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Location: United States , Charleston

Last Activity: 12/05/2022


Height: 5'2” - 157 cm

Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Personal trainer, CrossFit L2 coach , ex pro Spartan racer, NCAA college athlete , nutritionist, fitness model and Fetish actress thats ready to kick some ass (or just have so fun roleplay if thats more your speed). currently training BJJ and am happy to athletically and safely apply holds and moves on you 💪  🙂

Love to domme men and boys who think they can take me! Also, ive been getting a ton of people emailing that are concerned about me going to hard during a fantasy roleplay session, and i assure you that i just want us to be safe and to have fun! I’m open to foot sessions, tickle sessions and roleplay sessions.

Limit: 3 emails before a deposit has been paid due to a heavy influx of messages that take a large amount of time to keep up with and respond to. Im more than happy to continue to email you and figure out the specifics after the deposit is paid :).

Please state in your first email: age, weight, location, the type of session you are wanting, any questions you have for me before you make a decision and state and health issues or concerns that i need to be aware of! 🙂

lift and carry sessions – 220 LB weight limit

Favorite food and drink gifts since so many or y’all can are sweet and ask me:

Drink: Perrier or any sparkling water

Food: meat gifts please (jerky, rotisserie chicken, brisket) 🙂


Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Boxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


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12/17/202212/22/2022Las VegasNevadaUnited States
01/21/202301/22/2023DenverColoradoUnited States
01/30/202301/31/2023JacksonvilleFloridaUnited States
02/02/202302/03/2023OrlandoFloridaUnited States
02/03/202302/05/2023TampaFloridaUnited States
03/07/202303/10/2023Los AngelesCaliforniaUnited States
03/17/202303/19/2023LondonOTHERUnited States
04/21/202304/22/2023CharlotteNorth CarolinaUnited States
04/22/202304/23/2023Washington D.C.VirginiaUnited States
04/23/202304/24/2023NewarkNew JerseyUnited States
04/25/202304/27/2023BostonMassachusettsUnited States
04/28/202304/29/2023PhiladephiaPennsylvaniaUnited States
04/30/202304/30/2023RichmondVirginiaUnited States
05/01/202305/02/2023RaleighNorth CarolinaUnited States
07/07/202307/08/2023CincinnatiOhioUnited States
07/08/202307/10/2023ColumbusOhioUnited States
07/10/202307/12/2023MilwaukeeWisconsinUnited States
07/12/202307/16/2023ChicagoIllinoisUnited States
07/16/202307/17/2023LouisvilleKentuckyUnited States

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    01/30/2023 Jacksonville Orlando Tampa FL
    Lora Cross and Tatiana Steele Dominate Florida

Lora Cross and Tatiana Steele are traveling through Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa doing photo shoots, fetish shoots and private sessions both solo and together. Discounts on double sessions 🙂


also available for custom videos and photo sets


Jacksonville 01/30-02/01

Orlando 02/01-02/03

Tampa 02/03-02/06


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1 day ago

Lora is amazing! I had the best massage ever! The smile she gives you when you first meet her is amazing!! Words can’t describe how comfortable she makes you feel after only saying hi! As an introvert and her being an obvious extrovert she made me feel like I was the only one in the world to her. Her genuine laugh when you tell a dad joke! Her wanting to get to know who you are, but asking if it’s ok to ask that one question that might be a sensitive subject for you, but you tell her because you can trust her. That to me shows that she truly cares about you and will become a life long friend. You can talk to her about anything with no judgment and honestly that made my massage so much better. She got me to open up about things in my past that I wasn’t comfortable talking to anyone about, but after doing so It felt great because you could tell she genuinely cared about how you felt. If you ever have the chance to just say hi and have conversation with her do it! I’f you want a great massage from someone who is a great person…BOOK HER NOW! She is smart, funny, beautiful and truly a great person with a good soul.

10 days ago

I had the most amazing photo shoot with Lora. This was my 1st time working with her, and hopefully we can get together again the next time she comes through Milwaukee. She is reliable and professional. I highly recommend booking her if you get the chance.

2 months ago

I booked a semi-competitive submission wrestling session with Lora Cross during her visit to Florida a while ago. Setting up the session was very easy – Lora was quick to respond via email, and she thoroughly answered any inquiry that I had.

Anyway, I saw some social media posts beforehand of Lora lifting some huge weights, training BJJ, and having a long session winning streak, so I asked Lora to do her worst because I wanted to see how much punishment she could dish out. She certainly didn’t disappoint!

I also provided Lora with a list of uncommon holds to perform, which she obliged. Not only was Lora able to pull off every hold in the list, she also improvised and invented her own holds in the spirit of the list that I provided her, which I found even more impressive!

I probably don’t need to mention that Lora is exceptionally strong. Lora sports a very impressive pair of biceps (which she seems rightly proud of), and she was very easily able to lift me up and put me in a torture rack hold. For reference, I weigh somewhere around 135 lbs (61 kg).

Anyway, I never even came close to winning a single round, whereas Lora was seemingly able to effortlessly toss me to the ground and ultimately tap me out dozens of times. At the end of the session, I asked Lora how much of a challenge I was on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest), and she said 2. Oof. For reference, I don’t really have any sort of formal or informal grappling experience (outside of a few sessions), and I don’t exercise as often as I probably should, which I guess goes to show what happens when an average Joe like myself matches up against Lora Cross.

