Location: United States , New Jersey, East Rutherford

Last Activity: 05/11/2023


Height: 5'1” - 154 cm

Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Hi!  Pandora here. You have probably have seen me and my moves… and now you may be my next victim!  I’ve been kicking butt for 17 years!  Go ahead, let my size and smile fool you…. You have no clue what you are getting yourself into! I love all types of wrestling, kinks, and, fetishes.  Pro-style wrestling, competitive, 1-sided, trampling, beat downs, BB, Lift and carry (185lb limit), role-play(1 of my favorites)  and scissors, lots and lots of scissors!  Weather I have you helpless over my shoulder,  my legs wrapped around your neck, or my foot crushing your (insert vulnerable body part here), you will have a ton of fun!   Nervous to meet me? Don’t worry, in the beginning I am very nice, and you will probably make it out alive. (-; Let’s fulfill some fantasies!  

When you email me, make sure to include what exact city you are sessioning in, what times your available, and length of session.  Also add a couple references if you have them. Tribute for most sessions is 350/hr including 150 deposit.  Let me know if you have any questions or outfit request too.  Hope to see you soon!

New notes!

1- ✈️ Europe!!! I’m coming for you this July!!!  If you want me to come to your country/city to whoop your butt, let me know!  Session deposits and sponsorship is key, so be ready to send it please.  Your city must be easily accessible by train.  If you are in a small town, let me know the nearest city.

2- 💪 Customs! I’m shooting customs for my new clips4sale store! Email me type/length/script if applicable.  Most 12-15 min custom clips are 250-400 tribute.  More details on the store coming soon!

3- 🚗  I’m looking for a car! Something older, but reliable… like an ‘05 Camry or Accord, without a lot of time in harsh environments/elements.  Let me know if you or someone you know has something like that in the $4k-range, please let me know.  Or let me know if you have anything that runs, that you would want to donate to a good cause! (Not just me, I do a lot of charity work too with the USO, and PAWS animal rescue.🙂)

4- ✍🏼 I’m  looking for some legal advice! Copyright, litigation, civil rights… Let me know your if you could answer a couple general questions.


The tour dates have been updated! 5/16

Life- Thanks for your patience, as I am dealing with several, challenging, life-issues! I’m still catching up a little on emails.  If I haven’t messaged you back yet, Please forward me the last one and add “follow up” in the subject line.

Travel/Tours- If your city isn’t on there yet, and you want to sponsor a trip, let me know!  (Insider tip- I can be persuaded to come to your city sooner than later.  Just have your Venmo/PayPal/Cash App ready *before* you email me begging to come to your town, because if you haven’t specified what dates you want me to come, in my reply I will give you date options, and you must act immediately, or you will lose the opportunity.

Email requests- When you email me to set up a session, make sure to include what city-exactly, preferred day/time, type and length of session. (1hour minimum is typical)

  • *** Please include cities, dates, and session-style


Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Other Webcam Shows
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Grappling
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Fantasy Kickboxing
  • Fantasy Catfighting
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Foxy
  • Boxing
  • Female vs Female
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym
  • Training
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • OIL Wrestling
  • Others: Please email request


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
05/29/2023 05/30/2023 New Orleans Louisiana United States
05/30/2023 05/31/2023 Houston Texas United States
05/31/2023 06/01/2023 Austin Texas United States
06/01/2023 06/02/2023 Dallas Texas United States
06/02/2023 06/04/2023 Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States
06/05/2023 06/06/2023 Santa Fe New Mexico United States
06/06/2023 06/07/2023 Albuquerque New Mexico United States
06/07/2023 06/08/2023 Phoenix Arizona United States
06/08/2023 06/09/2023 Los Angeles California United States
06/09/2023 06/15/2023 San Diego California United States
06/16/2023 06/19/2023 Las Vegas Nevada United States
12/21/2023 12/22/2023 Atlanta Georgia United States

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6 days ago

Pandora made my short list of women I wanted to session with after I saw her in beatdown videos with boxing gloves. She had really good form for jabs, crosses and hooks and I wanted to be face to face but in a semi competitive fight.

I emailed Pandora while I was travelling near her in New Jersey. She did respond, and while she was booked and going from one city to another, she agreed to meet me at 7:30 the next morning for a quick session before she left. I was so glad she did.

She arrived and changed into some black boxing trunks and athletic bra, I provided the handwraps and gloves and and helped her put them on. I started the timer and we were off. While we were trading punches she asked me, “Why are you smiling?” Well, I guess because I had this beautiful athletic woman in front of me boxing with me. Who wouldn’t be smiling?

