Bratty Fattie


Location: United States , Ohio, Cincinnati

Last Activity: 05/11/2024


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm

Weight: 450 lbs - 204.1 kg

Physique: BBW

Years Of Experience: 5-15 years plus

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I curate dynamic in person squashing, wrestling or feeding sessions all over the U.S. and Canada. Undefeated wrestler. Super fat Yogi. Aspiring Aerialist looking to claim “the fattest” title.

Open to fantasy/kink themes, domination and the girlfriend experience. Only accepting sessions that peak my interest. Contrast preferred.

Dates and locations are subject to change. Email me with your name and location in the subject. Make sure to include your age, race, height and weight to book your custom experience!

Session Deposit Policy

  • Deposit is Refundable if I have to cancel and we are unable to reschedule.

Services Offered

Sessiongirl Services

  • Semi-Competitive Wrestling
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Lift and Carry
  • Others: Please email request

Dominatrix Services

  • Age Play
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • Face Sitting
  • Financial Domination
  • Foot Fetish
  • Giantess
  • Hosiery
  • Humiliation
  • Role Play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Tickling
  • Trampling
  • Others: Please email request


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05/18/2024 05/19/2024 St. Louis Missouri United States
05/20/2024 05/21/2024 Memphis Tennessee United States
05/21/2024 05/22/2024 Little Rock Arkansas United States
05/23/2024 05/24/2024 Dallas Texas United States

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3 months ago

I have had a few sessions with Bratty so overdue for this review big time. She mentions she is an undefeated wrestler in her profile, and I can confirm that. I am 6’2″ 275 lbs. Have done a bit of wrestling, workout regularly and do strong man contests but if you saw Bratty and I wrestle, that would not show,. Each match and session she has dominated me 100 % of the time, any move or hold i managed to get on her had zero effect and she powered her way out every time and easily and very quickly took me down and crushed me flat…

Bratty is truly capable of beating anyone (man or woman) and I mean ANYONE!!. I do strength contests and she is way more powerful than any man I have ever met. If there were no gender or weight classes Bratty would have a huge chance of being the world champion in pin wrestling… and that is not a exaggeration

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6 months ago

I am way past due for this review, but a while back I had session with Bratty. The set up was very professional. She is very pleasant and kind (at least when she is not on the mats lol).

A little on me 6 feet tall and 225 to 230, i workout regularly, was in the marine Corp and have wrestled in school did some other martial arts, Bratty told me that even though she has no formal training that she would have no problem with me. She was 100 % correct. Like many other people who has put a review of her on this site, anything i did had no measurable effect to stop or even slow her down… the only thing I did even somewhat effectively was dodge or evade or attempts to get close to me. Once she did close the gap on me it was game over and she squashed me, in addition it was over when I was able to get the drop on her and get a hold on her as any hold or move I did on her was 100 % ineffective and pancake city! In my entire athletic life I have never gone up against anyone who could make anything I did to them be 100% harmless. Physically Bratty is the most powerful human being (not just session wrestler or woman) I have ever meet. By far she is my Toughest opponent I have ever gone up against (and I have gone up against some tough men but none of them can hold a candle to her). The session was squashing or beat down session from her point of view, 100 % mismatch.

If your dream is to go up against a near unbeatable opponent email Bratty for a session

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6 months ago
Reply to  colo719

Same thing happened to me, and I have a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu… She made me a part of the floor/mat..

6 months ago

I recently had my first session with Bratty Fattie, and it was an amazing experience that’s left me wanting more. Setting up the session and all communication beforehand went very smoothly. She made me feel very comfortable and safe when we met, as I’m new to the sessioning world and I don’t have much confidence, especially when going against a woman as large as Bratty Fattie. What I quickly learned is that she has as all the makings of a great session wrestler: dominant, commanding, mature, intelligent, communicates well, and of course, big and powerful.

I wouldn’t quite call our session a “wrestling” session, because the truth is that Bratty Fattie was too big and strong for me to put up any reasonable amount of resistance against her. Anytime she put her hands on me, she was able to very casually do whatever she wanted to me, despite any effort of mine to resist. Whenever she put me on my back and got on top of me, I was unable to budge her or move my body in the slightest. She even once put one leg over my body and I was still unable to get out.

