SessionGirls 101 Guide

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Session Wrestling!

We understand getting into this world of underground wrestling can seem strange and even a bit nerve-racking, but there are THOUSANDS of session wrestlers that can vouch it has provided them with a fantastic way to make income and make their own schedule. This allows them more time to do as they wish outside of sessions.

I have provided some basic information for your new journey that can help you get started in this Mixed Wrestling Scene- becoming a Session Wrestler.

Great money is typical. Meeting like-minded women and clients is common, too. But this work requires trainings, dealing with annoying emails, learning how to handle uncomfortable situations, setting boundaries, long travels, long days sessioning back-to-back, but mostly, lots of fun. Like anything that is taboo, it comes with some unsavory male behavior. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly!

My goal is to eliminate the bad and ugly as much as possible and allow you to take advantage of the good- there is much opportunity to make great cash with session wrestling.

Traveling – the best way to make money is by traveling, getting yourself out there and guys will write reviews on you in various Mixed Wrestling Forums as well as inside your Session Girls Profile. Some Session Girls will say “Sponsored Travel Only” however this may be difficult to receive if you are not established yet.

What to Charge – Minimum $300 per hour, the more established you are, or the more skills you have, you can charge more. The range can go from $300 to $600 per hour. You can accept cash upon meeting, Venmo. PayPal or CashApp- that’s all up to you. Make sure to require a minimum $100 deposit in case they cancel. Many say they want to book and then cancel the week or even day of. With a deposit, at least you do not miss out totally.

Emails – When you first start out you will receive many emails from interested clients. Many are simply curious about the new girl. Be clear and upfront with what you offer and what your prices are. It is helpful to have a preset general email response. First, you will need to filter through the good and bad ones. “Bad ones” are ones send one sentence emails or ask a question after question without really getting to the booking. Typically when they do that, they are trying to get their satisfaction from your replies. Do not waste your time. They need to know what they want, where and when. If they cannot do that after a few correspondences, they are most likely Timewasters. It is also a red flag when they ask for sexual services, happy endings etc. Do not ever agree or do anything you’re not comfortable with. The good emails are ones that only speak about wrestling, give references and are to the point of what they want. Do not let the perverted emails scare you away, this is only temporary, and you can just delete them without needing to respond.

Here is a sample email that a fellow session girl sends out when a guy emails her.

Hi there Mark,

Thank you so much for reaching out! Here’s a little info about my sessions: I don’t offer/allow nudity or sexual contact/activity. This also means no “happy ending” or release.

I need you to specify the type of session you’re inquiring about so I can let you know what is/isn’t within my limits.

Also, the city or area you are in.

If you’ve done a session before, please provide model email contacts so I can reach out to them for a reference.

I’ll value your time as much as you value mine, so check the rates below and let me know what works with your budget.

My rates for sessions are as follows but may go up depending on what type of session you are wanting. Please keep in mind that I’m only 4″11 and 95lbs. So, most wrestling type sessions are more fantasy style, that are fun, bratty, playful and femdom type sessions,

$250/half hour

If you’re interested in private filming/photos during the session, I charge an additional $50 flat rate ($100 for a double session) on top of whatever rate you choose.

I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to lock in a date and time. Refunds are offered if I cancel a session or a tour.

Please let me know if there’s anything I didn’t cover, otherwise we can move forward with a deposit payment option.


Here is a second email a session girl replies with:

“Hello Mark!

Thank you for the email!

I would LOVE to have a session with you! You will love it.

I just want to know what kind of session you are looking for—I’m sure I can accommodate and give you an amazing experience.

First, all sessions require a $150 deposit via CashApp or PayPal and is only refundable if I have to cancel. This is due once we agree on a date and location.

You can see the variety of sessions I provide on my profile, where you go this email… which is best for you? In all of them you will feel my power.

The session will most likely start at $350 upon arrival to the location. Certain request may add more.

Who have you sessioned with before? I can use them to check references.

What is your height and weight? Do you have any training in combat sports?


Is there a certain type of outfit you’d like to request? Otherwise, I wear athletic shorts and a sports bra.

I look forward to getting this booked for your ultimate experience!


Timewasters – These are guys that show interest in booking and paying for a session, but ultimately do not. They do this by sending multiple emails asking a bunch of questions. This usually means they are trying to get their kicks from the emails and not pay. There is now a feature on SG that allows them to send three free messages, then after, they pay. It would be considered a “messaging session”. This prevents time wasting. Refer them to that if they want to keep communicating with you but not booking.

