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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm

Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years

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I’m Monica,  a young female bodybuilder (wellness division) with good skills for fight. I was a handball player for 8y and I’m lifting about 9 years but also I have a basic of martial arts. I’m a positive and competitive person and If u want to book a session u have to  e mail me.

I’m asking for a deposit, without exceptions.

I’m not into se”ual services.

I’m speaking English/Romanian/Spanish

Pay to travel me at you!

E mail me for more details!

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Non Refundable if you cancel anytime before the agreed session date.
  • Deposit is Refundable if I cancel the session.
  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Boxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Muscle Admmiratuin
  • Others: Please email request


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02/27/2024 03/02/2024 New York New York United States
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    02/27/2024 New York
    Tour in New York

E mail me for details and requests

    03/02/2024 Frankfurt, Germany
    Tour in Germany
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1 month ago

Just sessioned with Monica in Miami. She was spectacular. Another reviewer said she was inexperienced as a grappler – she must have improved a lot since then because she had no trouble with me.
If you’re worried about the fact that everyone is describing her as sweet and you want dominant and mean, don’t worry she can do that if you ask for it. She beat the fuck out of me, ended every rest with a surprise attack, and was a great shut talker. Enjoyed every second. Her legs are beautiful and rock hard and when she got on top of me I couldn’t move her an inch. 10/10 session, would recommend

1 month ago

I met her today
She was kind, strong and caring
Even though she press lightly, i still ache all over
Time goes by so quickly that it felt short
I hope meet again next time

1 month ago

I had the chance of having not one but two sessions with the beautiful, talented and strong Monica. This was my first session and it will be a session i will not forget for the rest of my life. Booking for a session with Monica was very easy. She is very beautiful and friendly in person. I was super nervous to meet a session wrestler for the first time, but Monica made me feel comfortable with her sweet chat and beautiful smile. I had asked for a fantasy kickboxing session, and Monica just nailed it. Her kicks, punches and knee hits were strong, she even added a few wrestling moves and even lifted me with ease. An amazing session wrestler and an even more amazing person. Hope to meet and have another 100 sessions with you Monica.

3 months ago

I have had the honor to see Monica last year in Italy. At first she is very friendly and nice and help me to found her and wait me near her house. When we enter in the apartment she is wearing a suit…. Just she take off this….i remember the sensation, her lower body is unbelieveble but her upper is nice and strong too. I remember that we have had a wrestling session i can’t write the results but….. i rember really good when se take off her shorts and i have seen her in thong….damn never seen nothing so amazing. Thx you for this time togheter and i hope to have another in the future.

7 months ago

Hello Everyone,

I had a session with Monica during one of her trips to Rome recently. To begin with, it was very easy to set up the session with her, since she is very proactive with the communication.

So, come session day, I arrived and when I saw her, it was a sight to behold, especially her thighs and calves. Pics do not do justice, they are by far the biggest and hardest that I have seen till date. Add to that her polite personality and smiling face- that is some combination!

We began and as expected, I was just lucky my body was intact and didn’t snap in two, because her scissor feels like two huge rocks crushing you ( imagine being trapped in an Everest avalence with nearly 100 kgs of rocks being pressed against you, yeah, that’s how I felt!) I had to tell her to go wayy easier, and whilst laughing she said that may just have been her 30-40 percent strength! Her upper body strength is also pretty impressive and her muscles are well toned, her bearhug and chokes are pretty strong as well.

During the session we also had nice little conversations in between ( i requested breaks, else I wouldn’t be able to walk back!). She has a very sweet personality and always looks at the brighter side of things. Overall, a very sweet person with a jovial nature.

If you plan on wrestling her, I suggest telling her in advance not to use more than 30% of her strength, else be ready to take a 3-4 leave well in advance to recover 😉

To Monica- Will meet you again whenever possible, this time better prepared hopefully. Also, wishing you all the very best for all future competitions.