I have to give a big thanks to her for being so merciful while I was underneath her, as she could easily crush me if she had chosen to. It was clear that despite her size, she has excellent command over her body due to her massive strength. I don’t think there’s anyone out there in the sessioning world who is both so heavy and yet has the appropriate amount of strength to match their weight in the way Bratty Fattie does.

My complete helplessness against her was put on full display when I got on her back while she was on the ground, and I was unable to budge any part of her body or gain any advantage against her whatsoever. She was able to continue laying there, laughing at my attempts to restrain her, without needing to put in any effort to resist me. She is simply too big and strong for me to do anything effective against her, despite any advantage given to me.

If your goal is to feel completely helpless against a far superior woman, then I recommend you book a session with Bratty Fattie. Her combination of size, strength and attitude results in a unique experience that you’re not likely to find with other session wrestlers.

1 year ago

There’s no one out there quite like Bratty Fattie, her strength, size and weight makes her sessions a truly one of a kind experience. I’ll remember this session forever.

When Bratty smothers you there’s no chance for air, when she pins you there’s no chance to get up until she wants you to. All you can do is struggle helplessly as she continues to crush and smother and then tap frantically until she lets you up. My favorite was when she got me in a reverse headscissor and my head was completely enveloped by her massive thighs so I was crushed and smothered at the same time.

She’s easy to talk to and fun loving, she takes absolute pleasure when you’re struggling and taunts you to get out even though it’s impossible. She’s also one of the best cuddlers I’ve met. After being squashed, crushed and smothered she held me in her arms and rocked me and stroked my hair putting me in a deep therapeutic state of relaxation. It was the perfect end to an amazing session. If you like big powerful women and want to be completely overpowered and dominated, book Bratty!

1 year ago

Glad to see Bratty back on sessiongirls, I have had a few sessions with her, and she can back up her undefeated claim, I am 5’10” 215 and am I 2nd degree black belt in Jiu jitsu and she handled me like i was a child, I never lasted more than a minute in a single match, any move or hold i had simply had no effect on her and after each failed I was quickly on the mat under her immense weight and squashed…

1 year ago

See Review from dms303 below

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1 year ago

See Review from Xray75 below

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Old Reviews


Before this pandemic broke out , I had a another session with Bratty and as usual she crushed me flat. Even though I wrestled up to college and have done Judo and Kempo, she completely destroyed me with ease, The more skilled her opponent is the more she crushes that person, the reason is tradition holds or moves from a wrestler or martial artist simply have no effect on her , even if applied correctly, Bratty eats black belt martial artists, bodybuilders, power lifters and wrestlers for lunch .

During the session she gave me all kinds of handicaps. longer pins , she would wait and just stand their for a minute and just take it from me for 60 seconds before she went on the offensive. start on her hands and knees, to win , I only had to score a takedown to win, etc. She still won easily with all of those handicaps, at times she had 2 to 4 handicaps on her in one match and still won with out breaking a sweat, no man ever beat me this bad… and I have faced some tough men..!!!! None of them can hold a candle to Bratty !!!


