Miss Taylor


Location: Italy , OTHER, Milan, Rome

Last Activity: 01/27/2024


Height: 5'11” - 180 cm

Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years


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Hello, I am a beautiful, tall and athletic italian fitness model and pro volleyball player. I practiced kick-boxing for 5 years.

I enjoy very much semi-competitive, fantasy and submission wrestling sessions. I’m also into BDSM.

We can have fun with all comforts (professional tatami, possibility of shower, etc) in my place in Varese, near Milan, or in Rome.

Please write me on Whatsapp if you are REALLY interested in a session with me. I do not show my face here for privacy reasons, but if you want we can have a brief video call before you book the session.



Bust/Waist/Hips: 92/64/96

Biceps: 32

Quadriceps: 56

Calves: 37

Shoe size: EU 42 – US 11



Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if you cancel a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the session date.
  • Deposit is Refundable if I cancel the session.

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Competitive Kickboxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • Armwrestling
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling

Dominatrix Services

  • Age Play
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • Chastity Control
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Crossdressing
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Giantess
  • Hosiery
  • Humiliation
  • Latex/Leather/PVC
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Spanking
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Wax Play
  • Whipping
  • Mommy Play
  • Others: Please email request


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6 months ago

I met her today in Varese (near Milan).

She’s stunning looking, her body is such a combination of muscularity , femininity and grace (she used to be a ballerina) which makes her so unique.

She’s also tall, 195cm when she opened the door in her sexy high heels.

What impressed me the most is her strength though , I’m 90kg and I asked 3 times whether she would have been able to lift me up when I booked (very few ladies can and will to)…she eventually performed a few lifts so easily that I was completely speechless.
At a certain point she was even dancing a waltz with me having my feet 3 feet from the floor!!

A truly great experience, looking forward to meet again soon

7 months ago

Bonjour, j’ai rencontré Miss Taylor ce jour à Paris. Avant de vous parler de ma session, une p’tite présentation de Miss Taylor, fille grande, athlétique et combative, un corps sculpté pour vous en mettre plein les yeux, j’adore son physique 😍.
Concernant la session,nous avons fait du compétitif sur le lit, espace un peu juste,mais suffisant pour une première prise de contact , suffisant pour transpirer et échauffer les muscles. Miss Taylor est forte et très combative, attention elle peut aussi être rusée pour avoir l’avantage et ne lâchera rien. J’espère la rencontrer lors d’une prochaine visite en France et je crois qu’elle envisage d’avoir un espace plus approprié à la lutte, le combat n’en sera que plus grand.. je t’embrasse sans morcure 😉

8 months ago

Miss Taylor is really exceptional. Tall, very pretty face and strong. She enjoys dominating men and shows it. Hope she comes back to Berlin soon.

1 year ago

I just met Miss Taylor In Paris and if I had to resume my session very quickly, I would say “ooooooh yeah !”.

She is magnificent indeed ! And she has some pretty muscle she loves to show. As a foot fetish, I can also tell you her feet are gorgeous.

Communication was on point, not only before, but also during the session. She really understood me with very few but relevant questions only.

During the session, I was expecting her to dominate me, but it was even better than that ! She scissored me hard enough to make me feel the pain but not too much so that I can watch her showing off her muscle. We also had a “semi-competitive” moment because she wanted me to see me struggle (And I did struggle, even though I survived because she went easy on me at first). I also got trampled as I wished for, and since she’s tall the view was splendid. We concluded with a foot fetish moment, when I could massage, worship and lick her beautiful toes.

To sum up : Taylor is a very experimented cerebral domina with muscles. I’m not into cerebral sessions, but the mix with wrestling holds and the trampling made me love that.

I would recommend her to anyone that wishes to be dominated in a sensational manner.