Ultimately, Lora was very friendly (off of the mats!) and easy to chat with during the session. I was initially a bit nervous at the beginning of the session, but this was quickly offset by Lora’s charm and charisma. Even though this session took place during a week where Lora seemingly had all kinds of other sessions, shoots, and scheduled events to manage, Lora flawlessly fulfilled every expectation for the kind of session that I had in mind without leaving anything out, which is testament to her capability and professionalism. If you haven’t booked a session with Lora Cross yet, don’t miss out!

4 months ago

I just had the best session I’ve had with Ms. Lora Cross tonight in Boston. While Lora’s pictures here are impressive it’s nothing like seeing her in person. She is absolutely stunning, sweet, and so much fun to be with. I had a great time tickling her and was so impressed how much tickling she can handle. My only regret from the session is I only booked an hour session. I will not make the same mistake next time Lora comes to Boston. If Lora is in your area, I highly encourage you to book a session with her. She is personable, beautiful inside and out and just a first-class woman.

4 months ago

by far the best session I’ve ever had and it’s not even close. Lora may seem small, but wow she’s strong. Legs, arms, back, you name it, she’s got it. She is also very skilled at what she does and takes her training very seriously. Her pictures don’t do a justice either. As soon as she opened the door i was blown away. It was an incredible two hour session and I already can’t wait until we’re able to meet again. Don’t miss out if she’s in your area

4 months ago

Just had my 4th session with Lora and I still say WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous as if you couldn’t see by her pictures but is even better when you see her in person. I’ve had sessions with over 10 girls and Lora is still my #1 girl. She is funny, witty, smart, great conversation and just amazing all around.

She is 108#, but can easily lift and carry twice her weight. I’m 205# and she carries me easily, even on her shoulders. If you think you can take her, I would think twice. She might be 5’2, but her heart and determination will overpower you. I can’t say enough about her other than she is that girl most straight men would dream to have ( I know I would). She is that sweet girl from the block, a bad ass girl when needed, has a heart of gold and is just so sexy and knows it, but it doesn’t get to her head. She is still so down to earth and modest.

If she is in your town, you NEED to session with her. She will blow your mind. This is my 4th session with her and she still amazes me. Thank you Lora for being an absolute wonderful girl, I look forward to seeing you again.

4 months ago

Wow! do not miss a session with Lora, seriously! She’s beautiful, fit, really fit, flawless skin, hair, and sexy as hell, how one couldn’t totally enjoy this smart enthusiastic woman isn’t possible.
Thinking of our next session already!

4 months ago

I don’t session very often so I’m very selective about it. Well, I’ve had Lora in my sights for a long time. She’s petite with a great little body, but also very strong from I could see in her social media postings. And every review I’ve read about Lora has RAVED about her. That’s what really committed me.

You don’t want to session with a clock-watcher or a gal with a bad attitude.

All I can say is, after meeting with Lora this past weekend in DC, I can confirm that the reviews are 100% correct. Lora is simply amazing. First off, she was quick to answer my emails and it was extremely easy to arrange the session.

I knew she was petite, but when she opened the door to her hotel room, she was even smaller than I imagined. She said she was 108 lbs. but looked even smaller. But she was absolutely rock solid. Not an ounce of fat on her, a pure specimen.

She was also incredibly welcoming and instantly put me at ease. Lora has a smile that could melt ice. You couldn’t possibly ask for a sweeter gal.

I should say that I’m literally twice her weight. I was wondering if she could even handle me, but I quickly learned that she was more than capable. We started off with some scissors, and I couldn’t believe a girl her size could generate that much power. I felt like I was going to explode.

Her grapevine nearly split me in two. Then I showed her a new wrestling move that she used on me with devastating effects, that’s all I’ll say.

Then we went on to try some lifts and carries. She was easily able to piggyback me. She was also able to sling me over her shoulder, get me up in a fireman’s more than once, cradle me and do shoulder sits.

Remember, I’m twice her weight! I told her she was like an ant — she can carry a multiple of her weight. And she was so willing to try anything I requested, including some role-play scenarios. She was so willing to accommodate my requests.

I also have a bit of a foot fetish and Lora has absolutely gorgeous feet — small and shapely, with sky-high arches.

It was the best session I ever had. Not only is Lora extremely impressive physically, she’s an incredible person. By the end of our session I felt like she was my best friend. Given her popularity (her schedule is full for months), she could just take a business-like approach to these sessions.

But no, she made me feel like I was the first guy she’s ever sessioned with. She made me feel like I was the center of her world for that hour.

The only disappointing part of the session is that it hat to end. In case you can’t tell, I can’t recommend Lora highly enough.

If she’s in your area, do yourself a favor and see her.

