Location: United Kingdom , OTHER, Stoke on Trent / Birmingham / Manchester / London

Last Activity: 02/23/2024


Height: 5'7” - 170 cm

Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder

Years Of Experience: Less than one year

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Powerlifter with insane lifting numbers: squat 220kg / bench 115kg / deadlift 270kg. I’m strong and good looking and will make sure you have the time of your life. Hit me up with your ideas and we’ll set up a session as soon as you’re available. This spicy Latina will surely leave you breathless


I require a deposit to secure a booking.

This can be paid into my PayPal account, please request details once we have a date confirmed.

Open to travel and will plan tours to places with enough requests 😉

You can email me here if you require further information: [email protected]

Frequent visits to Manchester, Birmingham and London.


Hope to hearing from you soon


Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Non Refundable . Period .

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Training
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Muscle Admmiratuin
  • Others: Please email request


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    03/05/2024 London
    I’ll be in London again my loves 😘

ALERT: 6th fully booked

I’m touring down to London from Tuesday 5th of March early morning until Wednesday 6th.

Sessions will start on Tuesday at around 10am until 9-10pm at night and the Wednesday from 10am until 5pm which will be the last available slot.

I will require 50% deposit to secure your booking.

Drop me an email so we can arrange.

Looking forward to hearing from you 😘


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22 days ago

I had a follow up session with mamasita the morning after my first one yesterday, and once again it was absolutely incredible! It’s a testament to how amazing the first one was that I was so grateful to get a second chance to worship her muscles. She is so wonderful and easy to talk to, the time flew by again and it left me immediately thinking about booking in our next session. It really is such a privilege to feel her muscles. she’s naturally very beautiful and you’ll be surprised how hard and defined her muscles are! She made the whole experience really comfortable and at all times is really set on making sure you’re enjoying yourself with her. 100 and 10 percent recommend her!

22 days ago

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting mamasita in stoke today- all I can say is wow! She is really personable, funny, beautiful and so easy to get along with, she made the experience extremely enjoyable. We did a lot of muscle worship, and let me say the pictures on here do not do her justice! She is 84kg of pure, solid muscle the whole way down, her thighs, biceps shoulders etc are just beyond belief. Her muscles are like smooth concrete, ridiculously solid! She is extremely strong too, defeated me two handed in armwrestling very easily. She threw me over her shoulders like it was nothing. It was an unbelievable experience that I’ll never forget, and if you’re even considering doing a session with her let me say, do it! You will NOT regret it. Will absolutely 100% be doing this again. 10/10

27 days ago

I met up with Mamasita for a lift and carry session recently. It was really easy to organise and she was very responsive to emails. The session itself took place in Stoke.
First thing about Mamasita is that she is so friendly and talkative when you meet her, she’s such a lovely interesting intelligent lady. Secondly she is STRONG! Easily able to lift my 78kg with no problems and she did it with a smile on her face. We did loads of lifts and she was very responsive to my lift suggestions. I had a fantastic time and would definitely recommend her and look forward to seeing her again soon

28 days ago

I met Mamacita in Stoke this weekend.

Setting things up was really straightforward. A few emails, deposit send and that was that.

Fast forward a few days and there’s a knock at the door. She walked in and we greeted in a typical way. Next thing she’s grabbed me and shoved me me into the wall and holds me there seemingly without effort whilst saying in a perfectly calm voice “Where’s my money?”

She then turned around and put her back to me and pushed back hard with her legs, squashing me against the wall with her bum and back. I tried to resist at this point! That didn’t go well – I felt like I was pushing against a Rhinoceros. This girl is rock solid and STRONG and was squeezing the wind out of me. When she initially pushed me into the wall, I could feel the weight being taken off my feet!

Next she walked away from me into the main part of the room and with her back to me, took off her hoodie, shoes and tracksuit bottoms. Still facing away she did a back double biceps and slapped her bum really hard. This sounded like a small bomb had gone off! She then got down on the floor and knocked out 30 very easy looking press ups. Stands up, turns back to face me. She then slapped each thigh and her abs really hard. The noise must’ve made people in other rooms think that war was about to break out. They’d be partially correct in their assumption….

