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Location: United Kingdom , Leeds

Last Activity: 05/18/2022


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm

Weight: 205 lbs - 93 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder


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I am 33 years old newbie powerlifter. Have been bodybuilding prior that for nearly 5 years.

I am not your average girl you see on the street or in the gym. All that strength and muscle will blow your mind. I am here to let your fantasies come true and bring you an experience you won’t ever forget.
I am very open minded and easy going.
Let’s have some fun 🙂


Before sending me an email please read what I offer and the conditions. I am very open minded but also please be very respectful. Please send me an email with as much as information possible so we can make our booking very efficient. Endless questions will be flagged as time wasting and they will be ignored.

Be expected to pay deposit for sessions, no exceptions.

Limit : 3 emails before deposit has been taken due to heavy influx of messages that take large amount of time to keep up with and respond to. I am more than happy to continue to email you and figure out the specifics with a phone call or furthers emails after the deposit is paid. I am not playing ping pong with emails just to get your “fix”.

Please note : be aware of the location I am working in, also follow up my tour dates once they’re announced. If you wish for me to travel to you within UK outside tour dates, you will cover the cost of travel and hotel plus the cost of the session. Those clients outside of UK, please refrain from messaging me for a session if the tour isn’t announced abroad.

But if you wish to travel to UK from abroad for sessions, same rules applies as previous.


However, in meantime, I am more than happy to provide you with prepaid Skype sessions. Email the time and date that works for you and little description. Minimum time – 30 minutes.

Travel details : Please try to book sessions in advance as I organise my time well and I do my best to accommodate. So if you email me a day before I’m due to travel to a location of my tour, most likely it will be full or I have organised my time and won’t be able to take you on.

I will be ignoring any DMs in my Instagram and OnlyFans. Please email me if you have any enquires.


Remember : All deposits are non – refundable. 


So let’s have fun and let me be your challenge.





Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat, Phone Chat, Fantasy Wrestling, Armwrestling, Scissoring, Custom Videos, Feats of Strength, Lift and Carry, PosingModeling


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16 hours ago

Had the time of my life

Just did a one on one session with this powerhouse beauty, she’s very sweet, showed up on time, and made me feel very comfortable.

I got to say the photos doesn’t give her justice, she is an amazing combination of beauty and a true beast, I was totally helpless and under her mercy the whole time. She is very strong that she was holding back so I don’t get injured, I literally felt that she could break my torso with half her power.
Not to mention that she lifted me in ways I had never imagined (like a little toy)

She is a real gem, I totally recommend it.

18 days ago

I just had a Skype session with the lovely Beefcake Xena and she made me feel very comfortable, not to mention she is very chilled, open minded and responsive

When I send her the request she responded immediately

I 100% recommended having a session with this muscle goddess beauty. And just to give you a head-start, I could sense her need to dominate in her eyes from the get go

1 month ago

As a Newbie, I had my first ever session yesterday. I wanted to find a powerful lady that has feminine curves. Inesse ticked all my boxes. We met in a good hotel in the City of London, easy to find and get to. A key card was required for the elevator so she came down to collect me from the lobby. My eyes nearly popped out. To me, she looked like the essence of feminine power. We got to the room and I got into shorts and she got down to a bikini top and bottoms. Jaw drop moment. Amazing upper body but for me, it was her amazing legs. I had requested a best hug and body/headscissors session to experience her power. What followed was exactly what I wanted. Crushed between those thighs. She took me to my limits and kept me there. I didn’t ask what percentage of her power she used but I am sure there was way more to go. No clock watching. I don’t have any experience with other ladies but can’t recommend Inesse enough. She returns to London soon and I will be booking my 2nd session for that visit.

1 month ago

A truly stunning lady.
All the power & muscle a man could ask for.
Made to feel at ease in her presence.
Those powerful thighs…………….😍

2 months ago

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman. I hadn’t sessioned for a few years when I saw Daffy’s review I just knew I had to meet her.
To start with communications are first class Xena responds promptly and professionally. Onto the meeting Xena is smart, friendly, strong and sexy the perfect package. The session started with some posing and comparisons her biceps were almost 10cm bigger than mine and her quads 20cm bigger and my legs are not exactly skinny. We then arm wrestled, I tried with all my strength and couldn’t budge her arm a millimetre she held it until I tired and then put me down with ease. Next some displays of strength, I had no chance, I’ve met other strong ladies but without a doubt Xena is the strongest. At one point we tried to see if I could pin her down and with my 80kg on top of her she pressed me straight up with little effort shown.
After experiencing her upper body strength she proceeded to pick me up like I weighted nothing and carried me about with ease. I was smart enough not ask her to scissor me as that would be just foolish those legs would crush ribs or your head by just twitching.
I am still in absolute awe of this amazing woman and cant wait to meet her again.

