Alexis Luna


Location: United Kingdom , OTHER, Manchester

Last Activity: 05/18/2023


Height: 5'4” - 163 cm

Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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I’m a full-time international pro model and lifetime natural competitive athlete, so you’ll get the perfect package of femininity and extreme strength. If you haven’t already been floored by a punch or a pin, I’m pretty sure my big green eyes will do the job as you stare into them.

I compete in powerlifting, squatting 162.5kg and deadlifting 180kg (over 2.5x BW); my sixpack, big biceps and even bigger quads are here all year round to submit you. I’ve got relentless stamina from over 10 years martial arts training with particular skill in Muay Thai and kickboxing, and started BJJ in 2022. I’m also a BDSM model and pro domme, which means that when I dominate you, it won’t just be with my muscle mass.

I offer fantasy wrestling sessions in sportswear, bikini or *topless (face-sitting, scissoring, sleeper holds, muscle worship, foot worship, tickling), lift & carry (max 100kg), oil bikini wrestling, semi-competitive and competitive sessions. Available for video shoots and private custom requests.


Email me with:

  • Session date
  • Session type
  • Session length
  • Session location
  • Your bodyweight
  • Any references / past session history
  • Important medical information

Anyone asking for sexual services (including “self relief” or offering oral) will be blocked.


50% deposit upon booking to confirm the session via PayPal or Cashapp ONLY. Cash payments are not accepted abroad. Cancellation within 7 days of a UK session date or within 14 days of a session outside of Manchester or London (including all overseas locations) loses your deposit. Cancellation within 7 days of a session outside of Manchester or London (including all overseas locations) is subject to additional last minute cancellation charge of 20% of session fees total. Cancellation within 48 hours (or a no-show) of ANY session worldwide requires full 100% of the agreed session fee, including any venue and travel fees.

Arrive to the session already showered (max 10 mins early), ensuring that any skin conditions/wounds are covered and all nail sets are trimmed smoothly. If you choose to shower upon arrival, it will come out of your session time. If you are late (and I am not back-to-back), I can delay for up to 10 minutes. After this time, your session will be cut short. Anyone who touches me inappropriately or makes sexual suggestions will be asked to leave immediately.

If you wish to record your session for personal use, there is an additional charge and a signed NDA is required before filming can commence on your device.

Remember that I compete and am also a model; I will not withstand excessive/unnecessary brutality (e.g. dangerously fast muscle stretches & arm bars or nails being dug into my skin). We will interact at the level you have booked or reduce the intensity if this is too much for you (e.g. if you book semi-comp, please expect my energy output to match this request).

*Topless is not possible at semi or competitive levels due to injury risk. Oil wrestling is not available on tour.

Looking forward to seeing the surprise in your eyes when we session 🙂



  • Manchester May 22nd to June 5th
  • With the incredibly beautiful and strong Sydney Thunder in Orange County 16-18th July

Enquire for availability at any of the above locations. Manchester is my home city.

Waiting list locations:

  • Texas – November
  • Egypt
  • Ireland
  • Israel – September
  • Spain – Rafa’s 23-24th Sept

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Bondage Wrestling


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
06/08/2023 06/11/2023 Munich OTHER Germany
06/25/2023 06/28/2023 Glasgow OTHER United Kingdom
07/11/2023 07/15/2023 Los Angeles California United States
07/16/2023 07/18/2023 Orange County California United States
07/20/2023 07/24/2023 Hong kong OTHER China
07/25/2023 07/29/2023 Kuala Lumpur OTHER Malaysia
07/30/2023 08/04/2023 Dubai OTHER United Arab Emirates
08/10/2023 08/15/2023 St Petersburg Florida United States

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2 months ago

Slaughtered with a smile.

The first time I met Alexis was actually at a live wrestling event featuring mini matches. When I told someone there I was interested in fighting her, they called me a brave soul. Said they’d call an ambulance over to pick me up when she was done with me.

