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Location: Germany , OTHER, Berlin

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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm

Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg

Physique: Slim

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years


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This profile was created by SessionGirls.

Kat Max deleted her profile along with the other “Max Girls”  when it was asked that she refund deposits. SessionGirls always asks for proof (,screenshot of payment and any correspondence that supports the complaint)

Complaint 1
I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. Firstly, I’ll start with the positive. I’ve had two sessions with Viper and they were both awesome. She’s a strong beautiful woman, was a pleasure to be around and delivered very satisfying sessions.
Now the negative and it’s very negative. I’ve had two seconds cancelled without even being notified and been burned for my deposit.
The problem started early 2022. I booked a session in Manchester with Viper and it was cancelled it at short notice. Kat (the person you are actually dealing with when emailing Viper) asked if they could keep the deposit as they were returning to the uk in a few weeks. I said ok, fair enough. Anyway, that didn’t happen. She didn’t return in a couple of weeks. I emailed about 9 months later for my deposit to be returned but was ghosted.
Fast forward about 18 months. Viper comes back to Manchester. I booked the session and ended up paying full price for the session forgoing the deposit I was owed. I was ok with this and did it as an act of good faith. Had the session with Viper and had a great time.
Viper advertised coming back to Manchester a month later so I booked again. Paid the £100 deposit and the session was on. They hadn’t sent me an address so I messaged a few hours before the session was due to start. I was told they weren’t coming to Manchester and they forgot to tell me but they were coming back in two weeks.
I rebooked and the same thing happened again. I messaged the day before the session this time and again was told it was cancelled and they forgot to tell me. I asked for the deposit to be returned and was told I’d get it the following week. It wasn’t returned despite me sending another email asking for it to be returned.
I’m pretty disgusted tbh. If you book a session with Viper, it will be great if she turns up. But from my experience, there’s a good chance it will be cancelled without you even being told and there’s a good chance you’ll have to kiss the deposit goodbye. I’ve included all the pertinent correspondence the email chain.


Complaint 2
Hello, with this I would like to point out the user ,,max,, from Ireland, in my case it is specifically Viper Max, who are abusing this site for online theft. I sent the amount of €300 to the Viper Max user by bank transfer (I can provide proof via internet banking), immediately after sending the user started making excuses for the hotel, then he ignored my emails! ! ! I would like to use this form to warn other match lovers to at least not send their deposits or other types of payment in advance.
IMPORTANT: ( Kat Max does the bookings for the Max Girls who include Viper, Siren and Lexi )

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1 month ago

I’ve known Kat and the Max Team quite a few years and had many sessions with them through WB270. I have never had any issues with them. They were always professional, knew their wrestling and were great company. There was never an issue about fees/deposits nor refunds whenever I couldn’t make it due to last minute work commitments. They will always get 5 star ratings from me. It’s a shame they have left Sessiongirls and to label them as being scammers is, frankly, wrong.

From Jennifer Thomas owner of SessionGirls in response to Docmartin1968 comments:

I appreciate your thoughts and respect them. However whenever a Session Girl
deletes her profile knowing there is a deposit dispute and there is evidence
that supports the claim of the guy, it is a clear message that the girl has no intention to pay and clearly took money that did not belong to her.
This action warrants being on Scammers.
If the Session Girl offers to make payments to the guy or makes an effort to resolve
the dispute then we fully support it and won’t take any action.
If a Session Girl wants to be removed from Scammers then all she needs to do is resolve the dispute (s) , and she’s welcome to return to advertise on the site if she wishes.
I am happy you had a positive experience with Kat Max and her team of girls.
Unfortunately this can’t be said for everyone.


1 month ago

Hi all,
I met the Max girls two times. These girls are very agreable, correct, having an appointment with them was easy and they’re always cool and sympathic. I personnally don’t understand why they are banned, because I would recommand them. Personnally I had a session with Viper who is strong, agile, fast and was a good fighter, not easy to overpower…during our sessions Kat was there, but didn’t interfer in our fight. I just regret a lot I couldn’t meet them a third time, because my professionnal occupations…but they dit the “max” we could do it… Maybe they had a problem of misunderstanding with one person, but personnally I give them 5 stars, hoping you will withdraw the fact that they’re banned….they deserve more respect!

3 months ago

I’m shocked to see this. I created a profile today so that I can leave reviews for wrestlers I’ve had sessions with. Been using wb70 for years now and well, that’s a different story. So, I look for the max sisters and I find this. Really don’t know what to say.

I’ve had a couple of double domme sessions with Kat and Lexi and a single session with Lexi – all in Dubai. They generally put up at the same hotel and usually the same room when touring, so it’s never been as issue finding them. While both girls are stunning, I find the banter leading up to the session on WhatsApp and during the session itself as the most amazing I’ve had.

As far as the monetary issues are concerned, I’ve not experienced any of it. Had to pay a deposit only the first time and after that it’s been very informal. I do hope things get better because they’re an absolute joy to session

4 months ago

I can only agree with the gentlemen above!! PLEASE guys do NOT send them any money…. I tried to book Viper twice in Düsseldorf and KAT was always in the middle of it… and it get nasty really fast….. The community must be warned about kAT – she doe all the management…..

If you dont listen you will be sorry…

Männer falls Ihr Ihr geld zuviel habt versucht mal was zu Buchen und schaut mal wo Euer Deposit landet…. du wirst es nie mehr sehen geschweige denn zwischen den oberschenkeln zu landen….

viele glück amigos “