Location: United States , Florida, Tampa / Saint Petersburg

Last Activity: 02/23/2024


Height: 4'11” - 150 cm

Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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I’m your Favorite Pine-sized Muscle DOMMY-MOMMY with 1000 watt smile, Sugar & Spice, paired with massive quads, natural chest, big traps, and a real Brazilian Booty. No BBL.

ALL INQUIRIES please email me directly for faster response at: [email protected].
Please  include in your email the following:

1) Type of Session you are inquiring about. (MUST BE 21 & up)

2) The desired Date(s) & Duration for listed session.

*LOCAL SESSIONS: (TAMPA)-All local sessions have a Minimal 1hr session requirement in order to book. Client is responsible for the hotel fee used for the duration of their session. *Hosting location will be available in the near future, but unavailable at this time.

* IN_STATE TRAVEL SESSIONS (FL sessions that are outside Tampa but are still within reasonable commutable driven distances):  In-state Commutable Sessions have a 1-2hr- minimal session requirement depending on the distance. Also, for me to commute for the session there will a rate .90 cents per mile to desired location and back to original home base location. Depending on the distance there may be a 1-night hotel accommodation requirement. Locations outside of central FL da like south FL, are not feasible to drive to, session and return without rest the same day.

(If you are simply require a hotel accommodation for your own privacy & hosting purposes only. Meaning that I would NOT be using the mentioned accommodation for resting from commute or any personal reasons.)
Please let me know you require a hosting accommodation to be made on your behalf.
I will lookup the corresponding day rate for various hotels within the desired area of your choice.
I will provide via email the rates and  allow you to pick the one you desire to use. No MOTELS are approved! Establishments must be a minimum of 3 out of 5 stars. CLEAN AND REPUTABLE LOCATION.
Once, we agree on the hotel you desired to use, I will book the hotel room on your behalf. Allowing you complete privacy & discretion.
I don’t make any money off the hotel booking. I simply facilitate the hotel accommodation on your behalf.
*The hotel fee is the clients full responsibility. It is not included in the session tribute.
When you are ready to book you will need to make 2 separate transactions .
1st- is your deposit. Which is 50% of the total tribute with travel-fee for your session.

2nd- is strictly the hotel fee plus taxes & fee and any parking fee if required.

* PER REQUEST OUT OF STATE TRAVEL SESSIONS: PRT sessions have a 2-3hrs session minimal in order to book depending on distance traveled, plus client is required to book proper Hotel accommodation for sessionette and round- trip airfare arrangements will automatically be required. Lyft/Uber Fee upon arrival & departure to & from airport.

* TOUR DATE SESSIONS: Tour date sessions are announced on the sessionette page as city/state & dates that she intends to be at that location. The sessionette intends to host all sessions. No hotel fees are incurred on behalf of the client. In order to book, client will be required to pay 50% of the total session cost as a nonrefundable deposit securing your desired date & time. Sessions have a 30-60min minimal depending on location. 

*Any Virtual/Cam/phone sessions have a minimal 30min requirement in order to book. Time is prepaid.


To book ANY & ALL Session you must provide either one of two options for vetting;

Option A) Please provide at least 2 current sessionette references with valid contact information such as email. *Your reference will be contacted. ONLY Once your references have been verified to be in good standing then we can discuss pricing, details and book your session.


Option B) First time. NO References. NO Problem. Please provide an emailed copy of your Up to Date  and Current Level 1 background check, along with a image of valid photo ID.
*ID WHY?  
Well, in order to verify your identity. (Details of what can be blacked out can be provided because not all personal information is pertinent in this case)
*BACKGROUND CHECK WHY? A level 1 background check is less invasive as a lot of your personal information isn’t necessary to ensure my Safety. At the end of the day, I arrive to provide each and everyone with the utmost respect & discretion. 
I am solely concerned with confirming that your given identity matches and thus, insuring me the accuracy that  you have no priors with physical or sexual related crimes.


~•~In-Person (local & travel) Sessions~•~ :

••• Muscle Goddess sessions: •Scissor Holds • Lift & Carry, Fantasy Wresting with active resistance strength comparison (On site Measurement Taping, side by side size comparison • Strength comparison.

•••Muscle Worshipping Sessions: •Muscle Worshipping •Breath Play• Flexing/Posing •Squeeze Play • Muscle Domination etc.

•••Muscle Girl Fan Sessions:  Gym workout session/Date • Event Companion etc.

••• FemDom- Dommy Mommy : Mistress Snu-Snu: catering to wide range of scenes, kinks, and fetishes. Please Email to inquire about your specific Kink(s)- Be specific.

