Tyler Dare


Location: United States , North Carolina, Charlotte

Last Activity: 09/28/2023


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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Hello Everyone!

Thank you for viewing my profile. A little bit about me…

I have been doing sessions for upwards of 15 years. After living in Chicago for 2 years and Denver for 8 years I am happy to say I have returned to Charlotte, NC. I love traveling and every month I travel somewhere for sessions along with filming and custom work. If you would like to arrange a session, email is the best way to contact me, [email protected].

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
10/05/2023 10/06/2023 Columbia South Carolina United States
10/06/2023 10/07/2023 Jacksonville Florida United States
10/08/2023 10/10/2023 Tampa Florida United States
10/13/2023 10/14/2023 Orlando Florida United States

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8 days ago

I have been a fan of Tyler Dare for years and am so happy that I got a chance to session with her. I was overjoyed when she called me on the morning of the session to tell me how excited she was to meet me!

Tyler is so energetic and engaging, and she radiates positive vibes! We got along very well as soon as we met. We had so much fun during our session and had some great conversations. Tyler is VERY strong, and she put my abs to the test with solid straight punches and gut-busting single and double hammerfists. She dug her heels DEEP into my abs with stomps and axe kicks that had me worried that I might throw up! (Thankfully, I didn’t!)

We finished off the session with me worshipping Tyler’s sexy, soft feet and solid, strong core. We had so much fun, and we both wish that the session lasted longer! We agreed that Round 2 MUST happen! Tyler and I had a GREAT session. We had fun conversations, a lot of laughs, and she gave me an amazing ab workout! We will absolutely session together again!


1 month ago

I had a session today with Tyler. She is intelligent, beautiful, and athletic. Most importantly, she is a great communicator and understands the desires of the client. Your time with her will be well spent and you will be very satisfied with the experience!! Don’t hesitate to book a session!!

5 months ago

Don’t know how this review is going to be. It’s because this is the first session I left with unfinished business. I will say that while I very much look forward to concluding say business later. I will unabashed in describing the amazing time I had with the lovely southern belle Tyler Dare. I won’t prolong this one so much as stated our time ended a little early.

With communication, we were able set up our session in matter of minutes for a next day session. Tyler was incredibly quick on the button. She must’ve been excited to get going! It was also pretty that she chose a location that I was already familiar with in the city. She gave me permission and capability to text her the next day. The day of our session we were able to check in with one other to make sure that we were still confirmed and that we were still able to meet. This is were her 15 Years of Session Experience shined the most! And even with all this due diligence on her part, I was still late ugh!

Finally we were able to meet, my nerves at this point were at their peak. Once she opened the door and greeted with a smile who’s brightness can match a thousand suns, her flowing red hair and one of warmest hugs I’ve received in a long while! Needless to say my nerves were put at ease. From the time I entered the door until the time I left we engaged in some absolutely amazing conversation! Even in our match, which I will get to later. She pretty much took time to shared almost the entirety of her 15 Year Journey in this Industry! She shared everything from most fun times to some of her most brutal matches. She did all this while keeping the same smile on her face the whole time. It wasn’t forced it was just her overflowing expression of her authentic zest for life! I was absolutely amazed at her energy! So when time came closer to our match I requested that she would dress comfortably, once she unveiled her most comfortable outfit, I had no words just a reaction… “WHOA!” For the sake of discretion and to leave some shroud of mystery I won’t reveal what she wore here. I will say that it displayed one of the most incredible figures I’ve seen from ANY woman in person. A moment of transparency, this made the match a little… I mean WAY more difficult to concentrate. Ha! So once we squared away with the preliminaries we got the business portion of our evening.

I can say with certainty that Ms. Tyler is more than just a beautiful woman with a dynamite figure; she an incredibly capable combatant. She’s pound for pound the strongest woman I know for her frame! Her defensive abilities are a testament to her fifteen years of wrestling experience. She allowed me to attack knowing she can defend whatever comes next. All to show that she has seen it all! She expressed it as much in her in match banter as I heard the constant jeers of “nope, uh uh, try again, NO!” LOL! Which was cool for me, it just allowed me to be more creative. I love it when I have to be more cerebral in a match! I try to always defer to being the thinking man rather than being the strong man in a grapple. I applied the same principle here with Tyler as I performed a back door (pause) maneuver that led me to be able to her back and apply a rear naked choke. To be honest, I caught a luck break and was able to capitalize. This went well into the 30 minute session I have scheduled. When she told me “Time’s Up.” I couldn’t help but to request another 15 minutes. To which she boasted, “can’t get enough huh?” And the truth is… NO! I couldn’t. The next 15 minutes of scramble were just full of force, power, fun, and laughter! After time expired knew then that next time I owe it to her to schedule a multi-hour session the next time we meet. We have unfinished business that I can’t wait for us to address again. She even wanted to arm wrestle me briefly to cap things off.

