Clip Information

Published: 03/19/2022

Length: 9 Minutes

Price: $8.99 USD

Author: Woman On Fire Events


Clip Description:

Lilly Ice vs Crystal from the Women on Fire Auditions event. Original uncut version.

Lilly Ice and Crystal do battle on the mats. While Crystal is taller than Lilly, Lilly is built like a pitbull. The match starts off fierce, with Lilly slamming Crystal to the ground. Crystal survives Lilly’s fury, and retaliates with some of her own. She picks Lilly up by the ankles, and spins her around in the air, before dropping her on her face. This seems to have woken the beast in Lilly, who proceeds to bulldoze through Crystal. Lilly throws Crystal onto a nearby couch, and after some tight scissors, sits on Crystal’s face and humps it. As the match goes back down to the ground, it comes to an end via armbar submission.

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