••• Private Virtual Sessions offering various levels of interaction: •text only. • audio call only• Private cam2cam ***Details are provided via email (IG chat/SKYPE/SNAPCHAT/WhatsApp)

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Muscle Admmiratuin
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Age Play
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Crossdressing
  • Electro Play
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Hosiery
  • Humiliation
  • Latex/Leather/PVC
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Smoking
  • Spanking
  • Strap-on
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Water sports
  • Wax Play
  • Whipping
  • Mommy Play
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
03/01/2024 03/03/2024 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
03/15/2024 03/17/2024 Chicago Illinois United States
03/29/2024 03/31/2024 DC Washington United States
04/12/2024 04/14/2024 Boston, Salem Massachusetts United States
04/26/2024 04/28/2024 Los Angeles , Santa Monica California United States
05/10/2024 05/12/2024 NEW BRUNSWICK, NEWARK New Jersey United States
05/24/2024 05/26/2024 Denver Colorado United States
06/07/2024 06/09/2024 Houston Texas United States
06/21/2024 06/23/2024 New orleans Louisiana United States
07/04/2024 07/07/2024 San Fran & Santa cruz California United States
07/19/2024 07/21/2024 Alabama United States

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    02/23/2024 NEW YORK!
    Back to the 🍎!

NOW BOOKING: NEW YORK near Penn station 



* Dates are Subject  to change if not enough bookings are made for this tour.


In order to book you tour session you will be required 50% of your total tribute amount is used as a none refundable deposit in order to secure your desired time and date.






•Vanilla Visa Gift card (physical card with receipt must be mailed overnight)

•CASH (tips or remaining balance)

Once your deposit is received, you can expect to receive an email with the following:

•Confirmation of your booked tour date & time

•Screen-shot receipt of your deposit

•Hosting Hotel name & address

•Update of remaining tribute balance

    ***The remaining tribute balance is due/ collected prior to the session initiating via cash or the original method used.

***If you desire, a more direct form of contact instead of protonmail, please ask. I can provide you with either a “work cellphone#, WhatsApp or Snapchat”  for you to be able to provide your ETA.


Please note that the physical room# can ONLY be provided after i have completed physical checked in.


As a common courtesy I do allow a grace period of approx 15minutes, prior to the session time beginning to allow you to get comfortable, ask any questions, break the Ice, use the restroom and change if need be.


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4 months ago

This pint size beauty was awesome and can’t wait to session again in the future!

5 months ago

Had a chance to session with Rexy in Hartford, and like all the reviews below, a great time!! I think what makes her a little bit special, though, is her ability to connect with who she’s with, make them feel at ease… like it’s not just a numbers game, but genuinely interested in what you’re looking for, and making sure it’s enjoyable.
Communication was on point, and she was all kinds of charming, witty, and, of course, absolutely stunning 😍..
Don’t Miss out if she comes to your city!

7 months ago

I had my first session with Rexy Flex last night and it was absolutely fantastic. I am new to this and was very nervous going in. She was so accommodating when I first met her that I was at ease instantly. She is great to have conversation with, is witty and funny, plus she is absolutely gorgeous. She kind of gave me the run down on how this world works and I couldn’t have been more thankful. The session itself was amazing and I felt like butter trying to walk back to my car afterwards. If she is ever in your area book her immediately, especially if you’re new like me. You will be glad that you did and will want to come back for more.

9 months ago

I had a chance to meet Ms Brainbeautybrawn in boston ! She is a very sweet lovely person . We chatted for a while before I sent her the deposit. We met in her hotel , talked, shared things in common eased into it before she did a couple of lifts on me. I’m 6’4 and she was able to lift me way high up, I was impressed by her strength. Those quads are made of Steel, we did couple more things and she ended up with her lovely booty on my face. Would highly recommend.

9 months ago

Brains and Beauty and Brawn is the simplest way to explain this firecracker of a woman.

She has an old soul peppered with intelligence and bursting with wit. A smile that could brighten a closet and beautiful flowing jet black hair paired with unbashful big brown doe eyes……..just captivating.

Strong willed woman not only physical form but in mental as well. Her Brazilian physique with perfectly sculpted quads and booty also compliment and complete her as the full package little powerhouse that she is.

Opportunity to meet, experience and interact with her should not be squandered.


1 year ago

So I am writing this from a different perspective as I have not seen this beautiful lady…Yet!
I reached out to her earlier this week as I have been interested in a session for a while and I am a newbie. She has been more than accommodating to my questions as if she knows I am nervous. If her other reviews are an indication I am excited. Can’t wait.