Ms. Tyler Dare is everything that I could possibly dream of in a session. The crazy thing was quickly everything happen, from the blazing speed of our set up, to the duration of or time, to how quickly we became friends in the interim. She is just unique in everyway, from her flowing red hair, attractive facial features and this attached to a physique that is virtually, impossibly symmetrical and toned. I would say that it’s stuff of magazine covers or even comic books but they could possibly duplicate what Tyler Dare bring to the table in real life! To describe Tyler Dare in a few words… ‘One of a Kind.’ While yes she possesses one of kind beauty with a one of a kind body, what even more pertinent is her one of a kind spirit and one of a kind of heart. Btw, with an uncanny impression of one of my favorite ladies. Sugar Diamond if you ever read this, Tyler has you down to a science and an art. LMBO! A true North Carolinian Southern Belle who’s unique in every best way possible! She has instantly grown to be one of my favorites! She not only has my highest recommendation but she has my endorsement as well! As stated several times before, we left our session with unfinished business. I’m wait in great anticipation for us to meet again and put everything into a nice bow!

6 months ago

I DARE you guys to challenge Tyler!
I DARE you guys to try and take her down!
I DARE you guys to email her and set up a session!
I DARE you guys to show up when your fate is already sealed!
I DARE you guys to miss her when she comes to your city! It’ll be your own fault!
Just don’t damn DARE miss her!! She’s a can’t miss!

6 months ago

I’ve seen Tyler three times and would love to see her again. She is such a nice person, until it’s time to hit the mats😁.

Not a bodybuilder, but soooo strong. Everything she did hurt and she had more in the tank. If she gets her legs around you, it’s all over.

11 months ago

I sessioned with her a couple days ago and I have to say she was absolutely amazing. Hands down a 10/10. She’s strong and knows technique and also teaches some technique too. If you are in her area or she’s traveling to your area do yourself a favor and book her you won’t be disappointed. Easily one of if not my favorite session ive had.

11 months ago

I had a lift and carry session with Tyler in NY. Tyler is so wonderful in many ways. She is very accommodating (within limits), honest, down to earth and strong. We had such a great time talking, She is very easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable the minute you see her. She took to my lift and carry challenges like a boss. She was disappointed she missed the mark on one of my challenges, but give her circumstances of her first flight being cancelled and just getting in that morning, I think she did amazing doing 65 piggyback squats and Tyler was disappointed in herself for falling short of my challenge. Did I mention I’m 60 pounds heavier then her… she still picked me up easily and was able to piggyback me in 4″ heeled boots. She has amazing calves that pop out of nowhere when she put the heels on. I can’t wait to see her again because she is just so amazing to be around. I had such a good time with her and would say if she come to your area, you should try booking a session with her, you won’t be disappointed. Tyler also gives the best hugs….

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1 year ago

I had an amazing session with Tyler in New York, we met at the hotel and when she open the door, she made me feel so welcomed. We talked on the bed, go to know each other and from there the session began. We did some bear hugging and catballing and we rolled around for a while and her she was no push over, she was really strong. In most of our rolling around, our bodies were pretty much tangled but once she got you in a head lock, its over. Overall, awesome session, I can’t wait to see her again and she’s so fun and friendly, I highly recommend booking a session with her!

1 year ago

It finally happened! After searching for the majority of my adult life, Tyler became the first girl to ever beat me at arm wrestling! Previously, she had been the closest any had come, when we met 13 years ago. At that point, she held me to a draw…but she told me that she had gotten much better since our first meeting through a lot of practice and specified training…and she was NOT lying! The most surprising thing was that now, I was no contest for her! There was no slow, steady battle with an eventual wearing down…no, she beat me in under 10 seconds…and that’s being generous! (I wish we would have filmed it to see just how quick it was). I thought maybe I wasn’t ready, or our elbows weren’t in the right position or even just a fluke…so we tried two more times with the exact same result! She was giddy and dancing and celebrating as I was in shock at the ease of her victory! I am very glad I decided to get a rematch with Tyler after all these years and very glad for the result! Congratulations again on your victory!

