Sara Lips


Location: Ireland , OTHER, Dublin & London

Last Activity: 04/29/2024


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm

Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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Hi, I’m Sara, welcome to my profile 🙂

I have been offering sessions for a number of years now and like to think of myself as well versed and experienced in the session world. If I had to describe myself I would say that I like to think of myself as that kind of girl next door, who is a bit bad ass with a mean streak who certainly loves to kick ass! This lifestyle is a true passion of mine and I love meeting new people from all walks of life, many of whom I can now call friends.

Over the years I have certainly got a reputation for being one of the most sadistic out there due to the videos I have filmed for scissor foxes, scissor vixens, doom maidens, brutal beauties, red rampage and more! Please note however whenever I am like this on camera it is a persona and sessions can certainly be altered and tailored to whatever intensity you have in mind whether you like it  light and playful to hard and intense

My style of sessions are wide and varied, from sporty, intense &  playful to sensual and seductive

For me I truly love to push peoples boundaries and get off on the power play dynamic, as well as the mental psychosis of domination, playing & fucking with your mind , teasing to creating that fight or flight  feeling for all those adrenaline junkies out there! Sessions are a mental and physical playground of fun and fantasy. They should feel intimate and connected.

Communication is vital to this element of connection and will help to make our time together more fulfilling and enjoyable. When you arrive for your session,  I like for us to introduce ourselves to each other and have a quick chat together. Giving you the opportunity to discuss your interest’s with me in person before we commence, if you desire to do so.   The more you tell me about exactly what you would like to experience, the more likely we are going to achieve it. This is no time to be shy. Your session will always be tailor-made to your individual needs, miscommunication often leads to disappointment, so I believe it plays an impeccable part to having a great time together. All limit’s and boundaries will  also be respected in a safe, sane and mutually agreeable session

I cater for a wide range of fetishes and love to play, we all need a bit of downtime and escape from the real world now and then. On my website, Sara Lips Wrestling, you will find a lot more detail in regards to the kind of sessions, fetishes and domination I cater for so I would encourage you to check it out and make yourself familiar with it before contacting me. If for whatever reason there is something you have in mind that you do not see mentioned of my profile too, feel free to email me and I can let you know if I offer it or not

Please note a deposit is needed for all bookings, no exceptions are made. When I’m not touring the world, you can find me in London and Dublin.

Services Offered

Sessiongirl Services

  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Grappling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Scissoring
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Muscle Admmiratuin
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Crossdressing
  • Face Sitting
  • Foot Fetish
  • Hosiery
  • Humiliation
  • Latex/Leather/PVC
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Spanking
  • Strap-on
  • Tickling
  • Trampling


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
05/19/2024 05/19/2024 London OTHER United Kingdom
05/20/2024 05/21/2024 Milan OTHER Italy
05/21/2024 05/23/2024 Zurich OTHER Switzerland
05/27/2024 05/29/2024 Dublin OTHER Ireland
05/29/2024 05/31/2024 Vienna OTHER Austria
06/03/2024 06/06/2024 Paris OTHER France
06/06/2024 06/07/2024 Nice OTHER France
06/19/2024 06/22/2024 London OTHER United Kingdom
07/05/2024 07/06/2024 Barcelona OTHER Spain

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5 months ago

What more can I say that hasn’t been covered! I met her for the first time and had one of my best sessions ever. First of all, she is exceptionally prettier than even her pictures and she is an absolutely great communicator (she truly wants to understand exactly what you like). It’s very easy to be comfortable around her as she’s very friendly and intelligent. We started of with some scissoring domination and her legs are wickedly powerful that will leave you begging for mercy if she pleases but she’s excellent at pushing you to your limits but not any farther. After I was as submitted as I possibly could be to her, she subjected me to facesitting and many hand smothers taking my breath away in more ways than one! Highly recommend anyone to book with her if she’s in your town!

5 months ago

I had a session with Sara today. First she is beyond gorgeous, her pictures do not do her justice. Her accent is so sexy and her eyes are so inviting. Her scissors are inescapable and her smothering is out of this world. She is beyond friendly and very intelligent. We had a great conversation before and after the session. If you have a chance to session with her I recommend you do.

5 months ago

Third session and ninth hour spent with Sara in Paris, and still amazed every time by this lady.
Not only she’s still one of the most humble and talented girl in the session world, she’s also incredibly pretty and probably sporting one of the best shape out there.
Communication is precise and swift as always, and Sara always takes time to understand what makes you tick while putting you at ease.
I always go for some mix of fantasy and domination, and I’ve never been disappointed with Sara. She introduced me to the world of sessions back in 2017 and I can’t recommend her enough, wether you’re first timer or having dozens of sessions under your belt.