2 months ago

Woman vs Woman?
Lift & Carry in Gorilla press Woman approx 50kgs?

2 months ago

Just had one of the best sessions ever with her. Easily the biggest and strongest girl you can session with atm in the UK .. I’m an average sized guy at 5ft7 and 150lbs but I felt completely over powered. I’ve sessioned with many other girls (don’t want to give names) and she could eat them all for breakfast! Also I didn’t know what to expect because her messages were quite straight forward in the beginning but not at all she is super friendly and professional in person..I will definitely repeat!

3 months ago

To anyone reading this, who have yet to meet XENA, you don’t know what you’re missing. Not only is she very attractive and feminine, she is really strong. Her main sport is powerlifting.
Very recently, I had my 3rd session with her in a Bradford UK hotel. She arrived in a dark coat which she removed to display a very tight beautiful white top and black trousers, which accentuated her curvy, womanly figure. We did a little role play where I played a male chauvinist, with an over inflated superiority complex, who thought that no woman was stronger than him. Xena, soon after, dispelled that notion. She is definitely a true AMAZON with beefy arms, broad shoulders and in my mind, her special features were her large and shapely legs with big diamond shaped calves. Another real wow factor was her voluptuous, rock hard butt.
We chatted for a while to refresh what’s been happening in her life. After which we had an arm wrestle competition. She beat me easily, even right handed when I was using both my arms. Then we did some measurements. Her flexed biceps were 16.5″ with a 1.5″ expansion. Her forearms were 12.5″. Calves 17″ and thighs 28.5″ . Muscle worship heaven
She wasn’t shredded, but off season big at 5’8″ tall and weighing 93.5kgs.
I’m 82kgs, which in all the many lifts I enjoyed, she found easy. I struggled with her weight in even the easiest of lifts, but it was fun trying with such a lovely woman. She was open to any suggestions to exhibit her lifting abilities and strength.
Besides her strength, beauty and body, she is very interesting, accommodating, intelligent, warm and easy to chat with. We discussed her athletic history, also her work, family and general varied interests and past. I could go on as a serious admirer, but I’ll finish by saying you will not be disappointed and I can recommend her to all Lift and Carry fans and muscle worshippers. PERSONALITY with POWER
Can’t wait to see her again.

4 months ago

I met Xena for the first time recently. Initially she was wearing a figure-hugging dress and looked absolutely stunning. Newbie powerlifter she may be, but she is very feminine. Even when she is relaxed she exudes pure power and when she starts to flex…just wow! All this with a very cute and cheeky smile.
After some posing in the dress, she slowly pulled the dress up to reveal the most amazing quads. Xena flexing her quads and then calves while wearing heels was another mind-blowing moment.
She was now standing in front of me with 2-piece gym wear as requested for some more posing and muscle-worship…and there is a lot to worship!
She suggested some lift and carry and a long-standing memory will be of how effortless it was for her and also the way she giggled as she did this. At 75kg I don’t think I’m even close to a warm-up weight for her. What impressed me most was when she asked me to lie/balance on her back and then she proceeded to do full-press ups with me on top of her. Again, no grunting and straining with effort, just a few giggles. I was the one that had to tell her to stop – I think she could have carried on for a while.
Arm-wrestling next and of course it was easy for her, but on the plus side she had the most beautiful smile on her face as she destroyed me with both arms.
Xena then reminded me that I had asked to try her scissors. At this point I was kind of hoping she had forgotten, but I was glad she hadn’t. Most of the girls I’ve met before have had strong scissors and it’s usually a case of me trying to hold on for 5 or so secs before I need to tap. Not with Xena. She went behind me and I suddenly felt her huge quads on either side of me. She asked if I was ready and then simple flexed her quads and I had my breath knocked out of me and started to feel the pressure on my ribs. She didn’t need to cross her ankles! Incredible power!
The rest of our time together was spent with more posing and muscle-worship and just chatting. Another big plus about Xena is that she is very laid back and easy to talk to.
I’ve met quite a few girls over the years, but Xena provided me with easily one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. She has the perfect balance of beauty and power as well as being such a friendly and nice person. It goes without saying that I’m already looking forward to the next meeting.