Mixed Wrestling

Published: 08/25/2023

Author: Anonymous

“Wrestling may well be the world’s oldest sport, mentioned in such ancient documents as The Epic of Gilgamesh and the early books of the Bible. Even mixed wrestling gets a mention, albeit a negative one, in the Bible. Women are ordered not to use dirty tactics (what we’d now call ball-busting or CBT) to help their husbands in fights against other men. No prohibition against using such tactics to help themselves.

Those of us who are fans of fighting the fairer and more violent sex or watching them fight each other are often asked, “How did you get into that?” Television and magazines are often the answer for the pre-internet age cohort. My first awareness of women’s wrestling was from a Dick Tracy comic strip, believe it or not. That was pre-television for me and most of the country. Later there were magazines, there were “chick fights” involving motorcycle gang girls, there was mud or oil wrestling at venues like the Hollywood Tropicana, and there was “apartment house wrestling” which eventually evolved into “session wrestling” and jumped on the internet like everything else.

But there is another entrance, less often mentioned publicly due to being politically incorrect. Since girls on average mature slightly sooner than boys, older girls will frequently wrestle, fight, beat, abuse and embarrass somewhat younger boys. If they can’t do it one-on-one, they’ll do it as a gang. Their victims won’t dare report them and often will find they enjoyed the treatment, at least in retrospect.

While the vast majority of kids will just move on from this, you have here the basis for mixed session wrestling. The men who are willing to pay to wrestle beautiful athletic women. (No sport is more intimate and sensual that wrestling.) The women combat athletes who need both money and real life practice for their careers. As Jennifer Thomas of puts it, “It’s like getting paid to do my homework.”

There is no question that session girl wrestlers are a world athletic elite – in talent, strength, beauty, and intelligence. Take for example, Sheena, a judo champion who takes down all opponents, male or female. Or Dez, an MMA fighter known equally for her skill and sensuality. Or Veve Lane, a muti-talented beauty who trains other women and develops new techniques. Or the incomparable Jennifer Thomas, whose Women on Fire exhibitions showcase the talents of dozens of beautiful session wrestlers.

OK, but what about the bad girls? Yes, they are there too – to humble the proud and test the over-confident. They aren’t really evil, just strict. But yes, brilliant author KO (Kortney Olsen) will crush your ribs and a lot of watermelons and put you in the hospital if that’s what you’re willing to risk. The beautiful, wholesome looking (but very sadistic) Jolene Hexx will do likewise with a smile. And big beautiful strapped blondes like Sydney, Nadia or Rapture won’t hesitate to subject their victims to as much pain and degradation as they can handle.

You can encounter all of these, the good, the bad, and the beautiful, through the website. And if you’re not yet ready for a personal encounter, there are plenty of videos available. You’ll never look at women quite the same again.”

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