Goddess Talia


Location: United States , Brooklyn

Last Activity: 12/01/2022


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm

Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg

Physique: Athletic


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I am Goddess Talia. A premier pro Domme and wrestler in NYC. I specialize in light/fantasy and semi comp wrestling sessions. I am also a skilled role play artist and love adding storylines to our matches. My athletic build and unbelievable stamina will have you gasping for air while caught between my strong thighs. Don’t let my radiant smile and womanly figure fool you, I am a fierce fighter, highly competitive and relentless.


Other Specialties

Foot worship

Private webcam/Skype/Video

Custom Content

2 on 1 Wrestling



Female vs Female



Tickle Wrestling

Lift & Carry


Phone Chat


I have two private, clean locations in Midtown and one in Brooklyn.

Cant wait to play with you!

Contact Me:

Cashapp: $GoddessTalia00

Venmo: @Leezey67

Twitter: @GoddessTalia00

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


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1 month ago

After admiring her from a distance for many years and then being interrupted by the pandemic, I was finally able to session with Goddess Talia in New York recently.
She was very responsive to my introductory email and made arranging the session easy. She writes very well and is clear and concise in her communications, making arranging the session super easy. We met at her session space which was really nice and very private.
I wanted a fantasy session involving wrestling and light bondage, and my preference is for petite, athletic girls.
I realize it’s cliche, but as pretty as her pictures are she is absolutely gorgeous in person. A near perfect body, beautiful face and eyes you could get lost in forever. She was warm, welcoming and delightful to talk to, her inner beauty every bit matching her striking attractiveness.
I laid out a role play and she was immediately excited and all in. As soon as we hit the mats she played her role to the hilt and was a very aggressive wrestler! Although it was fantasy and my resistance was deliberately minimal, she knows her holds and has really strong legs. Terrific scissors, can just control and tease you or easily squeeze you into submission. As others have noted, she’s a wizard with the ropes as well.
I’ve been doing sessions for many years, although not a high volume and have done a lot of role plays. Goddess Talia took it to levels far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. She perfectly read what I was looking for and played her role to the hilt. She made it clear who was in charge every second of our session in a sexy/dominant/playful way. Being under her spell is heaven.
I’m sure she can crank up volume for those looking for a different type of session, but she was ideal for my fantasy domination scenario. I can’t say enough about what a sweet person she as and how positive her energy is.
I’m trying to get another session lined up as soon as I’m back in town and suggest you look Goddess Talia up, she’s a treasure!!

2 months ago

I had my first ever session with Goddess Talia a few days ago. Since it was my first session I was deeply nervous, but Talia did an extraordinarily great job of making sure I that was fully comfortable before we started any kind of play. I cannot overstate how important this was to my overall enjoyment of our time together.

Once we began, Talia seamlessly weaved my list of requests into a session that was perfect that for me. She always kept me on my toes but would lower the intensity when it was clear that I needed a break. The time I had quickly passed and I was sad to say goodbye. The time I spent with Talia with deeply impactful, and I can’t wait until I’m able to see her again.

4 months ago

Goddess Talia is a beautiful soul inside the sexy body of the woman of your dreams.

Sweet lady, easy to talk to, she is athletic, strong, yet her feminin beauty remains.

From physical to mental domination, I felt she was on a level of her own.

We exchanged a few Emails to craft the session around my needs and I asked her how many push ups she could do, to give me an Idea of her fitness level,
It is not my place to write her answer here so ask her yourself, but I can tell you that she is very strong.
Knowing that she was stronger than me, I thought I would put up some resistance to make the wrestling match interesting…
But the wrestling match quickly became one sided.
You see, she is really fast too… And she knows what she is doing…
One second you are facing a smiling gorgeous lady, the next, you are pinned on your back, with her on top of you, taunting you…

Spoiler alert: Once she has you pinned, there is little to no chance of escape.
I am not a very strong guy but I wager she could take on mid-size guys no problem. I am sure she could even overpower guys that are bigger than her, but talk to her for her limits.

But her skills are not limited to the physical. She will enthrall you with a wisper of her sensual voice, and will make you hers, as you loose yourself in the depth of her magnetic eyes.

If you wish, she will humiliate you and break your last walls of defense until you are utterly subdued by her.

If you like ropes, know that she is an expert with them. Wether you want her to do bind you softly, or tie you up by force, you will end up bound… Tight…
She knows how to bind in a safe way, but you will be completely at her mercy, for there is no escape from Talia’s ropes…

I only wish she would visit Europ more often.

