Location: Russia , OTHER, Moscow

Last Activity: 09/25/2023


Height: 5'3” - 160 cm

Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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Im a strong, beautiful and  powerful goddess that has been doing sessions all around the world.

Due to my career I need to keep my indentity private.

You who already know who Iam, I hope that you dont reveal my real name.

Iam an expert at Scissors, muscleworship, Striptease, facesitting, breastsmoothers, lift and carry, wrestling, etc..

I hope we can meet and have much fun. I know that you will be amazed by my muscles and my beauty.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
10/31/2023 11/03/2023 Miami Florida United States
11/03/2023 11/05/2023 Orlando Florida United States
11/05/2023 11/06/2023 Boston Massachusetts United States
11/06/2023 11/08/2023 NYC New York United States

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    10/17/2023 USA

Im going on a USA tour, will be really niceeee.


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5 months ago

It was my first session ever. Natalia was very nice and I was impressed how strong she was. She beat me in armwrestling, squatted me with ease, calf raises were boring for her. And her scissors can kill!! She talked about using 1 percent of her strength but I started seeing stars. Very nice person!! Don’t miss the chance to meet her.

6 months ago

Had the the greatest session ever today with Natalia in London.

She was so easy to communicate with via email. Honest and open about what she does in her sessions, and came across as very enthusiastic.

A truly beautiful woman, with one of the fittest bodies I have ever laid eyes on. She let me worship her, and rub oil on her body. She really gave me the impression she was having as much fun as I was.

She fulfilled my fantasies, and she will fulfil yours as well!

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8 months ago

I meet with NataliaHotGoddess today in Göteborg Sweden, to say that it was great is an understatement. For those who never seen her you will be in for a great surprise , she is an amazing and beautiful woman, tiny but built rock hard under the skin. Even clothed you could see that she was built diffrently than others. She allowed me to decide what to do during the session, and then she went all out with it. I am at the moment of writing the sore in my neck after that she squished me so hard during the scissoring, and I will tell you, it was worth it. While dealing with the Muscle worship, she never stopped smiling and and later while doing face sitting she really let you fell that you had nothing to respond with. She is amazingly sensual while performing breasts mothering, first teasing you and then let you suffocate while she squeezes herself down on you.
I booked a two hour session with her, and I can say that every minute of that was worth it.

10 months ago

Some while ago I saw NHG in Amsterdam. I didn’t know who she was and didn’t expect her to be the one I wanted to see for a long time. She is an absolute professional and very accommodating session lady! The mail traffic was easy, responsive and fun. Deposit easily made. All my suggestions for the session were met with enthusiasm.
Once at the hotel I was pretty nervous, but from the moment she opened the door I felt at ease. She was sincerely happy with the food I brought and didn’t look into the envelop, which I found a true sign of self-confidence and trust. All in all really the best experience ever and hopefully to be repeated soon. When she comes to your area, don’t miss the opportunity to see her!
The session was focused around worshipping her beautiful body and looking at her lovely face. Some powerful scissors and chokes. She knocked me out once for a little while and I truly didn’t know what happened, i.e. I was too late to tap out… We ended with her busting my balls and with some posing and good talk, she granted me a great joi.
Thanks Natalia, CU next time!

1 year ago

Saw her for the third time. This was the first under her current name. Each time our session got friendlier and little more sensual. Wrestling and the like is not my thing. I prefer to just massage her beautiful body.
And I did. And she reciprocated by massaging me. Sigh. No happy endings.
I first saw her 8 years ago and she has managed to look even better now than then. She greeted me in a barely there bikini which came completely off ( she used to keep on the bottom ) and I massaged her head to toe with some massage oil. When I finished she told me to get naked and she proceeded to give me a great massage with her soft but very strong hands. Hit all the spots and got out a few knots. We talked about boundaries and menus and she said she was warming to me and knows she can trust me so that next time might be more adventurous. Might be honest. Might just be salesmanship but I would definitely see her again if and when I get the chance. All in all a fun and ultimately relaxing time with just a bit of sexual tension.

1 year ago

Very beautiful women and a bright personality. The ease of communication and set of the session was super easy and simple. She caters to a wide range of session requests, just be respectful of her time and and privacy. I did a scissor session with her and all I can say is…WOW! She told me she had really powerful legs but I’ve heard that before and didn’t think much of it, she was being humble. The first scissor she got me into was a knockout, didn’t see it coming. That set the tone for a slew of relentless scissors and tap outs. First session in the 10 I’ve done where I had to take a break and not the other way around.
She has what seemed like infinite energy and squeezed me in every hold imaginable and I loved every minute of it. She mentioned she is in her off season but her muscles where solid, abs visible and defined and she also does pole dancing. The pole dancing made her inner thighs the strongest I’ve ever felt, she could just use that set of muscles and nothing else to submit you. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss an opportunity to book with her, you’ll regret it if you miss you chance!!

1 year ago

Very beautiful girl inside and out! Was impressed by her easy set up and communication via email. Just be upfront with your requests and fantasies and she will go above and beyond to accomodate! Truly a professional!

1 year ago

I had the most amazing experience with Natalia.
She is a very attractive/sexy woman. (very nice smile and a lots of positive energy)
I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to session with her.
Natalia has very strong scissors and apparently I could only take 10% of her strenght.
The striptease she provided was so HOT. I did not want blink my eyes. (did not want to miss a second)
Needless to say she beat me at armwrestling and had a very cute reaction to beating me.
She carried my easily (allthough to be fair my weight is only 150 pounds)