I didn’t have to prompt her, we had agreed in no hard head punches (just love taps to show you were open) and her punches were on target and just the right power to keep it challenging but not brutal. I had told her before we began that I really like clinching and dirty boxing tactics to the point of almost brawling. She heard that and was all over me. Stepping on my foot and hitting, hitting in clinches and after the bell. She was a fast learner.

The timer counted out 12 rounds and we were done, and she seemed disappointed. She said we can’t end a fight like that when she didn’t hear it was the last round, so we did a 13th round, I put on headgear and she took out all the stops. Lefts, rights, roundhouses and haymakers, all being stuffed into those last few minutes. I didn’t go down but I think she was being kind for this first session and eased up but kept it challenging.

This was probably one of my favorite sessions in the 7 years I have been doing this and while she is moving on to other states on her schedule, we both were sure we would go out of our way to cross paths again someday soon.

12 days ago

I just had my first session with Pandora and it was amazing. I first must say how friendly she is and made the experience so much fun. She is a great conversationalist which helps also. She has an incredible body and as you all can tell she is beautiful. Now to the match. I can’t believe how strong her legs are. I tapped many times. Did I mention her scissors are ruthless. I definitely recommend having a session with her. Thanks again for a great session!!

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1 month ago

What a woman. Small yet so powerful she will ko you or having you tapping out in no time.
I have had several sessions with her and enjoyed every second
Great and strong legs that I think they have steel cables in them. A body without any fat.
Great trash talker. Sorry she is on the west coast. I can’t win my championship belt back ( like I have a chance)

3 months ago

I’ve been doing for quite some time now and I can say for certain that every lady that I have shared the mats with have been absolutely amazing! This time will prove no different. There are some differences that made this time Prodigious Pandora the most unique session ever! I wasn’t certain about the outcome this meet. I was sure of one thing, I definitely left with a story! So how did it go with this Petite Powerhouse named Pandora? Well, I hope you don’t mind that I share.

First, allow me to say this lady is quite mighty! Do I mean for size… NO! I mean MIGHTY, period! I reference this a testament to not only her physical strength (even though she has PLENTY of it!) I’m more so referencing her strength of character. At the risk of improper decorum on my end, Pandora has experience a lot of ‘instability’ in her life currently. Without an unnecessary dive into detail I attempted to book her at a very busy time. She didn’t respond immediately but this was okay. After all, WE ARE HUMAN! However, she soldiered and fought her way through the muck and mire to book our session. Once we booked we were locked in! I was so glad that we were still able to meet! And I couldn’t stand in judgment because I was the one who late to our session. She picked quite the location too, right in the middle of downtown. Parking was a challenge but I knew exactly where I was going, I didn’t even need the GPS! We met and share some great conversation! We even finished an episode of The Office, that’s was how relaxed she contoured the environment. I was definitely as ease. So far, so good!

And now, the business end of our time! We stretched out for several minutes and limbered up! I will spare the details upon what we wrestle on but I’ll just say it was both elevated with confined close quarters. (Let that swirl into the imagination.) LOL! As I stated before Miss Pandora is MIGHTY! All 5’1″ and 115 Pounds, all muscle! She wasn’t bulging out of the seams, no it was all functional strength! Amazing! If now if her strength was the only thing I had to be aware it would make an exciting bout, but the fact she also as flexible as a elastic band and quick as lighting too. It’s those attributes that earn her the name: Pandora. The only true advantage I had over her was years of formal training. Even then she had some BJJ and grappling training from a Carlson Gracie Jr. That’s a BIG Deal! So while this match was absolutely fun, I in no way, shape, underestimated her skills and experience! In our scrambles we had to work around our environment and we kept each other safe throughout the times we wrestled. Were there submissions, yes. I pulled off an Americana and a Head and Arm Triangle hold. My highlight though happened at the beginning of the match where I hooked a near perfect Kimura arm hold. Pandora being as tough as she is was reluctant to concede as I lock and twist slowly, she eventually taps. But this would not be a shut out my friends as she pulled off a deep vice grip leg scissors on my neck. Her highlight would also come at the beginning as she must’ve notice the I blinked and at that very moment she charged and applied one of the fastest Rear Naked Choke I ever had locked in on me. I tapped almost immediately it was so fast. Wow!

Now as amazing as our match was, and it was EXTRAORDINARY! What made our time wonderful was my discovery of a kindred soul. We are both Storytellers! And she has volumes from her years of experience in session wrestling, fighting, bartending, family feuds, travel destinations, past relationships, martial arts, etc. She as down to earth as they come. Finally, I have yet to met a woman that so comfortable in her quirkiness. I mean she finally embrace awkwardness. A woman truly unafraid to be her true self. Outstanding!