I had my third match with Bratty last month, and this match was even better than the previous one, which was better than the first one. Her size, weight, strength, and skill make her a near unbeatable opponent for this type of on the knees ground grappling, against any man who is not similar in size to her (300 or 400 lbs), skilled, and very strong, i.e., a WWE wrestler or NFL lineman. I’m a muscular 6’ 190 lbs Taekwando martial artist testing for my 1st dan black belt next month, and one of my class’s best students in sparring and foot/hand board breaks, but she made me look like a child compared to her. She is a smart, as well as skillful session wrestler, and she learns her opponent’s grappling approach and body type, using strategy similar to sparring matches to exploit her opponent’s technique and physical (relative to her) weaknesses. The result is that she becomes more overwhelming and dominant with each succeeding match and each fall within a match, especially as she weakens and tires her opponent, both by his fruitless struggles to try to resist or break her inescapable pins and submission holds, and by using face sits, breast smothers, and choke holds that leave her victim exhausted, breathless and fighting for air. At the same time that the man is getting beaten and worn out fighting with 100% effort to resist her, she uses her great size, significant strength, and natural skill and experience to take the man quickly down in seconds with little effort, and then when she has her victim in an inescapable pin or hold, she is able to relax and effortlessly maintain her advantage, while he weakens struggling to breath in a smother or choke or while trying to fight his way out of an uncomfortable, painful, or humiliating submission hold or pin. At the start of this match, I tried fruitlessly with everything I had for about a minute to take her down or even move her a few inches, and after she got done laughing at my pitiful efforts, she quickly took me down and pinned me in less than 5 seconds, in a school girl pin that I could not budge a muscle to move from between her massive thighs (which we measured as the size of my chest, while her hips were twice the size of my chest, and her arms were the size of my legs). By the end of the match, I was completely exhausted, while she was still fresh and at full strength. I was left helpless as a baby compared to her, and she just toyed with me, like a cat with a mouse. In the second match, she had put many pins and holds on me, straight out of women’s professional wrestling: reverse jack knife pin, cross body pin, camel clutch, figure 4 headlock, Boston crab, over the knee back breaker, in addition to forward and reverse face sit pins, school girl pins, grape vine pins, breast smothers, and head and body scissors. This time, she added more and varied holds/pins: a matchbox pin and matchbox submission, Spladle, cradle, small package, sleeper hold, and Venus flytrap (a fairly complex submission hold); all of which she executed nearly flawlessly. Many of these were developed specifically for women’s professional wrestling to put the opponent in a humiliating submissive position for the victor to taunt her victim for the entertainment of the wrestling match audience. Though there was no audience, I was made keenly and sometimes painfully aware of both the humiliating and helpless positions Bratty put me in again and again with a complete display of female domination/superiority and male submission/humiliation, while she laughingly teased and dared me to escape from her, while I tapped out or begged for release, fully knowing that I was completely at her mercy. In all of this, though, I always noted that while she really takes joy in winning and beating the man, she is compassionate and careful not to push the man beyond his limits, or truly hurt him physically (just his pride). It is apparent that she has a lot of fun with this, and she makes it fun for her clients, noting and repeating my favorite holds and pins. I had her take pictures and video of the previous sessions, and her beautiful smiles at the moment she puts the man in complete submission, her teasing pin count outs and taunts, her girlish laughter at the helpless struggles and breathless moans of her victim, and her joyous victory poses at the end of the match standing over the defeated male are wonderful to see. Bratty is not only a beautiful and very sexy and curvy BBW, and a skillful and indomitable female session wrestler, but a consummate professional, always meeting her commitments, always kind and courteous, always wanting to provide the most enjoyable and fun session for her clients. For me, these 3 sessions and 5 hours truly represent some of the most, if not the most enjoyable, incredible, and memorable experiences of my life, and my personal opinion is that for men who like big girls, and want a serious wrestling challenge (and don’t mind or even welcome getting their butt kicked by an SSBBW, super-sized big beautiful woman), I don’t know if you could find anyone better than Bratty.


I had a rematch session with Bratty last month and she was a overwhelmingly powerful as ever. Despite the fact I went at her 100 % and having wrestled up to college, within 5 to 6 seconds of making contact with me she had me down under her squashing mass on average and she counted the pin. at best I could dodge her takedown attempts, any offense move on my part failed simply due to her size and always lead to her taking me down because I get to close. I think are very few people who could take beat her (man or woman ) in wrestling match) I know I can’t !!!