Now I understand why. When it comes to raw power, Alexis is in a league of her own. Yet she also knows how to force submissions, and lots of them. I tapped something like 16 times in that brief match. The calm and collected smile and those mesmerising green eyes were just the cherry on top.

2 months of intense strength training later, I paid her a new visit, with the aim to have fun, get utterly annihilated – and -learn- from it. And teach, she did! I became vastly more slippery and dangerous in just 90 minutes with her (and showed it today, in another event!!); a great deal of that was due to her taking it slow – literally – giving time to think, consider, and act; a merciful treatment that led to a truly dynamic flow and helped make our session absolutely exceptional.

I even tried hitting her six-pack, and at first she just.. laughed. But then she taught me how to get power behind the bare-knuckle punch; drawing, perhaps, on her Muay Thai experience, and again, within minutes we were at the level of “she could just about feel it”, which given her durability is a monumental leap.

(She then hit me with about 30% of her power and I went careening down to the mat begging for mercy. 🙂 )

Overall this is a model who is dazzlingly beautiful, brutally strong – and yet versatile enough to, I would suspect, accommodate pretty much anyone’s wrestling fantasy niche, within reason, and assuming she is treated with respect. That is my humble impression of Alexis Luna.

3 months ago

Where to begin?
I met Alexis on the 9th February 2023, it was my first visit to The Submission Room and only my second session. As soon as I met her I was a tad overwhelmed, firstly she’s beautiful the most amazing eyes and an incredible body.
Alexis made me feel at ease as I was very nervous only being my second session ever, she’s very warm and calming. It was a very relaxed 90mins, we made our way the the mat Room had a chat, which we did all the way through our session a little banter here and there, I’m 6ft tall and weigh about 92kg work on a farm and I’m fairly fit and quite strong but Oh Gosh is that girl strong but Alexis also controls her power I’m quite sure if she wanted to she could really hurt you but I never felt worried for one second in our session, I thought I might get a couple submissions or even a pin out of her but no not one! She on the other hand scored many…once Alexis has locked on there’s no getting out only the inevitable I give….again. That said Alexis made it a very enjoyable time, she is charming, articulate, engaging Boy I think I can say I’m hooked on mixed wrestling, getting a tad sweaty on the mats with Alexis is amazing, that smile…those eyes….and what a body!
Can’t wait to do it again

4 months ago

Amazing! That is all I can say.

This was my first session ever, and what an introduction to the session world it was.

Alexis is pure class, with a great confident, playful energy about her. Our communication before the session was clear, straightforward forward, and easy.

During our semi-comp session, I was humbled as she showed me what years of competitive powerlifting and great grappling skills can do to a 85-87kg guy who is far from a slouch in the gym and who has years of boxing experience.

There was no way of pinning or submitting her, and for most of the session, i was on the defensive just trying to survive not being submitted, which I usually failed at. Her strength, power & stamina are on another level. Even for me, there were times during our session when I thought to myself “did she just out-muscle me?!”. The worst part is I know she could have turned up the pressure if she wanted to lol.

All in all, Alexis is a stunningly beautiful woman, who is also a genuine athlete and a genuine sweetheart.

I’ll be seeing you again Alexis, hopefully next-time I’ll be able to do more than fight for my life😉

Last edited 4 months ago by aaronok
5 months ago

I met Alexis in Manchester for a lift and carry session and had a fantastic time with her. She’s a very cool, interesting person who is great to spend time with. She’s also very strong and had no problems at all lifting my 82kg. Would definitely recommend

5 months ago

Wow Alexis Luna , 2 till 6 february 2023 must be a great time for the people who love doing sessions , this because You and Sativa Mist will be visit Amata’s location in Amsterdam , I sure will look for myself to get a date for a session with both of you then , and maybe also with Amata when she also will be there.