1 year ago

After seeing Tyler in Chicago, I finally got a chance to session with her today in Philadelphia. She was so sweet and greeted me with a great big hug. We had a competitive wrestling session. She was a lot stronger than she looked. I kept her from sissoring me for the most part but that didn’t stop her from using her headlock to subdue me. She was a lot of fun to wrestle and talk to. If you ever get the chance to session with Tyler, DO IT!! You will love every minute of it.

1 year ago

Long overdue review!
On December 13th 2021 – I had the absolute privilege of finally meeting Ms Tyler Dare for a session.
Just had to add,
I had no trouble reaching Her.
She was great with communication up to and even during the session.
 What an incredible personality! She will make you feel comfortable right away.  She greated me with an enthusiastic hug when we met outside of the elevator. And another one on the ride up to the floor She was on.  I had driven over an hour into the city to see Her, through rush hour traffic and all.  So I was a little frazzled from the rush.   Maybe She picked up on this, as Her hugs melted ALL that anxiety away. 
I couldn’t help but smile from the excitement She had for me being there.   
 The whole time I kept thinking about all the videos I’ve seen of Her over the years.. I was about to actually wrestle the one and only Tyler Dare. 
So, I can’t say enough good things about Her and my experience with Her.. She’s super easy to talk to, as well. It was awesome.
She’s gorgeous… incredibly sexy.. and way stronger than She looks at first glance. (Way stronger)
 I couldn’t believe what it was like to try and transition out after being pinned by Her.. or after I was trapped in Her scissors.   She is very strong and it becomes evident pretty quick. Once She had me, I wasn’t going anywhere unless She let me. 
I feel lucky to have the privilege of being submitted (repeatedly) by Tyler Dare.. and I can’t wait to do it again when She comes back to Philly.
– d

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1 year ago

I got to meet Tyler for a third time and she has yet to disappoint!
She’s sexy, quirky, and adorable. And she’s incredibly strong! We did a fantasy session and she dominated me and totally threw me around!
She’s also a big sweetheart. She’s warm and fun to talk to. We talked, wrestled, and had a great time.
If you ever have a chance to meet Tyler, don’t pass it up!

1 year ago

I session with Tyler regularly when she comes through town. She is such fun! She gets into your head and has the silkiest scissors I’ve ever experienced. Her outfit selection is extensive and her teasing nature is titillating. Make sure you see her if you’re lucky enough to have her come to your town.

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1 year ago

Agreed with Robbly, don’t get any response from Tyler and the only contact info listed is the email. All information provided in email and even will to deposit full amount, maybe not active anymore. Have been getting great sessions on though with other local ladies, hopefully Tyler isn’t retired!

1 year ago

Haven’t been able to get a response, sent a few emails detailed. Was really looking forward to a session :((

1 year ago

Originally posted 4/28/2019

Tyler was one of the first girls I ever met for a session, several years ago. I saw her a couple times. I probably had 50 lbs. or so on her, but she beat me armwrestling and wrestling fairly easily. Her scissors are very strong, if she gets those legs around your head, you’re not getting out.

Easy to set up with.

Old Reviews


I had the pleasure of doing a Session with Tyler today. This was my 1st time ever booking a session and you could easily say that I was a bit nervous. Instantly, Tyler put my mind at ease and couldn’t have been more friendly and sweet. Her beauty is matched by her tremendous wrestling skills and I had an absolute blast. I cannot recommend Tyler enough.


I had my very first session ever with Tyler this past Monday, and she is an absolute peach. Once I saw her it was instant smiles. She’s really warm, friendly, fun and unbelievablely sexy. She took it easy on me for my first scissor session but man shes strong, almost got an early knockout in her sideways scissor hold. She made the session everything I hoped for and I will definitely hit her up for another next time I’m in her neck of the woods or she’s In mine.


