real and of age!

I screen using OF 👇


To make sure you are of age! If you can’t communicate thru my OF first , then stop inboxing me in gmail! If you continue to complain, your email gets sent to Spam! 

I pay 💰 to advertise my Services on here, so I will just Block/Spam your email 📧 if your are not respectful! 

Moving forward 👇

Hey Y’all I’m Jess, aka, Jessica Ann, aka “Brawl’n Barnes” aka “Wild Card” aka “Mountain Momma”!

I’m from the Holler of KENOVA aka the Tri-State, KY, OH, & WV, but have been liv’n in the Dirty Myrtle for forever now.

I was on this site before,  but had to keep it hush-hush cause I was trying to make it in the Pro Wrestling Business.

Once I saw what happened to Mandy Rose 🌹 in WWE, and all the crap I was given saying there can only be “One Big Girl Per Pro Wrestling Promotion “

I knew I didn’t stand a chance at getting signed on with a Big Pro Wrestling Promotion!

I also didn’t get the JAB💉 and wasn’t allowed to do extra work with WWE anymore let alone Rassle on most INDY Circuits, because it seemed like everyone is Pro JAB 💉 in the Rassl’n Industry.

I plan to save up to get some land in Texas so I can build a Barndominium aka a Rassl’n Barn so I can Rassle whenever I want and put on events like Mudd & Oil Rassl’n 😜 etc. 

Pro Wrestling is LOVE ❤️ and or Combat Sports in general!

I hope 🤞 one day UFC gets a Women’s Heavyweight Division.

I would love to do the Women on Fire events if anyone wants to sponsor my trips out that way!

My Rassl’n moves to date are the 👇

1.) Coal-mine Clothesline 💪

2.) Mountain 🏔️ Slam ( aka Side Walk Slam)

3.) Splash Mountain

4.) WCRD Spin ( aka  L & C)

5.) Down the Mountain ( aka Body Slam)

6.) Mountain Thighs ( aka Scissors)

7.) Around the Mountain ( aka Leg Lock Spins)

8.) Up the Mountain ( aka Gorilla Press )

9.) Blue Grass Beatdown 👊

10.) Buckeye Brawl 🥊

11.) The Mountain MaMa

12.) Buckeyes hold (Headlock) 🍈

P.S. I do this for extra money! Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need money to survive? The price is the price! If you complain or try to haggle automatic Block/Spam!

P.S.S I don’t need the FAT girl jokes!  I have PTLS – Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome aka Hormone imbalance/weight gain!

If “FAT” and or being smothered by a Big Girl is your fetish then book me before I get  the funds to get a TR & TT!

Saving up to get a Tubal reversal & Tummy Tuck! If you would like to Sponsor my Surgeries we could work something out for the long term.

Thanks in advanced


Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Competitive Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Competitive Kickboxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Boxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
11/01/2023 11/30/2024 Austin Texas United States

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    11/01/2023 Austin, TX
    11/01/2023 Austin, TX


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1 month ago

I met with Jess Juat recently and had a great time she got very strong legs and wasn’t afrai to show me how strong they are. Will definitely have another session with Jess in the near future.

2 months ago

I was Jess’s first customer when she came to Sessiongirls years ago. It was memorable.
She came to my hotel, picked me up and took me to a local gym where we worked out on the bags
and then sparred a dozen rounds in a makeshift ring. She is tough, fearless, feisty and caring,
a former Tough Girl Women’s champion, but she is also a curvy, sexy, voluptuous little demon
who will seduce you then beat you at the same time. I’m looking forward to the time I can get
back to Myrtle and experience that again.

2 months ago

I wrestled Jessica a few times a while back and despite my fitness level and athleticism she squashed me into a pancake each time (mountain splash), over 100 matches total and she has a 115-0 record on me.

Last edited 1 month ago by strongman917
2 months ago

I fought Jess a few years ago and she was amazing. Such a good semi-competitive mma match and her kicks were intense. Definitely hope we can do it again sometime now that she is back!