Location: Germany , Berlin

Last Activity: 06/29/2022


Height: 5'5” - 165 cm

Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg

Physique: Curvy


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Uzi is a wrestler by passion and has a strong motivation to finish her opponents. She never gives up, has a lot of energy and endurance, and simply loves rolling around on the mats!

She’s a gymrat and is constantly working on her strength and fitness. She loves to dance too but also enjoys to slap, choke and punch here and there (if desired), and likes herself a little catfight from time to time. To keep herself fit, weightlifting is what she’s doing on a daily basis and with lots of passion.

Uzi is into fetish gear but she can do sporty or girl next door too. Feel free to ask her for the outfit you’d like to see.

Located in Berlin, this is the best place to meet for a session.

Please introduce yourself, be kind, elaborate on what you’re interested in, let me know for which city you’d like to book – don’t just write one sentence. I’d like to know you a little before we meet.
Inquiries ONLY for services listed on my profile.
References of other wrestlers you’ve met are very helpful.
No phone calls/chats/DMs. Please respect that I organize my sessions through mail.



Email for bookings: [email protected]

Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, 2 on 1 Wrestling, Couples Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Boxing, Fantasy Boxing, Fantasy Catfighting, 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches, Tag Team Matches, Female vs Female, Scissoring, PosingModeling, Belly PunchingIn-Gym, Training


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1 month ago

I’ve had my first session with Uzi in late April. We met in Cologne. She was actually fully booked but spontaneously added a slot in the morning. I’m so glad she did. The session was very pleasant and I would have preferred to stay for longer than the 60 minutes that my schedule allowed for.

There seems to be quite some agreement in the community that Uzi is very pretty and fun to be with. I fully agree. The entire setup of the session was fun and easy, and so was the session itself. Or rather, it was certainly fun but not always easy for me.

Uzi is not a trained fighter like some of the other girls on this website. But once she got me into a hold, I often found it hard to escape. She did squeeze quite a few taps out of me. Her beautiful smile compensates for any lack of martial arts training because with it, she could easily tear down my defenses.

That having said, Uzi does not really lack anything. She’s quite a woman. And as joselecer has already written a bit down below in the review section, remembering your session with Uzi will make you smile. Don’t miss her, if she’s around.

Due to my tight schedule, I don’t manage to travel around to do sessions. For Uzi, I will certainly make an exception and visit her in Berlin.

1 month ago

Ich hatte in München eine Session mit uzi und bin begeistert. Sie hat viel Ausdauer und Kraft. Wir haben auch sehr viel gelacht 😂
Eine sehr hübsche Frau , so sympathisch 👌🏻
Aufjedenfall zum empfehlen
Zum Schluss haben wir uns auf Unentschieden geeinigt 😏

1 month ago

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Uzi in Berlin for my very first session and I had, without any doubt, one of the most amazing experiences ever. Definitely some of the best two hours in my life! 

Uzi is not only an amazing person who does everything she can to reassure you and ensure you are comfortable, she’s also incredibly strong and beautiful. Communication was very quick and fluid, planning was no problem. Her location in Berlin is very spacious and easily accessible. There’s a chance to shower both before and after the session, and she’ll readily offer water during the session. All in all, the logistics were amazing! 

As for the session itself, I was beyond amazed. Not only is she beautiful beyond belief, her strength is amazing! She had me on the ground in seconds, locked in a myriad of powerful and varied holds I couldn’t even dream of escaping. Beware her thighs, they are truly deadly traps! The fun goes beyond the mats as well, for Uzi is an incredibly kind and interesting woman. Conversations between rounds were just as fun as the wrestling itself! At the end of those magical two hours, and after a hearty goodbye, I left exhausted and sore, but happier than ever before! I was sore for days after our session, but every time I felt the soreness I couldn’t help but smile once I remembered the session. I almost wish I was left sore for longer! All in all, you shouldn’t miss the chance of booking with Uzi, especially if you are in Berlin!

Once more, thank you very much for an amazing session, Uzi! I really enjoyed your recommendations as well.