Met Tyler for the first time back in 2009 and shame on me for going so long without seeing her again. Today in Dallas I finally got to session with this down to earth wonderful Lady once again. Still the sweetheart. Had a blast


I had a scissor session with Tyler today Wednesday the 18th. She is way more pretty in person than the pics I know it’s a cliche and it’s said a lot but it’s the truth! I met her outside then we went into the room where the session was in. I requested a bikini as the wardrobe when we got into the room she took dress off and the first thing I noticed when she took the dress off she was wearing her belly button piercing and my eyes lit up as she was taking the dress off. It’s something I forgot to mention when requesting wardrobe. I seen she doesn’t always wear it whether in pics or videos. I don’t know why but I find a lady with that piercing extra sexy and man was she. She has a great personality as well she was very nice; probably one of the nicest people I’ve met in life period. I was so happy to meet the Legendary Tyler Dare well she’s a legend in my book anyways. After talking a few minutes the scissors started I lasted a few seconds before I tapped. I asked how much percent that was and she said about 70. I thought wow 70 percent from her I did pretty good because I did feel her legs as I was being squeezed and I can feel they were big. She is the strongest I’ve felt in a session if not tied for strongest but probably the strongest though anyways the next scissor she put me in I tapped she said that was about 10 percent in my mind I’m like dang that made me feel a little embarrassed at how fast I tapped. In another session I had with someone else I did way better I was able to take more but with Tyler I was tapping quick. Another thing I was a tad nervous at first but unlike my previous 3 sessions this was my 4th in all 1st with her I was nervous the whole time but talking to her was like talking to a friend I was very comfortable. I am a shy person I would say but not around her though. I forgot to mention at the start she was a little dominant in how she handled me on the bed to start the scissors which was also very sexy. At the end she walked me to my car and gave me a hug I hope to have another session. Another cliche but it’s the truth book her if she comes your way or you’ll regret it. Thanks Tyler-A


Gotta love these strong girls. Like you, I find conversation comes naturally with them. Class acts!


I had a lift and carry session with Tyler Dare in Ft Lauderdale. She is recovering from a knee injury and she lifted me with such ease for the entire hour with very little breaks! (Can only imagine if she was 100%). Shes an expert wrestler too… competitive, semi-comp, fantasy. She does it all! Tyler Dare is an absolute gem. Shes beautiful inside and out. She should be inducted into the Hall of Fame of sessiongirls.
If she visits your area, be sure to book with her. You will not regret it..worth every penny.
Cant wait for our next session! Hopefully soon 😉


I had a session with Tyler when she came to London last year and to be honest my session was the most devastating I have ever experienced. She is very funny, friendly and energetic!

She knocked me out cold around 5 times. Her side and reverse headscissors are deadly and the effort she puts into sessions and facial expressions she makes during the session are a thing of beauty.

Highly recommend!


Had my first session with Tyler last week, and it was wonderful! She does a great job of communicating, and very easy to talk to. On the mat I didn’t have a chance, she is very strong, skilled and powerful. Overall, had a great time and would highly recommend!!


Tyler is simply the best. She is beautiful, fun and down to earth. Session was exactly what I wanted. She truly blew me away. She is not only amazing, but just a great human being.


Tyler was one of the first girls I ever met for a session, several years ago. I saw her a couple times. I probably had 50 lbs. or so on her, but she beat me armwrestling and wrestling fairly easily. Her scissors are very strong, if she gets those legs around your head, you’re not getting out.

Easy to set up with.


I just had the good fortune to *finally* meet Tyler, and it was amazing! She is scrappy, witty, tough, sharp, fun, talented, generous, with moves that will grind you down. And the funny thing is, she doesn’t even need to work that hard – though she does – to put you in your place, as her smile can dazzle you from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you tap on the floor, as Tyler legit loves to wrestle (even after she won, she still had some bonus rounds left in her – awesome). Great communication, stellar presence, and honest enjoyment of everything she does and everyone she meets. Before you leave this earth, see her.


Strongest girl I sessioned with. She is very professional. It was easy for her to outwrestle me. I have never been able to find a girl to beat me in armwrestling and she slammed me to the table in 2 seconds.


Just had an awesome scissor session with Tyler. She was very easy to talk to and has a great body. Her legs were bigger then my head and put me in every scissor hold possible, We even tried some that she hasn’t done in a while. The session also turned into a little bit of a training session to which was awesome. She treats her sessions like hanging out with friends, you get to know each other fast. I have never been knocked out before considering she was my first session, but she ended it with a revers knockout and let me just say I didn’t even know it happened. We were talking 1 minute and the next I am laying there staring at her waiting for something to happen. I will defiantly be seeing her again.


I just had a wonderful session with the lovely and beautiful Tyler Dare. First, I must say magnificent personality and body. The session felt more like I was talking with a friend, even when I was knocked out I woke up thinking we had been talking. I just couldn’t remember what we had been talking about. Tyler is like the super cool gorgeous girl next door that you enjoy hanging out with and sometimes she just kicks your ass.

