FAQs (Girls)

1) How long do I have to wait to get my profile approved?
24-48 hours.

2) How do I add Dominatrix to my Profile?
If you are Wrestler and wish to add Dominatrix to you profile please email: [email protected]

3) What are the possible reasons my Membership was Cancelled?
Non-payment, The bank declined your card for insuffiant funds, Your card expired, Etc.
To get assistance call your bank and contact CCBill’s Customer Support Department at (888) 596-9279.

You can also sign up for a new profile, See number 7 on new Purchasing a Membership.

4) How do I delete my profile and personal data from this website database?

You need to login and confirm, all data will be deleted, incluying, email , password, profile information and videos. We will receive your request and we will process between 24 – 48 hours journal office time. This action is irreversible.

5) Why do I see my profile in “draft” ?
The Draft option is a autosaved option in our system, this option will not delete your information that is already inserted. Once you have filled in all the information required then press the button “Submit for review”

6) Can I add another profile to my account?
No, this message will appear when you try to add another profile,“My Profile / Edit Message.” We only allow you 1 profile per account. Here are the different profiles:
Female wrestler
Female wrestler and Dominatrix (counts as 1)
If you are a Wrestler and wish to add Dominatrix you can but, you must email: [email protected] to request this add on.

7) Where do I purchase a Membership on SessionGirls?
After register and complete your profile you need navigate to the website menu, and will find a table called “membership” You can find too in Home—> My account — > My Profile —> Options, then click in the menu “Membership Purchase”

8) How can I cancel my Membership?
Go to