1 year ago

Ho incontrato miss Taylor ieri, non ci sono parole, semplicemente fantastica, ha colto nel segno tutte le mie richieste.
Ragazza molto bella e simpatica, molto socievole.
Riguardo la session abbiamo iniziato con del wrestling non competitivo dove mi ha fatto sentire la sua forza, anche se non tutta (si è trattenuta e mi ha completamente distrutto nonostante mi alleni regolarmente e sia circa 20 kg più di lei) è molto più forte di quello che sembra.
Dopo il wrestling siamo passati al muscle worship dove ha dato il meglio di se, spero di poterla incontrare di nuovo.
È una vera professionista.

1 year ago

I met Taylor during his tour in Verona at November.
She is even more beautiful than I expected, her body is amazing, her thighs, glutes and abs are wonderful and she is also stronger than she looks, able to lift and throw me quite easily (I’m about 75kg).
During the session he pinned me down and rendered me helpless before i realized what had happened and i repeatedly begged for mercy.
She is not a watch watcher and keeps up a great conversation throughout the session.
I was blown away by every aspect of her: fitness, personality, sensual and overall cool woman, she handles the session with an unexpected combination of dominance and sexiness.
I received the best Headscissor of my life, I think he only used 50% of his leg strength and I was starting to see stars.
There are some amazing women who are a pleasure to meet Taylor is one of them and I hope to see her again soon!

1 year ago

Starting from the first meeting a couple of years ago, I’ve now sessioned with Miss Taylor dozens of times and have become a regular client, being lucky enough to live quite close to her. Maybe more than just a client, let’s say I’m a worshipper of her mesmerizing perfection and beautiful persona.

The thing with her is that she’s the kind of character that is a true blast to be around, very intelligent and funny. So the pleasure of meeting her goes well beyond being in the company of an amazon goddess. She is very dedicated to her session activity and very respectful to the guys who come visit her: she will give you her undivided attention and will do her absolute best to meet your expectations and make the session experience truly unforgettable. She seems to almost be able to read your mind at times, adapting to what her client likes even before they ask it: she can also switch from sweet to dominant in the same session. And yes, her dominant side is totally on point, as good as you can ask, having been her a professional MIstress well before adding session wrestling to her services.

Having said all that, a few things on her breathtaking physique: in my opinion, she has the most beautiful set of legs and the most beautiful bottom I’ve ever seen. For foot fetishists (which I’m not), I have to say her feet are so perfect looking even for a non-feet guy like myself; for hand fetishists (which I am), she has the most enchanting hands I’ve ever seen: big, long sinuous fingers, perfect nails, simply divine. She’s also so tall and elegant, an athlete with the grace of a top model.

Finally, her wrestling: I can only tell you that she was able to beat me already the first time we met a couple of years back. Well, since then she has only improved leaps and bounds! She enjoys competitiveness, she can go as aggressive as you want, her sporty background and sheer athleticism, plus her size and considerable strength, put her in the position to pretty much dominate all the non-extremely-fit or trained guys out there. Last time I met her, she was complaining she wasn’t able to meet real challenges for her anymore. As for our sessions, she now seems to play with me at times, giving me handicaps, adapting to the level of effort I bring and easily putting me in my place any time she pleases. Her headlocks especially (both with her arms and legs) are literally unescapable. It’s a little sad but also so erotic at the same time!

Disclaimer alert: if you decide to meet her, be aware that you will probably end up hooked and addicted by her, but it will be the sweetest and healthiest addiction you can ever desire ;))

1 year ago

I met Taylor in Düsseldorf and It was an absolute blast. Exactly the girl from the pictures. Definded an lean body. Great veiny beiceps, definded abs, broad back and shoulders, very long beautiful muscled legs, best ass I have seen in a very long time. She is an athlete from head to toe.

I had asked her for a competitive match with restrictions for me. I was not allowed to punch, kick or slap. These rules did not apply to her. I also allowed her to ignore my tapping to a certain extent. I wanted her to give 100% and finish me off properly on the mat and ignore my begging to stop. 30 minutes were agreed upon, during which we would not take a break.

