Smashing Cupcakes

Clip Information

Published: 11/04/2022

Length: 7 Minutes

Price: $8.99 USD

Author: Session Girls Studios


Clip Description:

Kandylegs makes a visit to VenusGoddessofLoveandWar as she was promised something sweet. VenusGoddessofLoveandWar offers her cupcakes, not knowing Kandylegs prefers ice cream and Twizzlers. Kandylegs takes a cupcake and smashed it all over VenusGoddessofLoveandWar upper body. VenusGoddessofLoveandWar returns the favor on Kandylegs and the cupcakes are soon all over both of them. Fighting ends when they each hold a cupcake in their hand to arm wrestle. See who is victorious and see who winds up with a cupcake icing handprint on their ass.

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