Clip Information

Published: 11/24/2023

Length: 15 Minutes

Price: $15.99 USD

Author: Session Girls Studios


Clip Description:

Pro MMA fighter Dez Desire is just as good striking as she is on the ground. After breaking the heavy bag at the gym, Dez decides to bring in her personal human punching bag for the day’s training. Decked out in all her fancy boxing gear, Dez warms herself up by having him stand still while she punches away on him. She pummels him with head and body shots, telling him he isn’t allowed to move while getting hit. He trys hard to stand still, but after a 10 minute beating, his legs are soon wobbly.

Now that Dez is finally warmed up, she decides to spar for a round with him. The two don’t hold back, and are soon wailing on each other. Dez who hits like a man, also can take a punch like one. SHe mocks her opponent the entire round, letting him know how weak he punches. T

BONUS SCENE: Dez is determined to show how easily she can take a punch. She has her 220 pound opponent punch her HARD with body shots, nonstop for a minute, without even flinching. Don’t let that pretty smile fool you. Dez Desire is no joke.

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