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Location: United States , Tampa

Last Activity: 10/14/2022


Height: 6'1” - 185 cm

Weight: 240 lbs - 108.9 kg

Physique: Curvy


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Hi guys!! If you are looking for the ultimate domination leave it to the KO Queen, tall Goddess Gia the Giantess wrestling domme to make your ultimate amazonian fantasies a reality. I love to meet my fans and play out your wrestling fantasy! I have done wrestling videos in the past for Modest Moms, ScissorFoxes, Doom Maidens to name a few. Don’t be shy, I have a great bubbly personality, fun and energetic to put you at ease. If you are looking to book a session with me, you will have a blast. I do require the following information when emailing:

1. Name, Age, Height, Weight, and Location

2. The type of session you are requesting

3. I DO NOT do anything else sex-related whatsoever, don’t ask. Have respect, please.

4. I do require a non-refundable deposit before our session.

I offer a wide range of wrestling and domination sessions. I spend my time between Ottawa and Tampa and I tour regularly. If your city is not listed please feel free to inquire or sponsoring my trip to you is also a possibility. For lift and carry sessions I will only go to 150lbs. I want your experience with me to be memorable, fun, and something you won’t regret doing. I love the feeling of overpowering a man and completely making him submissive to me. I am very powerful, but will never go beyond your limitations, as you should respect mine as well. I will dominate you easily with a smile on my face!!! (As I love to smile!!)

I look forward to hearing from you and bringing your wrestling fantasy come to life!!

No time wasters, don’t write me saying, oh I can beat you, yadda yadda, don’t be disrespectful in emails, as they will be ignored.

Services Offered

  • Phone Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym


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01/17/202301/18/2023BostonMassachusettsUnited States
01/19/202301/20/2023New YorkNew YorkUnited States
01/21/202301/22/2023PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaUnited States
01/23/202301/24/2023WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaUnited States
01/25/202301/25/2023CharlotteNorth CarolinaUnited States
01/26/202301/26/2023CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States
01/27/202301/27/2023OrlandoFloridaUnited States
01/28/202301/28/2023TampaFloridaUnited States

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    01/17/2023 East coast to South
    Gia and Amazon Amanda Double Tour

Amanda and Gia will be touring together from Boston to Tampa. Don’t miss out on a double session with two Amazons!


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2 months ago

Prepare to be shocked and humbled!

Gia doesn’t look very intimidating in person, but she definitely lives up to her hype. Her grappling ability combined with her strength, her height, and her weight, means that 99 percent of men have no chance at all of rising to the level of a worthy opponent.

Speed: I didn’t see Gia make any fast moves in our session, but she really didn’t need to use any speed or agility. All that she needs to do is get a grip on you and she will have you on the floor, immobilised, helpless, humiliated, and at her mercy within a matter of seconds.

Endurance: Its impossible to tell what Gia’s endurance is like because she makes total domination seem natural and effortless. She maintained a patient and calm disposition the entire time while teasing me and laughing at my attempts to struggle. Gia was very good at relying entirely on her grappling skills and her weight to do all of her work for her. I can’t even imagine her breaking a sweat or being out of breath during a session.

Gia has a massive, strong, and sculpted back which looks spectacular from underneath while she is sitting on your chest. She is genuinely sadistic, playful, funny, and friendly, all at the same time. If you are lucky you will find out that Gia can relax on a couch while casually putting you into an unbreakable choke hold and submitting you with just her feet. Unbelievable!

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4 months ago

Gia is one of my favorite people to session with. She laughs at your struggle the whole time lol. She knows her holds, packs a good punch and will destroy you with scissors and facesits. Every time I see her I have a blast and she knows what she’s doing. Good luck trying to fight her. You’ll definitely lose

5 months ago

I had my first ever wrestling session with Gia in Barcelona some days ago . I was not unfamiliar with headscisssors and other kinds of domination though because I had experienced with a female friend of mine. But I think I was totally unprepared for this much power and strength from surely one of the biggest and toughest wrestlers out there . What surprised me most is how quickly I had to tap, I honestly thought I was tougher than that hahaha but Gia can really deliver pain and turn you into a tapping machine . Her body scissors were amazingly hard to take , I had to tap in seconds. Same for her headscisssors, her legs are so huge I sometimes couldn’t hear her teasing because my ears were totally pressured by her legs .

One of the first things she did to me was force me to kiss her big and beautiful feet. She ordered me to do it but I disobeyed so she used her feet to hit my face and also to choke me with them. After some of that punishment I became her foot slave and kissed them whenever she asked. She would often ask it to release me from a painful hold .

She knocked me out three times, two using her arms and one using her legs. The latter was one of the most exciting and freightening experiences in my life. The seconds when I realized that she was not letting me go until I passed out were something I will never forget . I woke up disoriented and shocked but so glad I could experience this . I have to clarify I was aware she would do it as she asked me before starting the session if I was into it and although hesitant I accepted , I think it’s worth and she really knows what she is doing.

