Bizarre Session Requests

Published: 09/18/2023

Author: Jennifer Thomas

Hi , my name is Paolo the doormat. I have a very special session request.
I love feet and pain. I was wondering if you would be interested in torturing my eyes balls with your toes. I know it’s a little strange. What I have in mind is to be restrained on the floor with my face under your feet.I will have my eyes tapped open so you can have easy access to my eyeballs so you can torture them with your toes. I realize that this session is a little extreme, so I am willing to double the normal price for a session. Please let me know if it is possible.

Do you have access to a deep end? Would you consider doing a video where you throw a number of coins throughout the deep end (the deeper the better) and dive in and swim down barefoot. Picking them all up before coming up for air. Making it really challenging. That would involve putting them far away from each other so you might even fail and come up gasping for air!

I really love to watch beautiful women who can swim like a fish, really challenge their deep diving and breath holding skills. And there is nothing more exciting and that provides a better test than something task-oriented… barefoot deep water coin retrieval. If you can find a deep end that is 12 feet or more, I would pay extra to you all dive even deeper and really show of your swimming skills and lung capacity! 🙂

If you had some cute friends who were also great swimmers I would be even more interested in watching a competition you could film. With all of the other ladies competing against you in the same task….I think some of your best female friends would LOVE to see who is the Queen of the Deep End!

Pays competitively

Hello Miss , i’m very sorry to bother you with such a weird request.
You are so beautiful and so superior compare to me.I realize i’m only
dirt on the bottom of your shoes and that i’m far from being worthy to
to kiss your feet.I was wondering if you would accept to sell your
toenails clippings so i can eat them and have a taste of perfection.
I will of course pay a big tribute for the privilege.Please forgive
me for being so pathetic.

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