Ms Nika


Location: United Kingdom , OTHER, London

Last Activity: 09/21/2023


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: Less than one year


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A well-held space for you to submit, surrender and forget for a moment that the world is a complicated place.  From fantasy to competitive wrestling. My speed and flexibility might surprise you, and so would my inner thigh strength.

I am also a certified and holistic Domina. Conscious kink and tantric arts are my jam. I provide a variety of BDSM offerings- please, e-mail your requests.


When writing to me, please, greet politely, and use correct punctuation. E-mails written without thinking will not be considered. Outline your name, height, weight, and age; your experience and the names of the wrestlers/ mistresses you have sessioned with; describe what you are looking for.

To book in, be prepared to pay a deposit of 20% if you are finding yourself in my location, if I am traveling to yours expect larger deposits.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
09/24/2023 09/30/2023 Barcelona OTHER Spain

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14 days ago

I had a session with Ms Nika in her studio in London a few days ago and it was really great fun. Her location is in an industrial area, but the space she provides is large and very clean. After laying the mats down we basically got straight to the wrestling. Nika is a very willing opponent on the mats, who has great strength (especially in the legs), really good flexibility and she never seems to tire. We wrestled for the best part of 2 hrs and Nika was as strong at the end as she was at the beginning of the session.

Apart from being a great, fun oppinent for either a semi or fully comp match, Nika is really interesting to talk to about her life and views on the world. She also has a delightful sense of humour and doesn’t mind having a good bit of light-hearted banter and teasing with you. I would think that if you are an untrained opponent then Ms Nika would represent a big challenge in a wrestling match. I highly recommend seeing her and I hope to see her again in the near future.

21 days ago

Had the most amazing session again last Wednesday with this wonderful lady. This wasn’t my first session I’ve had others with Nika and they just keep getting better! I’m getting to the point we’re one hour isn’t enough with this beautiful, strong, dominant, sensual, sexy lady. So definitely book a session if you get the chance your be glad you did.
Thank you Nika x

30 days ago

Had the recent pleasure to session with Ms Nika in London.

Others here have quite adequately described her profile and skills, both on a physical and psychological level; So I’ll shorten my review down to a few specifics, starting with how much effort Nika devolved to overcoming the logistics hurdles (flight cancellations on her side etc.) that rose in the way of our meeting: Where others would have had me postpone, Ms Nika intensively, and successfully worked out how to eventually maintain our session to honor my London trip – and we even found a way to fulfill my Lycra obsession!

Intensive as well was our grappling: though not unbeatable (unbeatable wrestlers I’ve met were Venom or maybe Sable at LWS, long time ago), Ms Nika is a beautiful, stylish and talented grappler whose subtle taunting blends with the music of her choice to create the perfect atmosphere for, in my competitive case, a delightful equal fight.
She especially likes to wrap and trap one’s limbs into complex and complete sankaku-style immobilizations rather than only scissoring torsos (unless one’s wish). Speaking of which, she does scissor as powerfully as reported, though I had the pleasure to give her more resistance than she’s used to 😉
Indeed a session with Nika is more than sexy sweating on the mats, especially in the conversational realm where she displays a surprisingly good command of several languages: We clearly have a clever and educated rising star of mixed wrestling here and – however unoriginal a conclusion, I can only very highly recommend her.

1 month ago

I just had a fantasy wrestling session with Miss Nika in Aix en Provence. It was fantastic. She is a beautiful, strong and a great person. It was a pleasure to meet her. I hope she will come back in the south of France soon. She included facesitting (a lot) and bondage wrestling in the session. I highly recommend meeting her.

1 month ago

Sessioned with her in asia… a good looking and obviously fit girl. I kind of knew I was in for it… A philosophical introspective person as well.. I being a slim 145 lb guy roughly around her size, she stuck to me like glue and I was unable to shake her or Escape.. fantasy session portion, I don’t think I escaped anything of her locks.. in fact, she asserted her dominance and physical superiority over me in the most confirming and bound way possible.. She was stronger than me as well, easily moving my body around as I was totally helpless while in her total control.. 10+ rating.. definitely see again..

