JR Cruz aka Mr Sexy Buns


Location: United States , Georgia, Augusta

Email: [email protected]

Last Activity: 10/17/2023


Height: 5'10” - 178 cm

Weight: 235 lbs - 106.6 kg

Physique: Big


Video Performer, Producer

This Profile Is Intended For:

Session Girls, Producers, Men


Hello to everyone out there JR Cruz here
aka “Mr. Sexy Buns”

I’m an amateur video producer, experienced wrestler, actor, and jobber.

I’m available for shoots and sessions both collabs and paid. Hopefully in the next year I will be able to offer paid shoots for talented female wrestlers as well.

Wrestling and acting are passions of mine and I have shot with quite a few amazing women and producers that will attest to my talent, professionalism, and overall great human.

I have many accents and characters in my repertoire from Russian Mobster to southern gent, from German perv, to my signature sissy nerd.

Let’s have a great time and create something amazing!


Autumn Bodell
Kimchi Fetish
Lora Cross
Lana Luxor
Kody Evans
Veve Lane
Aliyah Taylor
Sinthia Bee
Goddess Faith

Interested In

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Couples Wrestling
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Armwrestling
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Others: Please email request


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9 months ago

Mr Sexy Buns is professional, a great actor, has great industry knowledge & combat experience.. not only have we shot many times but he is also a good friend of mine! Great energy and amazing cooking skills!! I highly recommend him for content making, customs, and trade!

9 months ago

JR is always a pleasure to work with! He brings great energy to set, is a hard worker, and amazing actor! 10/10 recommend talent for hire!

the devils kinky reject
the devils kinky reject
9 months ago

JR is amazing!! His Role playing skills are on point. Hes a trained wrestler which makes it even better!! Hes very timely and has a great passion for what he does! Always concerned about your well being. Id love to work with him again.

10 months ago

I just recently met JR Cruz in South Carolina this year and wow he is definitely a character. Had me laughing and smiling the entire trip. Very respectful and fun. Made everyone feel comfortable and would help in anyway who. Will definitely be working with him again soon.

11 months ago

I worked with JR Cruz when he visited NYC a few weeks ago. His presence on camera was monumental and animated. Additionally has solid acting skills, needed no direction on his verbiage, and incorporated his own techniques that fit nicely into the videos we discussed. Overall, a well – rounded performer.

11 months ago

I recently just met JR Cruz in South Carolina and I was very impressed. He is a very intelligent guy that has a great passion for this business. I hired him to wrestle a couple of girls and he did a great job as he played his role better than I anticipated. He is a very good actor that really gets into his character. He is very safe with the ladies and also has a ji jitsu background which you can tell when he rolls around on the mats. He was very easy to work with and also easy to set up with which is very important. I definitely recommend JR to everyone to work with as he is very professional but you can also tell he enjoys what he does and he is a joy to be around. I’m looking forward to hiring him to do some more videos with as he has special skillset to do many types of roles which is hard to find.

11 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sexy Buns on numerous occasions, and he has always been professional and very fun to work with. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. A true gentleman!