If you like her pictures, get ready to be blown away when you meet her in person…

Thank you again Goddess Talia, for an amazing time 🙏💯❤️

5 months ago

Goddess Talia was a fantastic choice for my first session ever! I provided a long list of activities that I wanted to try, including wrestling, smothers, foot worship, and bondage, and she executed everything that I asked for safely and skillfully. Given that this was my first session, I was definitely anxious walking through the door, but Goddess Talia has a very calming presence and made me feel comfortable throughout. In between bouts of squeezing my neck so hard it felt like my head might pop off, she checked in on me and brought me glasses of water, ending the session with a soothing massage. She is absolutely gorgeous and deceptively strong – I can echo the below reviewer in saying that she possesses an amazing amount of muscle control. She has beautiful feet as well (the perfect size for shoving down your throat), and she is extremely talented with rope. For each of these activities, Goddess Talia was very attentive to my reactions, cranking up the intensity when it was clear that I could take it, and dialing it down when I was acting like a baby. Most importantly, it was clear that Goddess Talia put a lot of thought into my session – she took a laundry list of requests and wove them into a session that flowed naturally while incorporating everything I asked for. I would absolutely recommend Goddess Talia to anyone looking for a session in NYC, whether you’re a novice or a veteran, and I hope to see Goddess Talia again soon!

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7 months ago

Had a session with Goddess Talia in DC a couple of days ago, I’m convinced she will be my go to session whenever she is is town. First off she is beyond mesmerizing, from her eyes, her sensual and sultry smile, down to her amazing body and my favorite, legs and glutes. We did a extreme scissor session and oh my days did she deliver. The muscle control she possess is unreal, she can caress you with her inner thighs like you wouldn’t believe! The amount of power those thighs have is insane. Let’s not forget the amazing reverse headscissor, the view of her butt in your face and the occasional look back she does to make sure you are okay, intoxication at its finest. You’ll never want to leave or more like you won’t unless she allows it. She will squeeze you so hard with her thighs that you’ll beg and tap all the same time wanting to stay like that forever. There is also the caring and nurturing side, she will take care of you and is very safe in all she does, just be careful of what you ask for ;).
Respect her and her boundaries and you will have the best session of your life! All in all respect her boundaries and her as a person and she will bring euphoria to your senses. I will 110% see her again and again when she visits DC again.

8 months ago

Goddess Talia is a master of humiliation! I saw her for a domination session where (as I wished) she was a mean bully and humiliated me for things about myself other women have feared to make fun of. She also picked up on things I never mentioned in my email.

Her scissors were also incredibly strong but safe. I will definitely be seeing her again!

9 months ago

I have session with Goddess Talia many times (6 or 7, I think?) and she is just utterly amazing. I honestly can’t oversell her, it would be impossible. First, she is so gorgeous. Like, in a makes you melt kinda way. Second, as long as your respect her and treat her well, she will treat you however you want. She can be stern if that’s what you are into. I’m a bit more into sweetness and boy can she do that! I fell in love with her very quickly and now worship her and am awed by her. Third, she is so strong! I like to be dominated and in particular, be choked with hands, feet, arms, etc. I see a lot of ladies, many regularly and she is pound-for-pound, one of the strongest, truly. Her hands are small but have so much power in them (she rock climbs and boy am I grateful!!). I also love feet and hers are some of the best! They are beautiful and she is very skillful with them. I have worshipped them, been choked by them, smothered by them, and I’ve loved every second of it! Finally, Goddess Talia is responsive and makes some awesome POV videos whenever I order one. I truly can’t stop watching them!! I guess, to some up, I’ll just say she is unbelievably amazing and I am so happy she allows me to spend time with her and be dominated by her. If she comes to your town, feel honored and book a session with her, you will not regret it, I promise!

10 months ago

Booked a teasing ballbusting session with Goddess Talia while she was on tour in DC and I eagerly look forward to seeing her again. When she opened the door dressing in lingerie I was captivated, she’s more gorgeous than her photos can capture and from the moment she welcomed me in I was taken by how sweet she was (a bit more Southern Belle than New York Dom). She’s super professional and I enjoyed just talking to her about ballbusting and how the fetish started for me, after discussing the session that was about to take place she stood me up and put her hands on my shoulders. While smiling she gave me a kick in the balls and announced “that was a 1 out of 10” with each successive thrust of her foot into my groin she increased her strength and by the time we got to a 5 I knew I’d be on the floor if she kept going up. I told her that was a good strength and she smiled letting me know that before I left she was going to give me at least one 10. After multiple knees and kicks and conversation breaks I told her I was ready for the 10, she looked mock sympathetic, “Wanna go ahead and get that over with huh?” I tried to brace myself but I couldn’t look away as she drew her leg back, on impact she pancaked my nuts and my knees buckled, I slid down the wall to the floor holding myself. She was laughing and when I opened my eyes again she was sitting on the floor in front of me smiling, then she used her legs to spread mine wide and hold them open. With her fist she took a swing at my balls but even though they were tender that was the first hit that didn’t get me very good, after having been dropped to the floor I tried to regain some of my cocky confidence by teasing her punch smugly saying, “heh, ‘Girl Aim’”. Her eyebrow went up and I realized that was a mistake, “Oh really” she said, and then forcefully punched my nuts wiping the smugness off my face. She used her legs to keep mine spread open as I reflexively attempted to close them, “how’s this for ‘girl aim’” she teased, as she sent a barrage of punches to my balls like I was her personal speed bag. By the time the session had finished that gorgeous petite little lady had completely owned my balls and I’d had an absolute blast. As I prepared to leave she had returned to her sweetheart of a personality, but as a gingerly walked out the door I knew she could bring me to my knees anytime she felt like it. Can’t wait to see her again 🙂

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