Miss Mari


Location: Georgia , OTHER, Tbilisi

Last Activity: 07/12/2024
Joined: 03/11/2024


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm

Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt // some wrestling + MMA experience // feminine, sassy, lean //

I offer primarily competitive jiu jitsu sessions^ no filming. I do not offer/allow nudity or sexual contact

Send me an email ~~ to book you must provide your location, height and weight, your references, as well as specific interests ~~

300 euros per hour

I require a 100 euro deposit when we choose a date and time. I will refund you if I must cancel the session at any time.


Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if I cancel the session.
  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

  • Phone Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Lift and Carry
  • Training


Date Begins Date Leaving City Area Country
09/16/2024 09/24/2024 Cairo OTHER Egypt
11/07/2024 11/20/2024 Dubai OTHER United Arab Emirates
01/23/2025 01/31/2025 Mumbai OTHER India


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2 days ago

Tuve suerte, y fui el primer cliente de Mariposa ayer. Así que la vi aparecer con un vestido rojo precioso. Es una cosa me alegro de haber visto. Mariposa es MUY femenina. El lugar de la sesión es un sitio con un tatami bueno (Mi espalda lo atestigua tras varios derribos que me aplicó) y aire acondicionado, lo cual en Barcelona en Julio esta muy bien.

Vestida como yo le pedí (Nada espectacular, pero como me gusta a mi), te resulta curioso ver que quien te va a ofrecer la sesión no es un saco de músculos, sino un chica normal. Parece imposible que vaya a suceder lo que luego realmente sucede.

Sobre la sesión, la divido en varias partes, al principio le pido que me aplique técnicas, para que pueda sentir hasta donde y donde no puedo resistir. La verdad, es una cosa que creo que es muy útil para evitar lesiones.

Hubo 4 partes


– Derribos: Le pedí que me derribara desde posición de pie. Uso tanto proyecciones de judo, como de BJJ, para luego hacerme rendir con alguna técnica de sumisión.

– Defensa personal femenina: Varios ataques y molestias por mi parte, obtuvieron cumplida respuesta de ella. Además, estuvo muy divertido cuando ya estaba completamente a su merced y le decía que me soltara “o se iba a enterar”. Ella poco menos que “si, si, pero mira como estas” con un tono irónico que va muy bien para la ocasión. Para la próxima vez pediré mas de esto, porque me lo pasé muy bien.

– Lucha de pie: Por norma general, como no he hecho ni Judo, ni BJJ ni nada parecido, así que la lucha es ella intentando vencerme de pie y yo resistiéndome, no quiero hacerme daño intentando algo que no se o (menos probable) hacérselo a ella.


– Lucha de rodillas: Lo llamo semi-competitivo … porque para ella no soy ninguna clase de reto. Y mira que lo intenté. Estaríamos unos 30 minutos y el marcador debió ser cerca de 20 a 0. Pero 0 de no tener ninguna oportunidad. Es impresionante como tiene respuesta par todo lo que intentaba, como siempre encuentra la manera de salir de situaciones aparentemente malas, me impresiono especialmente varias veces que yo estaba encima y ella debajo, un toque para quitar un apoyo, una fuerza aplicada hacia donde se debe … y ya me tenía donde quería. Y siempre, siempre, siempre … acabada encontrando la forma de llevarme a una posición de sometimiento. Y sospecho que como me vio cansado, debía ir al 20-30%. No faltaban sus palabras para poner en evidencia mi precaria situación… pero no es hiriente.

Cuando empece con esto, lo que me pasó ayer es exactamente lo que buscaba.

– Una chica-mujer femenina.
– Lucha sin golpes.
– Poder darlo todo en algún momento y en otros hacer un role-play.
– Y a pesar de eso, ser vencido completamente en todos los casos.
– Y ninguno de los dos acaba lastimado.

Miss Mari me lo ha dado todo. Ha sido un verdadero placer.


I got lucky, as I was Mariposa’s first customer yesterday. That made me saw her show up in a beautiful red dress. It was …. something. Mariposa looks VERY feminine and delicate. The location for the session is a place with a good tatami mat (my back testifies to this after several flips she did to me) and with conditioned air. In Barcelona’s July is nearly a must.