1 year ago

Where do I even start! Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but her energy is amazing! From start to finish, the process of setting up a virtual session with her was quick and very simple. And once our session began, she did an incredible job at fulfilling my request. She’s kind, humorous, and excellent at what she does. I am looking forward to the next session…and the next session! If you’re looking to book with this woman, do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate any longer. You’ll wish you had done it sooner 😉

1 year ago

I met this wonderful woman back in July and she was super awesome. Strong woman with amazing legs. If you want to feel a woman scissor you with her leg muscles, Brain_Beauty_Brawn is amazing. She will make you feel comfortable and at ease. She is super attractive and just perfect:) Thanks for everything! Sean:) I def will be booking another session with her:)

1 year ago

Mistress BBB is exquisite. I am very delayed in writing this review but that’s because it took me that long to fathom the impression she made upon me. A 4 foot 11 impression but very strong and hard bodied. Her mind, conversation, and lessons she teaches you will make the impression of an asteroid.
Watch out for that kilowatt smile as well. So sweet looking but it will distract you as she takes you down to her size.
We did some boxing, some wrestling, and roleplay with some slightly painful lessons.
She’s very accommodating with her activities and professional. I highly recommend a good 90 minute session at least because she will fill your head and heart with affection and it will go fast, but you’ll definitely want a lot more lessons that you’ll never ever forget. 🥰🤪

1 year ago

I had an excellent session earlier this year with her in downtown Tampa. She is an extremely down to earth and genuine person. She has an amazing thick and powerful lower body. Her head and body scissors were outstanding and will have you tapping for mercy. She is not afraid to use her firm muscular legs and Brazilian booty to pin you down. Very nice back, shoulder, and trap development. Enjoys her work and easy to converse with. Overall, a beautiful person inside and out. Highly recommended.

1 year ago

Recently I saw Mistress B. She is very easy to communicate and work with. I can’t stress how beautiful she is in person. To have a session with her is true honor and you will not be disappointed.

1 year ago

1st follower 🙏🏾 I’d love if she came to NYC in 2022

2 years ago

This woman is awesome on so many levels. I came in expecting to just get squeezed by some thick thighs. But honestly, I didn’t expect to meet such an interesting person. She’s really smart, funny, open-minded, ambitious, and motivating. I honestly think she could write some sort of motivational book, because I would read it.

She has a really good sense of humor and is witty. She kept poking fun at my shyness/nervousness, inexperience, and passiveness. It was all humor and in good fun, and was also a good ice breaker that I enjoyed.

She sensed I was really nervous and broke the ice and was willing to work with me. We did a 30 minute video chat the night before which was awfully kind of her to offer. I’m pretty new to this scene, so she was a good match for me. If I landed someone else, they probably would’ve been annoyed.

She actually looks better than the pictures. So I was in awe when I saw her in person.

She’s rock solid with the best quads I’ve seen in person (both male and female). Her shoulders and traps are sexy AF.

I didn’t last long under any of her submissions.

She’s clean. Smells good. Very Elegant. Well groomed. Nice skin. Good sense of style and fashion too.

I wish I got to see her more.

I’m surprised she isn’t more popular.

Last edited 2 years ago by sonny957
2 years ago

This may be a bit lengthy, but it is warranted. Right off the bat, if you’re interested, you should CERTAINLY read this, because it’ll confirm your wants. I’m a young, handsome (in my opinion) guy, who has been doing sessions for about 12 years. I’ve seen it all, and done it all, sessioning with over twenty women, ranging in all sizes from bodybuilder to fit, to just physically strong. My golden goose is Arekah Lox who many of us love and miss, and we sessioned 4x. I’m putting this firecracker, on Arekah level. Let’s start like this; I’m 5’11 and 195 (good amount of chubbiness). When we connected, it was the first time that I actually didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot, and that it wasn’t purely transactional. We connected on so many different levels, that I immediately decided to fly her out to where I was traveling, with a 36 hour heads up. We spent the next day or so talking about what I wanted, and I’m primarily a lift and carry guy; thats what does it for me, and I was actually convinced to go into the session with an open mind and let her take control. Now let’s get to the session details; when I tell you this woman is strong, I’m talking she is fucking awesome. ALSO, HER LEGS AND HER ASS (and she’s also by far the most gorgeous girl on here, ranking to the top with Sheena) are second to none. She is built like a brick house and the best part, IT’S EXTREMELY FEMININE looking. She demonstrated her strength, even using her 4’11 body frame, bending between my legs and lifting me on her shoulders effortlessly. She obviously walked me over to the mirror so she could talk shit (in a very funny way). That is also one of the best things about her; she’s funny, intelligent, and witty as shit. For the rest of the two hours, we just had fun. A ton of lifts, a ton of laughs, a ton of her dominating me physically and mentally; and I can honestly say this was the best session I’ve ever had (Have sessioned with Dominique Danger, PeakPrincess, Jana Linke, Tapered Physique, Liz Lightspeed, Maria Manic, Melody Spekto, etc). I highly recommend her, and you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see her again, which I’ll be booking soon

2 years ago

I met her recently. Honestly, this is an amazing woman. While she is petite, she quickly showed me who was in charge. She is very strong, very dominant, and open minded. I have encountered many scissors all the way back to Cindy Huntress, and you wont be disappointed. She is petite powerhouse. She is seemingly quite naturally dominant, incredibly beautiful ( I mean drop dead beautiful and that smile! More than that I enjoyed her presence. She has a very sharp mind and sarcastic wit. 100% worth your time. We also discussed kinks and she is very open and non judgmental.