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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm

Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus


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The perfect powerful yet playful PERSIAN PRINCESS..

Standing at 5ft 10′ in bare feet, with my strong athletic build and exotic dark looks I am force to be reckoned with! My legs are pillars of pythonic persuasion!

I am a highly skilled in Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsui and Grappling. I am the real deal, an Arabian Goddess – I have spent many years perfecting my skills in martial arts and combat sports so I know what I am doing and can offer sessions that range between complete fantasy right the way up to semi competitive. I love getting hot and sweaty. Sessions with me are on another level. Do you love being thrown around like a rag doll? Lifted and carried around easily? :)))) I can be playful and fun or rough and severe. My muscular thighs will have you begging for mercy or craving for more.

I can be the queen of mean or a beautiful wrestling goddess. If you are very lucky you may get both!

All your limits will be respected, well most of the time 😉

One of my signature moves is the reverse scissors, because I haven’t met a man yet that can take the pressure of my legs wrapped around his neck without begging for mercy. Another favourite of mine is the figure four body lock because with my long legs there is no chance of escape (not that you will want too) :)))

Are you ready to be scissored into submission by this Persian Goddess?

I am also a dominant female and I am well versed in all fetish,bdsm and kink so your fantasy is my reality..

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Boxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


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09/20/2024 09/24/2024 TBA OTHER Bahrain


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7 months ago

I met Jet in London.

Upon meeting Jet, I was struck by how tall and beautiful she is. Her pictures don’t do her justice. Her physique was insane. Very muscular, much better than her pictures. However, what surprised me the most was Jet’s approach to the session. She is incredibly lovely and takes her time to understand your needs and how she can fulfil them. She very friendly and makes you feel so welcome. Truly has a great personality. Aside from Jet as a person, she is incredibly strong! I opted for a lift and carry session and she exceeded my expectations more than I could of ever imagined. Jet lifted me up very easily and done various types of lifts including balancing my whole weight on her left shoulder! Could not recommend Jet enough! If you ever have the opportunity to meet these Persian princess, take it!

9 months ago

I sessioned with Jet Star in Liverpool, England.
The venue was fine, driving around Liverpool is AWFUL.

On meeting Jet, she is striking – tall, pretty and confident. A Persian princess indeed, and far more muscular and defined than her pictures suggest. She has the build of an iron man competitor/fitness model and certainly doesn’t skip leg day. I believe there is not one ounce of fat on her.
We discussed our experience levels, expectations, established some simple boundaries and any injuries, and then got to it.

Wrestling for submissions I found Jet agile, strong and ruthless.
She proved to be fierce on the mats – I didn’t want to be dommed – I asked her to wrestle me and go for the win, and she did. I’ve fought men and women over the years and yet she was easily the strongest opponent I’ve ever met. She was also the quickest. She was quick quick quick.

Jet has a solid grounding in BJJ and getting caught in her guard proved a terrible idea.
Getting caught between her thighs proved to be a venus flytrap and yes, her record stands – no man yet can tolerate her reverse head scissors – she had me passed out in 10 seconds with a fun dose of smack talk. I think Jet doesn’t quite comprehend how strong she really is. I came round completely disorientated and wandered round the mats for a couple of minutes until she told me to sit down and recover LOL.

She proved equally adept at submitting a guy 30kg heavier than her from on top or underneath and her body scissors was insane. I felt my rib cage shift and crunch slightly and tapped before she did any permanent damage. I did ask her to demonstrate how strong she was but that was a bit of a shock! And she did that from UNDERNEATH.
We wrestled on a late Friday afternoon and i can honestly say they finally stopped aching on the following Monday.

Our end tally came to 8-2. I managed two submissions out of her, but these were mostly down to luck and stubborn male pride, gained only when she made a mistake. I asked for a challenge and I got my ass kicked, but guys, I can assure you, there are worst places to have your face squished than in the yellow bikini bottoms of a smoking hot iron woman. She laid on the smack talk but when I tried it back, she made sure I ate my words and I had to kiss her feet declaring her the winner.

