Location: United Kingdom , OTHER, London

Last Activity: 09/29/2023


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus


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🙌 Welcome to the adrenaline-filled realm of Morgana! Unraveling layers of paradoxes, I present myself as the girl-next-door who nurtures a fiery side, and harbors a tantalizingly wicked streak. Years of experience have honed my skills in this unique and exciting world, and it thrills me to extend this fascinating journey to you.

My zest for domination is a proof to my sincere passion for this lifestyle. It is a thrilling journey where I meet diverse people, many of whom have evolved into friends. I’m intrigued by the power-play dynamics and the psychological aspects of domination; the mind games, the art of tease and denial, and the intoxicating adrenaline rush it provokes.

Strength is my asset, but fear not, our session’s intensity will be tailored to your preferences. From light and playful to intensely hard, the spectrum is wide and varied. The sessions can range from sporty and intense to sensual and seductive, mirroring your deepest desires.

I value highly the essence of communication. Upon arrival, a quick chat will set the tone for the session, providing a comfortable environment to discuss your desires and expectations. The clearer your vision, the better the experience. Rest assured, all sessions will respect your individual needs, boundaries, and limits in a safe, sane, and mutually agreeable manner.

😍 My world is an arena that caters to many different fetishes. Let’s escape reality and dive into the thrilling world of domination, even if just for a while.


Contact me via email, providing:

Proposed session date
Desired session type
Preferred session length
Session location
Your body weight/ Hight
Any references / past session history
Relevant medical information

**Any custom videos with me- contact Pippa on [email protected]
Please note: any request for sexual services will be ignored.


📧 Email for timings and tribute


A 20% deposit is required to confirm your booking, payable through Wishtender or Amazon gift cards ONLY. ❌Cancellations must follow specify timeline, or your deposit will be forfeited. Please ensure hygiene and personal grooming before arrival. Any inappropriate behavior or suggestions will result in immediate termination of the session.

If you wish to film our session for personal use, there will be an 🤑 additional charge and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed before filming begins.


Ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience for all parties involved is of utmost importance. Therefore, we ask all clients to kindly adhere to the following cancellation policies:

For sessions in📍London:

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations. If you cancel within this period, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the session, you will be required to pay 100% of the session fee💷 .

For sessions in 📍 other locations:

We operate a 3-day (72 hours) cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 3 days before the session, you will lose your deposit. In case of a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the session, you will be required to pay the full session fee.

Please note, this policy ensures that Morgana can offer the best possible service and availability to all clients.🙌 We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

London at Submission Room, Amanita studio or Hotel (home city)
Manchester (Inquire for availability- follow my twitter for travel updates)

Remember, this is not just a session; it’s a journey we’re embarking on together. Can’t wait to meet you on the mats or in a play studio 👄👄👄.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Humiliation
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Spanking
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Whipping
  • Others: Please email request


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11/09/2023 11/11/2023 Paris OTHER France
12/20/2023 12/26/2023 Dubai OTHER United Arab Emirates

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    11/09/2023 Paris France
    Paris sessions

Travelling with the amazing Lottie LaLay if you fancy double the fun session!!


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13 days ago

I had a day session with the most beautiful girl in Beirut and it was a scissorhold session And it was a great session her scissor unbelievable it’s hard to last more than 10 seconds it was strong and powerful and special Reverse head scissor If Morgana is in your country go to her immediately and wrestling with her was beautiful she beat me

15 days ago

I had a session with Morgana yesterday and I have to say it was the best I’ve ever had. She is an amazing woman with an amazing bum, which i worshipped throughout the session once she beat me up with her thighs and ball busting.

It left me smelling her sweet aroma for the entire day. I am so looking forward to seeing her again soon.

A lovely beautiful lady ,


20 days ago

I had a very enjoyable session with Morgana in London recently. Setting up a session with her was very straight forward and after 2 or 3 emails the session was all booked. I was pretty excited for my session and she didnt disappoint. It was my birthday on the day of the session and it was a day to remember! It was a mixture of semi competitive and dominantion which was amazing. She really is skilled and she delivered everything I wanted in the session. The hour flew by as I was pretty helpless while she was wiping the floor with me enjoying it more and more as the hour went on! I had an amazing time and shes such a lovely friendly lady. If you get chance to session with her…do it!
Thanks Morgana

2 months ago

Had a double session with Morgana and Lottie a few days ago, and it was honestly one of the best session I have ever had, in 20 years of sessioning.

The energy from both ladies was fun, energetic, and bubbly and they bounced off each other really well.

Got everything I asked for and a lot more – sleepers / scissors / facesits / feet smothers and forced worship etc. Nothing quite like being headscissored and facesat at the same time!

Plenty of teasing and verbal humiliation too, and I had the time of my life. I absolutely love these two ladies, not only for the fun sessions they provide, but also for them as people. They’re just lovely and any time spent in their company is time very well spent.

Will continue to book and hopefully spend more time with them in the near future.

2 months ago

So far I’ve only had one session back in January with the gorgeous Morgana. Settling up the session was so easy, I told her what type of session I like and she took all that into account and more, she’s very easy to talk to and has a fantastic sense of humour. She has an amazing strong body! I don’t have a foot fetish but Morgana’s feet are lovely and you can’t help but end up worshipping them. Like I said I’ve only had the one session but will definitely be having more. So I would definitely recommend Morgana to session with.

