Katarina “The Domme Kat” Pierce


Location: United States , New York, New York

Last Activity: 03/01/2024


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm

Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg

Physique: Curvy

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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My smile should scare you. But only after boundaries and desires are discussed.

Call me Katarina. When you submit, you’ll call me ⛓️Domina Katarina⛓️… if you can manage to talk while being squashed and stepped on. 😈

I’ve been told I’m casually cruel, a compassionate sadist… and oftentimes a bit of a dick. 😹 I’m a ProDomme, fetish wrestler, Humiliatrix, sadist, hedonist and exhibitionist. I promise you, it’s a 🔥hot🔥 cocktail.

Rear-naked chokes and guillotines are my favorite competitive submissions but watch out for these thick thighs and this big butt.

Whether I’m trash talking you on the mats, suffocating you with my incredible ass or pouring hot wax on your chest, you won’t ever forget The Domme Kat Experience.

To book your time with me, please complete . The answers you provide on that form will help me create a pleasurable experience for us both.

Hugs, kisses, pegs & pisses,

Domina Katarina

P.S. Let me know on your booking form if you’d like the option of a recorded session. A filmed session is a great way to truly get the custom clip of your dreams.

REMEMBER PLEASE: No memo on CashApp & use only a 🌈rainbow emoji for Venmo.

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

Sessiongirl Services

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Grappling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Foxy
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Crossdressing
  • Electro Play
  • Face Sitting
  • Foot Fetish
  • Giantess
  • Hosiery
  • Humiliation
  • Latex/Leather/PVC
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Smoking
  • Spanking
  • Strap-on
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Water sports
  • Wax Play
  • Whipping
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
04/27/2024 04/28/2024 Poughkeepsie New York United States

My Gallery


    03/08/2024 51 W. 14th Street (3rd floor), Manhattan NYC
    Surrender: Wrestling & Ass-phyxiation (fetish wrestling party with mini-sessions)

Curious about wrestling fetish?
Come to our house party with wrestling mats!


All types of wrestling are welcome at Surrender: tickle, pins, bondage, strip, primal, submissions, BJJ, struggle play. Come with friends or alone! A play partner isn’t guaranteed, but we do our best to match up guests who want to get on the mats.

Friday, March 8
6 p.m. – 11 p.m.
virtual ticket option available

Surrender is one party with lots to do!

  • Wrestle on the open public mat with the friends you bring and the ones you’ll make
  • Learn safety and maybe a few new moves
  • Connect with providers
  • BYOB and hang with likeminded friends
  • Enjoy elevated treats
  • Decompress in the cuddle puddle room and experience electro play
  • Get a tattoo
  • Buy SW Survival Guide rainbow pride merch (Proceeds help keep our events free!)

Join us on FetLife to stay in-the-know for upcoming parties, connect with fetish wrestling community and get extra details on each party. Have a question? Check out the FAQs posted there.


Never wrestled? This is the perfect place to try it! The party begins with lessons, demos and primers on wrestling safety and basic moves.

Referees will be available on the public mat to keep us all from smashing into each other. Matchmakers can help find you a wrestling or role play match up with another guest.

Always ASK before touching anyone. If someone is violating your boundaries or harassing you, please speak to Katarina, GlittersaurusRex, referees/mat safety monitors or volunteers. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. If you feel something, say something, and we will help.

This is a space for everyone to feel welcome. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

The space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.



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2 years ago

I should probably say it better. The Domme kat gives one of the best Catball sessions ever, we both love to roll and we got into a tight catball and pretty much just rolled. She’s really strong also, her headlocks are really impressive. She’s also really sweet and patient and just fun to be around. I can’t wait to roll around the mats with her again.

10 months ago

I had a session with Katarina earlier this month and it was out of this world! First of all, she’s sexy as hell, with amazing hips and thighs and a great booty. She’s also very professional when it comes to setting up the session and catering to your kinks.

Her face-sitting, leg scissors, and grapevines twisted me like a pretzel and crushed me like a grape. She had a naturally dominant personality, so this isn’t merely a job for her, and that made the session even more exciting.