Dressed as I asked her (nothing fancy, … but the way I like), it is curious to see that the person who is going to offer you the session looks like … a little taller than normal slender girl. It seems impossible what is going to happen to me.

About the session, I divide it into several parts, at the beginning I ask her to apply techniques to me, so that she can feel how far and where I can’t resist her chokes, locks and armbars. Actually, I think this is something that is very useful to avoid injuries.

There were 4 parts


– Takedowns: I asked him to take me down from a standing position. She used both judo and BJJ projections, and then make me submit with some technique.

– Women’s self-defence: Several attacks and annoyances from my side, get a good response from her. It was also very funny when I was completely at her mercy and I told her to let go “or she would get punished”. She just sarcastically said something like “yes, yes, but look how you are”. Fits nicely with the situation. Next time I’ll ask for more of this, because I had a great time. Lot of fun.

– Stand-up fighting: As a general Since I haven’t done Judo, BJJ or anything like that, that type of fight is her trying to beat me on my feet and me resisting but not trying to throw her back, I don’t want to hurt myself trying something I don’t know or (less likely) damage her.


– Knee wrestling: I call it semi-competitive … because I’m not any kind of challenge to her. And I promise you I tried. She was near Superwoman to me without kryptonine. We would go about 30 minutes and the score should have been close to 20-0. But 0 and near no chance AT ALL. It is impressive how she has an answer for everything I tried, how she always finds a way to get out of what seemed bad situations, I was especially impressed several times when I was on top and she was underneath, a touch to remove some part of my body having me in that position, a force applied where it should … and we switch roles where she wanted to. And always, always, always … ended up finding a way to get me into a position of submission. And I suspect that since he saw me tired at the end, he went 20-30% energy mode. She could no avoid to “highlight” my precarious situation with his words slyly… but she wasn’t hurtful by any mean. Like it.

When I started this, what happened to me yesterday is exactly what I was looking for.

– A feminine girl-woman.
– fight without kicks.
– To try with all my will sometimes and role-play too.
– And in spite of that, to be beaten completely.
– And neither of us gets hurt.

Miss Mari has given me everything. It has been a real pleasure.

3 months ago

He tenido una sesión con Mari esta semana en Barcelona. Ha sido una experiencia estupenda, de verdad. Mari engloba belleza femenina y una habilidad tremenda en la lucha. Su juijitsu es espectacular (si me hubiera dicho que es cinturón negro, le hubiera creído); estuve toda la sesión haciendo tap y rindiéndome como podía. Creo que me hizo todas las luxaciones y estrangulamientos que existen, sin darme opción alguna. Disfruté muchísimo y la recomendaría 100% a quien le guste ser dominado en una lucha así.
Pero además es amable y simpática, y realiza la sesión con buen humor a pesar de no relajarse ni un segundo y de no ser muy habladora. Quedé encantado con la expresividad de su cara, a veces con ironía acerca de mis posibilidades de ganar un solo round, otras veces mostrando superiedad de forma tambíen irónica. Encantadora!
Y además, habla bien castellano, entre otros idiomas, por lo que fue fácil entenderse.
10/10, no hay otra nota posible
I had a session with Mari this week in Barcelona. It has been a great experience, really. Mari encompasses feminine beauty and tremendous fighting skill. Her juijitsu is spectacular (if she had told me she was a black belt, I would have believed her); I spent the entire session tapping and performing as best I could. I think she did all the dislocations and strangulations there are, without giving me any option. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it 100% to anyone who likes to be dominated in a fight like this.
But she is also kind and friendly, and she carries out the session with good humor despite not relaxing for a second and not being very talkative. I was delighted with the expressiveness of her face, sometimes with irony about my chances of winning a single round, other times showing superiority in an also ironic way. Lovely!
And also, he speaks Spanish well, among other languages, so it was easy to understand each other.
10/10, there is no other rating possible

3 months ago

Mari is a truly remarkable individual, possessing beauty, strength, skill. And most importantly, a kind and open minded person.

Have never felt so inferior and powerless in my entire life as I did during the session. She could’ve done whatever she wanted, and I wouldn’t mind it:)

Unfortunately, this website, for some reason, uses the same database for Georgia, the country and Georgia, the US state. Which hides this profile among the ones from the US. If by some chance you are able to uncover her, consider yourself fortunate as she is truly worth the effort and time.

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