6 months ago

My 2nd session with Lora in a month was something else… my first one I just wanted to see if she could get me to tap and she did so I decided to step it up for her a notch and she gladly accepted! We had an “I Quit” Match where tap outs do not count, the loser has to say the words I Quit to lose. I would have never thought that a small woman like her could make me suck those words so I’m going in thinking I have an advantage…bad mistake. Every submission she locked in on me had a tight vise like grip on them. My face started turning red after the first one. Thankfully she gave me breaks to catch my breath a little bit. But she came into her first “I Quit” Match with a plan. She had the speed and technical advantage, I almost hit her once but she’s sly as a fox and slipped out of it. I almost passed out a couple of times before but she let me breathe again and said it’s coming one of these times you going to be tapping and I’m not letting go. 25 minutes in I’m work out and sure enough I try to take her down by her legs and she grabs my neck and wraps her legs around my mid section as close as she can and locks in a guillotine submission I go down and start tapping. Lora says quit! I tap out faster, as she wrenches it tighter. A few seconds later, she stands victorious in her first I Quit Match. She goes further into me being humiliated by locking in a scissors hold just because and I tap out again. She lets me out and makes me kiss her bicep that made me quit. After she takes off her shoes and starts rubbing her feet on my face and sticks one in my mouth shutting me up for all the trash talk I did in the weeks leading up to this match. She then flexes as I’m lying there in defeat.
Shortly after we agreed we both want another match against each other! So I’m looking forward to potentially getting some payback…but we shall see!
Lora is awesome, fun, and highly skilled so if you want a match with her take it from me be ready! Never a dull moment though!

6 months ago

I just had my 4th lift and carry session with Lora. That should tell you right there what I think about Lora. She is so much fun to spend time with I really thought about trying to book another session with her before she left town. She has gotten so much stronger since I first met her. She was so strong and confident in her lifts.  

Lora did multiple lifts with me including over the shoulder, cradle, fireman, backbreakers, and even a few one-shoulder sit lifts. The first time I met her she was a little wobbly doing the backbreaker and had to lift me from a stool. This time she was scoping me right up from the floor, spinning me around and holding me for a long time.

We also did a few role plays which ended up being a lot of fun. She is a good little actress. We pretended that I did not pay her for the session. She choked me (not really), punched me in the stomach (pulled), and tossed me over her shoulder. I tried to get down but she locked on tight and then proceeded to spank me while still in character.
I can’t say enough good things about Lora and look forward to our 5th session in the future.

6 months ago

Let me start by saying that I’ve been doing sessions 15+ years. I don’t do them as much as I used to but I’ve been intrigued with Lora’s profile and her work for sometime. I emailed her several weeks ago to inquire about setting up a session when she came to Atlanta. She was very prompt and professional with her communication. She was very open to incorporating my ideas. I wanted a session that would involve a little role-play, arm wrestling, a couple of rounds of boxing and finish up with some wrestling. I am not skilled or trained at any level so I didn’t go in with any expectations of giving Lora a run for her money.

We met yesterday and she immediately made me feel welcome. She was so friendly and it was like meeting an old friend. We briefly discussed the session and the fun began. She is a natural with the role-play and she obviously loves to trash talk. We started with arm wrestling and even though you know that she is incredibly strong if you see her pictures or if you watch her videos, you are still not prepared just how strong she really is, especially when you consider her petite size.

After the arm wrestling, we moved on to the boxing. As I previously mentioned, I have no boxing training but I still was surprised at just how easily she was able to get at me. She’s very quick and she will hit you hard if that’s what you want. I was trying to keep a safe distance but inevitably when we came close, she was all over me and hit me with some shots that left me dazed. I wish I was in shape so I could have gone more rounds with her.

Finally, we moved to the wrestling. At this point, I was already fatigued from the boxing but she wasn’t out of breath at all. She is a phenomenal wrestler and does just enough to put you in your place without hurting you. I tried to use my bag of dirty tricks but it didn’t make any difference, she was wise to anything I tried and was able to counter my moves.

I have never had a session that was this much fun. Initially, I had requested semi competitive but it never got to that level because I didn’t have the skills needed to trouble her. I would, and will, session with her as often as I can. I’ve had many sessions but I can say that this was my all-time favorite. Lora is a total sweetheart and a true professional. I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation.

6 months ago

I loved my session with Lora! She may be on the smaller side, but she is very toned, and so her (very hot) body is like a piece of iron. She also has a wonderful personality! I could already tell by our first correspondence that I was going to be very comfortable with her even before we met.
During our session, she did whatever she wanted to with me, which is, admittedly, how I like it. So even though I was on the bottom pretty much the entire time, I couldn’t have been happier 😊 I’m definitely going to see Lora whenever possible! 

7 months ago

Lora is a beast!
I had a submission wrestling sesh with her. Going in we had a little bet…she thought she could get me eight times to tap out. I said no way, then I put ten bucks on the line after each tap, The day finally came. To start she did a regular headscissor and it was locked in tight but I didn’t tap….yet. Lora decides to do a reverse headscissor next another successful lock in but I still didnt tap. I was determined to not tap out during this session. I thought that to soon. Next she decides to lock me in a figure four head scissors for about thirty to forty-five seconds. I can tell this time she was determined to get me to tap. After being locked in that as I’m getting worn out, I start tearing up…and tap. That one took a lot out of me. I was laying down for about a minute after wiping my eyes as she made sure I was okay. I tell her yeah it’s all let of the game. We then switch to a sleeper hold which Lora only needed about fifteen seconds maybe and then I tapped again. Then she decides to lock in an armbar which was another quick tap for me. After that she tries a camel clutch but I survived that one as well as an ankle lock. We chill for a bit and talk as an intermission. She then says,I want to try to get you tapping in the reverse again. She locks it in and after everything else I have been through I tapped. She then quickly shocks me with another figure four head scissors and this time I start seeing stars so before she knocks me out I tap for a fifth time. After another short intermission to regain myself. Lora decides to do a front facing head scissors this time. By now my neck is hurting and I’m exhausted so she gets me for a sixth submission. She asked me so how many is that now. I say all out of breath six. She starts smiling but the session time was quickly coming to an end. She says oh man I gotta get you two more times in two minutes! With me being defiant until the end, I’m like good luck! Lora’s smart though. She grabs me and locks in the figure four for a third time! I try to hang in but she’s too strong so I tap. Then she goes straight into a straight scissor hold again I try my best to stay in it but I couldn’t hang. She had got her eighth tap. I lay there in defeat as she flexes and puts her foot on my chest. She says know what I think you should come kiss my biceps they deserve it. So I do. After all that, I gave her eighty bucks, I would like to note she never asked for it, I’m a man of my word. But she did tell me I had her legs burning after that. So I felt a little accomplished lol. But all in all it was one of the best sessions I had! Lora is awesome, kind, professional, and STRONG. She’s just a straight beast for her small stature! Definitely will book again, maybe just not put money on the line next time!!