As a session wrestler Jet is recommended because the lady can *wrestle* and moreover, she clearly enjoys her sessions. She fun, didn’t watch the clock and was easy to arrange stuff with.
Aside from her ability, she’s a complete sweetheart – warm, funny and utterly fearless.

My only regret is running out of time in the uk and not having time to arrange a rematch.

1 year ago

I met the gorgeous Jet this evening for a fantasy wrestling session. I’d been wanting to meet her for some time, so when I saw she was visiting London, I leaped at the chance to see her. Super friendly and chatty, I couldn’t wait to be pinned by her. Jet is very strong and clearly loves what she does. I had so much fun. One of her specialities is facesitting, and despite my feeble attempts to unseat her, I lay beneath her, totally at her mercy 😀 If you get the chance to meet Jet, you will have an amazing time.

Thank you so much, Jet. Really lovely to have met you 😀

1 year ago

What a fantastic light domination session I had with Jet Star this evening! First off, her smile makes you feel at ease. She’s breathtaking beautiful and her feminine, yet hard muscles made me weak as jelly! When she got changed for the session, she was incredibly sexy and sultry!

She did all the things I ask for in a session and had me gasping for breath each time she scissored and smothered me! She probably only used 10% of her thigh muscles’ strength and almost had me seeing stars!

She’s extremely funny, down to Earth, and easy to talk with. I cannot emphasize enough that you should look her up, contact her, and if you’re lucky enough, session with her!

Thank you for allowing to worship you and be in your company!

1 year ago

A Gladiator!

So, I’ve just had a competitive session with Jet Star, and what a fantastic session it was.

Her responses to my initial enquiries via email were swift and very warm, and on meeting her that warm personality really comes to the fore, she’s a genuinely lovely person to spend time with.

Her physique is truly amazing (if you’re old enough to remember the Gladiators TV show, she could quite easily be in a reboot!)

And her wrestling skills? She’s lethal! In 2 hours I didn’t get a single pin or submission and boy, was I trying. I spent most of the evening following the session in a hot bath, soothing my battered and aching body but with a huge smile on my face at my remembrance of the session.

Definitely recommended.

1 year ago

WOW. Is all I can say!

I asked for a domination session involving scissors, facesits, feet smothers and worships, and some mild cbt.

She delivered massively. She was really welcoming and friendly, easy to chat to, and took the time to find out exactly what I wanted.

She is very strong and I had no chance when trying to escape her pins and scissors – and I did try. Made her genuinely laugh in hysterics when she realised I was actually trying…which was rather humiliating!

She is capable of wrestling to a much more competitive level too, but that isn’t the kind of session I go for, but just fyi in case anyone wondered. She did almost put me out in a reverse headscissors – she got carried away with some ‘small penis humiliation/groin grabbing’ and decided not to release me after my first taps (I did give her permission to ko/ignore taps – she wasn’t being unprofessional)

She is a superb facesitter and equally skilful with her feet…

I cannot wait to book with her again

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1 year ago

Well, well, well. I have just had my mind blown by my session with Jet Star!

The arrangements were very, very easy and she asked in advance what I wanted from the session. When I arrived, she was very welcoming and interested in who I was and my priorities from the session. This was a bit tricky given that she is (a) gorgeous and (b) extremely well put-together. I’m a relative newbie to this, and after dreaming of meeting a strong, muscular woman for so long, to finally do it was frankly, incredible.

She tailored the session exactly to my likes and I had an amazing time. She slightly, and playfully, increased scissor strength before ending on a quick strong squeeze to show me she had plenty more in the tank. Blimey they were strong and I suspect nowhere near full strength. The rest of the hour included muscle worship, massage and fun conversation. Frankly I could have held her arms for an hour and I would have considered it money and time well spent!

I will be meeting her again 🙂

1 year ago

My session with Jet was only my 3rd ever session. To give my review context, I’m in my 30s, I’m 6ft, and 75kg. I recently had a fantasy session with Eva Ray at Wrestling Factory (which was amazing 10 out of 10) and I previously had a semi-comp against Amethyst Hammerfist a few years ago, who was also amazing, 10 out of 10, and is particularly known for her headscissors…

I mention those because I can honestly say Jet managed to exceed both experiences.

