Location: Germany , OTHER, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg

Last Activity: 08/14/2023


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg

Physique: Athletic

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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Due to a knee injury no appointments possible for an indefinite period of time!

Aufgrund einer Verletzung am Knie derzeit keine Termine bis auf unbestimmte Zeit möglich!

English version below

In Nürnberg Termine eventuell auch an anderen Tagen möglich!

Du kannst dir deine Niederlage schon in Gedanken vorstellen? Dann ist es an der Zeit, dass du sie auch real spürst. Du wimmernd unter mir, ich lachend über dir…

In den verschiedensten Griffen wie Scissors, Chokes und Hebel lasse ich dich zappeln und zum abklopfen bringen.

Bei mir steht der Spaß und der gegenseitige Respekt im Vordergrund. Gerne kämpfe ich full-competitive mit dir, schalte aber auch ein paar Gänge runter.

Meine langjährige Kampfsporterfahrung, anfangs im Karate und Ju-Jutsu und später im MMA unterstreichen meinen Siegeswillen. Inzwischen liegen auch 5 Jahre Sessionerfahrung hinter mir und ich habe noch lange nicht genug. Ich lebe den Kampf mit Männern!

Bist du bereit mir gegenüber zu treten? Melde dich bei mir!

Ich bin anzutreffen in Nürnberg (ich wohne in Nürnberg – teils spontane Termine möglich) und Düsseldorf und weitere Städte, siehe dazu meinen Tourenplan.

Bei aller Härte 🙂 Ich habe keinerlei Interesse daran dir ernsthaft zu schaden, sieh also bitte von Anfragen nach K.O.s ab.

Bitte nenne mir doch in deiner ersten Kontaktaufnahme deine Größe, dein Gewicht, was du mit mir erleben möchtest und an welchem meiner gelisteten Standorte du mich treffen möchtest. Für mehr Infos über meinen Service schaue auf meine eigene Website: . 😉




In Nuremberg appointments are maybe possible on other days!

The defeat is haunting through your mind? Let me get this real. You are whimpering beneath me, I am laughing while sitting on you…

You will feel different holds, chokes and locks force you to tap out.

Having a lot of fun and also mutual respect is important to me. I fight full-competitive but also step back for you.

I have several years of experience in Karate, Ju-Jutsu and later MMA as well as 5 years experience in wrestling sessions and still I can’t get enough. I live the fight with men!

Are you ready? Contact me!

You will meet me in Nuremberg (I live in Nuremberg – maybe spontaneous appointments possible) and Düsseldorf and other cities, please have a look on my travel plan.

Even if I love really good fights, I am absolutely not interested in seriously hurting you, so please do not even ask for K.O. sessions.

Please let me know some facts in your first contact mail/message about your height, weight, what you want to experience with me and in which of my listed cities you want to meet me.

More information about my service on my own website: . 😉

Services Offered

  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Armwrestling
  • Boxing
  • Scissoring
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


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10 months ago

Hello , … !
Conclusion: wow, highly recommended
Sessions with Sophia are always super intense, often led by her in a dominant way. Which is incredibly good! She is a very well trained fighter, super strong (too strong for me definitely). Very funny, always a nice saying for you when you are lying defenseless on the mat under her again. She knows exactly what she’s doing, super prepared. Always with respect and clear rules. A real sporting challenge for any man, you get your chance but you won’t be able to win. Sophia loves to fight and show she’s better, you’ll have to get used to that. Incidentally, it’s very easy, I’ve had so many sessions and they’re all really good. Always a pleasure to fight with her is addictive. Great woman .
Henry xx

11 months ago

I’ve met Sophia in March for a wrestling / scissor session in Düsseldorf.

She is a very friendly and attractive woman. First we had a little small talk before the session which helped me to calm my nerves and also to get to know each other a little.

The session was just awesome and as I expected it to be. She put several very hard headscissors on me but she always stopped right away when I tapped. Sophia completely respected my limits and I felt safe during the whole session.

Her headscissor are super tight and powerful, there was no chance for me to escape them. Once she trapped my thigh in a Scissor and applied full pressure. Oh my, what an experience.

Also her rear naked chokes were awesome and impossible to escape from.

I totally recommend to met this wonderful woman for a session. She is, kind, smart and has a good sense of humour.

Will definitely book another session in the fuutre. 🙂

Viele Grüße,

1 year ago

I have met Sophia for a boxing session.
First, communication was very clear, she answers fast on emails and we set the session very quickly.
We agree on many details for the session and she agreed to all. Love it.