We started standing, which I’m not used to from most girls; here we have always start from a kneeling position. She started like an absolute wildcat from the first second and caught me off guard. I had prepared myself and watched her wrestling videos on her Onlyfans channel. Unfortunately, I was a little too confident because of these videos. She is 100 times a better fighter than in those videos. I was caught in the most painful headlock I ever experienced. Pins, armsbars, scissors of all kind, she played with me like a doll. After 10 minutes at the longest, I was completely exhausted. I lay on the mat and could not continue. She stood over me and started to work me with kicks and said she would keep kicking me if I didn’t get up right away and keep fighting. I got up and she immediately had me back in a very painful hold. When I was just lying on the floor sweaty and drooling, she pulled me into the middle of the mat without any resistance and just forced me into one after the next extremely humiliating hold for the last 10 minutes of my fight time and made me beg that my punishment would finally be over. She stopped at the agreed 30 Minutes. We had previously agreed on a safeword, but I did not use it.

To put the whole story in perspective: I am 175 cm tall and weigh 85 kg. I don’t have good stamina and I don’t have martial arts experience. I am well built and have enough strength and technique to fight successfully against session girls. But with Taylor I had absolutely no chance. For the last 30 minutes, the loser (I couldn’t score a single point against her) had to do whatever the winner asked for. I had told her about my preference for muscular women and she demanded to admire her muscles in an incomparably sexy and dominant way. She likes to show off her muscles. She is extremely into it when men admire her body and tell her and show it to her. That was not just acting.

Taylor is a beautiful young woman, with a sensational body, a great attitude towards customer service, absolutely no clockwatcher and fulfilled my wishes as precisely as hardly anyone else has done in 10 years of session experience. I will definitely meet her again, I think she will become even stronger in the future, because the demand for her sessions seems to be very high.

1 year ago

incontrata. Ragazza di una bellezza sconvolgente, fisico nettamente superiore a come si vede in foto, viso bellissimo. Adora posare e mettere in mostra i muscoli. Gambe fortissime, ma anche le braccia non scherzano. Vuole dominare però anche farsi adorare. Peccato avevo prenotato una sola ora, ed aveva tutti gli altri orari occupati. Prossima volta voglio starci un pò di più. Per gli amanti del foot fetish penso che piedi belli così raramente si trovano. Io non sono un amante del genere, ma con lei ho provato questa pratica, tanto sono invitanti. E poi, almeno con me, curiosa, voleva sapere un pò di cose, voleva sapere, anche giustamente, chi aveva davanti. Ma mai invadente, domande alle quali si può rispondere senza problemi. Per concludere, location pulitissima, molto ben tenuta, e privacy totale.

1 year ago

I had an absolute blast of a session with Miss Taylor in Rome. We met in a private residence which had a dungeon along with it. She’s tall and extremely athletic and towered over me by a good 5-6 inches. We did try some wrestling, I was beaten 7-0 in a matter of minutes.

We did try some lifts, I weigh 62 kilos. She lifted me effortlessly in many ways including a shoulder ride. During the cradle lift, she tossed me in the air and caught me again. That was quite a memorable moment. I was on her piggyback and it seemed that I didn’t even weigh anything.

We even experimented with a bit of BDSM and she went to spank me. If I get a chance to meet her again, I will definitely explore much more on the BDSM side, as she is quite skilled at that as well. 

For me, the session is special for reasons best known to Miss Taylor. She is an amazing person and not a clock-watcher. She goes out of her way to accommodate her clients. You could tell she enjoys doing sessions most importantly, which is a treat in itself. 

I had one of the best sessions with Miss Taylor and would hope for more meetings in the future.

1 year ago

Miss Taylor è stata una gradevolissima sorpresa. Bellissima, altissima, fortissima, ma soprattutto gradevole come persona.
La mia sessione era basata sul Lift and carry ed ammirazione piedi, devo dire che sono soddisfatto per entrambe le richieste.
Location perfetta.
Esperienza da ripetere al più presto.
La consiglio vivamente.