Jet was super helpful in arranging the meet-up, and made sure to ask what my expectations were, and what I particularly liked. When I arrived, she immediately made me feel relaxed (even taking the time to offer a coffee), and took time to establish a rapport, which for me is super important to make sure BOTH people are having fun!!

The event:
Jet is gorgeous, and is not lying about 5ft 10, and once in her outfit (and I managed to regain some focus!) we started after the fist bump to make sure we’re ready. We’d agreed I’d be comfortable with holds occasionally being pushed a little longer after my initial taps, to help find that sweet spot of what I’m looking for but also to give Jet a little fun too, with me mustering as much resistance as possible. EVERY hold was delivered with perfect balance of force and pleasure… from armbars, triangles, bodylocks, to facesitting (she really knows how to place herself on your face and make you tap!!). The reverse headscissor is fierce, I would struggle as long as I could, and as agreed after my initial tap Jet would stop increasing the force (she clearly could have gone further!) but would hold it a little longer and ever so gently reapply more pressure until I would tap a little harder.

I could not recommend Jet highly enough, whether it is your first time, or you are experienced. I will be back for more!

(One tip from me: she wont ask because she is too nice, but come clean shaven! Sorry for any stubble rashes from my many failed attempts to escape lol)

2 years ago

I recently had a meeting with Jet and boy was it a blast. Those pix do not do justice to how ripped she was in person. Her wrestling skills were also topnotch but she was also playful and friendly.

2 years ago

I have been having sessions for nearly 35 years and i have to tell you that Jet is one of a kind .If you do not see this lady you will be wondering what you have missed and it is the experience of a lifetime .I cannot even begin to tell you how good she is !Firstly she is stunning to look at. I would describe her as a menacing beauty who can take you apart or just play with you.She is very skilled and unbelievably strong and at nearly 6ft tall you need to stay away from her legs but you wont be able to, they are irresistible. Be careful you will become addicted but you will have experienced the best.! Enjoy

Old Reviews

I saw Jet on the 01-05-21. See looks absolutely amazing very tall. She is very strong threw me about and I weight 106 kgs.
Within easy walking distance from Liverpool stn. She is worth the visit.


Well i won at last !
She can CLAIM it was a draw. She can CLAIM she was a bit under the weather
But we both know i won this one. Haha

To be serious i have the greatest times ever with Jet. She has evdrything you could ever want in a session wrestler. Skill. Speed . Strength. Looks and to top it off a GREAT personality.

I could not recommend Jet enough. I hadnt sessioned for years due to losing interest in girls that claimed allsorts and delivered little. I thought try again just to see and OMG what a great choice i made. Restored my interest and enjoyment.

This lady is a defo top draw 10 out of 10



Just had my second session with Jet in a few days.
To say she has everything would be an understatement.
Looks, strength, technique, speed. Its all there.
Ive not met anyone who seems to like her sessions so much as she does. She through the whole time with a smile on her face.
Cant wait till next time
And yes, she won again ( just lol )


Just a quick review
Havent sessioned for many years and i couldnt of picked a better partner to restart with.

Shes funny, organised, she listens and shes a tough cookie.

Thats without stating the obvious. Shes drop dead gorgeous ( and she makes a mean coffee lol )

She won ( because i let her lol )

Best thing i can say is i wont be going anywhere else


First and foremost, what a powerful, beautiful and breathtaking woman Jet is!

My first ever session with Jet was nothing short of sheer perfection! When I first met her, I was shy and anxious but she put me at ease and was the most open and caring person! Kind, chatty, had a wicked sense of humour, nothing was too much trouble for her; everything you could possibly want and more!

Jets scissor holds were so so strong; squeezing every bit of energy out of me after only 5 minutes(probably even quicker than that, I’m just acting tough and edgy) she continuously preyed on every weakness I displayed and never let up for a second! Using a whole arsenal of moves; grapevines, figure fours, armbars, every move more lethal than the last!

She ensnared every sense, every fibre of me, holding me down, playing with me at her own leisure!

In short, if you are first-timer or have had many sessions before, choose Jet! You will not regret a second! Even the sore neck I will have tomorrow will be totally worth it!



