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Location: Netherlands , OTHER, Utrecht

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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years


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Depending on bookings, available in Dubai from April 6th until April 11th


Are you able to withstand a true Sadist? I am a tall, young woman with a cruel nature; what turns me on most is torturing and humiliating men.

Don’t let my feminine appearance and figure fool you: I am a passionate and capable fighter. I’m quick, agile, and much stronger than you might expect. With two years of experience in Judo and (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu and many more years in weight training, I have made countless men tap out with my powerful moves. My technical skills are always developing, though I have more than enough mean tricks up my sleeve. What could possibly be better than having my thighs wrapped around your neck?

My personal style of BDSM is rooted in physical play. I thrive on teasing and asserting my dominance over willing victims. My beauty is only matched by my mean streak, creating a dangerous yet irresistible blend that draws in those seeking the thrill of both pleasure and pain. Many have described me as intense, though there is a playful and sensual side to me as well. I value humour and spontaneity. My excitement when overpowering and humiliating a man will be obvious from my devious smile. Think of me as that pretty, confident, mean girl from high school who might beat you up after class and would always be out of your league.

When contacting me, clearly state your desires.

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Non Refundable if you cancel anytime before the agreed session date.
  • Deposit is Refundable if I cancel the session.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Muscle Admmiratuin
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Humiliation
  • Needle Play
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Spanking
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Water sports
  • Wax Play
  • Whipping
  • Others: Please email request


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26 days ago

A couple of weeks ago I had my second session with Lia in Utrecht.

After enjoying our first session, I was looking forward to our second one, but also a bit nerveous.
But luckily Lia really makes you feel comfortable and tries to listen to your wishes.

The session itself was an amazing experience, she is a really skillfull wrestler and loves teasing you. During this session I got the impression That she was holding back the first time we met because this woman is A LOT stronger than she looks.
Every time she pinned me against the ground or the wall or she had me in a submission hold, she would start smiling and telling me how she was just playing with me, before showing me her real strength. She made me tap out over and over again in a matter of seconds if she wanted to.

To sum it up, I had a great session with Lia and would definitely book a third one sooner rather than later. I highly reccomend you guys do the same!

1 month ago

I had a great session with Lia recently when she was travelling through Australia. She was polite, easy to communicate with and made setting up the session straightforward. There shouldn’t be any doubt – she is drop dead gorgeous and far stronger than she looks! We started off with a semi-competitive session but before long it was obvious that her skill and technique was too much for me to handle, even though I’m in good shape and keep fit. Will definitely book in with her again soon when I get the chance!

2 months ago

Had two more sessions with Lia while she was here in Melbourne, both were next level awesome and even more amazing than the last!

Again I lost count of the amount times I had to tap out and submit to her. I was completely overpowered, dominated and totally under her control yet again…

I was time and time again at her mercy trapped by her powerful crushing figure four head scissors, helplessly stretched to my limits by her camel clutch / lotus locks and smothered breathless beneath her inescapable facesits. She casually enjoyed looking down upon me, all while asserting her full dominance and control, with an unforgettable cheeky and seductively devious smile on her beautiful face.

If you have the chance, I would highly recommend a session with Evil Lia. You will be totally blown away! I was!!

3 months ago

Had an amazing session with Lia in Melbourne! Lia is an extremely skilled wrestler / fighter and dominated me with ease from start to finish with her vast arsenal of powerful and inescapable holds.

I lost count of the amount of times I had to tap out and submit to her powerful scissors, lotus locks, camel clutches and her mind blowing mesmerising smothering and facesitting moves.

Lia is everything and more that is described in her profile, as well as being incredibly attractive, she was super nice, easy going and all round just great to deal with.

I highly recommend a session with Lia, she will overpower, destroy and humiliate you, all while having a seductively cheeky smile on her face.

I have already booked in my next session and can’t wait to be completely dominated and under her complete control yet again!

3 months ago

I met with Evil Lia during her recent trip to Melbourne and Wow what an experience!
She is most certainly a sadist as she states and as soon as our session kicked off I knew I was in for some intense punishment.
Experiencing her completely inescapable scissor holds, the crushing and suffocating breathplay and facesitting, the immensely harsh impact play and corporal punishment… it’s easy to tell Evil Lia is passionate about what she does, loves to dish out pain and was able to take me to my limit while maintaining clear communication and safety.
I cherished every moment of the session and already I’m eager for more and looking forward to the domination and torture that awaits in our next encounter!
Highly, highly, highly recommended.

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3 months ago

Lia was really friendly and approachable when I was making the booking and when I met her she was just as kind in person. During the session she easily overpowered me and made it very clear she was in charge but also ensured I was safe and happy the whole time. I’m glad I made the booking with her and would love to be beat up by her again. I now know my place beneath her and I definitely like it.

3 months ago

I had the pleasure and privilege of being at the whims of Evil Lia recently. Having known about her work for a while, I worked up the courage to ask her to unleash her forces on me. And with some pride I can now speak from personal experience and say that she is equal parts kind and sadistic. As it was our first encounter, she made sure to check it regularly, but as soon as I gave her a (proverbial) thumbs up, it was straight back to suffering for me. Awesome. Highly recommended, you won’t regret it!

3 months ago

Lia is a skilled fighter, had no chance against her. She is very fun and nice to be with, she really enjoys overpowering her victims and being a true sadist gets a twinkle in her eyes when she is able to put the pressure on or can dominate you in other ways. Which she was able to do plenty with me 😀 (but always respecting my limits). Also very easy to communicate with. Lia is a great addition to the Dutch wrestling scene.