1 month ago

Nika is an incredible woman. A tall, statuesque beauty, with an imposing physique, flowing blonde hair.. the epitome of the athletic amazon female.
Her athletic and sporting background is very varied, and the real deal. She brings strength, agility, flexibility and endurance to the mat. A wonderful, well formed sportswoman figure, with long, shapely muscled legs, that can squeeze with serious power.
Outside the physical, she is very intelligent, open minded, spiritual, free thinking. A pleasure to talk with, very insightful and she has a demeanour that helps you relax and open your own mind. One of the most wonderful ladies I have met on this scene. Like another review below, she can connect and develop a strong bond with you very quickly.
I’ve had three sessions with her so far, and she is definitely now one of my ‘go to girls’ in London
She is very communicative, and takes an interest in what you like and don’t like, and she picks this up in both conversation and just through her inherent feel as bodies wheel across the mat.
Wrestling with her is a lovely experience of physical flow, with no awkardness or difficulty. Her yoga background gives her a wonderful flexibility and those long, muscled limbs tie onto you well.
I’m relatively technically competent wrestler, and a fit, well built guy, so I won’t wax about how she obliterated me as I’m a somewhat difficult opponent these days… but she is strong & a very capable wrestler, has a brutal head scissor that would finish me when she got it locked on. Also very fit, and willing, with lots of endurance. There is little pause in our matches. She does have a natural dominant side to which she can bring out, and its easy to sometimes lose the will to compete with her under her strong gaze, and forceful body. She has good technical abilities, but also very keen to learn more and develop… a great attitude on this girl. Most guys will be overwhelmed by her athletic prowess & abilities, unless particularly strong or skilled.
Whether you want sporty, athletic wrestling, or just to be dominated by a powerful amazon, Nika will deliver. Book her.

2 months ago

So far I’ve had two sessions with Nika. She is amazing from the first time of meeting her I felt very comfortable around her and at ease. Setting up the session is very easy, you can discuss anything with her she is very open minded. I emailed her with my session interests and the session was set up. Day of my first session I was very nervous, meeting her she soon made me feel at ease, Nika is beautiful,spiritual, tall, athletic, strong and very dominant. Her legs are extremely strong your soon be tapping in her head scissors. And she has a great knowledge of holds. End of the session I felt exhausted, relaxed, and spaced out. I felt like I really bonded and made a connection with Nika. And yes I will be having more sessions with her!!!

2 months ago

I first saw Nika about a month ago at a wrestling event in London. She hadn’t been on my radar before, but when I saw her, I was immediately impressed. She has an amazing body, of course, and in her matches she also showed that she is quite skilled. I rather shyly went to talk with her after the event to see if she might be available for a session. To my delight she was very nice and open to sessioning with me. We met later that day, and I had a fantastic time! She knew exactly what to do and how to make me comfortable.

I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have met Nika. I typically do a lot of research before I approach someone about a possible session, but with Nika, I just saw her in action, and I had to meet her. That she was so nice and accommodating, and so incredible in our session, was all the better for me. I can’t recommend Nika highly enough!

2 months ago

I met her few months back and had 2 competitive sessions. Communication with her was easy. She replied promptly. She gave me a chance to describe what are my likes and dislikes and in the sessions she made sure they are followed. We also agreed for what out fits she will be wearing and she made sure that she appear in those outfits too. She is about 2″ taller than me but about in same weight. She has thicker lower body than me, and her thighs are thicker than they apear in pics.

She appeared in high cut brief and a cropped top as I requested for 1st session. In the 1st round in 1st session I we had a good back and forth round where I was able to be on top sometimes but her defence was good and at the end I had to tapout for a body scissor of her strong thick thighs. As the match goes I only get tired but she was not, making me tap out easier and easier. I some how was ablet make her tap out once for a headlock but match ended with a 7-1 victory to her.

2 nd match we had on next day even I had a rest my body was little bit in sore from the impacts against her strong female body which is only covered by skimpy one piece bodysuit in this pic. My body clearly said to me as soon as it saw this strong feminen body that kicked hts butt yesterday, Please don’t do this, we have no chance against this, but ego of my mind was pushed my body beyond it’s limits. What a mistake. She beat me even easier than previous day. My mind should have listened to my body. Again how ever I was able to make her submit this strong woman once and I was so glad that an amateur man like me was able to make a strong athletic woman who fight men for living and beating up men around the world, give up even once. I later asked if she gave up for real or as a compensation, and she confirmed both times she gave up for real. Any way 2nd match also ended up as 7-1 win for her.

We also had arm wrestling. This is something men have more advantage over women since in videos I’ve seen sometimes even women dominated men in wrestling, they lose in arm wrestling to men. She had feminen athletic arms and not big and buffed like FBBs, so I thought I have a great chance to beat her at least in this. But as soon as we started she is equally strong as I am and that was a great battle between masculine man muscles and feminen female muscles trying to over power and beat each other and even though they were equally strong for a while as the time pass it was proven that endurance of her fem muscles are greather than my male muscles, they lost the ground little by little until it collapsed and beaten completely. It was a shocking defeat to me. Same story to tell about left hand too.

Finally it was time for the punishment round and victory pose and she made sure to treat her body the victory celebration it deserves and humiliate me and my poor failed male body which it deserves. That was the best finish off I ever had in my session wrestling life just like “Finish him” in mortal kombat.

I have had 19 wrestling sessions in my life with 6 strong women in my life. Nika and that last session with her especially the best one I ever had and I want to give her a big thank to her for that. I strongly reccomend her for any session wrestling fans in the world and I’m pretty sure she will kick your butt and give you a memorable experience of what happen when a man try to battle a strong woman.