Session and Mixed Wrestling, one in the same, one in Private one in Public

Published: 08/29/2023

Author: Jackpin

What I find is that the industry and mainstream needs to accept that session and mixed wrestling is the same without the stigma of it being Porn or Sex Wrestling but very much a part of Women’s Combative Sports Industry.
Mixed wrestling is everywhere today in the public eye and very few look down their noses at.
In Amateur wrestling, MMA, Martial Arts, and even Boxing.
Session Wrestling is where Women are paid to wrestle a Man, another Woman or both in a mixed tag match.
The problem is that the many people see Session Wrestling as Porn or Sex, It’s not, it’s Mixed Wrestling just in a private venue between a Woman and a Man.
I have been around Session Wrestling and even featured a Session mat room at my Women’s Wrestling Convention while showcasing Mixed wrestling in our public ring.
For almost 30 years where Men paid me for the rental of the mat time and his Woman opponent for the match and at no time was the Law Broken because dare, I say it, Prostitution is not allowed at my Conventions.
It didn’t happen not because of me but because the two having the session have more respect for Session Wrestling.
By the way Session Wrestling is Legal in all 50 states and around the world.
I understand that to some it may appear to be a sexual turn on and it could be, until the match starts, and the Woman uses painful holds to get the Man to submit and yes, the Man can do the same to the Woman if he has the skill, but in the long run, it’s just Wrestling.
It’s long past due to stop stigmatizing Session and Mixed wrestling as Sex or Porn. 99.9% of the Women and Men who do sessions will be the first to refuse anyone who wants Sex or a Sexual Match.
Some Men like to lose, so be it, the Women will help him do that not by a sexual nature but by real Wrestling holds.
I posted a photo of Jennifer Thomas here who is the owner of the Session Girls site in a real competitive match in which it could have gone either way.
Her opponent was much larger, but her experience, skill and strength overcame his weight advantage, and she defeated him in their
Session Wrestling match.
Finally, like all sports, it’s a business and you must have the Experience, Skill, Strength and Business sense to understand that though it is fun, and you can gain lifelong friendships, it’s still a business.
I will continue to support Session and Mixed Wrestling at all my events— Jackpin WWC/WCSA

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