2 months ago

Letzten Freitag hatte ich meine erste Session mit Uzi. Ich war sehr nervös, aber das ging ganz schnell vorbei als sie mir mit einem Lächeln die Türe öffnete. Die Begrüßung war sehr herzlich als ob wir uns schon ewig kennen würden.
Nach einem kurzen Gespräch ging es auch schon auf die Matte. Sie hat viel Kraft und tolle Techniken drauf. Ich war schnell in Ihren Griffen gefangen, wo es sehr schwer ist wieder rauszukommen. Ihre freundliche und herzliche Art behält sie während des Kampfes bei. Manchmal ist sie ein klein bißchen hinterhältig, aber das gehört dazu.
Die Session mit Uzi machen riesigen Spaß, sind nur leider viel zu schnell vorbei.
Freue mich schon jetzt sie wieder treffen zu können. Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen eine Session mit ihr zu buchen. Es lohnt sich echt.

3 months ago

I had the pleasure of having a session with Uzi, it was the first time I had a similar experience, it was incredible, Uzi is a very good and beautiful girl very kind, she put me at ease and knew how to make me relax to enter the right mood and have fun, fighting against her is something wonderful, she is really strong, it is really very difficult to knock her out, almost impossible. it is impossible to get out of his headscissor you are forced to give up, I don’t know what else to add except that it was one of the most interesting experiences in my life, if you have the opportunity to book a session don’t miss it, I can’t wait Uzi come back to Paris soon for an upcoming challenge…❤️❤️❤️

3 months ago

I finally had the chance to meet Uzi in Paris last night, and i had one of my best mixed wrestling sessions so far. She’s now on my top 3 session girls.

The communication was so easy and very friendly and we scheduled a session very quick.

The day of our session she welcomed me in front of the building with a beautiful smile. The welcome was very warm as if we were friends for a long time 🙂 wich made things easier for me since i’m a little bit shy.

She’s very cute and she have an angelic face and a perfect fit body. we had a little chat before we start the session where she wanted to confirm with me my likes and dislikes during the session and if i have any health problems.

After that we started to test our strength and she really surprised me, i was expecting to meet a strong girl but not that strong ^^’

Despite that i’m taller and bigger than her she proved to me that she’s the stronger one.

After that we started wrestling and in no time she was able to find her way to make me tap.

She tried different position and different holds and my only escape was tapping, she was really toying with me ^^’
i was able to win some points, but for that my only solution was cheating, i attacked her from behind and despite that i wasnt able to get easy point ^^’.

I really enjoyed every second of our session, the only thing that i regret is that i didn’t book a longer session.

If you’re willing to meet a barbie girl that can really kick your ass than i totaly recommand UZI 🙂

Hope to see u soon Uzi in Paris or maybe in Berlin 😉

4 months ago

I had the privilege to meet Uzi in her last tour in Milan, I can say that live she is better than in photos.
A girl not only beautiful and strong but with a great personality.
Very clean, careful and accurate in finding the right balance for a perfect session.
She deserves a deep respect and admiration.
If you get the chance, do not miss the opportunity to meet her.

5 months ago

After meeting her friend Paksi twice on the past years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Uzi on her last trip in Paris.

I must say she’s everything you can ask for a session girl…

  • Communication was a breeze, both by e-mail and during the session, as Uzi is fluent in English.
  • I’m always cautious with my wardrobe requests, because I know traveling with too much luggage can be tough, but I’ve been spoiled even beyond what I could hope.
  • Uzi had booked a very neat place where we could wrestle without being annoyed by the walls or furnitures (not that easy in Paris and every major city where renting large places is expensive). Plus #1: She brought a very nice set of mats. Plus #2: it was on ground floor! I’m always uncomfortable when it’s in the upper floors of a building: wrestling makes noise and vibrations so it’s not cool for the neighbours living under and you don’t want to get bothered by them during the session or knowing the session girl might have issues after your leave.
  • Taking care of you with some water and offering you to shower before and after the session.
  • Skilled at what she does and always making sure you’re safe (btw I’m always impressed by the ability of deciphering muffled noises)
  • Extremely kind and genuinely interested to what you are and your interests in life. Well at least between rounds, because she can be less kind on the mats if that’s what you request from her: I told you she aimed at fulfilling your wishes!

On top of that, an extremely fit body, an attractive face and a gorgeous smile! Feet lovers, beware, they’re not only nice to watch (and kiss, if you behave), they’re kind of attached to… er… legs, and the whole thing can kick hard!
Last but not least, Uzi takes great care of her skin, extremely smooth. Really, at one point she removed her comfy yoga leggings and I couldn’t tell the difference.

I can only advise you to book her if she travels near you or if you plan to visit Berlin. Same applies to her friends Paksi and Rage Shieldmaiden, whom you can book for some trouble.