2 months ago

I had a session with Morgana last month, it was my first time. She was very sweet, helpful and understanding. I had semi competitive mix wrestling session with her which included ballbusting, bit of bondage and various other holds. She is obviously strong but her feet and face sitting smothering are the best! I would definitely recommend her!

2 months ago

I absolutely loved my feet session with Morgana!. Her feet are soo beautiful 😍, soft, warm to touch and not to mention those amazing soles!!. Morgana was so sweet and accommodating plus made me feel super comfortable, I really enjoyed my session with her and I’m already looking to the next one with her❤️.
P.s her voice is absolute gold!

2 months ago

In a word my session (12-7-23) with Morgana was LOVELY.

Morgana is a beautiful, sweet and kind girl and she has beautiful brown eyes and a lovely bubbly personality. She is very friendly at put me at ease straight away.

I asked Morgana for fantasy wrestling with lots of squeezes with her legs. I found out that her lovely legs are very strong and they certainly love to squeeze. In bodyscissors I asked Morgana to increase the pressure slowly and I felt her lovely silky legs get harder as her thigh muscles bulged as they increased the pressure on my torso to a lovely level of pain; at the same time Morgana was being very sweet and stroking my hair.

I got a big and very hard melon for Morgana to crush. Morgana put the melon between her thighs and started to crush it; she was obviously enjoying doing this as she was giggling all the time while the poor melon was getting flatter and flatter. Then all of a sudden Morgana’s thighs squashed the melon and its squashed remains fell on the floor.

I cannot wait to see Morgana again and be squeezed by her!

2 months ago

Morgana gave me my first session in Mid-March, and was great. Strong and sexy as hell, plus she’s a lovely person. As a first-timer she was also perfect at helping me get comfortable with the session.

3 months ago

This is the first review I’ve left, but I’ve seen a few of the Submission Room ladies over the years, and it’s fair to say that every single one of them has been gorgeous, friendly, accommodating – and more than a match for us pathetic fellas! The Submission Room itself is a great venue, too; cosy and intimate, but fully padded – including the walls – so ideal for an energetic session!

So what makes Morgana special? Read on to find out…

Like all the other wrestlers, she was really friendly and helpful in advance, very welcoming on arrival, and took the time to really listen to my likes and dislikes – not that she wasn’t also happy to adapt and try other things as the session progressed.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m rubbish as a wrestler but, even so, I’ve come to prefer semi-competitive matches over fantasy ones; I just find it much more fun if I feel that I’m actively involved in the match, rather than just laying on my back and being dominated – not that that isn’t fun, too! So, it was a semi-competitive match that I wanted with Morgana, with plenty of domination, too, for the (very many) occasions when she had me totally under her control.

As the session went on, Morgana put me through the wringer in a number of ways – schoolgirl pins, grapevines, choke holds, scissors, facesitting, camel clutches and more. At my request, and calibrating them carefully, she also subjected me to a barrage of body punches and kicks – these started off relatively gentle, but gradually ramped up to the point where I’ve still got some bruises as a lovely memento a few days later. On the mats, I had lots of fun trying to resist her powerful holds, but getting a tap out of her was never going to happen. I did manage to very briefly flip her on her back a couple of times, though, although my delight didn’t last long – she immediately took back control, and ensured I was appropriately punished. I was having so much fun, and Morgan had so many different torments to put me through, that I just had to take an impromptu decision to extend the session from 60 to 90 minutes. I could hardly walk by the end!

Apart from Morgana’s gorgeous face and body, her friendliness, adaptability and skills, their were two things that really stood out for me. One was her strength – she really works out, and has an amazingly strong body: I was never in any doubt that she had me totally in her control at all times. The other was the look in her eyes when I’d done something to provoke her – they changed in an instant from a friendly but mocking stare to the look of a furious hellcat. When I saw that look flash up onto her face, I knew I was in for a world of hurt!

I had the most amazing time with Morgana, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, regardless of your confidence, skill level or interest in specific scenarios. She’s an amazing, lovely person who I can’t wait to meet again – once my bruises have gone, that is!

3 months ago

I’ve had several sessions with this beautiful, but more importantly lovely lady.

She is very friendly, easy to communicate and chat to, bubbly, and put me at ease very quickly whenever we meet.

She takes time to make sure that the session is exactly what you want, and really seems to enjoy what she does!

I usually ask for a mix of fantasy/domination wrestling with knockouts, and victory posing/feet smothers/forced foot worship. She is fantastic at all of this!

Her scissors and wrestling holds are very powerful and she was able to put me to sleep in her strong embrace in seconds!

What usually follows is plenty of feet smothering and forced toe sucking / feet licking (she had sexy feet btw!) and she definitely seems to enjoy this.

Most of our sessions were spent with her frequently laughing at my useless attempts to defend myself! She has a great sense of humour, and is one of those session wrestlers where I felt we ‘clicked’, which helps to make our sessions both fun and memorable.

I’ve got a lot of time for this lovely lady. Strongly advise you book her while you can! Her sessions are superb, and you’ll have great fun (whilst being squished and smothered to a pulp!)