8 months ago

I had the pleasure yesterday to do a fantasy wrestling with Lora for four hours I went into this thinking we were only going to do one roleplay but she had the idea to do four which I thought was a great idea. She even wanted to massage me with oil. So our first roleplay where I was a boss of a company who I recently fired for being a drunk all the time her acting was so believable and on point. She even teased and knew how to play with me. After that, we had our massage session with oil she even let me massage her she even flexed when I massage her body her figure was really amazing. Our second roleplay was erotic massage where I called her weak and then she showed how freaking strong she is. It was kinda like oil wrestling since we used it for the massage earlier we slipped around with a bit of trash-talking back and forth she even had the idea she was going take me to her dungeon where her other mistresses were that was fun and KO me and carried me around still KO. Our third one is probably my favorite one due to the outfit (leopard bikini) where I was a photographer and called her boobs too small. we played a role where she KO me and strip me down then woke me up to wrestle me. In our final roleplay where she decided to become the jobber, we played an act where she was Blackwidow and I was an assassin for Hydra. I pretend I tased her and she flopped to the floor twitching and I was the one torturing her as she pleaded for me to stop and let me her to a fake punch KO after it was all done we hugged and laughed about how much fun we had. If Lora is going to your town or near it don’t pass the opportunity. Thanks Lora can’t wait to session again

9 months ago

I just had my third lift and carry session with Lora Cross and she finds a way to keep me amazed at how strong she is. Last time, she did 100 squats with me in a piggyback with putting me down and this time, I challenged her to pick me up on her shoulders with my feet on the floor. Ms. Cross did it pretty easily and I’m close to twice her weight. If you are a WWE fan or ever watch it, I consider Ms. Cross the John Cena of session girls because of her “freak” like strength. I don’t think she even knows how strong she is…lol

if she in in your area, I would strongly recommend her for any session she is willing to do. When her session with her, you will see how amazing she is…. amazing doesn’t even fully describe Ms. Cross because there are no words to accurately describe her. She is with out a doubt beautiful and sexy, but also sweet, considerate, accommodating, considerate, competitive and loves to be challenged. She is not a sore loser, but is a great trash talker and be careful, you might beat her once but she comes back even harder the next time. Don’t think for one minute you are going to get her tired, Lora is a ball of energy and will keep coming. I can’t wait to see what I can challenge her with next time so she can once again amaze me with her power.

10 months ago

I met with Lora Cross yesterday for an hour session of hard competitive wrestling, and now that I sit down and think about it a little, the most prominent thought I can remember from it all is this: I should be able to throw her around the room.

I’m not extremely tall or big, but I’m more so both than most, and I outweigh Lora by about seventy pounds with nearly a foot over the top of her head. I work with packages for a living, and I routinely have to lift up and move around packages that weigh more than she does. I was a wrestler once – not a good one, but on paper, I shouldn’t have any trouble overpowering someone with that big a difference in size from me. On top of that, I’d wrestled with her before, and I’m in better shape now than the last time.

I say all that just to emphasize how amazing it is that, despite the disparity, I couldn’t budge her. She is, without a question, the most overall athletic woman I’ve ever wrestled with. Her frame is powerful, deceptively strong, and she’s mostly from head to toe. She knows how to turn her size to an advantage, making her extremely fast and agile, and her slender arms are capable of getting under your neck and squeezing tight. I’ve been choked out by women before, but usually I can protect myself well enough if I can keep their arms from joining. She’s the first I can recall who’s ever made me tap out with a one-armed choke

I’m sure that she’s the first woman who’s ever made me tap out while standing up. She was skilled when we first wrestled, and she’s even more skilled now, able to lock in holds in an instant. I had to be on guard, constantly, as she would take advantage of any mistake or gap I made and seize onto it, always on her toes or looking for something to press. I  honestly felt like wrestling with her made me better at wrestling, as I kept trying to find ways to get past her while she found ways to defend and evade and turn my momentum against me. It was probably the most energetic, spirited, competitive wrestling match I’ve had. She was overflowing with energy, endless stamina, able to meet me no matter how many times I came back, and at the end of it all I was sweaty, tired and extremely satisfied.

The more I wrestle, the more I realize that I prefer session wrestlers who I don’t have to hold back with and who can legitimately beat me on the mats. I don’t mind losing, but I do mind not giving it my all. For anyone in general but especially those who have a similar mindset, I’d strongly recommend Lora Cross. She’ll leave you sore, but not disappointed.

10 months ago

I booked a session with Lora during her recent trip to NC and it was AWESOME. I’m new to mixed wrestling and it was my first time booking a session so I was a little nervous, but Lora was super easy to communicate with and really friendly from the start.