1 year ago

Miss Taylor is a really charmfull dominant girl! If you are new to this world as I was you will be well introduced into her wrestling session where you will feel all her dominance and strength. Despite an injury her scissor was like a pincer but most I felt my head like a Nuss under her powerfull hand grip…no way to breath, and probably she also wasn’t to her full limit. You will feel yourself like the prey of a feline.
Even if at first she wasn’t completely sure to lift me, she could carry on her back my 70kgs easily doing a lot of squat without me having to cling. Probably legs and lower back is her most powerful body part, and she could use me as a good warming up weight. She could even lift me in a fireman position. Maybe her armwrestling strength is not really high but as told before you’ll feel her arm power in her wrestling grip. However you will be satisfied admiring her slender but well defined body.
Waiting to be able to clash again with this Valkiria!

1 year ago

I met her a couple of times during my stays in Italy.
I contacted her initially by phone and she seemed very easy going, so I decided to organize a wrestling session with her. 
In person she is even better, she’s friendly (but she knows how to taunt you!) and definitely beautiful with perfect body and awesome face moreover she knows how to put you immediately at ease (it seems to be with a dear friend).
On the mat she fights hard and it’s not easy to beat since she is in perfect shape, has a good resistance and uses some dirty techniques to distract you 😉
I’ll meet her again for sure

1 year ago

I had a couple of wrestling sessions with her, and it was a wonderful experience.
Location is comfortable and clean, you have parking outside and privacy inside.
Miss Taylor is an hard to believe mix of extreme beauty, strong muscles and great elegance. Should she post here full figured photos of her, her agenda would be sold out for months!
I’m an average untrained male, and I asked her for a competitive wrestling match. That was a bad idea, she literally overpowered me, I never came even close to pin her, while she pinned me easily in several ways. At one point, during a hold, I came to feel her heartbeat, and it was so quiet, it meant she was not even putting much effort in the fight. On my side I was already trying my best, so I thought it was better to switch to a non compeitive domination session, that she likes as well.
Long story short, in my opinion she is one of the best here in Europe both for competitive and for fantasy wrestling, I’ll do my best to give her a better match next time I’ll come to her.

2 years ago

Bellissima esperienza. Lei bellissima e molto forte sia fisicamente che tecnicamente. Molto agile e difficilissima da affrontare. Nonostante sia più grosso di lei non cè stata battaglia tecnicamente. Si difende benissimo e fa delle prese dalle quali è veramente difficile liberarsi. Lei super gentile e simpatica, ti fa sentire subito a tuo agio. Fisicamente è alta e messa molto bene. Gambe e bicipiti da urlo. Esperienza assolutamente consigliata per chi ama il competitive mixed wrestling e da ripetere.

2 years ago

The Greatest Experience! Miss Taylor is full complete Amazon. She is a tall beautiful sexy blonde woman and let me tell you she is all woman! She has a pretty face and hot body as she is a fitness model after all She has the best body I ever seen on any woman. She blew my mind away with her beauty and when she flexed them big strong muscles it blew my mind away! She is so Dangerous in many ways her looks make you want to fall in love with her. But on the mat she totally dominated me! I did not stand any chance! To put it into perspective I’m a average 26 year old fit healthy man I’m 5”10” and about 80kg I’m a carpenter I would be no push over, but against her I was! I did not pin or submit her once or even come close! She dominated me! Body scissors was just devastating and she didn’t even use her full strength maybe only 50% of it if even! She also got me in grapevine position regularly and I could not escape! Her sleeper holds were also deadly. If she decided to put me to sleep I was going to sleep! If she wanted you to submit you will submit, if she wanted to pin you she will pin you until she lets you go, I really enjoyed meeting Miss Taylor and definitely will meet her again, but finally above all Miss Taylor is a very nice Lady a genuine nice person! She did everything she possibly could have to make the experience better for me.