When I arrived, I was intimidate but Sophia is very kind and very polite. We discuss a little bit, she prepares everything and we started by some basic training.
We started slowly but it became more and more intense. She really puts her passion into the session and it was incredible. I receive several punches on the face, we clinched a lot (I love doing clinches during the fight) and it was absolutely perfect.

Thanks again for this amazing session, I really enjoy it ! Love to see you another time for a revanche.

1 year ago

War sa erste mal bei Sophia ,leider bin mittlerweile schon 62, habe aber 18 Jahre Ringererfahrung,davon 7Jahre Bundesliga
War total begeistert von der Freundlichkeit von ihr .Sie hat gewaltige Kräfte , und eine gute Technik,leider ging mir die Luft aus, hab mich aber glaube ich wacker geschlagen gegen das Powerhouse
Das war nicht das letzte mal

1 year ago

Wow! What a great session, what a great woman! Sophia has been at the top of my „to-do list“ for a long time. Quite rightly so, as I could find out last week. Sophia is strong and very technically skilled. And realy verry nice for me: She also uses classic olympic style wrestling techniques. Despite all the technical and combative superiority, Sophia still knows exactly how far she can go. Sophia adapts very well to her counterpart. The session was finished by a professional sports massage. Sophia „putted me through the wringer“ in the session, but on the next day I had almost no muscle pain. Which is clearly due to the very good sports massage. Sophia is also a very likeable and beautiful woman. That was definitely not my last meeting with her.

Wow! Was für eine tolle Session, was für ein tolle Frau! Sophia stand schon lange Zeit ganz oben auf meiner „To-Do-Liste“. Vollkommen zurecht, wie ich letzte Woche erfahren konnte. Sophia ist kräftig und technisch sehr versiert. Was mich besonders freute: Sie wendet auch klassische Ringkampf-Techniken an. Bei aller technischen und kämpferischen Überlegenheit, weiß Sophia trotzdem ganz genau wie weit sie gehen kann. Sophia stellt sich sehr gut auf ihr Gegenüber ein. Im Anschluss gab es noch eine professionell durchgeführte Sportmassage. Ich wurde in der Session von Sophia ordentlich „in die Mangel genommen“ und hatte am nächsten Tag fast gar keine Muskelschmerzen. Was ganz klar an der sehr guten Sportmassage liegt. Sophia ist zudem ein sehr sympathische und schöne Frau. Das war garantiert nicht mein letztes Treffen mir ihr.

1 year ago

I have been wrestling girls – well-known and un-known years ago.
Sophia was my choice to come back “to business”, and I am so happy.
Communication was very easy, she responded to my mails really proactive.

Boy I was nervous to come and see her at here place in Nuremberg. The location is perfect: Remote, but not only a studio, it has all the facilities one would need including a large playground with professional mats, wall protectors, no mat-burners risked.
The door opened and there was SHE. Well adapted to my preferences on outfit (I am a lycra fan).
Bright smile on here face, a toned body to melt for. You will have to see those broad shoulders and biceps combined with a nice butt.

We talked through my wishes for the session and Sophia really listened and made everything happen.

At this point I have to say, my weight is by far to much for my length but I am completely untrained. Since she has done MMA and other contact sports before, I knew she could absolutely dominate me if she would choose (my previous unsatisfying experience: Mayra Conde)
But nothing of it. Just exactly like I wished Sophia did give just as much competitive resistance as necessary, to make me feel, I can not win although I was on top often. Easily she could have taken me from hold to grip throughout the session – she did not but adjusted to my convenience.
Really I enjoyed the session and regret that I did not book a wellness massage thereafter as she offered.

Sophia is a great deal. She has the power and technique to knock out trained athletes but most important difference to other girls: She is willing to adapt to one`s request.

Especially recommended to beginners.

1 year ago

Um ehrlich zu sein: Bevor ich Sophia kontaktiert habe, hatte ich ein wenig Respekt, um nicht zu sagen Angst vor meinen eigenen Wünschen 😉 . Ich wollte weder an eine herrische Domina geraten noch eine junge Dame in irgendeiner Art und Weise ausnutzen.

Aber all meine Ängste habe sich SOFORT in Luft aufgelöst als ich Sophia kontaktiert habe .
Ich habe ihr zunächst eine lange und ausführliche Mail geschrieben und über meine Wünsche berichtet. Sophia hat auch schnell und sehr lieb bzw. positiv geantwortet und einen Telefontermin vorgeschlagen. Daraufhin haben wir telefoniert und ich kann euch sagen: Sophias offene und herzliche Art spürt man schon am Telefon. Sie lacht gern und hat es nach 2 Sätzen geschafft, dass ich mich richtig wohl gefühlt habe. 🙂 –

( Abgesehen von E-Mails oder Telefonaten funktioniert die Kommunikation auch schnell und unkompliziert über Whats App.)