We did a 90 minute “competitive” session with a mix of submissions, pins, and punishment rounds. I say “competitive” because even though I was trying my hardest, she dominated me the whole time. I knew from other people’s reviews that she was strong, but you don’t realize just how strong she is until she has you in one of her holds. She is a great wrestler, incredibly fun to be around, and has a million dollar smile. She really made my first mixed wrestling experience a memorable one.

I’ll definitely be looking to session with her again in the future!

10 months ago

Thoughts on Lora Cross? Where to start…

I met her two weeks ago, when she came down to Winston Salem. I hadn’t seen too much of her beforehand, so I was wary at first, but another session wrestler recommended her highly, and I loved her look on Instagram, so I decided to take the plunge.

This turned out to be a great move on my part. From the moment I opened the door until the moment we parted ways, Lora was an absolute blast to not just wrestle with, but meet in general. She has an electric personality, energetic and welcoming, but pleasant and comforting when need be. Opening up to her was a pleasant experience, and she had no qualms in sharing that candor.

I had heard as much about her from other sources, so I was surprised by that. What did surprise me, however, was how strong she was. You can tell from photos that she’s in top shape, but it’s only when she’s close and you’re wrestling her that you realize just how tough her body is. I’ve wrestled a wide variety of women, and Lora might be pound for pound the strongest. She seems small, but that’s because there’s so little fat on her – she’s like a little iron wrecking ball, deceptively powerful for her height. I have about ten inches and maybe eighty or so pounds on her, and we felt even more often than not, with her able to overpower me with ease when in the right position.

Not only that, but she’s fast, and surprisingly skilled, able to get me in quite a few holds. I was in constant fear of her armbar, and anytime her legs closed around my neck, I knew I’d soon have to tap. Her endurance is amazing – she just does not stop coming, and she will wear you down. I would give her a strong chance against even some of the older and more experienced women on this site – they might exceed her experience, but when it comes to sheer physical ability and tenacity, I think she would outlast many of them in the long run.

If you even have a chance, don’t hesitate to book a session with Lora Cross. Great personality, great body, great attitude, great moves – you can’t go wrong.

10 months ago

Had a great foot session with Lora. She is super cute and is a lot of fun to be around. I will most definitely be visiting her in the future.

10 months ago

I had a third lift and carry session with with Lora in Atlanta. She is one of my favorites. I always look forward to seeing her.

She has gotten stronger and was able to keep me up in a back breaker much longer this time. I think she could’ve kept me on her shoulders for a long time.

She couldn’t be sexier, nicer and more accommodating. We did cradles, shoulder sits, racks, and a few fireman carries.

You definitely will leave the session looking for more, and will want to see her again and again.

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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Lora. Recently did a fantasy couples wrestling photo and video shoot with her and we had a blast. Don’t let her size fool you. I am 200lbs and she tossed me around like a rag doll. She is incredibly beautiful, smart, fit and has a killer ground game…what else could you possibly ask for? Don’t pass up the opportunity to session with her. She is the real deal!


I just had the first session of my life when Lora was in DC. I was super nervous at first but she was very professional and reassuring. She was great at communicating. During our session I quickly found out that she wrestled with not only great strength, but excellent technique as well. We also had great conversations throughout our session. She came off as intelligent and knowledgeable about many things. I will definitely book her again. I think she’s a great person for anyone to book a session with, especially if it’s your first time.

TLDR: Book her!


This was my second Lift and carry session with Lora and words cannot fully describe how awesome she is. We did a two hour session and she is a ball of energy and amazing strength. I’m double her weight and she can piggyback with the greatest of ease. She also gave me a piggyback ride in high heeled shoes and wow, what amazing legs she has. If you could look up perfectly sculpted legs, you would see a picture of her legs. Lora is such a gorgeous girl and has a wonderful personality to go with it. She is down to earth, smart and playful. She is very accommodating with outfits and meeting expectations. Two hours with her is still not enough because the is how great she is. I had a hard time leaving because she is very nice to talk to (like a best friend is) and pleasant to be around.

Lora is very competitive and loves a challenge. I challenged her to do a single leg squat with me and this little 100lb girl was able to do it. I dare anyone to find a girl stronger than her at her weight. She has ridiculous power for her size and frame and coming from a cross-fit background, Lora rises to every challenge I could throw at her.

I would absolutely recommend her for any session she is willing to do and I can almost guarantee you will not leave disappointed, that is how incredible she is. Thank you Lora for such an amazing time and will be seeing you again when you come my way again.


Simply amazing. Passionate about session wrestling and highly organized. She is an outgoing positive free spirit who is accommodating, open minded, sexy, highly skilled and exceptional fit. She’s a true spitfire who loves to dominate. I would compare her to session wrestler Veve Lane. Highly recommend.


Amazing lady easy on the eyes. Very friendly. Great sensual fantasy. Has many outfits and has wrestling mats for fantasy wrestling. Excellent communicator.
Rating AAAAA+++++


Lora is simply amazing! Strong, sexy, confident and fun! I have wicked respect for her intelligence, communication and perfectly sculpted body. She gave me the pleasure of her smile and personality, while dishing out the pain of head scissors and ab punches. What a joy she is, and I will definitely see her again. Lora, thank for a memorable session!


