Location: United States , Tampa

Last Activity: 07/06/2022


Height: 4'11” - 150 cm

Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Petite feminine muscle goddess with 1000 watt smile, paired with massive quads, natural chest, big traps and a real Brazilian Booty.

ALL INQUIRIES must include the following:

1) Type of Session you are inquiring about. (MUST BE 21 & up)

2) Desired Session Date & Durration.

* LOCAL- sessions have a Minimal 1hr session requirement in order to book.

* In-State sessions (commutable) are 2hr- minimal session requirement depending on the distance. Also, for me to commute for the session there will a rate .69 cents per mile to and from location. Depending on the distance there maybe a 1 night hotel accommodation requirement.

* OUT of state sessions 3hrs or more session minimal depending on distance traveled, plus Hotel accommodation and airfare arrangements will automatically be required.

* TOUR DATE SESSIONS- are a 30-60min minimal and you the client will come to me.

*Any Virtual/Cam/phone sessions have a minimal 30min requirement in order to book. Time is prepaid.


To book any Local or Travel Session you must provide at least 2 current references with valid contact information such as email. *Your reference will be contacted. ONLY Once your references have been verified to be in good standing then we can discuss pricing,  details and book your session.


NO References. NO Problem. An Up to Date/ Current Level 1 background check can be submitted instead of the references. No
* No history of any Physical or sexual related crimes.

••• In-Person (local & ttravel) Sessions

••• Muscle Goddess sessions caters to: •Squeeze play / Scissoring • Muscle Worshipping •Muscle DOMINATION • Lift&Carry etc

••• Female Dominatrix – Mistress B: catering to wide range of scenes, kinks, and fantasies. Email to inquire about your specific Kink(s). Be specific

••• Private Virtual Sessions offering 3 levels of interaction: A)Roleplay chat B)Flirty Girl C) 1-on-1 interactive. *Details are provided via email (C2C/TEXT/Phone/SKYPE)

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat, Phone Chat, Other Webcam Shows, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Scissoring, Custom Videos, Lift and Carry, PosingModeling, Training


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2 months ago

Recently I saw Mistress B. She is very easy to communicate and work with. I can’t stress how beautiful she is in person. To have a session with her is true honor and you will not be disappointed.

4 months ago

1st follower 🙏🏾 I’d love if she came to NYC in 2022

5 months ago

This woman is awesome on so many levels. I came in expecting to just get squeezed by some thick thighs. But honestly, I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting person. She’s really smart, funny, open-minded, ambitious, and motivating. I honestly think she could write some sort of motivational book, because I would read it.

She has a really good sense of humor and is witty. She kept poking fun at my shyness/nervousness, inexperience, and passiveness. It was all humor and in good fun, and was also a good ice breaker that I enjoyed.

She sensed I was really nervous and broke the ice and was willing to work with me. We did a 30 minute video chat the night before which was awfully kind of her to offer. I’m pretty new to this scene, so she was a good match for me. If I landed someone else, they probably would’ve been annoyed.

She actually looks better than the pictures. So I was in awe when I saw her in person.

She’s rock solid with the best quads I’ve seen in person (both male and female). Her shoulders and traps are sexy AF.

I didn’t last long under any of her submissions.

She’s clean. Smells good. Very Elegant. Well groomed. Nice skin. Good sense of style and fashion too.

I wish I got to see her more.

I’m surprised she isn’t more popular.

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5 months ago

This may be a bit lengthy, but it is warranted. Right off the bat, if you’re interested, you should CERTAINLY read this, because it’ll confirm your wants. I’m a young, handsome (in my opinion) guy, who has been doing sessions for about 12 years. I’ve seen it all, and done it all, sessioning with over twenty women, ranging in all sizes from bodybuilder to fit, to just physically strong. My golden goose is Arekah Lox who many of us love and miss, and we sessioned 4x. I’m putting this firecracker, on Arekah level. Let’s start like this; I’m 5’11 and 195 (good amount of chubbiness). When we connected, it was the first time that I actually didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot, and that it wasn’t purely transactional. We connected on so many different levels, that I immediately decided to fly her out to where I was traveling, with a 36 hour heads up. We spent the next day or so talking about what I wanted, and I’m primarily a lift and carry guy; thats what does it for me, and I was actually convinced to go into the session with an open mind and let her take control. Now let’s get to the session details; when I tell you this woman is strong, I’m talking she is fucking awesome. ALSO, HER LEGS AND HER ASS (and she’s also by far the most gorgeous girl on here, ranking to the top with Sheena) are second to none. She is built like a brick house and the best part, IT’S EXTREMELY FEMININE looking. She demonstrated her strength, even using her 4’11 body frame, bending between my legs and lifting me on her shoulders effortlessly. She obviously walked me over to the mirror so she could talk shit (in a very funny way). That is also one of the best things about her; she’s funny, intelligent, and witty as shit. For the rest of the two hours, we just had fun. A ton of lifts, a ton of laughs, a ton of her dominating me physically and mentally; and I can honestly say this was the best session I’ve ever had (Have sessioned with Dominique Danger, PeakPrincess, Jana Linke, Tapered Physique, Liz Lightspeed, Maria Manic, Melody Spekto, etc). I highly recommend her, and you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see her again, which I’ll be booking soon

5 months ago

I met her recently. Honestly, this is an amazing woman. While she is petite, she quickly showed me who was in charge. She is very strong, very dominant, and open minded. I have encountered many scissors all the way back to Cindy Huntress, and you wont be disappointed. She is petite powerhouse. She is seemingly quite naturally dominant, incredibly beautiful ( I mean drop dead beautiful and that smile! More than that I enjoyed her presence. She has a very sharp mind and sarcastic wit. 100% worth your time. We also discussed kinks and she is very open and non judgmental.