Wir haben einen Termin in Hamburg vereinbart und uns das erste Mal für 1 Stunde getroffen und am Boden miteinander gerungen . ( Die Location war der Hammer. Es gab professionelle Judo Matten, Duschen und Sophia hatte sowohl Getränke, als auch kleine Snacks und Duschzeug + Handtücher vorbereitet) . Der Kampf war super schön ! Sophia hat enorm viel Kraft und ist technisch versiert. Damals hatte ich noch keine Kampfsporterfahrung und Sie hat mich immer wieder in einen Haltegriff, in einen Würger oder in die Beinschere genommen. Super !
Im sportlichen Bereich sind auch noch Dinge wie Armdrücken oder andere Kraftvergleiche möglich – Ich bin zwar auch relativ kräftig aber beim ersten Treffen hat mich Sophia tasächlich auf einer Seite besiegt . Ich war verblüfft und habe nach dem Treffen wie verrückt trainiert – bei einem späteren Treffen habe ich das Armdrücken auf beiden Seiten ganz knapp gewonnen. 😉 Aber Sophia ist eine Maschine 🙂 – ohne Training hat man keine Chance und wenn man keine Kampfsport Erfahrung hat wird man von ihr auf die Matte gelegt. 🙂
Außerdem haben wir viel miteinander herumgealbert und gelacht, bei Sophia fühlt man sich einfach wohl und es ist nicht nur ein sportlicher Kampf sondern ein richtig schönes miteinander.

Die Stunde war super schnell vorbei und es hat einfach nur extrem viel Spaß gemacht.

Ich habe Sophia daraufhin noch 2 Mal in Düsseldorf und noch 1 Mal in HH besucht, es war von Mal zu Mal schöner und es ist genau wie mein Vorposter geschrieben hat. Sobald Sophia die Tür öffnet und dich mit einem Lächeln begrüßt, fühlt man sich einfach nur Wohl. Wahnsinn !

Zwischenzeitlich bin ich Sophia einmal “fremdgegangen” 😉 , Sprich: Ich habe ein anderes Fighter Girl besucht , weil die Dame zufällig in meiner Stadt war und ich fast zu Fuß zu ihr gehen konnte – aber das hätte ich lieber nicht tun sollen – Es war eine Enttäuschung, kein Vergleich mit Sophia. -Wenn ihr mixed wrestling mögt, dann kann es in Deutschland keine andere Alternative geben als Sophia.

Im erotischen Bereich ist mit Sophia auch etwas möglich, aber darauf möchte ich an dieser Stelle nicht eingehen, weil es mir zu privat ist 😉 – Nur soviel: Auch das war super schön. Sprecht mit Sophia einfach über eure Wünsche – das ist mit ihr auch sehr unkompliziert und sie ist sehr offen.

Durch die Treffen mit Sophia habe ich mit dem Kampfsport angefangen, meine Ernährung umgestellt und auch sonst so einiges in meinem Leben verändert. Sophia hat mein Leben verändert ! 🙂

Sophia wenn du das liest dann auch an dieser Stelle nochmals danke für alles , ich bin froh dass wir uns kennen gelernt habe – Danke für alles und bis demnächst 🙂

1 year ago

Ich hatte schon mehrere Sessions in Düsseldorf mit Sophia. Sobald sie die Türe öffnet und dich mit einem Lächeln begrüßt fühlt man sich sofort wohl.
Mit ihr zu kämpfen macht riesen Spaß. Sie ist sehr stark und aus ihren Griffen kommt man nicht mehr raus.
Ganz besonders sind die Rollenspiele mit ihr. Sie geht auf alle Wünsche ein, vom Outfit bis zum Verlauf der Rollenspiele. Leider sind die Sessions immer viel zu schnell vorbei.
Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen eine Session mit ihr zu buchen.