I had a second lift and carry session with with Lora in Atlanta. She has gotten stronger and was able to keep me up in a back breaker much longer this time. I think she could’ve kept me on her shoulders for a long time. She couldn’t be sexier, nicer and more accommodating. We did cradles, shoulder sits, racks, and a few fireman carries. You definitely will leave the session looking for more, and will want to see her again and again.


Wow. Just finished the absolute best session of my life with the incredible Goddess. Strong, Smart, and beautiful inside and out. She was an absolute pleasure to speak with and her skills are on point. I weigh a solid 170 of muscle and she lifted me up like I was nothing. Her scissors are devastating and her demeanor is just perfect. I cannot recommend her enough.


Frank O
I just finished a session a few days earlier with Lora and it’s given me time to process.

First, she’s super easy to book and she’s a very good communicator. She also didn’t back out last minute which has unfortunately happened to me a few times.

She is very pretty and yes her body is that good. Not bulky but super fit, lean and chiseled. Those pictures don’t lie. Insane.

As for our match, it was competitive (no pins) with 5 min rounds and 2 min breaks. I needed all 2 mins. Her energy is off the charts. She keeps going and moving and is never in one place. She is also super strong and may be the strongest women I’ve wrestled pound for pound. There is a lot of power in that 108 pounds.

She has a lot of good jiu jitsu and wrestling moves. Armbar, triangle and rear naked choke. She ended up getting a RNC in one of the rounds that was so fast, I didn’t know what happened. I went from an advantage to tapping within a few seconds. Another round I had the advantage the whole round and thought I would get her to tap but she doesn’t give up and wiggled out with less 30 seconds left and submitted me as I had no gas left. Those losses mess with your head and she loves to get those late round taps.

The last 2 rounds were probably my favorite part of our match from an adrenaline standpoint. I was ahead and she was not having that. “I want my point” was her battle cry. So add nonstop energy to a determined and very competitive woman, I felt like a palm tree getting blown around in a hurricane wind.

Ultimately, I did squeak out with the victory. She truly is a Wonder Woman but I was able to find a small hole in her game and exploit it. The bad news for all of us is that she knows what the hole is and she’ll go back and get it fixed. She told me she wanted to take a few months off and train hard in the dojo. My suggestion for anyone who wants a competitive session would be to set up a session before she gets any better.

Overall, A+. You don’t want to miss her because she has all the right stuff ( personality, attitude, beauty, fitness, skill) to make any match memorable.


Thoughts on Lora Cross? Where to start…

I met her two weeks ago, when she came down to Winston Salem. I hadn’t seen too much of her beforehand, so I was wary at first, but another session wrestler recommended her highly, and I loved her look on Instagram, so I decided to take the plunge.

This turned out to be a great move on my part. From the moment I opened the door until the moment we parted ways, Lora was an absolute blast to not just wrestle with, but meet in general. She has an electric personality, energetic and welcoming, but pleasant and comforting when need be. Opening up to her was a pleasant experience, and she had no qualms in sharing that candor.

I had heard as much about her from other sources, so I was surprised by that. What did surprise me, however, was how strong she was. You can tell from photos that she’s in top shape, but it’s only when she’s close and you’re wrestling her that you realize just how tough her body is. I’ve wrestled a wide variety of women, and Lora might be pound for pound the strongest. She seems small, but that’s because there’s so little fat on her – she’s like a little iron wrecking ball, deceptively powerful for her height. I have about ten inches and maybe eighty or so pounds on her, and we felt even more often than not, with her able to overpower me with ease when in the right position.

Not only that, but she’s fast, and surprisingly skilled, able to get me in quite a few holds. I was in constant fear of her armbar, and anytime her legs closed around my neck, I knew I’d soon have to tap. Her endurance is amazing – she just does not stop coming, and she will wear you down. I would give her a strong chance against even some of the older and more experienced women on this site – they might exceed her experience, but when it comes to sheer physical ability and tenacity, I think she would outlast many of them in the long run.

If you even have a chance, don’t hesitate to book a session with Lora Cross. Great personality, grear body, great attitude, great moves – you can’t go wrong.


I will admit, I was a bit nervous about booking a session so far in advanced considering everything that is going on right now. However it was so worth it. Lora kept in contact and assured me that everything was good. She keeps to her word and that is not easy to find. As long as you put your deposit for your time, she has no problem keeping in touch until your session happens. I did a lift and carry session with Lora and what a little power house she is. I am close to double her weight, and she was able to piggyback me with ease. She was able to squat me, do calf raises (70 reps, record out of all other girls I have sessions with and she was also the smallest) and carry me up a flight of stairs multiple times.

Along with her amazing strength come an amazing personality. She is sweet as pie and a true southern peach. We had great conversations during and in between lifts. She loves a challenge and that is what puts her way over the top in my opinion. She is an absolute must see for any session you want and she is willing to do. Also, she is a great role player because I had asked her to give me an angry look and a one liner to sell it and it was very convincing. Plus, her angry look is pretty hot too😁. I can’t wait for her to come back this way.


