Lexi Art


Location: United States , New Orleans

Last Activity: 05/02/2022


Height: 5'7” - 170 cm

Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg

Physique: Athletic


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05/19/202205/20/2022ManhattanNew York
05/20/202205/21/2022WashingtonDistrict of Columbia

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    04/29/2022 New Orleans Area
    Lora cross and Lexi art

Doubles, Customs, Privates
Mud wrestling
Oil wrestling


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1 month ago

Let me tell everyone about a WONDERFUL session here in Michigan, that I had with the AMAZING LEXI ART, WAY back in November, but realized that I had never got around to telling people about it…. I think when I first realized this, I was truly ashamed & later, tried to rectify this, but by then SessionGirls had this BRAND NEW WEBSITE, that I hadn’t given ANY testimonials on yet, & when I tried, I had SO many issues with it, until just recently, because I didn’t know what I was doing-lol…. So NOW, here I AM after finally figuring out how to maneuver around to this review page…. But here’s what I wanted to say about Lexi & I’ll sum it up first, with one simple word….. (WOW)!!!…. So, SEXY, So amazingly FIT, & So incredibly STRONG!!!… That’s how (I) would describe her….. Like a lot of these GREAT people on here have already said…. She has the perfect name…. Her body TRULY IS, sculpted like a WORK of ART!!!… She is already one of the BEST SESSION girls OUT there if you’re asking me, & I know she’s only been around for about 2 years or so… She checks ALL the boxes on what makes a GREAT sessioner… Good looks, sweet personality, positive attitude, & an ability to deliver whatever type of session U may desire… She can be SUPER competitive, because of her unbelievable strength, plus she’s become a REALLY solid wrestler (& has been dedicated to her local dojo & works SO HARD at perfecting her skills)… But she can also give you some excellent roleplay, mixed in with her fighting prowess, because then, you’ll get to enjoy her impressive trash talking while she’s aptly kicking your ASS!!!… Finally, she is INCREDIBLE at lifts & carries… Just look at some of her photos & you’ll understand why… Even though, her muscles may explain, why she’s so powerful, I’m still AMAZED at someone her size lifting up dudes that R twice her size-lol… It’s a testament to her personal trainer’s background, I guess-(lol)… Anyway, she did all of these things to me at our session & made it an unforgettable experience…

1 month ago

very sexy and strong woman. i have a catfight fantasy session whit she.
very nice and hot

2 months ago

I recently had a lift and carry session with LexiArt and her name is fitting. She is a stunning piece of Artwork. She is absolutely beautiful and has perfectly sculpted muscle tone (like a sculpture). I don’t think you will ever come across a more positive person in your life. It is amazing how upbeat and cheerful she is considering all that she is been through and still going through. If you need a smile or some motivation to get you going, talk to her, she is a power of positivity.

Along with her fantastic personality, she is also very strong and determined. I had a great time with her even though she felt a little disappointed in herself for coming up short in my challenges. Which tells me she strives to give her best. I’m 5’9 and 208 lbs and she was able to do 60 piggyback squats with me. That is impressive no matter how you look at it. She promised to come back with vengeance to meet my challenges and I’m eager to see her again and see if she can.

No matter what you may be into, I would recommend LexArt for anything. She is beautiful, great to talk with and aims to please for any session. She also has very pretty feet if that’s your thing. Can’t wait to see her again 😁.