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Location: United States , Indianapolis

Last Activity: 07/20/2022


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm

Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg

Physique: Athletic


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NEW UPDATE (Nov. 18 2022) : I now have a space in Indianapolis to wrestle. Anyone coming to Indianapolis for a session will get a 10% discount on a 1 hour session or 15% off on an hour and a half through the end of December- I’m also available for sponsored travels. I’ve also recently begun pro wrestling training and can offer some pro style sessions.

PS Even though the 10% and 15% discounts end in Dec. if you book your session before the end of the year with your deposit down you can still schedule out to January or February for your session but no further than that. <3

Hi there! I’m Sassy Kae, female wrestler with FWC here in Indianapolis, IN. I got into wrestling after being approached by the female wrestling channel about 2 years ago now and have been loving it ever since. I’m new to session girls (5/8/2022)*. Decided to check it out and test the waters. Outside of wrestling I’m also a dancer/choreographer and model, have been doing both professionally for quite some time now 9 + years. Available for both in person and Skype sessions. 

* Due to very unfortunate time wasters and flakes by the 4th email (as in 4 emails coming from you, not counting my replies)we should be able to set up our session. So please do your best to be as detailed as possible*

In your email please include your city and state, the type of session you want, and any other pertinent information (the more detailed the better). After all we aren’t here for endless messages we are here to wrestle 😉 <3 Message me with any questions you might have


*Open to traveling for sessions with proper payment and accommodations. No sessions will be scheduled without verification and a deposit.*




Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Grappling
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Custom Videos
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Training
  • Others: Please email request


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10 days ago

I could write a book of good things about sassy Kae. From the setting up process, to the communication, and to the match itself everything was 10/10. Booking the session was no issue at all. We had two different FaceTime calls to get to know each other and establish that mutual trust. She hosted the session and was very receptive and nice from beginning to end. I felt comfortable the moment I walked in the room. The session space was great, and her mats were top-of-the-line. And now for the match itself…….

We wrestled a competitive style matchup and the great reviews about this woman were not exaggerated at all. I’m 6’4 220 pounds and Kae had zero problem moving me around the mat and locking me into submissions. After a couple of falls it was clear who the better wrestler was. We had an hour session which was split into 40 minutes of competitive wrestling in 20 minutes of a domination round. She was victorious, and I only managed to get one submission on her. (the final score being 10–1). I even had a belt made for this match that the winner got to keep. Kae is witty, skilled, and don’t let the extremely beautiful face fool you!! She’s competitive as hell and extremely tough/powerful. If you’re looking for a wrestler in Indianapolis, I HIGHLY recommend Sassy Kae!!

1 month ago

This review is so long overdue! Sassy came to Cleveland back in June and this is my first time taking part in a session. Communication and setting up the session was very easy. We video chatted a few days prior to the session and says he was super sweet and accommodating for any request that I had. Fast forward to the session, we met up in the hotel lobby where sassy greeted me. She was super beautiful and attractive, and looked even better in person. Coming into the session I was very nervous because I had never wrestled before. Even talking to her, she said she was also new to the scene and that I was the third person that she was session with. Despite the new experiences for the both of us, Sassy was absolutely amazing throughout the entire encounter to me as if she had been doing this for a while. She taught me some wrestling moves at the start of the session and then we went into semi competitive wrestling. I’ve got to be honest, she is super strong! I felt like I was able to keep up with her for a while, however once I got locked in between those thighs, it was game over and I was immediately tapping. I love the look in her eyes when she was scissoring me as I could tell that she was truly enjoying this. Throughout the entire session, I always felt comfortable and she was always super nice and fun to talk to. If she ever comes back to Cleveland, I will definitely be the first in line to session with her again. Thank you sassy for an amazing time!

1 month ago

Just finished an awesome session with Sassy today in Indy. She’s great for a semi-competitive session and she has some of the strongest legs I’ve experienced in a long time. You can tell she really enjoys wrestling and wants to get you to submit. She’s also fun to just hangout and talk with between falls. If you’re in the Midwest, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Sassy (follow her instructions in the About section) for a session.

2 months ago

I met Sassy for a session on August 3rd in Columbus, OH. My apologies to Sassy for taking so long to post my review. We agreed to have what would be classified as a semi competitive wrestling session using Female Wrestling Channel rules. Sassy was very prompt and patient in our communications while setting up the session. I had some difficulties as I always seem to, but Sassy handled herself very professionally, and was helpful in getting things sorted out so that we could schedule the session.

On the day of the session, Sassy was very welcoming, and my nervousness faded away quickly as I entered her room. Sassy was as beautiful as her pictures suggest, and her fit athletic figure was very nice distraction. She was ready to begin immediately, which I appreciated, but easily shifted gears as I wanted to ease into the wrestling with some chat, and then I had her apply some holds on me to get me ready for the match. Though not martial arts trained, and somewhat new to the wrestling scene, Sassy is strong and quick and skilled at applying the moves and holds she has learned. As a self proclaimed “scissors nerd”, I will tell you that her beautiful legs are weapons of blissful destruction, and you will enjoy being crushed by her for as long as you can take the pressure.

The best thing about Sassy in my opinion, is her enthusiasm and the joy she displays when wrestling. She genuinely loves a little safe clean competition. We struggled and sweat throughout our 2 hour session, and Sassy Kae maintained the same high level of enthusiasm until we departed at the end of the session. If you want to wrestle a gorgeous, athletic, down to earth, gal who will make you feel like she is enjoying the session as much as you are, do yourself a favor and book a session with Sassy Kae. I will definitely be looking to wrestle her again in the future.

5 months ago

I wrestled Sassy Kae virtually and all I can say is WOW! She made me feel like we were face-to-face on the mat, putting me in hold after hold while telling me what a pathetic wrestler I am! By the end of the match, I was soaked in sweat and totally exhausted. Can’t wait to wrestler her again…Sassy Kae rocks!

6 months ago

I just had one of the most fun sessions of my decade-long career with Sassy Kae. She’s new to the session scene, but has been well-trained in several submission holds. Her enthusiasm for mat combat is very evident which makes for a fun session. Great smile and laugh, especially when she has you pinned and at her mercy. Speaking of mercy, don’t expect any when she wraps her legs around you. Her long, shapely dancer-trained legs will have you seeing stars. Meet this rising session star — you won’t be disappointed!

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