Maria Manic


Location: United States , North Carolina, Raleigh

Last Activity: 09/29/2023


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm

Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Competitive Wrestling
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • Competitive Boxing
  • Semi-Competitive Boxing
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • Armwrestling
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area Country
10/02/2023 10/03/2023 New Orleans Louisiana United States
10/12/2023 10/13/2023 Los Angeles California United States
10/18/2023 10/19/2023 Detroit Michigan United States

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10 days ago

This review is long overdue. I’ve seen Maria almost 20 times in the past 2-3 years and she never disappoints. I request role play muscle worship/L&C sessions. Her strength is unmatched. I’m 180 lbs and she just toys with me. I usually write the role play script, but there have been times that Maria has written them for our session as well. She gets it. She makes the whole session all about me. Maria is prompt with email replies and is never late. It’s very refreshing. The weight she must push around in the gym must be mind blowing to build up that strength. She can be stern when she needs to be but caring and gentle as well. I can’t wait for my next session. Highly recommend.

29 days ago

Maria is probably the strongest women on Session Girls. She is easy to set up a Session, responsive and actually friendly and professional. I had a great time with her, and look forward to seeing her in the future. If you can Session with this wonderful person do it. Be respectful and you are rewarded 1000%

2 months ago

Soooo…this was my first session and not one I will forget.
The first thing I noticed was how thick and strong she looked (she had been bulking).
She also answered all of my questions and was very informative as I really didnt know what to expect when doing a session (like the prerequisites). Did I mention she was huge? Im a big guy and I came in the room like “WOAH” 0_0. Very strong and professional, I was nervous at first to be around such power and beauty, but she led the session expertly. I feel super fortunate to have had my first session w/ Maria. Exceeded all my expectations and Ive been a mixed wrestling and FBB fan for more years than I can even remember honestly. 11/10
Thank you. Ill see you when youre back in town!


4 months ago

I had a competitive wrestling session with Maria Maniac recently. The set up was very professional and went off without a hitch. When i saw her for the first time she is a impressive sight to say the least, over 210 lbs. of solid muscle, Thick everywhere, as for the session despite being a 2nd degree black and a brown belt in Judo, Maria woman handled me the whole time, the only thing i could do effectively was dodge her when she tried to grab, but once she did it was game over, I was on the mat in under five seconds and crushed, or she put me in a bear hug of head scissors and made me tap in seconds, she just powered out of any hold I got on her and I workout regularly, she utterly demolished me fairly easily, and I got taught a lesson that skill and technique can only go so far, her strength, size and power were too much for me handle. Under 250 lbs. Maria is the toughest opponent I ever faced, man or woman

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7 months ago

Maria is wonderful, beautiful, and incredibly strong. Highly recommend

8 months ago

Had a session with Maria a few days back. She is incredibly strong and did an overhead lift with ease. She obliged to all my requests, to make it a perfect session.

10 months ago

Just finished a session and it was my first ever honestly I was nervous really didn’t know what to do but Maria was just amazing very easy to just have fun easy going like I def want to go again next time. Thank you really appreciate it

10 months ago

Very excited to see her today. Thick and Strong Thighs & Calves, well-defined legs, back, arms, and butt. Very easy to talk to. She listened to my requests and adjusted the session to make it more enjoyable for me. Hope to see her again.

1 year ago

Had a session w/maria beginning part of May. Her communication was great, she did exactly what I requested. Her strength is INCREDIBLE. If you’re looking to feel ragged dolled, she is PURRFECT.

1 year ago

I have had 4 sessions with Maria, she is very professional and responses quickly to all emails. As for the sessions, Maria is insanely strong, powerful and athletic, The first 3 sessions Maria was very competitive and most of the time got the upper hand despite me wrestling up to college.

The fourth session however she bulked up to 215 lbs. and she completely demolished me, even got a ten count on me with ease. I was sore for 3 days after the session >.<

1 year ago

1st follower 🙏🏾 I’d love if she came to NYC in 2022

Old Reviews


Had my second session with Maria in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago and had another incredible time. Maria is just as powerful as advertised; I was on my back and getting crushed by her thick strong thighs in under a minute. Any time I would get an advantage, I knew it was just a matter of time before she’d end up on top again. In addition to her power and intimidating aura, Maria is very friendly and open-minded. She’s also one of the easiest women to book with I’ve met. A total powerhouse with a great attitude, Maria is definitely worth booking a session with. Can’t wait for Round 3 🙂



I had the opportunity to see Maria in Atlanta. She is very strong and open minded. We did a variety of lifts including torture racks and three overheads. She is very nice and was willing to try a variety of lifts. I will definitely reschedule with her the next time she is in town.


Hello what do you weigh im looking to session with her thank you


I had a competitive wrestling session with Maria last week , The set up went off without a hitch, she is very prompt with her emails., we wrestled best of 5 and Maria won all five matches, She was polite during the whole session

I have wrestled up to college but Maria is insanely powerful and strong , that while I could score takedowns on her , I could not put her away, infact I only had one pin attempt on her, which she easily kicked out of ,flip side , 3 of 5 matches she pinned me on her first pin attempt, I managed to kick out of a couple but just barely, most of my holds she simply just powered out of, her headlock is worse than most peoples leg scissors,(my eyes almost popped out).

So in the end I had more skill but I was not much of a match for Maria physically , look forward to challenge again 🙂


Setting up session was easy. Maria answered emails fast.
Had mix of competitive and sensual session for the hour.
She is very strong and when we armwrestled she beat me easily.
Though she seemed nice, the one issue I had was that she seemed bored for the entire hour.
More like “going through the motion” and not really being into the session at all.
I’ve sessioned with many women over the past ten or so years and this was the first time I felt like it was a waist of my time and money.


I sessioned with Maria in Pittsburgh and i had a great time! We had a competitive style session and she totally delivered! The final score at the end of our session was 11-1. There is no escaping her smothers and her legs are insanely strong. A couple times she didn’t even need to cross her ankles in a headscissor to get me to submit. I loved her attitude throughout the session as well. It was like she knew she would make easy work of me and at one point she grabbed my face and made me count the score out loud. Really made me feel like a loser! I would love to session with Maria again when she’s back in the area!


Great newcomer to the scene! Easy to communicate with and also a pro background. If she’s in your city and you miss…… it’s your loss!


I had my first session with Maria last night in Philly and had a wonderful experience. Setting up the session was very easy, Maria always replied very quickly and clearly. Asked her to wear a two-piece pro style outfit and was blown away by how amazing she looked when she opened the door. We did a fantasy-style wrestling match, with each of us gaining the advantage several times. When she wanted a tap (or several taps) to one of her chokes, smothers or scissors, she was able to easily force my surrender. On top of being a gorgeous and fun opponent, Maria was also a very friendly and gracious host, making me feel very comfortable at all times during the session. An incredible experience to take on a notable pro wrestler, highly recommend her.


I’ve had several sessions with MM over the past 2 years. Without a doubt one of the coolest ladies in the industry. She is certainly capable of dishing out more than I can handle, but still I like to try. She suggested incorporating a few of her pro wrestling moves during our session and really made me a believer. An incredibly strong and beautiful lady who is a privilege to spend time with.
Truly one of the best I’ve met !


Thats cool she is the pro wrestler maria manic? Did she do an over the head lift on you? Or one of them devistating toreture rack. Can wait to have a session with her


Had a boxing session with her it and it was a good time very strong and can take a nice body shot also very laid back and chill and a cool person to get to know looking forward to more sessions with her!