1 year ago

I had a session with Sophia in Nuremberg back in July 2022. Before that, I had had a few sessions with some other session girls but never quite felt physically overpowered.
The first thing I would like to say about my session is that Sophia has a really good studio in Nuremberg. I had sessions in hotel rooms and it is nothing like having a session on a mat in a professional studio.
I reached out to Sophia and she immediately emailed me back and asked me what type of session I wanted. I listed everything I wished to experience and she met all my expectations and beyond.
Before Sophia, I never thought I could get overpowered by a woman around my size (I am 177cm and 69kg with no martial arts background). Since I had no martial arts or fighting experience, I asked Sophia not to use any martial arts techniques in our wrestling session and that we should both be relying on strength. She is extremely strong.
I never got lifted by a session girl while attacking her and wrestling competitively. We grabbed each other but since she was much stronger than me, she could immediately lift me. I wasn’t really playing around. I was seriously using all my power to win.
Despite that, she made very quick work on me without using any martial arts techniques each time we wrestled. We may be wrestled 15x or so and she easily won them all and dominated me.
If you really want to have a session with a physically strong woman in a professional environment, Sophia is the best! She can also bench press you 10x depending on your weight. She lifted me on her shoulders and did 10x squats.
Thank you, Sophia.
Sean from Tokyo.

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1 year ago

I finally met Sophia again, this time in Nuremberg. Initial contact via e-mail was seamless, everything was set up in a few quick mails. We agreed on a role play scenario which I drafted.
I drove to the new location and got there a bit early. It is located in an industrial area, so there are few to none people to be met around the studio, which is great for privacy. Parking is easy and I waited a few minutes to arrive on time. My heart was already pounding (135bpm according to my watch) and rightfully so.
I entered the building, went up the stairs (everything is clearly marked) and rung the bell. I could hear Sophia’s footsteps as she approached. Then she opened the door and I was awestruck. She was wearing red high heels and matching painted toenails, the Harley-Quinn-leggings were hugging her perfect legs and butt, displaying her flat and muscular abs, sports bra and her beautiful face all smiles framed by the hazelnut-colored hair. As I followed her into the studio, I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect body on display.
The studio is an SM location with all the bells and whistles you would expect there, but we didn’t use any of that. We had a nice conversation (mainly to calm down my nerves I guess), then I was offered to use the shower, which I gladly accepted on this summer day. Thereafter Sophia picked me up again and we went to the room with the large, professional mat space (foeldeak brand).
We began our session and even though I’m quite a bit taller and approx. 20kg heavier than Sophia, I couldn’t stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do to me. She put me in submission holds and pins as she pleased. She put me in all the common submission holds such as RNCs, triangles in all variations, arm bars, wrist locks, kimuras etc. but also in some pretty fancy ones like some kind of figure-four wrist lock with her legs. Her role playing was so convincing I’m not really sure she was playing. Her entire attitude and persona are just perfect match if you are looking for a sexy, dominant, playful yet physical superior sessionista. Talking to her while she was immobilizing me was at sometimes a spiritual, divine experience. She really gets “it”, why we do this! How she incorporated some other elements into a competitive fight was brilliant, absolutely perfect.
Even though the session was several hours long it was over much too soon. We had a wonderful chat after the session, but eventually I had to take another shower and leave her, only to already miss her dearly.
And even though I was beaten up for hours and put (as requested) into some considerable pain, I left the place without a mark on my body.
Thank you, Sophia, for a truly outstanding experience, for briefly escaping this world and joining you on a journey to another place and the lasting memories.

1 year ago

It was a great experience! I am new in sessions world but Sophia gave me an high level prove of how a girl strong can be. First aspect to consider is her hospitality. We met in a very professional studio in Nürnberg (with shower included) where we could do a domination and worship session, with just some wrestling holds as I was not interested in a wrestling session.

She proved me her huge strenght welcoming me with an elegant dress to prove how much girls can be pretty and strong at the same time.
She bet me sometime in armwrestling and definitely in other feats of strength as pushups and she was able to lift and carry me in many ways. No way to break free from her grips, specially from legs scissors that were like iron during those moves.
In addition Sophia is able to maintain a sexy and dominant communication at the same time, being able to enter deeply into the situation you choose to play, if you apply some role-playing. I really liked also as she was open for some talk at the end of the session.

So, if you are at your first experience or if you’re searching for a girl with a deep sense of humanity and communication Sophia will be your right choice to prove girl power.

1 year ago

There is absolutely nothing bad anyone can say about this young lady.

Initial contact was formal as I did not know her and she did not know me. I really didn’t know what to expect until she opened that door and smiled. I was hers to play with from that moment.

I had requested a martial arts fantasy session and watching her smiling and greeting me in that gi, immediately let me know I was in for it.

We spoke and ironed some of the details, including some last minute requests then it was on. I admit I am not much of an actor as I couldn’t think while looking at her but she ran with it so incredibly that even I started believing we were in a dojo.

