Location: United States , Houston

Last Activity: 07/02/2022


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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I am an IFBB Pro female bodybuilder with over 10 years of experience making fantasies a reality… My sexy muscles and creative mind will intoxicate you and leave you craving for more! Come tell Me your deepest fantasies.. if you dare! xoxo Goddess Scar

Email [email protected] the following:

City in subject line of email
Window of your availability on that date
Type of session requested
References: (preferred method) please either screenshot the ladies listing that shows her contact information or copy the hyperlink from the top search engine bar….OR…
No references?: Please send as many of the following as you can for ease of booking:
Selfie holding drivers license or state ID. Please make sure I can read all of the info.
Business card/web page/work ID


No arm wrestling, grapevines, or competitive wrestling due to injuries in sessions… I don’t want to hurt you either (not REALLY).. Let’s have some fun!

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat, Phone Chat, Other Webcam Shows, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Couples Wrestling, Fantasy Boxing, Fantasy Catfighting, Tag Team Matches, Foxy, Tickle Wrestling, Scissoring, Custom Videos, PosingModeling, Belly PunchingIn-Gym, Training


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16 days ago

Had my first ever session with scar today in NYC. And all I could say is Wow! When I first walked in and she spoke to me it comforted me , because I had no idea how sessions worked. We spoke a little bit than she started flexing, and WOW! The pictures don’t do her no justice ! Her muscles are huge in person her leg was the size of my torso! And she’s very beautiful ! Without even locking her legs she would have me tapping and begging for my life ! I asked her to rough me up and she did just that I felt like I was in heaven ! Her calves alone almost killed me she was toying with me and did all types of moves and submissions on me , her legs are LETHAL !!! Her scissors are killer , figure four, reverse head scissor, body scissors, headlocks , calves chocked , school girl pins ! She crushed me with every muscle and I loved it and was in pain at the same time ! Very easy to talk too and communicate with , If I ever have the opportunity to session with her again I will !

1 month ago

Had a very nice visit with Scarrr. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Treat her with respect and you’ll receive the same in return. I look very forward to meet with her again someday soon.

4 months ago

I finally had a match last month in Syracuse with the notorious Scar, and without a doubt Jennifer is one of the superstars of session girl wrestlers! We had some scheduling conflicts a couple years ago that tabled our first attempt to try to get together, and when I contacted her in January, she still knew my references and preferences for a session. Professional all the way! Shes a master at making you feel at ease, even when she’s scissoring and smothering the life out of you. No stranger to injuries herself, she knows exactly how to apply holds like crucifixes and lotus locks safely, effectively and seductively. She’s stunning from head to her sexy tanned toes. Wrestling Scar is a treat I can’t wait to sign up for again. -Mattslapper123

4 months ago

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Jennifer on Friday in NJ.

First off, her communication back and forth was clear, friendly, and detailed.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was greeted by an absolute beauty in a silk robe with a gorgeous smile. I came in and she gave me a hug. Right off the bat, she was so friendly and hospitable. It really took the edge and nervousness out of me (when meeting someone new, you just never know what you are going to get).

Jennifer took off her robe and had a white two-piece on which complimented her sculpted yet very feminine body. It’s a work of art!

After the pleasantries were done, I was put in position for Jennifer to squeeze the life out of me with head scissors, figure four scissors, headlocks, and other forms of heavenly torture. Don’t let this scare you. She’s a true professional who asked me up front what type of session (and through email correspondence) I wanted. I’m no hero, so I said “light” would be good and she tailored it perfectly to my needs and limits.

I think she only used 5% to 10% of her leg strength and I was beginning to see stars. But I thought, if this is the way I have to go, then I’m a lucky, lucky man! LOL!

She flexed and showed off her quite toned body and all I could do was look in awe of such a beautiful, powerful, and at the same time sweet woman!

I highly recommend seeing Jennifer if she’s in your area. There are some women that come through that are just absolutely amazing that you should see at least once! Jennifer is one of those and I hope to see her again!

Thank you, Jennifer!

4 months ago

Jennifer was fantastic to session with! She is very beautiful, very feminine, with amazing tone and definition in her muscles. Her legs are undoubtedly some of the sexiest in the United States, and quite frankly, I could only handle a scissor at about 85% strength, and pushing that would’ve been knockout territory, which I didn’t feel up to, today. I sessioned with her for two hours today, and there was no place I would’ve rather been. Jennifer scissored and facesat me for as much and as long as I could take today, and I absolutely loved it. She’s a veteran in this industry, and the quality of the session I just had illustrated why you see an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. Thanks again, miss!