Session Wrestling (The Truth)

Published: 02/13/2024

Author: Jackpin


The definition of Session Wrestling is a paid for hired Man or Woman wrestler who competes against mostly non-wrestler Males and some Female opponents.

Session wrestling is legal in all 50 states and around the world, as it is just that, wrestling, and should be viewed as such and not as a form of prostitution as some claim. Session Wrestling is continually active around the world in almost every country, and it has a long tradition of bringing men and women together on the mat, ring, homes, and hotel rooms for women who travel.

The women who do session wrestling are strong, skilled, and very tough but they do have their limitations, and do advertise them so that no one is confused to how much of a competitive match they are willing to provide.

So how do you find women who you can compete against? is the premiere secure online website for women who do sessions to advertise and to highlight to their clients the type of matches they provide (Competitive, Semi-Competitive, etc.) and their travel locations and dates.

SessionGirls is owned and operated by Jennifer Thomas who has been a WWE wrestler and session wrestler for many years. She is known in the industry as “The real deal” and has been an industry leader of the highest standards. She also has produced 5 “Women on Fire” events which included session wrestling, and she has starred in many wrestling videos, which you can find on

The SessionGirls website is operated and maintained to ensure that the women who are presented are of the highest caliber in the session world and who are strictly vetted. The site is always improving and evolving with today’s industry standards and Terms and Policys that are required by law.

As the promoter of the Women’s Wrestling Conventions (WWC) I encouraged and incorporated session wrestling at the WWC’s to an enormous success for the fans and the combatants who attended. This was mostly male vs female matches, however, some female fans who attended would also take up the challenge against one of the combatants or another female fan.

So, if you are new to session wrestling, and you wish to check it out, go to the SessionGirls website and preview the women and types of matches they provide near you, or if they are traveling to a city near you. Contact the woman you are interested in having a session with via email and ask questions. Find the one who you believe you would be comfortable meeting.  Set a date, time and location and make sure you are not wasting anyone’s time as this is a very tight niche industry where the women do share information about men who do not follow the rules, are rude, or do not show.

Normally a deposit is required to secure a date and time and the amount can normally be negotiated.

In summary: I hope this helps enlighten anyone who may have any concerns about session wrestling and the women who participate. They are true professionals who love challenges and will give you the type of match you desire. Thank you and enjoy your session.


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