Her skills are incredible. Initially it was supposed to be fantasy but she kept egging me to actually try and wrestle her. I could do nothing with her. Jiujitsu skills were on full display and relentless. I’m pretty sure she just enjoyed toying with me.

Her feet are gorgeous and I couldn’t help but get lost while kissing them. And she definitely made me pay for pretending that women can’t fight. They definitely can’t but Sophia had me on the ground at will. Her kicks are deadly, her legs are pure destruction, punches are solid and fast.

Someone already said it best, I am addicted to her and would have stayed there all day to be her plaything. Sophia is well worth it and more. Thank you.

1 year ago

I have sessioned multiple times with Sophia. Highly recommended, she is strong, smart, funny, understands “it”, sexy, good martial arts background… in my opinion the best in Germany! 🙂

1 year ago

I had my first session with Sophia in mid May 2022. We met in Düsseldorf. I will see her again in mid June.

Setting up the session with Sophia was very easy and pleasant. Her communication is timely, reliable, respectful and friendly. She’s a very kind person.

I’ve asked for a semi-comp fight that gradually turns into domination. And that’s exactly what I got. Sophia is technically skilled. Fighting with her was a bit like dancing. My advantage in height and weight is minimal but I’m fit. That helped me to resist and to sometimes free myself from her holds. But ultimately, I’ve always ended up flat on my back or in some other disadvantageous position. Her initial pace in fighting made it exhausting for me to keep up my stamina. Towards the end of the session, she enjoyed keeping me in various holds as long as she pleased. And along the way she seemed to enjoy explaining to me with a smile, due to which of her holds it is that I currently cannot move.

Sophia is pretty, fit and charming. I can only recommend fighting with her.

2 years ago

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1 year ago
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Old Reviews

I´ve already had plenty of sessions against her. All I can say is that this lady makes you addicted for more. She is such a natural beauty, her body is adorable, she´s always very friendly, and no clock watcher at all. Her strentgh and skills are breathtaken. I always have to find myself under her. No chance at all. And she tells me that she only uses half of the power she´s got. Wow! What a wimp I must be. But I am surely not. Or perhaps yes? I don´t know it anymore. After the fights with her I am lost. And addicted, seriously.


Sophia is the best I just love the session I had with her. When she opened the door and smiled to me she got me already. She is beautiful, absolutely skilled on the mats (she has many years of professional martial arts experience), and she makes a point to be as accomodating as possible. Sophia really loves to fight, and I had no chance at all. It was impressively easy for her to lift me up. With a big smile on her face she put me into various holds and didn’t let me any chance to get out. When it was obvious I had no chance against her she showed me some techniques and let me try to keep her on the ground, too. The session was great fun and there is no one I would recommend more highly for semi-competitive fighting. So guys go and message her and do her the favor to fight with her.


I had a fight with her 2020 in Nuremberg. First we had a little talk to know each other, then I had to shower and after that, the fight began.
First we boxed competitive and my stamina wasn’t as good as hers. She had a height advantage and when she did her combinations, I could only react. I could manage it to hit her sometimes, but she adapted quickly, so despite of really trying to hit her, it wasn’t possible in the mid of the boxing fight. In contrast, she pushed me against the walls with her punching combinations. But instead of taking advantage that I couldn’t retreat backwards anymore, she stopped and indicated to me, I should come to the middle again.

I needed many breaks and drink much water, which, how it turned out, was a big mistake some fights later…
Finally, we did some wrestling where I had absolutely no experience and she showed me some techniques. I think I wasn’t bad for a beginner, but at some point she had my belly between her legs and she squeezed very hard. This was the point where I felt pretty sick. I needed a break and I felt I had to vomit, so I run to the toilet and vomited all the water which I drunk.
Sadly, I couldn’t continue the fight anymore, because I felt so sick.
I really liked to fight her and I appreciate, that she is one of the few female fighters which offers competitive fights, so someone can experience a real female victory!
Sophia is very smart and educated and she greatly respects the person she fights with. Nevertheless, I wished she didn’t hold back so much. Especially in the boxing fight. I know, I felt sometimes unconformable and she realized that and held back. But afterwards, I wished she pushed me a bit more. I think, when I would meet her more often, we could arrange an adequate fighting intensity.
I really like her as a person and a woman and I would like to meet her again, but I have to travel roughly 6 hours which makes it uncomfortable.
It was all worth it and I’m glad I had my first session with her.
She’s a wonderful woman and the man which she will marry, is only to envy…