When Lora opened the door I was greeted by a lovely young petite lady with a radiant smile. Her southern accent is quite lovely as well.
Once we got to the mats Lora was all business.
One of the most fierce competitors I have ever met.
Her grit and determination to defeat and win is very refreshing. Her technique and grappling skills are A1.I outweighed her by 140 lbs. but that didn’t stop her. I was able to get her on her back for a minute or so and control the action briefly but there was no way I was going to secure a pin or a submission hold against her .The minute I tried to make my move to secure a better position she pounced and got me to tap. Her stamina and athleticism is truly amazing.
If you are looking for real competition with a super skilled grappler Lora is your lady.
Looking forward to her return to the NY metro area
Hopefully, I will be better prepared to come out victorious


Lora is the total package: sexy, athletic, clever, creative, kind, patient, humorous, and an undeniably dominant mat demon. She will wiggle onto your back, deprive you of your faculties, and the only question crossing your mind (besides how you got into this) as she giggles in your ear is whether she got that rear naked choke with her skills or her spirit. Spoiler: it’s both. I set up a BJJ Gi session with her, and from the first email setting it up to the last good-bye leaving the room, it was all smiles except for those times I was amazed beyond facial expressions. I just didn’t want it to end, but that only means I’ll be as pumped for the next time as I was for this first time. So, yeah – recommended. A lot. A whole lot. Just book her already. You’ll be glad you did.


I booked a 90-min pins match with Lora during her recent tour and had an absolutely wonderful time! I’m no physical specimen, nor do I care about “winning”, but I like to provide a challenge and will often sneak in a pin or two of my own. That was NOT the case with Lora. She’s so strong and her petite figure gave me fits. She was also a pleasure to speak with in between sessions and loves what she does. I’m already daydreaming of a rematch!


Just had a fantastic scissors and muscle worship session with Lora. Lora has a great physique. Beautiful legs and washboard abs. Wonderful southern accent and a nice lady to be around. Strong scissors and rear naked choke. Also, Lora has a great deal of knowledge about nutrition and weight training. I will be scheduling another session with Lora. Thank you!
All the Best,



Met Lora this week in TX, easily my fave session ever! Setup was EZ, professional and a wonderful personality, felt like instant friends. Not to mention smoking hot🔥! We wrestled, and she made me earn every inch, her muscles are for real! At one point she literally leapt over me and locked on a reverse headscissor mid air! Lol after that she donned boxing gloves and pummeled my midsection till I was broken at her feet! Lora thank you for an amazing time, guys don’t miss out she’s the best!


On Friday April 9th my dreams came true and I had an amazing session with both Ciren Verde and Lora Cross!!! Their pictures don’t do them justice gentlemen! They are both works of art that make you lose focus and that is how they win the match and your heart! Don’t be fooled by their small size because they really pack a punch and a few kicks! Lol

They were a lot of fun from the start to the finish. They showed up on time and ready to session. Cute, fun, professional, action packed, easy to talk to, and made me feel so comfortable meeting someone new. I enjoyed every minute with them and can’t wait to see them again!


Lora Cross is the first girl I’ve ever sessioned with more than once, so I feel entitled to post a second review!

She mentioned that many potential clients question whether she can really wrestle a bigger guy competitively, and I’ll do my best to dispel those doubts. She’s small, but she trains for several hours every day. As good as her body looks, it’s not just for show.

Imagine wrestling with a chimpanzee. You could pick it up easily enough, but try pinning it down for long or getting it to tap. Lora’s energy level is intense, and if you make a mistake or relax for a split second, she’s going to lock a choke on you, and good luck getting out of it.

If you’re like me, the harder you can try and still have a girl choke you out with those smooth muscular legs, the more satisfying the session. Unless you’re highly skilled, you can try as hard as you want, and Lora will eventually make you tap or put you to sleep.

Besides her athleticism, she’s one of the coolest people you’re ever going to meet. Life can be a souring experience, and I admire anyone over 30 who can consistently display a pleasant public demeanor. However, with Lora, it’s no act. She has a contagious teenager-like enthusiasm and loves wrestling.

Hopefully, she’ll stay in this business for a long time, but who knows? If you have a chance to session with her, don’t pass it up. Enjoy life while you can.


What is your size? Also, if sounds like you are someone who wants to lose in a session but for it to be convincing. Is that right? and if so did Lora deliver on that


5’11” 160 lbs. For me, sessions are about play. Sex is about play. Life should be about play. I don’t go into a session concerned about the outcome.

I want a hot, fit, and petite girl to choke me out. The more resistance I can offer, the better. Lora can overcome serious defense. As far as offense goes, the only “grappling” move I know is a headlock, and I’ve never tried to grab a girl around the neck.


Joe Espresso
Lora Cross is simply unparalleled! I had the opportunity to meet her recently when she was visiting the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. I was fortunate enough to be completely demolished by Lora, Kim Chi and Anastasia Rose. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far. Brief as this review may be, I simply do not have words enough to describe in detail what a euphoric experience this was! Wow! Will be reaching out again next time she finds herself in the DC area! Thanks, Lora!


Finally had my first session. After months of contemplation I was able to book Lora. She was amazing! A ball of energy who is fit, strong and Beautiful!!! She would be my idea of the triple threat. I would recommend her if you’re looking for a great session.
Only bad thing was… I broke her winning streak! Yes, I was the bad guy. Our matches were competitive and she held her own at times, but I brought her confidence back to earth! 🤣🤣 She will have to start a new winning streak. She was at a disadvantage as I wrestled in college years ago, but she tried… and you have to appreciate her efforts.

I enjoyed every minute of it and she never rushed me based on our allotted time. I felt comfortable as I mentioned this was my first session. As she gets more experienced she will be a hand full but her streak will again end with me. 😁😁

I highly recommend her and i plan to see her again when she’s around. She made the experience worthwhile and deserve the praise for being an amazing and awesome host!!!

