Clip Information

Published: 09/24/2022

Length: 10 Minutes

Price: $10.99 USD

Author: Woman On Fire Events


Clip Description:

Jolene and Big Red team up against a pair of much weaker and older guys. They don’t seem to care at all, and unleash a furious can of ass whipping, on them. Jolene starts it off, with her merciless scissors and strikes. Big Red follows suit, trying to outdo her partner. Their opponents try to cheat at 1 point, with both of them in the ring at the same time. This doesn’t bode well for the, as Jolene rushes in and steam rolls everyone. From there, the guys are rag dolled and beaten into submission, until the ref calls it off. Not done yet, Jolene then attacks the ref, leading to an all out brawl in the ring.

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