I had my second match with Bratty a few weeks ago, and it was even more amazing than the first session. She let me pick out an outfit for the match, and she was an absolute knockout in a tiger print swimsuit and black tights. She is quite lovely, and she has a very sexy and curvy BBW figure. In addition to the school girl and grapevine pins, body and head scissors, breast smothers, and the indian wrestling I showed her the first time (leg, back, sit, and pull wrestling; she really enjoyed flipping me in leg wrestling) she did in the first 1 hour session, for this 2 hour session she added some other pins and submission holds straight out of women’s professional wrestling that I requested. She executed perfectly the Boston Crab, camel clutch, figure 4 headlock, sleeper hold, and over the knee back breaker. She also did forward and reverse face sit pins, with my favorite being a reverse variant of the jacknife pin, where she did a forward face sit, locking my legs under her arms; this could either be comfortable if she just held my legs, or a true submission stretch of the back, if she pushed my legs down in the jacknife position. I am reasonably strong at 6′ 190 lbs at 10% body fat, and a conditioned red belt and good sparrer in Taekwondo, but she was able to use her weight leverage and significant strength to quickly take me down (I may have lasted 10 seconds at longest before a pin, usually it was over in less than 5 seconds), and once she had me pinned or in a submission hold, it was absolutely impossible for me to escape. While I struggled helplessly with all my strength to escape a crushing, smothering, or stretching pin/hold, she just smiled, giggled, teased, or taunted me to try to get out from her hold, while she relaxed and did her hair, grabbed a towel, or checked her phone. She either counted me out or I tapped out, and as much fun as some of these holds started out, I admit I had to beg to be released sometimes when the hold or smother was all I could take; I was truly at her mercy. She even managed to flip me over her head, and carried me over her shoulders or on her back, like I was a kid. In all of this, she was careful to not take things too far, to avoid hurting her partner. We compared flexibility of legs and back, and she had about twice my range of flexibility, putting her elbows on the ground while standing (not just fingertips), bending over backwards at 90 degrees while standing, and putting her legs into a full split at nearly 180 degrees. She recorded and edited an excellent quality video of the best of the session falls, and I was even more impressed after seeing her in action (during the match I was often tossed quickly and buried under her and couldn’t see anything): her speed, flexibility, and dominating power in controlling her opponent is truly amazing and impressive to see. If you want to feel a strong and commanding woman’s power, look no further. Her body scissors were crushing to the point that my ribs were a little sore, her stretches of my less flexible back, legs, and arms definitely sent the message home that she was in command, and that she can easily dish out more pain on a man than he could very long endure, if he does not submit and/or beg for mercy. She was even able to beat me with one arm behind her back, or when I started in an advantage position or with me in a full cross body pin of her. This woman is a force to be reckoned with, and she will give you all the challenge and more that you could ever ask for. With all that said, the entire experience was incredible fun, some of the most fun I ever had; and she has fun with it also, she being competitive and she enjoys overwhelming beating the man. She is also very nice and pleasant, and she seeks to tailor the session to give the man just what he is looking for, and she handles all of the business of the match very professionally. From my own experience, and the many positive reviews I have seen testifying to Brattie’s impressive ability to take down and control even strong men, it is my opinion that Bratty is one of, if not the, most powerful and dominant wrestler on this site. I honestly would not be interested in wrestling any other woman on any mixed wrestling site I have seen. I very strongly recommend a session with Bratty for a very fun, amazing, and unforgettable (and humbling) experience with a sweet, beautiful, sexy, and classy lady.


I had a session with Bratty a few weeks ago and let me tell you. She is a force to reckon with. When I walked in the door I was mesmerized by her size. I’m only 5’8 150 lbs, and she was at least 3 times my size. When the wrestling started it was game over. As soon as i approached her within seconds i was taken to the ground and smashed by her crushing weight. She just toyed with me for the entire session without breaking a sweat. Later on she let me try to move her and i could barely lift her leg off the ground. I was powerless against her. She smothered me and crushed me to oblivion and I left the session utterly crushed. Highly recommend booking a session with her.


After having a wrestling session with Bratty I will say if you book a session with her , you better pack a lunch… I went at her 100 % and she crushed me flat.. literally… Once your down, your are done.. and she likes long counts to show how much she dominated her opponents . I have wrestled up to the college level but my skill and technique had no effect on her, she has to much size and power for conventional wrestling holds and moves to work. She was way tougher of a opponent than ANY man I have ever faced, so my advice hang your macho man ego at the door during a session with her or she will squash it and you FLAT..!!!!