5 months ago

I finally had a chance to meet Alexis in person and despite the fact that she was exhausted from competitive sessions and filming, coupled with a serious lack of sleep, for me, it was a really memorable experience. Her incredible strength, muscularity, skills acquired from years of formal training and beauty, were matched by her charismatic personality, warmth, natural dominance , honesty, integrity, openness and a high level of intelligence.. It was a “drop dead” experience for someone who was not engaging in his first rodeo. And fortunately, she graciously spared the “drop dead ” possibilities for me, as we both knew instantly, my body belonged exclusively to her the moment we said hello.

6 months ago

Wow! Even though we just scheduled our first session for next month, I had to share some of our first phone conversation. Lexi is mature beyond her years. Especially articulate, very intelligent, personable, honest, open and amazingly charismatic.. All these admirable traits, coupled with strength, skills, muscles and beauty, should explain why I am already raving about her without actually surrendering as yet.

6 months ago

I had the honour of meeting Lexi recently. I was nervous and excited, but her friendly personality puts you at ease. Smart, stunning, skilled and incredibly strong, Lexi is a delight and plays the Domme role to a T. She definitely went easy on me, tiring me out with little effort, despite not feeling 100% on the day. I only managed to escape from her legs once. A compact powerhouse of a lady, you need to experience for yourself to truly appreciate – thank you Lexi!

7 months ago

You will have a great session with Alexis. She is fabulously well organised; planning and execution of the session were absolutely perfect and she is very keen to make sure that expectations are met.
As someone who has been around this scene for some time, I have rarely encountered such a great mix of athleticism and personality. She will grapple at whatever level you want and her acting background means Oscar-level roleplay.
One highly recommended lady.

7 months ago

I’ve had almost 20 sessions in the last 6 years so I’m not a beginner.
Recently I met Lexi during her trip to Italy and she took me to another level, something I’ve never experienced before!

Expectations before our meeting were high, it’s very rare to find a dominatrix who’s very skilled in martial arts and ridiculously strong from powerlifting, all packed is a gorgeous body.
In reality she was even better.

At the beginning we did some wrestling and I immediately realised how strong she is, basically playing with me, I was not even able to move her and when she decided to go a little harder it was over for me and I soon ended up hogtied on the bed.

Lexi definitely likes to dominate and make you her little play thing and I was forced to worship her muscles which are incredibly hard and dense.

At some point I got lifted in the air like a paperweight, she was able to shift to different lifts without putting me down,
I felt powerless once again and realised she could do whatever she wanted with me.

I could go on with other details but I just want to say that her attitude is just fantastic.
She can balance the physical and psychological intensity to perfection.
The flow of the sessions is flawless and it feels like she always knows what she’s doing.

I was so stunned that I had to see her again 3 days later!
That was easy to set as she quickly found a venue and a time slot to meet me.

I tried here but there are no words to describe what she is able to create and perform, the only way is to meet her!

Thank you Lexi, until next time!

7 months ago

Earlier this week I had the privilege of having a session with Lexi. Setting up the session was incredibly easy and she was very flexible with my schedule. When it came to arriving for the session she greeted me outside of her venue with a gorgeous smile and a warming hug. I was very shy, but she made every effort to put me at ease and calm my nerves. The session itself was perfect. She definitely knows how to use her whole body was a weapon against you. Once she has you trapped between either her legs or arms she could easily put you to sleep if she wanted to. At no point I had any control what so ever. Overall, if you are have a chance to session with Lexi you should not pass it up. I cannot wait for our next meet up.

8 months ago

I was lucky enough to have a session with Alexis Luna recently and I’m pleased to say that if anything she is underselling herself in her profile!!

It’s not often you meet a powerlifting model and I’ve had a lot of wrestling sessions over the years but pound for pound Alexis Luna is the strongest girl I’ve faced.

A perfect combination of model looks and an athlete’s body, she was relaxed and very friendly and the session went exactly as I wanted (although without me scoring a point obviously). She definitely went easy on me and made sure that I had a great time.

I would highly recommend her and will be back for another match as soon as my ribs have stopped hurting and I’ve bulked up by about 10kgs!!