There was also some trampling which was very hard for me but so cool to witness Gia raise one of her legs well above her shoulders like a ballerina while she keeps trampling you with the other one . It’s insane to realize how flexible and skilled she is . And being this much big .. total respect for her physical condition .

We did some chest, stomach and facesitting . The first one was a kind of challenge she suggested . She sat on my chest for 15 minutes . We had some chatting like this ,every minute it was harder for me to talk . I loved it . I loved being her cushion. The stomach one was much harder . I liked it too but still I prefer the chest sitting . Then the face sitting was awesome too , when she sits on your face you might think you could stay like this forever but no, her ass is everywhere on your face so breathing can become very challenging , at some point I couldn’t even move my lips . It was impossible to escape from her ass I had to tap and beg for air , and she would give me 2 seconds of it before sitting on my face again . We repeated this for 10 minutes . One of the best experiences ever .

Thank you for everything Gia !

5 months ago

I sessioned with Gia in Boston and wow, what a woman. Talk about overpowering. When you session with Gia you literally submit yourself because you don’t have much choice in what’s going on. I signed up for a smothering session and got so much more. She asked if I liked headscissors to which I replied sure, big mistake. Lol. “So I get to squeeze you too?!” Then she proceeded to squeeze the living daylights out of me, it was awesome. And talk about drop dead gorgeous, she’s quite breathtaking, literally. Everytime I would get some air she was so quick to take it away, I could not escape. I look forward to sessioning with her in the future because I was blown away with Gia.

6 months ago

I had a double session with Gia and Amazon Amanda last week when they started their European tour. It was an experience of a lifetime.
I’m not a very small man, about 5ft10 and 200lbs and they were simply toying with me the entire time. I have met some strong wrestlers before but had never experienced such utter and effortless domination. They were so casually destroying me it was almost insulting.
Even before the session, when Gia just opened the hotel room door to welcome me with her towering figure and beautiful smile the fun began. We took the elevator together to Amanda’s room and I was speechless, staring up at her with a silly smile on my face fighting hard not to develop an instant crush with very little success. She just looked back at me and seemed amused.
We reached Amanda and the onslaught began… I was being repeatedly crushed, scissored, smothered and squeezed and there was nothing I could do about it.
I should add here that both look even better in real life than in pictures, and they are so nice and friendly too!
They have a different style but work so well together with such harmony like they’ve been always doing it together. Gia would go after me, wrap her long powerful legs around me and it’s game over. Up to her if/when/how I’m going down (or out). Occasionally she would laugh and taunt me for not putting enough effort “I thought you wanted to wrestle?” while I was giving it my best with absolutely zero effect.
Amanda, on the other hand, would just tell me with the sweetest voice where she wants me and I simply could not do anything but obey, just to have her lay her weight on me taking my breath away repeatedly.
During the entire session they were laughing and chatting as if they were hanging out, and poor me was fighting to survive so I can live and tell. I was exhausted from my efforts even though I was hardly moving during the entire session.
In breaks (which only I needed, of course) they would sit on me, or Gia would place her foot on my head, just so I don’t think of running away…
Luckily I did survive the session after all, my body somewhat more compressed but my mind was flying high.
Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

6 months ago

I had my first session yesterday. Never had a session with an Amazon before and I was kind of shy. Gia was so nice and welcomed me with a warm hug. The photos and videos never do justice to her actual size and stature. I was amazed by her size. We then talked about the session for 5 mins. We started with fantasy wrestling. She effortlessly threw me to the wrestling mat and sat on me. I tried to move her but I failed. Then she did scissorholds. Started with a headscissor. Those legs are insanely strong and can squeeze the shit out of you. I thought my head exploded during that squeeze. I wanted a KO but I was so scared. Then she did bodyscissors on me I tried to resist for a minute but I failed. Then she did some facesitting. I was no match to her. I am looking forward to see her again when she is back in town.

8 months ago

Recently I sessioned with Gia after a couple of months of following her social media online. I finally decided to give this real-time session thing a shot and it is one of the best decisions I have ever met. She greeted me with a smile at the door and whoa she is even more sexier in person than I would have imagined. Simply a towering flawless natural beauty with powerful arms and legs, nails and toes on fire status and a tan, soft skin tone body to die for. I was in awe and a bit nervous, but she simply put my mind to ease pretty quickly. Gia has a naturally sweet personality and very easy to talk to.

We are both huge wrestling fans and talk initially on the topic as she got a feel on what fetishes would be a perfect fit for this occasion. I definitely wanted to be dominated and she did not disappoint with an array of techniques that kept my heart pounding for the whole 3-hour session. It started with some foot worship that was simply out of this world. If you love worshipping pretty, soft perfectly shaped feet like I do than this is a no-brainer with Gia. From there we did some ball busting and face sitting that simply took my breathe away. She was very professional with her techniques the whole time ensuring I was okay as she continuously crushed me Thereafter with my consent, she performed a few submission holds with her legs and arms as I tapped out every time. Lastly I found out why GIA is the KO Queen by putting me completely out in 3 seconds with yet another submission move. I can tell Gia enjoys pushing limits and torturing a male during her sessions but it is very pleasurable. The session was easily the best ever experience personally and I will always have these lasting memories. Thank you Gia!!