For anyone who has wasted your time, you can enter them inside the Timewasters database that is located inside your profile. But remember, it is your responsibility not to allow them to waste time- catch them at the beginning and don’t keep giving them your time. If they book and even send deposit, they can still flake. You can also do a search for an email or a name to see if other girls have had issues with any of the guys that contact you.
Please do not let a guy know that they are on this list! That causes drama and may
lead to the removal of that report which is not helpful for others. It is for girls only. Respect the industry.

Deposits – With all the ways to pay, deposits are required for booking sessions. Minimum $100. This lessens the timewasters and makes you money. It ensures that you can plan for the session without worry. The balance of your session rate is due upon arrival to your location.

Please make sure not to spend the deposit before the session takes place.
Unfortunate events do happen that may cause you to cancel. If you cancel, you MUST refund the client. If you do not, this can lead to a negative review on you, or your account being cancelled. Reputation is ESPECIALLY important in this industry. Girls who scam guys will be kicked out. We do not want you ruining the business for those of us who respect it and are grateful for the money we make.

Session Locations – Most sessions take place in hotels. This may seem like a strange concept at first, but you will come to learn it is quite common and rather easy. Some wrestle on the floor or on the King bed. Others travel mats to set up in the room and wrestle on the floor. If you use the bed, it’s suggested to get extra sheets from room service so you can change them out with clients, and also to have a clean set to change into to sleep in.
I understand that we appear to look questionable, but we know who we are and what we do and stand proud in it. This business truly is financially rewarding and also empowering! We get to use our physique and techniques and our personality.

What to Wear – Most Session Girls will wear a bikini or a sexy sport outfit (shorts/sports top). Clients may have an outfit request. If you don’t own the outfit they request, you can certainly suggest they buy it for you. It’s helpful to have an Amazon “List”. There you can put all the things you want, including outfits, and send them the link and they can buy it without knowing your mailing address.

Sessions Outside of a Hotel – There are some places that offer ring rental or mat room rentals. You can ask other session girls about a city in particular, such as NYC. There are locations that other session girls offer to traveling girls. I am currently working on creating a nationwide list of the rental places, so we know where to go if we need one. All places listed will be “Session Wrestler Friendly”.

Staying Safe – When first starting out you may want to let a friend know where you are going to be staying. Let someone know when you start a session and when you end. Do a check in /check out by sharing with someone the client’s name, email and phone number. We have very few instances where women were endangered, but it is always better to cover your ass. However, most men are professional corporate type, or shy. They have the funds and will respect your boundaries. If for any reason you don’t feel safe, you tell the client to cease doing what is making you uncomfortable. If they do not stop, you can tell the client you would like to end the session. You can return his balance (deposit is always non-refundable) or not.

Sponsored Travel – A guy may offer to pay for your travel to their city. This usually means they cover the airfare, the hotel and your session rate. Out of consideration, make sure that they are ok if you book other sessions, as long as it does not impede with his session. He should get priority days and times. I suggest staying in a city for 2 days, travel days not included).

The sponsor can pay for one night at the hotel, you pay for the second night, but that is always negotiable. That second day can be booked with sessions where all the money earned is all profit.

Posting Travel – It is suggested to post travel 4 to 5 weeks before traveling. if you are paying your own travel expenses. This allows for the men in the city that you are traveling to prepare, save money, take time off work etc.
If a sponsor is paying for your travel, then you can post anytime, or ask him if he can wait a few weeks before flying out.

Producers/Video Work – Producers may contact you to do custom videos.
This allows for extra income and extra exposure since guys will now be
able to see videos of you. A producers list is also going to be created so we can leave reviews on what producers are good to work for and which ones we should stay away from.


All in all…

The most common request from clients is ‘fantasy wrestling’ sessions. You don’t have to be competitive; you don’t have to be advanced in BJJ or anything like that. You can learn on the job or take our SG wrestling seminars. Importantly, be yourself. They want fun. Pretend you are wrestling with your best friend and have fun with it! You’re athletic, just use those amazing muscles and movements. The most common holds used in a session are headscissors, bodyscissors, rear naked chokes, headlocks, grapevines, top wrist lock with a cross body. Full nelson with bodyscissors, front face locks. Some guys do ask for breast smothers or facesitting – again, don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with but also keep in mind not all breast or facesitting is in sexual nature – it is more for the “smothering effect”. Be sure to be clear with your boundaries of comfort. There are other session girls that are willing and able to give you small tutorials if you’d like to go over all these topics or answer in depth questions.

If there is anything I did not cover, please feel free to email me!

I am overly excited for you to get involved with our community where you can do fun work, make great money, travel, and still allow time for your other passions.


Much Success to You!
Jennifer XOXO