Goddess D


Location: United States , Cleveland

Last Activity: 11/20/2022


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm

Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg

Physique: Curvy


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I am a professional Domme and content creator, specializing in scissorholds, facesitting and fantasy wrestling. I have approximately 4 years of experience with sessioning and am looking to be more active in that space, hence creating this profile. Although this profile is new as of November I have many satisfied repeat clients and will be working to have some of them leave reviews as soon as possible.

I’m located in Cleveland and travel a fair amount. Most clients book Me for facesitting sessions, often with wrestling holds mixed in. When traveling on the road I usually have My famous “smotherbench” with Me, which is an option for a session.

I do not offer competitive wrestling but have worked with many talented competitive wrestlers and have picked up a few things here and there. In addition to these types of sessions, I am open to certain other non-sexual Femdom related activities. Also despite the lack of grappling experience, I do happen to have martial arts training, but it just doesn’t come into play easily in sessions. I am a black belt in Isshinryu karate.

Please email for a comprehensive list of protocols which address references and additional vetting procedures in lieu of references.

My rates for a typical hotel session are $400 for the first hour and $250 for each additional hour. If a rented playspace is being used, each additional hour is $300. At least 48 hour notice is appreciated for a booking in order to allow for planning and vetting. If a request is received within 48 hours I may ask a higher rate.

* Quick note – I’ve been on here only a day and have had four people inquire about lift & carry. As much as I wish I could offer that I don’t have confidence I could do it safely. Sorry to disappoint but anything resembling that would have to be done extremely carefully and probably without taking on someone’s entire weight. I’m strong but not a lifter.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Female vs Female
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos


Date BeginsDate EndsCityAreaCountry
11/14/202211/29/2022CLEVELANDOhioUnited States
11/30/202212/01/2022ST LOUISMissouriUnited States
12/01/202212/03/2022KANSAS CITYMissouriUnited States
12/03/202212/05/2022DENVERColoradoUnited States
12/05/202212/06/2022BOISEIdahoUnited States
12/06/202212/09/2022PORTLANDOregonUnited States
12/09/202212/12/2022SAN FRANCISCOCaliforniaUnited States
12/12/202212/15/2022LOS ANGELESCaliforniaUnited States
12/15/202212/17/2022LAS VEGASNevadaUnited States
12/17/202212/19/2022PHOENIXArizonaUnited States
12/19/202212/20/2022ALBUQUERQUENew MexicoUnited States
12/20/202212/22/2022TULSAOklahomaUnited States
12/22/202212/23/2022NASHVILLETennesseeUnited States

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14 days ago

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing an amazing facesitting session with Goddess D before and I can honestly say that no other Goddess made me feel more relaxed and still aroused better than her! 1st off, her body (especially her booty) is insanely sexy, she’s incredibly friendly, and most of all she goes out of her way to make sure that her clients get the most out of what they wish to experience. Her professionalism is top-notch and given the chance I would 100% book another session with her again!

14 days ago

I don’t even know where to begin writing a review for Goddess D. She’s such an amazing person to work with and to have simple fun conversations with. Extremely gorgeous i usually don’t get nervous around women but I do with her always. She knows how I get : ) Very professional and respectful. She’s the only domme I work with her sessions are memorable rewarding and fun! I enjoy the chats with her and I highly recommend her videos. You’re the best Goddess D I’ll always support you ! Keep up the amazing work

15 days ago

I love and adore Goddess D! First, she’s beautiful as her pics can attest. Second, she’s super interesting and fun to talk to and I’ve had several two to three hour sessions with her over the last two or three years. Last but hardly least, she is amazing at putting me in my place physically and mentally! I like breath play, especially being choked and smothered — Goddess D is one of the best at it and I have sessioned with several DOZENS of ladies from this site!!! She honestly grabs me by the throat with such glee, it’s rather awesome! She can go heavy or light depending on what you want, and also switch it up midway. All of her smothers are exquisite as well — butt, breast, feet, etc. If she is visiting your town, sessioning with Goddess D is a MUST! You won’t be disappointed!!

15 days ago

Goddess D is absolutely stunning! I had a session with her while she was traveling through Nashville. And it was by far the best session I’ve ever had. After watching her clips of her smothering, I thought for sure I could handle being her seat. Cause she’s small, so I thought I had a good chance. WRONG! She is so strong and there were many times when I needed to breath, and I couldn’t get air because of how hard she would sit. I was exhausted afterwards, but in the best way. I’d never been pushed to the limit the way she pushed me. But I LOVED it. Gosh she’s so amazing, I’m getting excited just writing this review. If she’s ever in your city, you definitely need to have a session with her, she’s the best in the game. Period.

15 days ago

I booked a session with Goddess D during her travel to New York in June of 2021 and had an absolutely unforgettable session.

She was everything I had fantasized about from years of being a fan of her videos. Goddess D took my breath away, quite literally, with easily my favorite facesitting session that I’ve ever had the pleasure of booking. Being trapped beneath her in her smotherbox was absolute heaven on earth, and she did her best to accommodate my requests that I inquired about prior to the session.

I hope that the stars line up, and that when she next travels out my way, I’ll be available to session with her again.

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