My match with Brattyfattie was honestly one of the best and funnest experiences of my life (better than an amusement park rollercoaster ride!). I am 6′ 190lb, weightlift and am considered strong, a blue belt in Taekwan-do and one of our classes better sparrers, so I believed I would have to let her take me down, expecting she could probably hold me down with her weight if she did pin me. We had about 2 dozen falls, and every time she took me down to a pin or submission hold in less than 5 seconds with me using 100% effort, and her admittedly only using about 40% of her effort or less. Once she had me pinned or held, I honestly could not budge her a single inch to free myself to save my life, exhausting myself trying everything to escape, while she apparently held me down with only about 10% effort, smiling, laughing, or fixing her hair. When I finally gave up and admitted total defeat and tapped out, I rolled free gasping on the ground for air from my maximum sustained effort to free myself, as well as from her crushing leg scissors or chest smothers, while she seem barely warmed up. When she took me down, she was incredibly fast, and I never had a chance, even when she handicapped herself. As soon as we grappled and before I knew what was happening, I was suddenly and inexplicably spinning around, lifted off the ground, and falling to the mat, and quick as a cat she was on top of me in a completely controlling pin or hold. She was super flexible (as in cheer leader or gymnast flexible), very strong in her lower body (much stronger than most men), fairly strong in her upper body (comparable to a strong man), super quick, and very skilled in using her weight and lower body strength to full advantage. We even did 3 forms of Indian wrestling, which she had never done before, and she easily beat me in all of them. She was even more beautiful in person than her profile pictures, with a very curvy BBW build, and she was very nice, professional, and fun. She also seemed to know her opponents limits, and though she pushed my body to the point of discomfort/pain and breathlessness, she seemed to know exactly where to stop to avoid hurting her opponent. This was my first mixed wrestling match, and it exceeded all my expectations for the match and for her, and I am planning/looking forward to a 2 hr session with her later this year. There is actually not another girl that I would want to wrestle…period. Brattiefattie is incredible, amazing, and the absolute best in my opinion.


Bratty was AMAZING!!! First off, super sweet and accommodating. Great personality and just an awesome girl. And as far as the wrestling goes, we had a great match. But when she had me, she put an ass kicking on me I’ll never forget. I thought I could take her but she proved me wrong and turned this man into her little bitch. After she got done beating my ass she made sure I was alright and I left feeling great (even if I felt her affects for the days to come). But she gave me a match and an ass kicking I’ll never forget. Great girl, highly recommend!


I had another rematch with Bratty a bit ago and she has surpassed our last session, She is now almost 500 lbs but has not lost any athleticism and crushed me again. Fact: If you are 300 lbs. or less you WILL LOSE !!! regardless of your skill, strength, or fitness level


All I can say is wow…I’ve had sessions with girls up to 380lbs, so bratty was gonna be a challenge, but I had no idea. She moves well for any size and is extremely flexible and strong. When she is on top you are DONE. When she gets you down and a full weight reverse chest sit, its OVER! She has a great personality, welcoming demeanor, and truly wants to give you the best experience possible. Highly recommended!!


I had a session with her back in the summer in Cincinnati and it was everything I wanted and more!!! She’s incredibly professional and warm. I wanted a squashing and chest sitting session and she delivered and then some! Definitely looking forward to a future session!


I had a competitive wrestling session with Bratty today . I have had many sessions with her and each time she is bigger and more powerful, This was not different, she is now 440 lbs , even more powerful(which i did not think was possible), i am 5’9″ 200 lbs ,in great shape, lift weights and wrestled in school but Bratty completely obliterated me with utter ease. The session was competitive in name only. within 5 seconds of her centering her gravity on me , i was down. Her power is beyond overwhelming, she does not want to just win , she wants to own her opponent, and she owned me.

She loves long pin counts, one minute or more… and she does not count fast. Once she gets you down, your done.. to be honest she could probably beat anybody, and i have sparred with some tough people . She could beat 4 to 5 five men like me at once


I had a competitive wrestling session with Bratty today . I have had many sessions with her and each time she is bigger and more powerful, This was not different, she is now 440 lbs , even more powerful(which i did not think was possible), i am 5’9″ 200 lbs ,in great shape, lift weights and wrestled in school but Bratty completely obliterated me with utter ease. The session was competitive in name only. within 5 seconds of her centering her gravity on me , i was down. Her power is beyond overwhelming, she does not want to just win , she wants to own her opponent, and she owned me.