Hope you remember me! ( Yellow bracelet;) )

Kind regards.

7 months ago

I had a one hour session with Monica in Rome…it was the best spent hour of my life!
Monica is a sweet, gorgeous girl and hard to describe her beauty in words…really!!she makes you feel comfortable from the first second and you can talk to her about everything 🥰
she is a very strong girl. really strong.. amazing how muscular her thighs are..🤪
It was a magical moment with her that I will never forget,
Monica is something special, she has a strength in her legs that I have never seen before.
i can’t wait to book a session with her again!
Having had a session with Monica makes you want to have only sessions with her….
i really recommend her!
thank you ❤️

7 months ago

I met Monica during her tour in Rome, after skipping her previous one since I didn’t find much info on her. In hindsight I can say that was a mistake and that I would like to go back and book that session. Monica is a beautiful and sweet girl with a great attitude during sessions and on a pure strength level I can definitely put her in the top tier of all the girls I met.
I want to say that despite being 6’2 and almost 220 pounds I am not a strong person so it’s not unusual for me to have girls beat me in armwrestling during sessions, but Monica could do it while I was using two hands.
In wrestling she used her huge advantage in power to dominate the action. There was no way I could budge her unless she let me do it and it was extremely easy for her to immobilize me and keep me there with a smile while I tried with little to no results to get free. Also her scissor power is definitely something to be aknowledged.
She probably still has room for improvements in her technique, I feel that with someone that can match her strength (definitely not me) or that has some real wrestling skills (also definitely not me) could give her some trouble, but the skill level she is at after just a few months of sessioning can only be decribed as impressive. Put this with her competitive spirit and I’m sure she’ll become even more dangerous in a short time. I would tell that considering her level now at such a young age and with such a little experience, if she’s willing to go on with sessions she has the potential to reach the top women in the business.

TLDR: I definitely recommend you to book a session with Monica if you have the chance. She is a beautiful, nice and very strong girl and she’ll make sure you spend a good time with her, even (or especially) if she’s kicking your ass

7 months ago

Not that this lady needs any more praise here, but she was so sweet and amazing, I felt that I must to do a quick review. I sessioned with her recently in Dubai.
Monica is simply angelic! Her face is as pretty as her pictures. Her attitude during the session is very pleasing. And her strength is WAAAAY up there with some of the strongest ladies that you will find on this site. And her legs……I wanted to marry them!!!

8 months ago

First of all It is my first time session ever. But here is my review.

Today I had a great session with Monica. I was in Bucharest for work and she was willing to come to the Hilton at the airport.
I had a two hour session and I am glad I took a two hours session. One hour is too short to enjoy all aspects of this beautiful and very, very strong girl.

Be sure : don’t make any mistake …she is really strong! Even with my two arms at the same time she beat me in armwrestling! It was very nice that she let me to try first before putting down my arms quickly and with so much ease!
Teasing me with “come on” etc.

Her thighs and calves are amazing,,,you have to tap out in time or she could crush you! If you touch her thighs and calves you can feel that there is only muscle!

Her V-shape is so beautiful and when she sits on you it is so intimidating when she flexes her big and very strong biceps. Her chokeholds ! With her arms: she could crush you. She was carefully choking me in her biceps as she knows I do not want to pass out. Monica just let her biceps squeeze my neck without injury…Just tap out in time!

Backwards or in front of you sitting on your belly she has this amazing V-shape looks.

I am 99 kilos and in a bear hug she can crush you in her arms and lift you like you weigh nothing!.

Wrestling she beated me with ease..I could never escape. No chance..
She even made a judo move to show that she can do this. I was on the floor before I knew!

I found out that I am kind of into some form of muscle worship…

Trying to win wrestling with her is no useI
So I loved to lie stil and be in her strong arms and legs while she bounces her biceps in my neck…at the same time while being in her strong arms and squeezing legs I liked to have a little chat….for me it was like I was lying in bed with a very,very strong girlfriend. We spoke a little and I felt safe in her strong arms and legs!

