Tips and Tricks

Here are some suggestions o Maximize your Exposure on SessionGirls:

1. List yourself in the LARGEST CITY nearest you.  This will allow you to be more easily found when men “Search by City”

2. Do Not Copy and Paste information from another website and add to  your profile , otherwise the text will barely appear.  Please start fresh and re-type
Here is a screenshot showing an example

3. Click the Update button inside your profile to automatically appear on the Homepage.

4. Suggest your clients to create a Male Profile On Sessiongirls. It will help provide important information for other session girls including , stats, services interested in and reviews from other girls. This feature can be Public or Private for the men who are worried about privacy

5.  Do not abbreviate the city when posting travel .  For Example,  do not put SF for San Francisco or LA for Los Angeles, the database does not recognize abbreviations resulting in men not being able to find you if they do a “Search by City”

6.  Always including your SessionGirls Profile Link under your name when you send emails. A personalized SessionGirls Email banner can be made for you upon request  Email [email protected]

7.  Tag @Officialsessiongirls  or hashtag #SessionGirls in your social media posts to help gain new potential clients to visit the site.

8.  Use the SessionGirls Features such as the BLOG , post your sessiongirls profile link inside your  blog . This helps guys to get to know more about you and will take them to your profile.