She loves long pin counts, one minute or more… and she does not count fast. Once she gets you down, your done.. to be honest she could probably beat anybody, and i have sparred with some tough people . She could beat 4 to 5 five men like me at once


I met her last month and she was everything I expected and more. She is very strong and so huge and massive its impossible to move her. She just played with me and I am 180lbs. She pinned me down easily and once she is on top of you guys forget it…you’re gone. She is very strong too and she likes to wrestle. I bet no man can pin her down. With her strength and using her weight to her advantage she can pin you down for hours. She teased me and counted slowly for almost one minute and I couldn’t move at all. Schoolgirl pins are very nice with her on top of you. Don’t miss your chance to meet her. I’m looking for her when she comes back my way.


Bratty was everything that I’ve been looking for in a session and more!!!! She was very easy to communicate with while arranging a fantasy semi-comp submission match. I’m a big guy and had almost a foot on her in height and despite not having as significant a weight advantage as she normally would she was undeterred and gave me a really great session.

I think what really made the session memorable was how enthusiastic she was towards wrestling itself. She asked me to show her a few holds, moves and positions and then actually used them (correctly I might add) to submit me right after. Overall from the initial contact, to making the arrangements, to the session itself Bratty was a real pleasure and I cant wait to book her again! She was worth every penny and then some!


Very mean and rude. If you choose not to go ahead with the session and not make the deposit due to financial reason, she will curse you out. Even if you apologized for it. She will continue to email you and insult who you are as a person. Very unprofessional. She really lives up to her name as fattie brattie.


I just wrestled Bratty, and she was amazing. We had a competitive match where she got to facesit for an additional 3 minutes if she was able to get a headscissor or facesit smother tap during the actual match. She was able to do it twice even as I was going 100%. We did standing starts and it was tough for either of us to do a take down. But once she was able to get me on the ground, I was finished every time. She is incredible.


I had my first of what I hope to be many sessions with Bratty yesterday, and I don’t know the words to try and describe it. She is very big, extremely strong, and unbelievably gorgeous! She made me bring her a pizza on my way to meet her at her hotel, and when she met me at the door she pushed me onto the bed and informed me that I would be her chair as she ate a piece of the pizza. She then proceeded to crush me under her weight and forced me to beg for mercy probably 8 or 10 times. Then the wrestling began and WOW!!! She is a very strong woman and I had nothing I could do to stop the onslaught. She had a very sexy voice but is very demanding in what she wants to hear. There was no stopping this woman! I paid for 2 hrs. but had to pack it in with still about 15 or 20 minutes to go, I couldn’t take any more. Had she not afforded me a break from time to time, I wouldn’t have made it that far. My most enjoyable and memorable session to date…I will definitely try to hook up with her again some time!!


I had my second session with Bratty yesterday (5/20) . she won very decisively last time but this my full effort was a joke. Other than a arm bar i got on her for 4 to 5 seconds in the first match it was all her. I was ridiculously overpowered and flattened. I have been competing in sports since i waa a kid and this one of worst defeats i have had. Anyone who spars with her had better pack a lunch. The session was competitive in name only. I was no competition for her….


I had a two hour session with bratty. I only paid for one and a half but I sent the full amount instead of just the deposit so she gave me an extra 30 mins (instead of just 15 because I booked more than an hour).
The first 30 mins she lead me in yoga and honestly I mostly just watched her. I couldn’t believe how gracefully she could move her fat fat body. It was so hot.
Who knew that someone so soft could take me down so HARD. After our match, I had a squishing/smothering session with bratty and I could have died under her huge body (happily). By the end we were both exhausted and she let me stay and rest before I drove home. I’m already waiting for our next match.


Bratty is a force to be reckoned with. She’s strong and she is FAT. A true BBW/SSBW, everytime I grabbed her i could see her whole body jiggle because of it. Her body is absolutely mesmerizing. She’s still new to sessions but if you’re specific about what you want, she’ll make sure you get exactly that.

I paid for her hotel and flight. The whole time she was in town she was willing to hang out/talk/provide another session. She does require a deposit but I sent her everything before she came because it was easier for me that way.

Looking forward to wrestling her again.


I had a competitive wrestling session with Brattyfattie. The set up went well with no problems. As for the session she completely overwhelmed me and crushed me. Literally. I could not move her a inch . Felt like a 6 year old against a adult. She is extremly strong as she beat me in arm wrestling as well and i workout regularly and used to compete in bodybuilding.