Viking Freyja


Location: Norway , OTHER, Bergen

Last Activity: 07/18/2023


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Naturally strong viking woman avalable for sessions in Bergen/Western Norway. 39 years of age,174cm and 90 kg – mostly muscle. Well trained in various sports and lifting weights in the gym. I can do both competitive and semi-competive wrestling with most men and virtually any woman. My specialities includes wrestling,  scissor holds (I can crush a water melon), arm wrestling, belly punching  , fantasy wrestling , role play, bdsm etc. I can be really tough and hard, but also very gentle and protective if you are shy or affraid, we will work out the best session for you. Dont hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a fun session with a strong woman in Western Norway.

Going to USA for a roadtrip holiday in april. I will be able to do just a few session on my way.
Be quick to make an arrangement if you want to meet me.
The dates are aproximate. But the trip and rental car is booked. Landing i LA 6th of april and leaving from Miami 30th of april.

love to hear from you!


Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Grappling
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Others: Please email request


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16 days ago

Today is the first time I tried a session ever. I am in Bergen this weekend, and took the step and contacted Freyja. I am a quite strong guy, work out a lot. 90kg, 177cm. Mostly muscle.
Freyja is amazing. She is very easy to talk with and everything went naturally.

Her strength is amazing! I have never tried other sessiongirls, so I dont know their strength, but I doubt that the most of them are this level strong.

She knew how to use her strength better than me.
In the start we had a more equal fight, but she got me quicker and quicker in holds impossible to escape because I got more tired trying to escape them each time. Some of the holds was no way out. I tried my best, but it was hopeless when she got me.

Overall, I loved it. It was also an amazing workout, I will highly recomend a session with Freyja. She lives up to her name ⚔️👩‍🦳

2 months ago

Freyja was an absolute joy to session with. She is exactly as described, naturally strong and dominant, yet she could be sweet. I asked for both and she perfectly tuned to my requests, mean but gentle. He power is incredible, she completely wrecked me with her scissors, slowly squeezing the life out of me. I have been scissored by many women and her size and strength is absolutely incredible.I can’t wait to session with her again.

5 months ago

I had the pleasure to meet Freyja some time ago and would like to give a review.

Setting up the session was a breeze and even though she had some travel challenges with the weather causing us to push the session forward in time, she was always prompt and clear with the information.

I got the info to her hotel and we met outside. I could immediately see that I was in for a treat. She had broad shoulders and her quads were bulging out of her pants. After some initial conversation I changed to my wrestling gear and she switched to underwear. I had requested a fantasy session with a focus on headscissors and facesit and she really delivered.

One of the things that really stood out was her muscle control. She let me feel different parts of her thighs contracting around my head and neck until I had to tap out. Many times she relaxed her hold for some seconds and then immediately took me back to my limit where I had to tap again.

Another thing she did was to gradually increase the pressure letting me feel 10%, 20%, 30%. It was an amazing experience she had an amazing control of her muscles and amount of pressure.

She is very warm as a person and made me feel at ease from the beginning. She was also very accommodating as to what type of holds and positions I wanted to experience.

I will definitely see her again when our paths cross in the future.

7 months ago

I’ve met Freyja in Paris for a trampling session on November 2022.

She respected all my wishes, and even went a little further in my expectations : thanks to her, I had one of the best trampling session so far. She’s very feminine indeed, but she’s also very dominant at the same time. Communication was on point, not only before but also during the session, to make sure I stay safe and get what I want. Moreover, she’s not a time watcher : Freyja only cared about me having a good time.

In brief, Freyja really is a serious girl that know what she does, and maybe I’ll meet her again in the future if she comes to Paris again. I recommend Freyja to everyone and anyone 👍.

8 months ago

Had a pleasant reunion with Freyja in Christmas. 🙂
As always ,it is an exciting experience .
She is purhaps even stronger and better trained than ever 💪
We had rounds of wrestling, arm wrestling, squeezing and lift and carry.
As in previos times,it will be a demonstration of strength and control .
My 75 kg falls short as usual.
Freyja is a smiling and pleasant lady,and communication is very good during the round.
Would love to see her again soon 😊

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10 months ago

I had a delightful time with Freya yesterday. I knew I could not match her strength and power, and she certainly knew how to ragdoll me all over the mattress. Her scissors are extremely powerful, so much so that I can say that I’m pretty proud that I could take her bodyscissor at 60% x) She didn’t hradscissor me much, as it was obvious my head would have ended up just like the watermelon on her Instagram profile…
Communication was very easy, the session was booked within an hour, and Freya is very easy to communicate with. Her English is good too.
I certainly hope to see her soon 🙂

1 year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Viking Freyja twice this summer 🌞
Freyja is very feminine and is naturally strong woman.
Her strength and controll are impressive 💪
I ,175- 75, was treated like a rag doll,no way to stop her…
I got 30 % squeezes before i had to ask stop !
She is a very pleasant acquaintance,smiles and laughs.
And there was good communication during the session.
I would like to meet Freyja again 😉