In my early thirties, I decided to meet Jet for some mixed wrestling. It’s something I’ve always fantasised about, but never really got into with former partners. I was apprehensive, but honestly, Jet is exceptionally personable and all round lovely (we talked about all sorts – including personal stuff on my side which she was really empathetic about). I felt at complete ease and we discussed what I wanted. Respect counts a lot and she absolutely has it.

So the bit you’re interested in. For those who have Xenia Onatopp fantasies – this woman would definitely have over-powered Bond and constricted him out. I’m a fit man in his 30s, and Jet absolutely wiped the floor with me early in a semi-comp bit (no shame in that though!). It wasn’t over though, once she squeezed and smothered the fight out of me, she set about toying with me. Literally she is a python personified and can take you to the edge of being squeezed out; once she has herself wrapped around you, it’s only a matter of time before your struggles weaken. This is someone who truly LOVES what she does too. She didn’t just meet my expectations, she has truly set the bar at a massively different level!!

I can’t thank her enough for what was literally the perfect first time session beyond expectation, and intend to see again in the future!
Thanks again Jet!


Just had a semi comp wrestling session with jet nr Manchester.believe me she is the real deal she is as strong as an ox,her scissors have you tapping straight away as it’s like having a
Boa constrictor wrapped around you squeezing the life out of you, her legs are that long I’m sure they went around me twice,my head feels like it’s been dissected from the rest of my body. Her shoulder and hip throws are technically spot on she threw me with ease onto the mats and I’m 92kgs in weight.
To sum up she is as good as axa and Lisa at the wrestling factory if not better
And as strong as pussy willow so girls move over there’s a new kid on the block
Jet is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside after a minute of meeting her it felt like I had known her for years I can’t wait for our next session


Jet is the imagination of the perfect amazon.Fit and feminine body. She is very serious in wrestling and has even learn some from experts to make her self better wrestler. She always make her best to understand and listen at the client. For people who are a bit shy I guess that Jet is perfect, because she is very open and easy to comunicate with.
First time we met I won, The second time I lost. And next time I will lose even more. Because she will be better and better.


I was very curious after I saw Jet’s sculptural and athletic body on her photos. So I met her on friday at Monicas’mat, a very good place for wrestling.
First of all, Jet was very easy to join and quick to answer. When I saw her coming in her black sport leggings, I was impressed by her beauty and by her very fit body. Jet is tall, very athletic, and very good looking (long black hair, perfect fit body, nice smile).
Jet told me that she offers semi-competitive wrestling. As usual, I prefer competitive sessions but without chokes in order to limit the risk of injury. With more than 70 sporty sessions and a Judo background, I can adapt and have a reputation of taking care of my wrestling partner. So I was happy that she agrees for a sporty session.
We began with armwrestling. As you can see on her profile, her arms are strong. I succeed to win with the right arm after more than one minute but she destroyed me easily with the left one.
Then, we began the wrestling session. I have usually the upper hand in my wrestling session and can most part of the time begin on top. But this time, I met in Jet a very fierce opponent. Not only she’s very strong, but she’s very well balanced too. She can use all part of her body and every inch of it becomes a true weapon. I’m impressed by her wrestling skills.
Despite she began wrestling sessions only a few months ago, she managed to give me a very good match. I could compare Jet with Suzie in term of strength, flexibility, and permanent smile too. Jet takes bjj courses and it’s clear she’s a very fast learner. She really enjoys at wrestling and when she’s on the top, it’s almost impossible to escape from her and from her victorious smile.
On my point of view, Jet will soon enter in the top 5 of better wrestler in UK in company of girls like Scorpion, Axa, Sativa, Ivy…
So to conclude, beautiful tall girl, with a perfect muscular and deadly body, very nice to talk with and with very good wrestling skills. Perfect deal for a perfect session !!


Meet up for a lift and carry session for my wife. Jet will not disappoint. She was fun and easy to chat to making my wife feel comfortable at all times. Very strong lady, lifted my wife with ease. Thanks for a great session. Hopefully see you again soon. X


Fantastic woman that I met in Manchester. Friendly and fun to talk with. Seems interested in what she do and is fit and strong. Worth to come back.