Old Reviews

Miss Taylor is a force of nature. This beautiful lady has a body to die for!! I had 2 sessions in 5 days with her. The first I won and the second also, but just because of my stamina and her mistakes. She was on top on me or in control almost the whole time. My muscles (expecially neck) still pain, and I have a beautiful sensation of delay onset muscular soreness in my back and legs. What an experience!! If only she could capitalize some advantages, our session would become a total mismatch!! Her apartment near Varese is perfekt to unwind and have fun.

I don’t have a background in BJJ or any combat sports but I do crossfit 2x week and I have good stamina.

She is very accomodating and easy to talk. She ask what I like or don’t. She doesn’t like the semi competitive sessions. Only full throttle, sweat, respect. That’s the way to have fun together she says.

When I rang and Miss Taylor opened the door could not believe how beautiful she looked. Dropped jaw. She ‘s got a body to die for, soft skin and toned muscles. She’s an enchantress, but on the mats she transform into a Tasman Devil. In 5 minutes I was already with my head trapped into her dangerous headlock. She loves to apply. Front, back, 1 or 2 arms, in few seconds she applies a lot of discomfort and pain. If she would formalize her dominance and power with bjj training, I’m sure she could take in the best 10 sessionist of all europe.

In both sessions, the first 20 minutes she broke me. She wore me down. Luckly for for me the gap was not too much on her favour and then came up my stamina to save.
That look, that behaviour remember me the italian version of Mysteria (from submission room).
I’ve had 10 session, but Miss Taylor’s raw brutality, arms and competitiveness are second to very few.

Tiger of the mats and very gentle outside.
Lovely woman passionate of competitive wrestling.

She also likes role play and punishment round.

Her weakness is her lack of knowledge in bjj.
Her plus is the strenght of her arms.

I look forward to meet her again.



paul tea
my first session of 2021!
quiet and very beautiful location.
she welcomes me in a bikini, slim and muscular, a good mix of muscle and femininity.
in hand strength tests she is amazing: she gets very good results.
4 place out of 76 girls tested in the right hand: 50.1 kg!
12 placed out of 76 in the left hand: 44.6 kg
with 94.7 total she is in 10th place
but in the relationship between body weight and power developed only anna m. strong did better!
sure, miss taylor has big hands that help with these exercises but her grip is truly remarkable!
she can bend my 50kg bar (very difficult for her)
she is passionate about these tests! let’s try the arm wrestling. her hand is almost as big as mine and it feels good to be wrapped in such a big hand.
right arm: she starts to push hard but after 2 seconds she notices that she can’t move my arm and releases her grip.
left arm: same situation; but before she lets go, I push a little and put her down.
She is a little disappointed and surprised by the ease of my victory and she tells me: I win very often, but not with you!
let’s try with her 2 hands against 1 hand of mine. on the right she win easy, on the left I resist more, there is a few moments of balance, but then she takes advantage and after a few seconds she wins.
considering that I often win or draw with many session girls in this test (2 hands against 1) I must say that in armwrestling she is good !
she also defends herself well in legwrestling but even in this case, when she realizes that she can’t beat me she gives up.
she instead she does better than me in a wrist strength exercise: wow! what a surprise!
in the fight she has a good technique although not yet very experienced. if she takes a few bjj or grappling lessons she will become a tough nut to crack.
she often has the edge in the fight, but when I reverses the situation she can’t resist and she gives up. easy win for me. but she can improve a lot and with her strength and grip of her in the future she could also beat me … after all, that’s what she tells me after losing the first round: “it’s not impossible to beat you …”!
I know miss taylor, it is not impossible to beat me: sheena, warrior amazon, veve lane and some others have proved it to me, but you still have to work a little on the technique to get to their level.
for me a very nice session, she is kind, cultured, refined and enthusiastic. can you ask for more? even if I prefer the big women I will come back to find her! (and I still have many strength tests to offer you …) I am 180cm and 110 kg but she is a good opponenent for me! paul



Paul – thanks for the great review. I’m interested in a lot of the same things as you eg hand/ grip strength. Can you pls email me any details of the rankings you shared here? Who were the top tankers for either arms etc and also curious what are some of the other tests you do when meeting competitors here etc. Email is [email protected] – thanks!!