Mamacita struts towards me with lots of eye contact and a look of pure mischief on her face. She stops approx 1ft in front of me. After a couple of seconds, she asked if I’m ready and proceeded to drag me into the room without effort pick me up and throw me onto the bed with sufficient force that I fell off the other side. Ouch! I’m soon put back on the bed and unable to resist tapping three times in approx 15 seconds. She is staggeringly strong. Seemingly unaware just how strong and finds it hilarious when you’re give it everything and she’s used 30% effort to make you squeal!

I thought from her photos that perhaps she was exaggerating the 82kg aspect of her weight. To me, in the photos she looks 5’4” and 75kg. She’s definitely 5’7” if not 5’8”. She told me that she’s now 86kg! I put her over my shoulder and she felt INCREDIBLY heavy and I felt uncomfortable taking a short walk around the room with her. I dropped her on the bed and tried to pin her. She did nothing but laugh for a few seconds before throwing me off and making me submit very VERY easily.

Mamacita is full of curves and a beautiful girl. But she is rock hard all over. Like granite! She invited me to punch her in the abs as hard as I liked. After 20 punches I gave up as my wrists were getting sore! We did a lot of lift and carry at this stage. I’ll now reveal that I am 185cms and I’ve just weighed myself at 116kg. This girl can play with people my size like they’re toys. She’s always go so much in reserve that she can laugh and tease you in a normal voice whilst you give everything to resist her.
I will say that some of the lift and carry, the pins and her just sitting on me was quite uncomfortable. She’s so full of dense muscle everywhere that there’s absolutely no ‘give’ in her body at all. Likewise I sat on her abs when she invited me to try and hold her down and sitting on her is like sitting on a park bench!

As a person, she’s lovely! Intelligent, funny, engaging and generous with her time. She’s really keen to make sure you’re having a good time. Almost obsessively so!

I can’t recommend her highly enough. Honestly, don’t hesitate, send her an email and get yourself booked in!

1 month ago

Promised this goddess to leave a review for a session which was too good to forget. From the second I arrived I was met by this muscular goddess. She was in the most unbelievable tight booty shorts which showed her ridiculous thighs and the more she flexed the better she looked. This woman is not to be missed. She did nothing but made me feel comfortable and appreciated my every request.

Her personality is even better than her physique she’s warm funny and did nothing but look after my every need.

She lifted me like I was nothing to her and yet I am 110kg she carried me like a shopping bag, threw me around and left me worshipping her like something I’d never seen before. The whole session was a mixture of Carries, her flexing and she even scissored me and crushed my waist like I was nothing!

This woman left me feeling like I’d been in the presence of an Amazonian goddess. It was the best session I’d ever had and I can not believe how quickly my hour went. Next session I will need to book atleast two hours because one just isn’t enough!

I can’t stress how her photos haven’t done her justice if you think she looks good in those photos wait till you get to see and admire her in the flesh. I don’t think I had ever imagined seeing someone so muscular, shredded and powerful all at the same time!

Can’t wait for the next one already

1 month ago

Promised Muscle Mamasita that I would review our first session this weekend, and I definitely do not wish to keep her waiting.
What a truly amazing experience.

Mamasita immediately put me at ease with her warmth and sense of humour, what followed then was just the most incredible displays of power that I have ever witnessed.
She is absolutely stunning and somehow still rock solid, despite arriving at our session north of 85kg – just seeing her left me feeling awestruck.

Our session itself was a blend of muscle worship, her flexing for me to admire, some wrestling – I’ve never felt a bear hug like it, she crushed me at will and some of the most incredible lift and carry sequences. Able to quite comfortably lift me overhead, under-the armpits against a wall and pretty much any way she wanted, at any time.

To feel so powerless in a room with this woman, really was a fantasy realized.

I am already planning when I can get back to Stoke to book another session, it feels like one hour was nowhere near enough.

1 month ago

Muscle mamacita was everything that I dreamed the session would be, so good that I visited her again this weekend for more of the same.

Scary strong – she laughed as she bench pressed me for reps, made extremely light work of overhead pressing me. I genuinely felt that there was nothing she could not do with me, the absolute definition of woman-handled. All with a stunning smile.

We did a good amount of muscle worship, there was so much of her to worship – 80kg plus and rock solid with so much definition.
Again I wanted to see how she faired with some wrestling, again she was laughing as she could probably see the panic written all over my face whenever she started to squeeze – anyone who wants to be pushed a little harder, I am sure she can deliver that with ease as well.

My highest recommendation as someone who is very quickly becoming addicted. The most exciting addition to the UK session scene in years!