Clip Information

Published: 12/04/2023

Length: 16 Minutes

Price: $16.99 USD

Author: Session Girls Studios


Clip Description:

Rapture is on a mission to break into a top secret computer in a government facility. She enters what she thinks is the correct password, only to find out it’s wrong. She heres the worker coming in the room and hides, only to ambush him after he’s discovered she’s been trying to access the computer. Rapture throws him down on the bed and begins to sit on his face. Hard and deep, she barely allows him to breathe. As she’s him, Rapture lets him know she won’t stop until he gives up the password. The worker tries to hang on for as long as he can, but Rapture’s ass is so big and heavy.

He tries giving her a fake password but to no avail. Rapture is furious now and steps up the a few notches. Now he is getting no air, almost beneath her. Rapture bounces up and down on his face as hard as she can, his head smashing deeper into the bed each time. She removes her heels and threatens to puncture his eyeball with them. After what seems like an eternity, he can take it no more and gives her the correct password. She tries it and it works, but she has one last surprise for him. There’s no way he’s going to be allowed to leave. She sits back on his face, letting him know this will be the final breath of air he takes in. Rapture smothers him long and hard until his body stops twitching and he is no more.

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