6 months ago

Irish Eyes are beguiling…..

Fantastic session with Sara in Chicago. She just keeps better with every session and I am a four time repeat customer. The excitement of opening the hotel room door and seeing this Irish vixen in the flesh is palpitating. She is the perfect combination of wholesome woman and beautiful athletic tigress.. Feminine loveliness with real muscles but still a woman all the way. She’ll put you at ease with small talk in her sexy Irish accent. I like to start a session with a little worship, gently feeling her shoulders, arms and surprisingly hard, big biceps. She’ll play along doing a double bicep pose which wets my appetite to think I will be soon be entangled in those arms. I also like the old fashioned test of strength. Arms raised, fingers interlocked, her soft hands holding mine, feeling her overpower me as she lowers my hands inside out. Her physique is strong, yet still a woman no doubt.

Then its like she says enough of this. Before I know it she throws me on the bed. There is no escaping her holds. I find myself hopelessly at her mercy. Her knees on top of me trapping me with no escape. Flipping me over and scissoring me with her powerful thighs. I try to put up some resistance but its no use, she is just too strong. All along she’ll sprinkle in taunts in that sexy Irish lilt of hers. “You know a girl is too much, for you….what’s the matter, what’s it like submitting to a woman,” All along flexing those arms, doing a double bicep pose while helplessly under her spell.

8 months ago

Another Awesome Experience!

Almost two days past a month since I had my second session with Sara and as usual she is easy to set up a session with and came to my city of Bristol again.

She is always looking fantastic and is happy to change her or outfit if you so wish, I didn’t make any specific requests in that regard because I was more interested in adding some additions to our session which would allow her to put me in more holds than she did previously.

Sara met me in the lobby of her hotel and we took the lift up to her room, it’s hard for me to take my eyes off her as she is gorgeous.

The Session: We started on our knees and then before I knew it I was stuck and remained that way through the session. Sara as usual exceeded my expectations agin and this being our second session I think she cranked up the pressure more so from last time while I was trapped in her Headscissors (front and reverse). She effortlessly controlled, pinned, smothered, choked and dominated me just like last time and I loved every second of it. There no feeling like being in a Camel Clutch while a gorgeous, strong and skilled woman places her arms around your neck for a Sleeper Hold. Right before the end she pinned my arms above my head and tied my hands just as I had asked for, then I could do more than nothing except let her have her way with me (as if she wasn’t already before that moment lol).

I genuinely adore Sara and the effort she puts into our sessions, she will read and respond to any request you might have and will try to make your session the best you’ve ever had and I can’t to see her again.

Much Appreciation

Chris xx

11 months ago

Hello everyone, … !
How do I start? This session with Sara Lips was prepared so well by her, my compliments for that. Sarah leaves nothing to chance. The session is optimally tailored to the wishes and ideas of your “victim” because I wasn’t a real opponent. Sara is too good, too strong, super dominant, which I like again. You have a beautiful toned body, amazing and surprising. Techniques, mega scissors and handles. She’s super nice, but respect is very important to her. Stick to their rules and it will be a great session. I’m still impressed and excited. Thank you Henry xx

1 year ago

Awesome Experience.

My name is Christopher and today I had a session with Sara and it has taken a long time because the first time she was going to come to Bristol she had to cancel because of cancellations from other possible clients who pulled out at the last minute. After all of the Covid lockdowns Sara finally came back to Bristol.

Sara is wonderful to communicate with and reads the details of your emails and responds promptly. She read and took in all the info of what I was looking for in a session and certainly took the intensity to another level for sure.

When I met Sara today, she is gorgeous to say the least. Very soft spoken and her lovely Irish accent is heaven on the ears.

The Session:
We chatted and got to know one another and about what I was looking for in our session and then I got changed and once I came out I was greeted with a bearhug (that I asked for) and then promptly thrown onto my back on the floor and was continually, pinned, smothered, arm bared, bodyscissored, headscissored & choked into complete submission.

I was also teased in certain positions and couldn’t do much about my predicament and then she ended the teasing in an interesting and inescapable position.

A fantastic session all around and a brutal woman if you ask her to go all the way on the pain scale but you won’t last gents, trust me, It’s better to ask for “Naughty & Nice” than “Hard” if you want to breath properly afterwards.

1 year ago

The best in the business!!