Thanks Lora!!! You’re Awesome


Mr. Bill
I recently had a session with Lora. I sent a detailed introductory email providing my personal stats, my interests and provided a reference. Her response was prompt, concise and our appointment was scheduled in no time.

Do not let her size fool you, she is all muscle, surprisingly strong, very quick and to say that she is competitive would be an understatement. Our session was a mixture of posing, lift and carry, arm wrestling, tests of strength, boxing and semi competitive wrestling. At times I thought I had her, but she would not relent and before I knew it, the tables were turned and she had me right where she wanted. Unless you are large and strong or highly skilled, don’t expect to win any pins/submissions.

Lora is outgoing, well-spoken, down to earth and wants to ensure that you enjoy your time with her. One of the best if not the best session I’ve had. I fully intend to see her again. If she’s coming to an area near you, make the time to see her, you won’t regret it!


People, if you did not know already what a superb person Lora is to work with, then please head these words. Trust is at the heart of what so many people do on this site, and I am hard pressed to find many – or any – more deserving than Lora. I simply wanted to buy a few pics, and not only was she prompt, communicative, clear, and accommodating of my request, she went far and beyond what I sought. Her product was so great that of my own volition I doubled her price. If you are fortunate enough to session with her, then treat her right – you’ll be glad you did.


I had a lift and carry session with Lora today in Atlanta. I had a great time. She is a little powerhouse. She is very sweet and surprisingly strong for such a little person. We did a variety of lifts including back breakers. She held me for quite a long time and even did squats with me.

She looks just like her photos and has the most beautiful eyes! She is a knock out!

I highly recommend her and will definitely have a session again when she comes back to my town.


I had my first session with Lora last week and she was incredible. We did a competitive match and I’m still thinking about it. As others have said, she loves to trash talk before the match and she really is a natural wrestler. Lora is one of the prettiest and sweetest women I’ve met, truly loves wrestling and can surprise the hell out of you with her strength. Basically perfect. I also have to admit she beat me, and I’m actually ashamed of it. But I know she’ll let everyone know anyway 🙂


Just had a session with Lora in Charlotte. What a sweetheart! A very tight little body with very good wrestling skills for a beginner. Outstanding communication throughout the whole process including some great trash talking leading up to the session. Jeff



Lora Cross is one dynamite session wrestler! Here’s the breakdown:

Professionalism = 10/10. Traveling session wrestlers lead rather chaotic lives, so I understand that details are hard to pin down and emails get lost. Lora is more organized and responsible than both my banker and insurance agent. She would be a success in anything she does, and it’s our good fortune that she chose session wrestling.

You can trust her with a deposit! She even let me reschedule my session due to a potential snowstorm.

Beauty = 10/10. Everyone has their own taste, but Lora sets the standard on my scale.

Personality = 10/10. I assumed her charming demeanor in setting up the session was just part of her professionalism, but I was wrong. She is a genuinely kind and friendly person with a well-centered soul.

Strength = 10/10. After seeing her squat videos on Instagram, I expected her legs to be strong, but I was shocked by her arm strength. I asked for a semi-competitive session, but I talked so much shit beforehand that I knew she was coming after me. I have about 50 lbs on her, and while I didn’t go “beast mode,” I gave it my best, and she had me tapping every few minutes. She’s nice and sweet until the bell rings; after that, she takes care of business. Only once did I get in an advantageous position, but she was too small and quick for me to get a good grip on.

Sensuality = 10/10. I’m a foot guy, and she put me in heaven.


I’m scheduled to session with Lora in a couple days. She has been awesome with communication setting up the session. She sounds like a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to meet her. I will post a review of the session afterwards.


Lora Cross gave me a night I’ll never, ever forget. I came to her for my first session, communication was easy and stress free. Nothing could have prepared me for the power in those thighs until she had me tapping out hard all session long. I can’t wait to hit the gym and come back to test myself against those killer legs and washboard abs. If you want a hot session with a girl who doesn’t back down, Lora Cross is your answer


I just had a session with Lora Cross in San Antonio, TX and she was absolutely amazing, she is sweet and charming and real easy to talk to. I knew she was new to scissorholds but boy were they strong and powerful, for someone who is fairly new to them she already has great strength and power in them. Lora made sure I was comfortable during the session and she even accidentally knocked me out with her bare hands, I waited too long to Tapout and I was completely out. If Lora Cross comes to your city you should definitely meet her for a session and an amazing time


I got a chance to meet Lora while having another session. I decided to go a couple rounds with her since my confidence was high because i was winning my session. She is stronger and quicker than she looks. Don’t let that beautiful smile and chiseled body fool you. She is cocky and can back it up. She tap me out twice both times under a minute! I am definitely looking forward to doing a full session with her. But despite my height and wright advantage i was no match for her. I hope to change that the next time i session with her. If you get an opportunity to wrestle her don’t miss out on that opportunity.


I recently had a Skype with Lora and to put it simply the whole experience was perfect!

Communication was a breeze, & setting a time & date was simple. Lora is very professional and really cares about making the experience great. I was a nervous wreck when time came for the Skype, but her beautiful personality quickly calmed me down & put me at ease.

As you can tell in her pictures, she is very beautiful & muscular! Her personality & charisma are 2nd to none, she is so much fun to talk to. If you’re looking to book with a true pro all around than I can’t recommend the beautiful Lora Cross enough. She is the best! I can’t wait to book again and thank you so much!




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