Brawl on the Bed – Jennifer Thomas vs Sarah Brooke

Clip Information

Published: 04/04/2022

Length: 8 Minutes

Price: $8.99 USD

Author: Session Girls Studios


Clip Description:

Jennifer Thomas traveled the whole country just to kick Sarah Brooke’s ass! Sarah can barely get out a word of protest before Jennifer goes on the attack, locking her up with a modified leg choke. But the tenacious Sarah Brooke manages to get out, yank on Jennifer’s hair then slap on her own headscissors! These two fighters put each other through hell with tit squeezing, crotch attacks, camel clutches, strikes, hair pulling, loads of limb-wrenching submission holds and more in a back and forth struggle for dominance on top of the bed.

Just when it seems like Sarah’s clawed her way out of trouble, Jennifer slaps on an armbar and modified scissor choke, and it’s lights out for Sarah Brooke. Your winner…Jennifer Thomas! Jennifer flexes in victory, but the salty Sarah attacks Jennifer from behind, yanking her in to a face-distorting and now it’s Jennifer’s turn to say good night!

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