8 months ago

I sessioned with Gia a few days ago, after wanting to meet her for years. The session was everything I could have wanted. She is tall, beautiful and dominant. After we talked a bit about what I was looking for, she proceeded to flatten me over and over for the rest of the hour. We also did some arm wrestling, and she lifted me in a few different carries around the room.

The wrestling was wonderful. I’m not a big guy, and she is much taller than me and outweighs me significantly. I had no chance against Gia. I was able to resist for a few seconds each time we started because she let me, but then she would always take me in a hold and flatten me into the bed. I had no chance, and she was quick to remind me when she was on top of me that I wasn’t getting up if she didn’t let me. She could’ve held me there forever and there was nothing I could do. She absolutely delivered the feeling of effortless domination, and all I could do was give in.

I would not hesitate to see her again if the opportunity came up, and you definitely shouldn’t pass her up if you get the chance.

8 months ago

I just wanted you guys to know that I just completed a two hour session with Tall Goddess Gia….and it was absolutely phenomenal. To preface, I session primarily for Facesitting and Headscissors(predominately facesitting/smothering) and she delivered everything I could’ve hoped for.

I’ve sessioned with several strong, gorgeous women and she’s the best, for me, so far.

She smothered me thoroughly in booty shorts, and the experience was sensational. She’s very strong and has a great center of balance, so when she’s planted she ain’t going nowhere…but toward the end of the session, she slipped on some black leggings, which I have a bit of a fetish for. At one point, she sat there and while I was in Heaven, I contemplated going ahead and surrendering to the knockout. I chickened out and tapped, but she was going to continue sitting there. I can’t explain the feeling of having a strong, 220+lb woman smothering you, with you trying to resist, while not being altogether successful.

I think if smothering is your thing, and she’s near you for a tour, you should make it a priority to check her out.

9 months ago

I saw Gia when she came to San Francisco and she was a non stop blast of fun from start to finish. She greeted me at the door with a warm hug and we briefly talked about what I wanted out of it while she also made some of her own suggestions. She was only my second session ever so I was more than willing to experiment. She also paid close attention to my limits. I knew she was the KO queen and the little voice in the back of my head wanted her to KO me but I chickened out and asked her not to and she respectfully agreed. That said, once she knew my limit, she had no issue taking me to it and holding me there and I am so glad she did.

My primary fetish is facesitting/smothering but she also pushed me to explore some fun new ways of getting crushed. She opened up the session by sitting her full weight on my stomach to see how long I could take it for. After about 15 minutes of that she decided I was getting it too easy and plopped right down on my face leaving me in suffocating darkness. I had read reviews previously than mentioned how impossible it was to breath once she has you in a facesit and I can ABSOLUTELY confirm those claims.

Despite not wanting to be KOed, I asked her to push me a bit and she definitely did! There were several times where I panicked early and she ignored my tap for a few seconds to to really let me know who was in control. There were even a few instances where I miraculously managed to weasel my way to a breath and rather than giving me relief, she just kept sitting and it was exciting as all hell. Speaking of tapping, she definitely had me tapping a lot!

She “gave me a break” by sitting on my chest and up to this point I had never had someone make me struggle while sitting on my chest. Meanwhile the entire time, she was sadistically smiling down at me. She introduced me to the world of scissor holds both on my body and neck as well. She got into position and I was treated to the best view in the house before she put the pressure on and I was nearly lights out, taunting me by shaking her ass in my face and giggling while I recovered.

Towards the end of the session she brought up being KOed under a facesit again and honestly… I should have said yes! The session was as intense as it was memorable and it broke down a ton of barriers for me.

If being crushed by a beautiful dominant woman is your thing, do yourself a favor, and book her if she’s in your area.

9 months ago

I finally got to have a session with Gia a few weeks ago. She really checks all the boxes. When you see her in person her size is intimidating but her looks are AMAZING. All the ladies on session girls look great but Gia is very unique.

When we started she got me down with no effort despite me being big myself and got me in a SGP. Looking up at her as she giggled as I tried escaping from under her. Then she let me up only to put me in one of what would be numerous scissor holds. When her thick gorgeous legs are starting to wrap around your head the view is bliss till she closes them together and your head practically disappears in her thighs. Gia is not just a giant and gorgeous she is strong. I was tapping faster than I ever thought I would given all the sessions I’ve had. Side, reverse i was shocked I had to tap so quickly. Gia is also the First Lady in over 130 sessions to not only get me in but submit me in a body scissor. Facesits & foot chokes were also inescapable and amazing.

Gia was fun to talk to. Fun to be taunted by during the session. Like I said several times completely gorgeous. Never met another wrestler like her and I can’t wait to session with her again. Anyone who hasn’t met her is missing out if you don’t if she is in your area.

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