In short..I also loved to talk a little in between the session. About her handball years etc. Monica is real. She is a very nice person to talk with and yes..really, realy strong. And so beautiful!

I never was in a session before. But since every session has a price..I already told Monica that I only want to session with her because it was worth it!

9 months ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Monica when she was touring. First of all the session was very easy to setup and I soon found myself waiting for her to come and get me at the entrance to where she was staying. She was wearing workout clothes which made it apparent that she is very well built.

The first thing I noticed was her beautiful face and very warm and welcoming attitude. The second thing I noticed was her broad shoulders, narrow waste, muscular thighs and amazingly shaped glutes.

After reaching her room we moved some furniture around so that there would be place for wrestling. But before that I had the opportunity for some muscle worship as she was posing and flexing her muscles standing in front of me. I had requested a session focusing on a mix of fantasy wrestling, headscissors and facesitting. In the wrestling part she was playing with me as a cat with a mouse, teasing me by gradually increasing the strength of her holds until I had to tap out.

After that she showed me a number of different headscissors where she slowly increased the pressure until she found my limit. Then she eased up a little and then took me back to my limit again a couple of times before switching to another hold.

Monica has a background in martial arts and demonstrated some techniques on me which was very interesting. She was very respectful and made sure that it was carried out in a safe manner.

All in all in the session as a whole I felt very safe as she always respected my tap outs which I had to do A LOT.

Monica is very friendly and went out of her way to make sure I got a great session. I can highly recommend her and will definitely make sure to see her again when our paths may cross..

9 months ago

A few weeks ago I had a session with this enchanting young lady and she did not dissapoint! It was my first session ever actually, so i was a bit nervous from the start, but Monica is very down to earth and with her warm and sweet personality, she immediately made me feel comfortable. Also arranging the session was very easy and well in advance, she put in enough effort to get to know me better and exploring my interests, so together we could decide what type of session would suit me best.

First we started off with comparing sizes and some muscle worship, then we did a few strength challenges (including arm/leg-wrestling), followed by lift & carry, competitive wrestling and finally she demonstrated her scissors on me. I like to emphasize here that i’m not a small guy, being 6’7 tall and about 200 lbs. Also i’m quite young and athletic myself, so i hope with that being said, it will put some things in perspective when competing against a girl who is 50 lbs lighter than me and only reaches up to the height of my chest when standing up..

But because of that I was even more surprised when i found out that her legs were actually bigger than mine! Also we compared the width of our shoulders in lat-spread and we were about even, so that’s pretty crazy if you think about it.. Monica has a real bodybuilder physique and especially her legs are a sight to admire. Beautifully shaped and hard as if they were sculpted out of granite. Seeing a girl with legs like Monica’s for the first time in your life is something unique. And the power she could generate from those legs is hard to describe and simply unmatchable..

No surprise at all that i couldn’t move my legs even the slightest inch, when we did legwrestling. However she also couldn’t break free from mine so we ended up as ‘draw’ in that part. However in armwrestling, we tried both arms multiple times and she couldn’t beat me a single time, although i have to admit that she made some good attempts and also my arm was hurt after, loll.. Monica is very competitive after all and she wouldn’t give up easy!

This was also the case when i proposed a little push-contest where we would face each other in standing position and try to push the other over. I was on winning side but have never been experiencing that much trouble before in trying to move someone her size. Monica also proved to be great in lift & carry challenges. She barely even struggled to lift my 200lbs in multiple ways like front-lift, bearhug-lift, cradle and firemen’s carry. She even managed to carry me on her shoulders, have a walk around the room and then do about 10 deep squats! I struggled maintaining my balance while she made it seem like just light-work for her to move me with her legs like i weighed nothing. I also tried lifting her in some similar ways and it required about the same effort for me, which i think is an incredible display of strength from Monica’s side after all, considering our big difference in weight.