Tyler knocked me out four times cold and a few almost knockouts, you know that tingly slightly weird feeling that is so cool. I learned a lot, I had a great time, and I look forward to some more sleep therapy. I am very awkward until I get to know someone but I was a lot less awkward with Tyler, not completely myself but closer to myself than I have ever been in that short of a time.

So, if you haven’t seen Tyler do it as soon as you can! If you have seen Tyler, you already know. Tyler is awesome.


She is very disarming and her demeanour put me at my ease – I was a basket of nerves going in, but I soon felt comfortable, and I enjoyed the session greatly.

Tyler was chatty and pretty forthright, and I found her easy to talk to. I am not sure how she would be with heavy RP, since I didn’t request that, but she struck just the right tone for my session. She was accommodating and creative, and likes to ham things up in a bubbly joyful way that really creates a good vibe.

She is in great shape. Her legs are strong, and so are her arms. Her torso is fantastically well-shaped. All round great physique.

All in all, a great first session for me.


I have been seeing tyler for years now and she is amazing on all levels. Her grappling is good but her thick thighs are lethal, knock you out to oblivion. Def recommend seeing her, so beautiful in person


Just met Tyler. She is fun and playful.. she is fun and awesome.
Highly recommend her. She is cooll



Just had a recent session with Tyler. She was everything that I could have hoped for in a session! I am 6’2″ but she took me down a peg or two! LOL! Highly recommend her if you want someone who has great skills and is sweet to boot! :lol:.


Review date: 4/23/09
When I sessioned with Tyler it was my first session ever, and WOW! Tyler is amazing, and was the perfect choice for my first session. Everything that has been said about her is true; as far as looks her pictures are nice but she blows them away in person. Her eyes are a sea green which you find yourself just starring into, and her body is so unbelievably solid! (And she doesn’t even work out!!!) Another thing written has been about her personality…Tyler is one of the coolest girls I have ever met! I felt like I could have talked to her for 3 days straight…and probably would have, but we realized he had to stop as we both had other things that needed to get done today! Then her strength…that’s a whole new paragraph!

OMG! Well let me just start by telling you about myself. I am 6’0, 175lbs, and work as a personal trainer so I am strong and in very good shape. Tyler, who doesn’t workout, yet has 13 inch biceps, was able to match me in strength!!! We started out with some arm wrestling, and with our right arms (which are both of our dominant arms) we held each other to a draw. She had me on the run for a while, almost taking me down, and I was like holy crap, this cute little girl is about to beat me in arm wrestling! But I was able to hold her to a draw…I never was able to move her arm past neutral though!!! She is STRONG!!! I then wanted to try out some of her lift and carry abilities, and she had no trouble tossing me over her shoulder and doing some squats with me up there!

We then moved into the wrestling portion of our session and I told her I wanted to see if she could pin me. We started standing as to not neutralize my height advantage, but she was able to trap me in a head lock and take me to the ground. We rolled around for quite a while, where again, she was able to match me every time I tried to over power her! At one point I almost had her pinned, but her shoulder never went down and she was able to slip my hold. We continued our back and forth struggle and then BAM I found myself trapped! She got me in a school style pin and I could not lift her off of me! She had my wrists pinned down, and I was able to push about a foot off the ground and then BAM she would thrown them back to the floor! I tried to swing my legs up to wrap around her, but she knew that trick was coming and left nothing for my legs to grab onto! After I realized I wasn’t going anywhere, she cutely asked “so is that a pin?” I just had to laugh!

The most impressive part of the wrestling match though is when she actually was able to over power me! As I said, in most of our rolling around, we were dead even in strength (even though I am 40 lbs heavier than her, 6 inches taller than her, and my biceps are 3 inches bigger than hers) …well this time, again from a standing position and our hands on each other’s shoulders she started pushing me backwards! I couldn’t believe it! This girl is out muscling me and pushing me back! Well right in that instant, as if she knew exactly what was going through my head, she reversed it into a pull and threw me to the ground! That move was truly masterful!

We had SUCH a great time though! We were both laughing and joking through the whole session…and when we were both out of gas, we would take some water, catch our breath, chat, and get right back to it! At the end of the session I taught her how to do a body slam, which she executed perfectly! Tyler’s personality is only matched by her beauty, which is only matched by her strength! What a triple threat that is!