Session Wrestling, who knew?

Published: 09/19/2023

Author: Jackpin

The photo of Helen Von Mott vs Leo is an example of session wrestling today which dates back to Judell Dulong a pioneer in the 1970’s and 80’s in Pine Valley CA.
She recorded many matches and put it out there for the world to see as she hosted many of mixed matches where women and men came together to compete to see who the better wrestler was.
Sometimes the guys won but mostly the women won which just showed their abilities to compete against men.

The truth is guys want to wrestle with women and guess what, so do women against both men and women.

Women like Helen Von Mott have the same competitive nature as their male opponents and love a good match in which they can show their unique skills and strength against their male opponents.

I can attest to wrestling women of many strengths and skill and if you think just because you a MAN you can just walk in and make an example of a Jennifer Thomas, think again she will give you a match that you will remember for the rest of your life.

I suggest to any man or woman for that matter if you have not gone to the mat or ring against any of the Session Girls then do so. It will change your entire pieridine about session wrestling.

My point is simple, session wrestling has a long Herstory and it’s here to stay. At each Women On Fire (WOF) a Jennifer Thomas production and Women’s Wrestling Convention (WWC) past and future Session Wrestling will be a part of the event as it is and has been accepted for many years.

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