Then about wrestling Monica: Although she is very strong and competitive by nature, it was noticeable for me that she is still young and missing a certain background in martial-arts. She caught me by surprise right from the start by applying a head-lock on me and made me tap that way, but after that i believe she didn’t succeed to pin me down once. It was very challenging for her to knock me down, even when she stood up and i was still on my knees, all i had to do was pick her up and throw her back down. However i did notice that when i tried to make her tap-out, it wasn’t that easy at all. She has a big pain tolerance for sure!

Not that big anymore was my courage, the moment she finally demonstrated her scissor power on me… First with bodyscissors, i lasted about 8 seconds untill my head started turning red and my body felt like it was about to explode! Then as we did headscissors, she slowly increased the pressure and i couldn’t hear nothing but my heart beating.. I only lasted maybe 5 seconds untill i had to tap out and was left with my head turned all red and some marks left on my neck. Lol, I totally underestimated her scissor-strength!

So although altogether it might not have been the most dominating experience for me, it was for sure lots of fun and a pleasure to meet a girl like Monica who is brave enough to take-on much bigger guys than herself and enjoys a good challenge. Time is flying by like nothing, while being with her and I could recommend her to anyone! Will definetly follow her along her journey, since she has a bright future laying in front of her and much room to grow even stronger!

11 months ago

I had the privilege to meet Monica a couple of months ago and the experience was a total blast: despite being one of the youngest session providers, Monica has a very strong personality, she’s funny, cheerful and a total pleasure to spend time with.

I’m not gonna lie, the first time I saw her session page and red “competitive wrestling” among the offered services, the thought she was a little over confident crossed my mind (after all, she is so young and I didn’t read any specific martial arts background in her description). Well, I have to say that my concerns were quite unnecessary: the level of aggression and competitiveness she put into our grappling exchanges is unparalleled. I was met with brute force and sheer athleticism since the first second and I have to say I was not prepared to match that. Nor I was anywhere nearly able to offer significant resistance and prevent getting completely overpowered during the whole fight. She basically bulldozed me into submission every single time, for I don’t even know how many times, although I have to admit that her holds were not just powerful but also technically legit and skilfully applied.

Her scissor prowess is off the charts, and her legs are also a sight to admire: so big, sculpted (and scary, when you end up between them!).

To top this all off, being myself a great armwrestling fan, I asked her to try her arm strenght and she proved vastly superior to me in that department as well: there was something poetic,that goes well beyond the initial embarassment, in being so thoughly dominated in armwrestling by a girl almost half my age, with such a fresh and young looking face, and a bratty schoolgirlie attitude! LOL

So, Monica, you earn my most heartfelt recommendation and I hope to meet you again asap!

1 year ago

Mit ihr ist die beste Session die man haben kann sie kann einen richtig fertig machen ihre arme Beine sind tödlich sie ist eine süße hübsche starke frau und mit ihr ist eine Session weiter zu empfehlen

1 year ago

Hi! Today I had my first session with Monica in Rome and I was enchanted by her! She is very kind and really beautifu! We tried armwrestling many times and I lost them all, it’s really powerful, you don’t expect that from such a young girl! Then I touched her muscles and she’s really steely, her quads are amazing and i really love his biceps! His overall body is really proportionate and muscular, I was mesmerized! I will definitely see her again and highly recommend her!!

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1 year ago

Just had a half-hour scissoring session with Monica in Rome, and… what can I say! She’s a very nice young lady, super easy on the eyes, likes being in control and is VERY STRONG. Like, seriously. Her rock-hard legs and arms will leave a mark on your neck, trust me. Plus, she’s super young, so she will only get better and stronger. Recommended!

1 year ago

She is strong and powerful enough to handle a man .
We had some good video sessions and further we have planned for a some real sessions for muscle worship looking forward

1 year ago

she is the best powerful cute princess and she is so kind and strong enough to make dreams come true