Brigit Heart


Location: United States , New York

Last Activity: 05/10/2022


Height: 5'3” - 160 cm

Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Brigit can be initially sweet when you meet her, but once the session starts she turns into a powerhouse who does not stop until she is on top.

She has an incredibly strong, flexible and beautiful body and is skilled in submission wrestling. However, this is nothing compared to her overwhelming sensual dominance. She will have you on the floor begging for her mercy in every way. Being in her presence is a gift because she brings so much joy to everything that she does, including, and especially, overpowering men.

To book, email [email protected] with
1. detailed request of the type of session you would like
2. desired time/date of session

@BrigitHeart is on Twitter – follow to find out more about her tours.
She is also part of the @KinkAstoria group and does livestreaming/videos upon request.

Services Offered

Phone Chat, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, 2 on 1 Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-JitsuJiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Foxy, Female vs Female, Tickle Wrestling, Scissoring, Lift and Carry, Training


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9 days ago

Each time I see Brigit, she continues to exceed all of my expectations and has helped me learn more about my interests and fantasies.

I have felt so comfortable sharing parts of myself that I almost never share with anybody else. I think, mostly because she has natural intellectual and emotional intelligence as well as a genuine interest and care for others.

What I find most sexy about her is that she is very clear and communicative about what she likes and does not like and will not compromise her own dominance and pleasure for others. If you are looking for a strong, beautiful and real woman, Brigit is the person to see!

16 days ago

Was in NYC recently and reached out to Brigit. Texted her for a next day session and she was immediately responsive. We were on the phone together within 15 minutes and had an easy conversation about what I was looking for. We set a time and although I’ve sessioned a lot over the years, she is the first I recall showing up exactly on time the next day.
Her pictures are gorgeous and in person she is even prettier with a tight, super fit body. We met at my hotel so she was wearing a t-shirt style top with a long, loose fitting dress. We talked for a while and she is a delightful conversationalist, smart, informed, interested and interesting, great sense of humor and a lovely combination of sly and mischievous, all of which carried beautifully into the session. After a bit she did a handstand against the hotel room door and her dress flopped around her head, great view of her bikini bottom and amazing legs 👌
I was looking for a fantasy session where she took charge, and boy did she!! Great scissors and pins, she’s super strong and flexible. Best of all she kept reminding me who was in charge and completely bent me to her will.
The session was a home run in every way, can’t wait to meet again and the next time I’m in NY.
Session with Brigit for sure if you like playful dominance, and I have no doubt that she’d be willing to be less playful and more demanding if that’s your thing. Awesome lady 😊

16 days ago

I enjoy the allure of beauty and charm, so Brigit was just the kind of Venus fly trap I was looking for! Arranging an ideal session was smooth, since she is communicative and clear, as well as a good listener. Then boy does her strength and power comes through on the mat! Brigit is as feisty and fun as she looks. She clearly loves to dominate as much as I enjoy being pinned and squeezed. I found it easy for our dynamic to be vibrant and playful, and she utilized every muscle in her body with creative and mischievous energy. Brigit’s knowledge and spirit are top notch, so she is able to engage my fantasies with incredible ease. You better believe I will return for a rematch…

Old Reviews


My first session with Brigit was 2 hours and I introduced her to my favorite roleplay. Even though it was a bit out of her ordinary repertoire she was a great sport and I think we both enjoyed the session. Second time around it was a last minute thing and she was able to squeeze me in for an hour. Having already sessioned with her we got right into the session and the hour went by much too fast. Her pictures are accurate and she goes out of her way to make sure you enjoy your session. Looking forward to the next time we meet for another multi hour session.


My first ever SG review! But I had to, because I have had two great sessions with Brigit and I can’t stand the fact that I don’t see any good reviews for her. I see that there is a review complaining that she did not respond to an email. I recommend texting her, because I got a very quick response when I texted. As for the session, she was awesome and a lovely person as well. Her face is beautiful (you can’t tell from the pix), and the rest of her looks like the pix, so obviously also awesome. Don’t miss out!


She is absolutely merciless. She knocked me out multiple times and she made my face purple. She was so fucking strong and I was no match for her. She put me in a lotus gold and she almost broke my hands. She only let me go when I begged and I told her that she is the Supreme Goddess and that I submit to being her little bitch. You all don’t know how many times I had to lick her feet and her ass. She is so dominant and I think that no man on earth is strong enough to face this Goddess