Location: Germany , Düsseldorf, Nuremberg

Last Activity: 05/30/2022


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Du kannst dir deine Niederlage schon in Gedanken vorstellen? Dann ist es an der Zeit, dass du sie auch real spürst. Du wimmernd unter mir, ich lachend über dir…

In den verschiedensten Griffen wie Scissors, Chokes und Hebel lasse ich dich zappeln und zum abklopfen bringen.

Bei mir steht der Spaß und der gegenseitige Respekt im Vordergrund. Gerne kämpfe ich full-competitive mit dir, schalte aber auch ein paar Gänge runter.

Meine langjährige Kampfsporterfahrung, anfangs im Karate und Ju-Jutsu und später im MMA unterstreichen meinen Siegeswillen. Inzwischen liegen auch 5 Jahre Sessionerfahrung hinter mir und ich habe noch lange nicht genug. Ich lebe den Kampf mit Männern!

Bist du bereit mir gegenüber zu treten? Melde dich bei mir!

Ich bin anzutreffen in Nürnberg und Düsseldorf.

Bei aller Härte 🙂 Ich habe keinerlei Interesse daran dir ernsthaft zu schaden, sieh also bitte von Anfragen nach K.O.s ab.

Bitte nenne mir doch in deiner ersten Kontaktaufnahme deine Größe, dein Gewicht, was du mit mir erleben möchtest und an welchem meiner Standorte du mich treffen möchtest. Für mehr Infos über meinen Service schaue auf meine eigene Website: . 😉


The defeat is haunting trough your mind? Let me get this real. You are whimpering beneath me, I am laughing while sitting on you…

You will feel different holds, chokes and locks force you to tap out.

Having a lot of fun and also mutual respect is important to me. I fight full-competitive but also step back for you.

I have several years of experience in Karate, Ju-Jutsu and later MMA as well as 5 years experience in wrestling sessions and still I can’t get enough. I live the fight with men!

Are you ready? Contact me!

You will meet me in Nuremberg and Düsseldorf.

Even if I love really good fights, I am absolutely not interested in seriously hurting you, so please do not even ask for K.O. sessions.

Please let me know some facts in your first contact mail/message about your height, weight, what you want to experience with me and in which of my cities you want to meet me.

More information about my service on my own website: . 😉

Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Pro Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-JitsuJiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Grappling, Competitive Boxing, Semi-Competitive Boxing, Fantasy Boxing, Competitive Kickboxing, Semi-Competitive Kickboxing, Fantasy Kickboxing, Armwrestling, Boxing, Scissoring, Lift and Carry, Belly PunchingIn-Gym


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7 days ago

I have sessioned multiple times with Sophia. Highly recommended, she is strong, smart, funny, understands “it”, sexy, good martial arts background… in my opinion the best in Germany! 🙂

1 month ago

I had my first session with Sophia in mid May 2022. We met in Düsseldorf. I will see her again in mid June.

Setting up the session with Sophia was very easy and pleasant. Her communication is timely, reliable, respectful and friendly. She’s a very kind person.

I’ve asked for a semi-comp fight that gradually turns into domination. And that’s exactly what I got. Sophia is technically skilled. Fighting with her was a bit like dancing. My advantage in height and weight is minimal but I’m fit. That helped me to resist and to sometimes free myself from her holds. But ultimately, I’ve always ended up flat on my back or in some other disadvantageous position. Her initial pace in fighting made it exhausting for me to keep up my stamina. Towards the end of the session, she enjoyed keeping me in various holds as long as she pleased. And along the way she seemed to enjoy explaining to me with a smile, due to which of her holds it is that I currently cannot move.

Sophia is pretty, fit and charming. I can only recommend fighting with her.

3 months ago

[bitte zuerst zu Ende lesen]
Ich muss ehrlich sagen sowas hab ich noch nie erlebt. Ich soll für sie eine Anzahlung Besorgen und Bekomme eine “deadline” nennen wir den Zeitpunkt “Tag x”. Ich hatte Zeit bis Tag x um 16:00 (laut Aussage). Jedoch würde ich an besagtem Tag bereits (laut chatlog) um 11:00 Uhr blockiert. Wir hatten keinen Termin und ich den wird es aufgrund von Fehlender Zahlung nicht geben (kein Termin also wofür soll ich zahlen?wtf) jedenfalls kommt der wichtige Punkt erst noch. An diesem Tag “an dem ich die Anzahlung bereits besorgt hatte” hatte ich einen Unfall und musste ins Krankenhaus. Es war kein eintages einsatz. Ich kam erst nach einer Woche wieder raus. Als ich rauskam musste ich lesen dass ich umgehend blockiert wurde ohne Nachfrage. Somit habe ich nun eine Anzahlung besorgt und letztendlich war die Ausgabe völlig unnötig. Mal abgesehen davon wie schlecht mein gesundheitliches befinden war, war es ebenfalls keine Freude sofort blockiert zu werden und die Tatsache dass ich nichtmal erklären durfte was war.