I met her yesterday in Rome. At least with me, she’s been kind and nice. I guess that her behaviour somehow mirrors what people would expect from her. Amazing body but not “a classical beauty”. Pretty strong in her arms and shoulders, she can easily defeat any untrained small/medium size man. She’s not very technical though, so if you are young, strong, assertive or trained in fighting sports don’t expect a big challenge. A pleasant hour wrestling and chatting, I wish her the best.



Ciao Miss Taylor potresti venire a Padova però.



I met Miss Taylor today.
She is a really kind girl nice to speak and stay with, she has a wonderful body and face too.
As we started to fight she became a savage tiger who didin’t want to surrender and gives her best to submit you.
Best wresting girl I met so far, the only one I’d like to meet again.



I met Miss Taylor in Varese 2 weeks ago. Since she’s new in wrestling I was curious and needed a few exchanges before driving till Varese. Communication was easy and I felt confident for doing the trip.
For the location : She’s got a small mat in her flat in Varese, enough for a session, very clean with shower facilities. It’s very easy to park just nearby.
Miss Taylor is an athlete. With a background of Pro Volley player and fitness champion, she a tall girl, lean, but all in muscle. When you see her in her sport bikini, you can admire an athlete body, without one once of fat. She told me she won every wrestling sessions she did, I can believe her.
We began our session with arm wrestling. Wow, what a strong grip!!! She beat me twice with the right arm, I had no chances. For the wrestling session, I can attest Miss Taylor is very strong. She’s not very technical but… for sure she can beat most average men in pure strength, quickness and wildness. Since she’s a competitor, even if she lose a round, she ‘ll come back to you with such an intensity!!!
Without any doubt, this pretty, tall, and very fit girl is one of the strongest girl I’ve met, pound for pound. She’s got a very good stamina and can beat most guys in pure force (similar to mistress Hera from London). If she trains a bit her technical skills, she’ll reach the top in this industry.



I don’t even know where to start to describe my session with Miss Taylor. Let me just warn you that meeting her will blow your mind and you will probably be hooked for life: she is simply a rare (unique) combination of breathtakingly gorgeous natural fitness physique, real strenght, power, skills and dominant personality. Her legs are so long, shapely, smooth, hard and POWERFUL, yet somehow her rear is still soft and simply divine.

If her looks alone do not KO immediately when she greets you at the door, be sure that she will take care of it when you wrestle her: she is extremely tall (all the advertised 5’11 if not even more) and her muscle are not just for showing. She is much STRONGER than the average man, both in her legs (which is obvious from her pictures) and her arms (which are less visible from the pictures but are still impressively strong, she even beat me easily in armwrestling!). I’m quite taller than her (6’2) but she just dominated me wrestling despite me trying my best. At one point, it was ridicolous how she was able to pin me and grapevine me at will, daring me to try to free myself and then casually announcing me she was about to submit me (i pretty much lost count how many times this happened). Although humiliating, the whole experience was absolutely enjoyable as she kept a dominant yet playful attitude the whole time, letting me experience a close contact with her divine body. Finally, her scissors: if you are one of those masochist looking to feel pain, you will have to do a lot of convincing as she is totally aware of the insane power she can generate if she squeezes full strenght and she is pretty reclutant to do so (she said I tapped all the time from her scissors when she wasn’t even 50%).

I felt like she could be even more dominant and intimidating if I just asked her, and I’ll probably explore this side of hers in our next session (which I obviously booked already straight away, as you all will inevitably do after meeting her..). All in all, if you live in Italy or travel here, please do yourself a favour and book her…trust me you won’t regeret it!



I met Miss Taylor today, she is really beautiful, professional and strong. We wrestled in her booked apartment in Rome, she was very welcoming and kind. Her wrestling grip is amazing and her legs are very strong, she made me tap almost instantly in a neck choke X_X She is very tall, athletic and with a dominant attitude, a must meet!