Jennifer Thomas vs Dez Desire Pro Wrestling (4K)

Clip Information

Published: 03/29/2022

Length: 12 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD

Author: Session Girls Studios


Clip Description:

Dez Desire and Jennifer Thomas have a long history of fights, both together and against each other. As they meet in the wrestling ring, Dez can’t help but to make fun of what she calls Jen’s old outfit. Jen doesn’t take kindly to this, and the 2 lock arms to begin battle. JT is able to Dez into a few moves, before Dez opens up a can of whoop ass. Dez throws JT around the ring like a ragdoll, putting her in an assortment of painful wrestling holds. Jt tries to stop the onslaught by throwing Dez into the turnbuckle, then crashing down on her neck. Dez is stunned for a moment, she resumes the beating. She finishes Jen off with a leg slicer on the ropes, transitioned into a painful camel clutch. JT can’t take anymore, and Dez does a victory pose on her defeated foe. – 4K UHD Version (Preview is lower bandwidth)

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