Her role-playing and smack talking was 10/10, and when she put on that animal-print zentai suit I felt like a helpless little baby antelope being stalked and pounced on by a sexy tigress. I was shaking in fear but so turned on, and as I tried to escape she dragged me to her by my ankle and then crushed me with her thighs.

Thank you so much for a great time Domina!

1 year ago

The Domme Kat is great. She was very responsive via email and like others have mentioned below, her mix of great looks personality and knowledge of holds will make sessions of all lengths fly by. She also isn’t a time watcher and can literally make your session dreams come true.

1 year ago

Purrrrfect beauty and amazing athleticism.

Domme Kat is very professional, pretty, powerful and a true Domina. I didn’t stand a chance against Her strength as Her takedowns were so quick that I just kept finding myself in the grasp of Her submissions. Her legs are immensely strong and extremely difficult to escape from.

There were too many submissions to keep track of but I definitely recall how She is very talented with her foot submissions. She also has such a pleasent voice that will soothe you at first only to end up finding yourself tapping shortly after. She has an excellent pace and was cool with letting me rest a bit as I caught my breath.

I learned after much struggling that my place is at the fantastic feet of Domme Kat and I was too powerless to resist after she wiped the floor with me on the mat.

Highly recommend having a session with Domme Kat!

– Shindigity

Last edited 1 year ago by nyjets1080
1 year ago

Domme Kat is one of the most professional Ladies in the business. She knows Her stuff and does thorough check-ups with Her clients. She is also quite talented with wrestling and Her scissors. You will have a really fun time when grapple with Her. Don’t miss out!

2 years ago

I had a double with Kim Chi and Domina Katarina when they both came to Charlotte, my first ever, and it’s a little weird to write about – part of what made the experience so great was the two of them working in tandem, but to the best of my knowledge, I can’t leave a double review on this site. Hopefully I’ll be able to separate them both well enough to do them both justice in different reviews, because they both deserve as much.

Domina Katarina has a lot of qualities that stand out for me, and I’ll lay them out, but I think her strongest asset was her professionalism. I’ve been doing session for a relatively short amount of time, but I’m starting to feel there’s a difference between session wrestlers who started out as dommes and came into wrestling from there, and women who came into it from unrelated fields. Katarina is in the former camp, and she brings a lot of the energy you’d expect from a top-class dominatrix – the attitude, the experience, the attention, the care. This is a woman who’s used to and comfortable with dominating, but you never feel unsafe with her.

For example, I brought wax candles along – I’d bought them on a lark not long ago, but hadn’t thought they’d get use here. While I’ve sessioned with some great women, I can’t say I’d trust all of them to use fire around my body, especially while I’m tied up. From talking to her, even in a short while, I could see she knew how to handle them, had used candles before, and wouldn’t do me any real harm.

For this trust, I was rewarded with a great experience, and discovered I was into something far more than I expected to be. I love discovering new things about myself, it’s a big reason I’m into sessioning, and if you feel like I do, you’ll find Domina Katarina to be a great session.

She’s fun, she’s energetic, she’s smart, but she’s strong, too – stronger than I was expecting. I’m in decent shape for my age, and she was able to work her way around me fairly easy and get in some good submissions. She’s learning fast, and I can only imagine how she’ll improve in the coming months and years. She’s definitely someone who enjoys what she does, and that’s only going to take her further and further.

2 years ago

I was filmed in a scene with The Domme Kat a couple years ago. It was my first time ever being filmed and in front of a camera like that and was a bit nervous to say the least.

My nervousness subsided upon walking in and meeting Katarina. She was/is super sweet, welcoming, and comforting. Very professional in everything that She did/does. We had an excellent day of filming and I definitely would recommend a session (or 2 or 10) with Katarina “The Domme Kat” Pierce. She truly is the best!!!!!

2 years ago

One of the best session providers ever!!!! She gives a roll awesome catball match, one of the best rolls ever!!