Pandora, this Petite Powerhouse Packed full of Surprises comes with my Highest Recommendation! Book her whenever the opportunity comes! However, I will inform on what to expect when you open Pandora’s box [Pause]. Expect the Truly, Positively UNEXPECTED! Thank you so much Pandora! Cheers to you!

4 months ago

Just had Round 2 with Pandora! Scheduling was easy, and she is very good with communications about date, time, and location. Pandora gave me an awesome ab workout with her belly punching and trampling and let me worship her smooth, soft feet and rock hard abs at the end of the session as a reward for enduring the punishment! Looking forward to Round 3!

5 months ago

I had the pleasure of having a lift and carry session with Pandora. One word to some it it up is wow!! For a 110lb girl she is amazingly strong. I weigh about 205lb and she carried me around and made it look easy. Pandora is the newest member of my Century Club which is no easy task.

Pandora has a great personality and competitive spirit which is awesome. She is very friendly, easy to get along with and not a clock watcher. She might be small, but has crazy strength for her size. She is very responsive and had no problems with the few requests I had asked her to do for our session. I would definitely recommend her if she comes to your area and is available. I had a great time with her.

6 months ago

Had an unforgettable session with Pandora today. Visiting Philly and knew I had to dedicate some time to be under…… i mean wrestle* her.Goddess pandora made me feel comfortable in only a couple mins and we discussed briefly my match (facesitting, smothering, armpits, head scissors, etc). Before I knew it her beautiful red two piece was all that clouded my vision.
Overall Goddess pandora is super cool, beautiful, nice and relatable, and if you’re thinking about scheduling with her- DO IT.

Will be keeping my fingers crossed u can bless us in CT with ur presence

7 months ago

I had an awesome belly punching/trampling/foot worship/belly worship session with Pandora! Communication and booking went very smoothly. Pandora has a fun and energetic personality. She is super fit and athletic, with great abs and biceps! You can feel her strength when taking a punch/knee/stomp from her. Amazing experience overall!

9 months ago

Just finished a great scissors session with Pandora. Very strong and powerful scissors for her size. Just when I thought Pandora couldn’t increase the pressure of her scissors, she did just that. Great at talking trash to her helpless victim. Will definitely session with Pandora again. Thank You Pandora!!

9 months ago
Reply to  dtigers196884

great review- i had a similar experience as I thought i was big enough that “little pandora” could not hurt me or make me tap out, Geez, this girl almost killed me and I was thankful when she brought me a water bottle and gently slapped my face to help me regain consciousness after our first session. Perhaps underrated, but Pandora is the Queen of figure 4’s…… hard to believe …….but she put me in so many different figure 4’s that I was was begging for mercy. I have sessioned for many years and rate Pandora at the top of my experiences. ( Tip – don’t mention she is little or you will suffer) !!

10 months ago

For me, Pandora is a dream come true: cute, sweet, funny, sassy, and confident. And strong as an ox! I’m twice her size and she completely dominated me, wore me out after 10 minutes of arm-wrestling, tests of strength, and submission wrestling. From that point on I lost count of the number of submissions and she just kept going like the Energizer bunny, and the more I struggled the more she teased me. I loved every minute of it! Do yourself a favor and schedule some time with this petite and powerful Amazon. You will not be disappointed.

11 months ago

Met Pandora in Chicago this past weekend. I was not able to go to the Event but regardless had a great session with Pandora. For her size she is super strong and has a great personality. Would totally book her again. Just know if you session with Pandora, you will be opening Pandora’s Box of Pain that she dishes out.

11 months ago

I got the chance to meet and do a mini-session with Pandora last night at WAOFIRE event. She is very easy to talk to and is more beautiful in person. We did a competitive wrestling session. Even though I was about twice her size, she was very competitive and well trained. I was surprised by her leg strength. I can’t wait to session with her again. If you get the chance to session with Pandora, take it. You won’t forget it.

11 months ago

Very good conversation and extremely technical.

11 months ago

i just had one of the best sessions that I’ve ever had with Pandora. She may be small in stature, but she is strong and packs a good punch. Pandora gave me a very good beat down and left me with a nice shiner. She has a bubbly personality, is very professional, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. If you’re looking for a good session be sure to see Pandora. You won’t be sorry that you did.

1 year ago

I just had my first ever session with Pandora and it was absolute bliss! We started off with a semi competitive and for the size difference me being 6’2 240 she kept up very well and even managed to trap me and make me submit with her legs a couple of times. Once I was tired and trapped there was no escaping her legs so From that point she realized I was hers to do what she pleased and that she did when she sat on my chest and put her feet in my face. If you want a goddess who will wrestle you into submission and make you worship her then I highly recommend reaching out to Her. You won’t regret it