Im Endeffekt bin ich froh kein Termin mit solch einer Person haben zu müssen und ich werde mich bei sowas bestimmt nichtmehr melden

2 months ago
Reply to  sophia

ich verstehe deine meinung durch aus, nur habe ich letztendlich einen termin dann wirklich reserviert. ich habe keine 10 termine reserviert und storniert. als es letztendlich soweit war dass ich den termin wirklich wahrnehmen konnte, hab ich sogar diese “anzahlung” besorgt. ich hätte dir auch liebend gern diesen code geschickt. war aber leider geblockt. ich habe mich so oft bei dir gemeldet weil ich somit mein interesse zeigen wollte. es gibt auch personen die melden sich einmal und dann erst 3 jahre später und so wollte ich nicht wirken, da ich wirklich am termin interessiert war. was ich letztendlich auch wirklich schade fand, war dass man dies nicht ordentlich klären konnte, sondern es kam einfach zur blockade ohne dass ich dir hätte den code schicken können oder es erklären können. deswegen bin ich nichtmehr an einem termin interessiert. ich verstehe durchaus die meinungen von 2 personen und höre mir die meines gegenübers auch an. wenn ich jedoch meine meinung sage und den anderen bloß nichts sagen lasse, wirkt es weniger kooperativ.

Old Reviews

I´ve already had plenty of sessions against her. All I can say is that this lady makes you addicted for more. She is such a natural beauty, her body is adorable, she´s always very friendly, and no clock watcher at all. Her strentgh and skills are breathtaken. I always have to find myself under her. No chance at all. And she tells me that she only uses half of the power she´s got. Wow! What a wimp I must be. But I am surely not. Or perhaps yes? I don´t know it anymore. After the fights with her I am lost. And addicted, seriously.


Sophia is the best I just love the session I had with her. When she opened the door and smiled to me she got me already. She is beautiful, absolutely skilled on the mats (she has many years of professional martial arts experience), and she makes a point to be as accomodating as possible. Sophia really loves to fight, and I had no chance at all. It was impressively easy for her to lift me up. With a big smile on her face she put me into various holds and didn’t let me any chance to get out. When it was obvious I had no chance against her she showed me some techniques and let me try to keep her on the ground, too. The session was great fun and there is no one I would recommend more highly for semi-competitive fighting. So guys go and message her and do her the favor to fight with her.


I had a fight with her 2020 in Nuremberg. First we had a little talk to know each other, then I had to shower and after that, the fight began.
First we boxed competitive and my stamina wasn’t as good as hers. She had a height advantage and when she did her combinations, I could only react. I could manage it to hit her sometimes, but she adapted quickly, so despite of really trying to hit her, it wasn’t possible in the mid of the boxing fight. In contrast, she pushed me against the walls with her punching combinations. But instead of taking advantage that I couldn’t retreat backwards anymore, she stopped and indicated to me, I should come to the middle again.

I needed many breaks and drink much water, which, how it turned out, was a big mistake some fights later…
Finally, we did some wrestling where I had absolutely no experience and she showed me some techniques. I think I wasn’t bad for a beginner, but at some point she had my belly between her legs and she squeezed very hard. This was the point where I felt pretty sick. I needed a break and I felt I had to vomit, so I run to the toilet and vomited all the water which I drunk.
Sadly, I couldn’t continue the fight anymore, because I felt so sick.
I really liked to fight her and I appreciate, that she is one of the few female fighters which offers competitive fights, so someone can experience a real female victory!
Sophia is very smart and educated and she greatly respects the person she fights with. Nevertheless, I wished she didn’t hold back so much. Especially in the boxing fight. I know, I felt sometimes unconformable and she realized that and held back. But afterwards, I wished she pushed me a bit more. I think, when I would meet her more often, we could arrange an adequate fighting intensity.
I really like her as a person and a woman and I would like to meet her again, but I have to travel roughly 6 hours which makes it uncomfortable.
It was all worth it and I’m glad I had my first session with her.
She’s a wonderful woman and the man which she will marry, is only to envy…