I’ve seen Sara three times and there are none better. So beautiful, strong, and skilled. She is very creative with her holds and can be very dominant in session. She will make you beg for mercy and will let you go, when she’s ready.

I gave her some session ideas in an email prior to meeting and she hit my session wishes on the nose. She knew exactly what I wanted, before I walked in the door….

After and hour of being thoroughly dominated and tortured, she hit the “off switch” and we had a nice chat before I left. Very nice and intelligent lady. I can’t wait to see her again…

1 year ago

I had my second session with Sara in September 2022 after my first session 12 months earlier, which was so good that I couldn’t book my next session with anyone else but Sara.
As usual, Sara paid great attention to detail in terms of discussing what I enjoyed and wanted out of the session.
Needless to say Sara looked incredible and was a sight to behold wearing stocking and suspenders which provided me with a great view during the session.
I asked for a scissorhold session and Sara’s thighs were absolutely merciless in crushing me. In particular, Sara’s bodyscissors were very powerful. It felt like being crushed by a boa constrictor and forced me tap which in them I had not done in other session. I also got to experience Sara’s reverse bodyscissor which was very hot, particularly watching Sara’s thing clad glutes flexing whilst she crushed me. Then there was an array of crushing and smother headscissors which completely dominated me.
I am now already looking forward to my next session with Sara.

1 year ago

I met Sara when she came to Paris for fantasy wrestling and submission wrestling
We communicated by email, the answers were quick and clear. Sara is super professional, listens and incredibly kind.She knows how to put you at ease when it’s your first session,What was my case, and the least one can say is that I was nervous.We discussed at the beginning of the session so that everything was clear and to know if I was going to other requests.Regarding the session,his scissors are incredibly powerful,she always took care that it was always within the limits acceptable to me.She went there quietly with me as had been asked of her and at the end of the session she set me up for a short moment what she could actually do at the level of the pressure of his legs,And even if she did not go to the maximum, it is ultra powerful believed me!! If this is your first session you can go there with your eyes closed, you will have an incredible experience, as it was for me. My sessions went exactly as agreed.
I thank Sara and I long to see her again for another session.

Last edited 1 year ago by bruno83
1 year ago

Sara is beautiful and amazingly strong in person, more so that you might expect from her photos. She immediately set me at ease with small talk and direct questions to clarify how I’d like the session to go. Before our session I had emailed her a fairly detailed description, which she had thoroughly digested. But the clarifications helped sharpen the experience. Then, she completely took over and delivered! Don’t miss an opportunity to session with the dominant and powerful Sara Lips!

1 year ago

Ultimate time she came in Milan . I’m returned do private session with a femfighter or better : Alpha Woman . Yes because Sara is my prefer European Alpha woman . What i do of our session ?. It’s incredible , emotionally , exciting session for all i did together . I think it’s not necessary say nothing else , thanks again .

2 years ago

Had the pleasure of doing a session with Sara today. It was just incredible.

First, she’s great at communication and finding out what you want for your session and talking through it before the session. Second when i got there she did everything she could to make me feel comfortable before the session.

Once the session started and the wrestling match began she was amazing. Our session was a wrestling and foot domination session and let me tell you. She’s amazingly strong and knows a ton of holds and pins. But on top of that she has beautiful feet and knew exactly how to use them on me.

10/10 and can’t wait to get the chance to meet up again in the future.

2 years ago

Best session of my life.
Sara is very strong and highly skilled both
at wrestling and domination. She can make reality better than dreams
Beautiful and an absolute sweetheart on top of that

2 years ago

Today I had the privilege of meeting Sara on her tour of Italy.
Perhaps to simply say that expectations have been exceeded by reality is putting it mildly.
Sara is not only much more beautiful than her photos suggest, but she is also a beautiful person with a great personality and a remarkable attention to the needs and desires of those she meets.
Obviously always with the utmost respect for each other’s limits.
She is very good, but you have to remember that she is a Woman and you have to show her the utmost respect.
You will be amply rewarded.
The time passed magnificently in her company and if I could I would have stayed longer.
A wonderful body with the smile and soul of a great woman.
If she happens to be in your area, don’t miss the chance to meet her.
You will be amazed!

2 years ago

When 90 minutes feels like 90 seconds, you know the session was more than worth it. At 190cm, I thought it would be a walkover and ignorantly underestimated Sara’s strength and speed but got absolutely dominated. I stopped keeping scores when it got to 4:0 and knew she would inevitably only rack up more victories.
Sara is also absolutely intelligent and communication was seamless (sometimes telepathic). In summary, I had a good time.