1 year ago

Freyja Viking! when i saw her profile on sessiongirls i thought: “a woman suitable for me, tall and powerful. but she lives in norway, it will be difficult to meet her …” but she came on vacation to Italy and so … session!I am a man 178 cm and 110 kg and she is a good test for me. she achieved incredible results in hand strength tests. her grip is truly remarkable: 4th out of 80 girls in the right hand, 5th out of 80 in the left, 3rd out of 80 in total, 22 out of 80 in the ratio between weight and power (pounds for pounds). She folded my power twister bar 5 times, and scored the second best result in the test for shoulder and forearm strength (only a strongwoman weighing over 100 kg did better than her).also good result in the orbigrip test (a special test for armwrestling). in legwrestling I won the first test by being able to open her legs with mine after about 15 seconds of fighting, but then she managed to do the same thing after another really intense 20 seconds. we tried other times but none of the 2 was able to prevail. basically 1-1 in legwrestling. draw! in armwrestling she told me she is not good. ok. let’s try. left arm (hers, and mine, better arm ) she has a nice push, I hold out for a few seconds, then I increase my push and bend her arm. it is true, in armwrestling she cannot express all her power and the strength of her hands. to the right, after a few seconds in which she is trying hard, I tell her that she can start pushing if she wants … she looks at me surprised, laughs, and I put her down. I do it often! but when she uses 2 hands against 1 hand of mine she beats me easily … I resist 5 seconds to the right and 10 to the left but I have no chance (I can beat more than half of the session girls with 1 hand against 2 hands). wrestling takes place on the bed and it is not possible to be really competitive, better not to risk getting hurt. her technique is discreet but her strength (and her weight) help a lot. I force her to tap 3 times but in the end I too am trapped in her arms and tap her before she rips my neck! 3-1 for me but above all a lot of fun trying to move her mighty body and hold it still. A mix of firm muscles and soft body, very pleasant. ok. very fun session with this farmer (she has a farm and works hard, that’s why she is so strong …), free woman and without any fear, 174 cm and 90 kg very well distributed. in my ranking points she get 2340 points. if she continues to be just a farmer she can subdue many average men, and she will be a good test for the strong ones, but if she takes lessons in wrestling, or arm wrestling, … with that strength … she will become a star! finally a reflection: who knows how many strong women, peasants or hard-working workers there are in the world … it would be nice to meet them but it is difficult without wb270 or sessiongirls!
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1 year ago

Had a great meeting with Freyja, she is very strong and nice to be with. She had full control over me, and I had no way to stop her. Will meet her again.

1 year ago

Just met Freyja for a session during her european tour and I’m so grateful for the wonderful time we spent together: it was super easy to arrange the session and she was warm and welcoming once we meet. Her physique is so beautiful and intimidating at the same time: both her upper body and lower body exude pure power, and it all proved to be even more powerful than it looked when we started wrestling.

She went through me like a bulldozer, in a couple of occasions she just tossed me on the mattress like a ragdoll, just picking me up in a bear hug or a judo throw style and then sending me literaly flying across the room onto the bed. I tried to do the same to her but she was impossible to move, like she is when she is on top of you (she said “it’s like you are trying to move a mountain”). Her leg power ranks among the very top in the industry as far as my experience goes: you can feel she applies every scissor so carefully and slowly, as she is totally aware of the real damage she could inflict with her legs (which she said can lift over 800lbs on the leg press machine). A couple of headscissors and bodyscissors were SCARY powerful and I tapped instantly even if she said she had just started applying real pressure. I was not able to score a point even trying my absolute best, and she was always playful and smiling while being in total control. Despite her huge strenght advantage, I never felt in any kind of danger as she knows how to smoothly dominate you while not risking any injury. She told me she is doing this only from a few months and even though in her current state i would guess she is already able to dominate most of the guys that do sessions, she plans on learning BJJ soon, in order to rely less on her strenght and offer a complete package also to those who are in search of a more technical encounter.

We also armwrestled many times and she beat me both left and right handed, even giving me head starts. Her left arm, which is her dominant one, is literally unmovable!

To top this all of, she seems to be a very brilliant and smart woman, very enjoyable to speak with besides the wrestling. So I’d say that she defintely earns my most heartfelt recommendation!

1 year ago

I‘ve met Freyja at her stop in Hamburg during her „euro-tour“. It was a nice meeting! Because I have met a very nice kind, down to earth, norwegian lady – with very good natural power. Her power and her body control, as a result on many sports activities, could offset the lack of martial arts experience. Unfortunately the hotel room was small, so that we could just do wrestling on the mattress. At the next time, we should test our strength on tatami mats.

Btw: In Armwrestling – probably as a result of Freyjas stressful battle the day before – Freyja could‘nt beet me. May be next time.

1 year ago

I have met many wrestling girls over the years, but I have to say Viking Freyja is one of the best. The thing with Freyja is that she is not a bodybuilder type but more a naturally, sturdy built woman. But she is stronger than many of the fbb I have met. Finally a good norweigan session wrestler.The session took place in a hotel in Oslo June 22. I was a litte bit nervous when I entered the room, but Freyja easily made me relax with her warm smile. After some small talk we started out. I am 175cm/85kg but she had absoloutely no problem pinning me down.. Her bodyscissors were bonecrushing, I had to tap out, otherwise she would broke my ribs. She fullfilled another fantasy I’ve had for a long time but most girls have denied: Bellypunching. She let me punch her hard in her abs many times but was only laughing and when she punched me I had to give immidiately. Arm wrestling: she beat me easily with the left hand and barely with her right,( I think she is left handed. ) However she didnt want to do lift & carry due to back injury some years ago. We tried roleplay as I have allways had a fantasy about interogation from a female officer, and my God, she owned me totally. I bet she could get any information from me using her bulldozer-like strength and her strong personality but AT THE SAME TIME making me feel very safe (after all its only roleplay). I will definetely see her again next time she visits Oslo. Its rare to see a woman who is that strong while maintaning her Venus from milo like femininity. Freyja can really cater to most session request except pure lift and carry.